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[XP] Zydragon's Simple CMS
« on: February 17, 2010, 03:10:43 AM »
Zydragon's Simple CMS
Authors: Zydragon
Version: v1.1
Type: Simple custom menu system
Key Term: Custom Menu System


This script is a simple menu system, omitting the SAVE option for those games that don't have saveable areas. This was to make way for an OPTIONS function, which I am currently scripting and will release in v2.0. If you would like a SAVE option, send me a private message and I'll send an edited script with the SAVE option included.

Put simply: This is an edit on the normal menu, giving it a more interesting look, and will be edited in terms of style and code in the near future.


  • Simple CMS showing important features like Playtime and Gold
  • Added Location window, uses map names
  • plug&play script
  • Customizable features


(click to show/hide)


Demo v1.1


(click to show/hide)


Pretty much copy&pasta, then press ESC to open the menu :)


This script bypasses any menu system put before it, and is therefore incompatible with other Custom Menu System scripts

This script is compatible with Zydragon's other scripts

Credits and Thanks

  • Nathmatt
  • Dubealex
  • And of course myself.

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