Blizz ABS tutorial is what i need

Started by Mechis101, February 17, 2008, 01:18:11 pm

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i downloaded Blizz abs version 1.89 so i could use it for rpg maker xp and i read the manual but i dont have any idea how to start or wat to do plz help...


aw comeon people i really need help im a noob who doesnt know how to use blizz abs and i dont know how to script either....


download the Chronicles of Sir Lag a Lot demo in the topic or in our projects section and open up the editor to see how all events are created ect


Before you start using scripts, you should first figure out the basic functions of RMXP. -_- Here is a tutorial how to get started:
And read this thread here afterwards:
Check out Daygames and our games:

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