Calling All PS3 Owners!

Started by C.C. rOyAl, March 01, 2010, 07:09:53 pm

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C.C. rOyAl

Welll I just wanted to know how many of you have a ps3, and a place we could all talk about latest releases, add each other, and maybe even organize groups/parties on some games! (I.E. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Party)
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PSN - x--UnReAlKiLl--x
Games - Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1 + 2, and that's pretty much all I play lol


My PSN name is PsychoPixels.

Mostly play Modern Warfare 2, and from time to time I play CoD4.

C.C. rOyAl

Forgot to mention my name  :^_^':


I usually play MW2, sometimes ill rent different games from time to time. Im planning on soon buying Borderlands, im freaking obsessed with it right now
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March 02, 2010, 05:28:20 pm #4 Last Edit: March 02, 2010, 05:33:10 pm by Landith
Add'd you Deathlock and nice KD for how many kills you have. :^_^':
I normally only play S&D since 3rd Prestige, so my Kills aren't very high anymore :/

Also sent you a request C.C.

Also I'm in a clan and we do a lot of GB battles/Clan Battles so I don't know when I will get to play public. Probably during the week.

C.C. rOyAl

yeah i added accept DL's and Landith's friend invite
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Yo C.C. you said you wanted to organize a Modern Warfare 2 party yet me and Deathlock are always on and you aren't :P

What time do you usually get on so we can all play together? I don't even think I've played with you yet lol

On another note:
I've quit my clan so I can pretty much play public whenever I want now :D

We also need more PSN people, so if you have a PS3(with or without Modern Warfare 2) post up your PSN so we can have a full party :D


PSN: WhiteRose16
I don't have MW2, though.

Trainer Zydragon


@Landith: Pretty strict clan rules, you got there. XD

We're not looking for MW2 players, basically just anyone who regularly plays PS3, and has a PSN account.

Trainer Zydragon

PSN: Zydragon (Its me on everything :))

I HAVE MW2 but I rarely play it now, since I platinummed it it's taken the fun out abit :P


@DeathLock: I know right, that's why I quit -.-' Everytime I was on they would invite me in and we would go straight into a clan battle/GB/or a pub and it was so annoying lol I was like, uh guys I have friends to play with and they were like is your friends more important than your clan? Hell no so stay
So I quit lol

And yeah, Zy we can play Battlefield Bad Company 2 whenever I get it back, idk when though. Probably 4 weeks from now :/
What games do you have Rose? :O

King Munkey

King munk

That's mine. Right now I don't have many games. Just Final Fantasy 13 and Metal Gear Solid 4.

G_G Is my hero!
Munkey != monkey
Munkey > monkey

C.C. rOyAl

Crap sorry guys, but ive changed my name to cking47, re add me everybody! Oh and plus ive finally arranged a schedule to play cuz of my douche lil bro  :<_<:
So ill be on much more often:)
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PSN: Tyril132.

That was easy. :P
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I own MW1 but don't play it.. =O

But feel free to add me, i like writing messages xP

member of the banana juice sect

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You would play it with me, right?? :D
No one on here has it and it's kinda annoying playing mw1 by yourself ya know?

My PSN account for MW1 is - KittY-AzN
So I'll go ahead and add you lol

Kett Shee

PSN: CaitSith19 (Someone took CaitSith :<_<: )

I have MW2 but rarely play online because of lag....

My favorite game right now though is Dead Space(I only play it like in thirty min. intervals cause it scares
the living Hell out of me)
You're all daft cunts. I love you. <3