Team Arch Project website is up!!!

Started by C.C. rOyAl, November 23, 2009, 05:03:56 am

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C.C. rOyAl

They day has finally come! I have finished v 1.0.0 of my website!! Come and join our community! The first 5 users instantly earn Moderator status!!! Hurry while you still have the chance!!
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The sites okay. I don't really like webs, you should stick to a different host or try a different place.
Also the site seems to take awhile to just load a page. Thats another reason I don't like webs, its too slow, not that I'm saying its bad but its not good either.

I'll post a few of my scripts there to get the community going, and maybe a few other things.


Not bad. I like the effort put into it and somewhat of the consistent theme (Eh, it probably all is).

While I don't think Webs is a particularly bad host, the most power can come from manually coding. If you don't have the HTML and PHP language like most people do (Not implying I do, I should really study up on it one day...), then Webs might be a fine choice. Of course, the least favorite thing with Webs is the Forums System, personally. It's just not that deep compared to SMF, phpbb, or Invisionfree.

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C.C. rOyAl

i posted a topic where people could suggest a good webhost here at chaos-project, but I didn't get many posts. So i just went with webs, i'll look into those others you mentioned and thanks for the critiques!
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it looks nice I bet you learned a lot making it  :)
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I would use ucoz as host.
webs has problems making accounts and stuff...
ucoz has a lot of possibilities

C.C. rOyAl

i just created an account on ucoz, i read the home page and it sounds like it has a lot of potential! thanks everyone
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