~Darkness Becomes~ STORY

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C.C. rOyAl

  "F*ck" Aseras thought, "I knew that goblins possess regeneration abilities, I should've known that my ability couldn't take them down. Now i'm stuck in this mess, oh well, maybe they will let me go if I do something for them... I've got some explaining to do to the Elders now too. That's just great..."

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The journey into the mountains was a long one.  Glek'ol walked up beside the assassin being escorted.  "Tell me, human... what is your purpose in all of this?  How can you be content within a race that fights among itself?"
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C.C. rOyAl

I'm hardly human goblin, I have joined a group of people who kill for contract, we dont interact with the government unless it involves money and death. How did you learn to speak english so well?
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As the dark man, now merely a shadow, turned around to Vael, a sudden impulse of coldness came crashing towards him, taking his breath. Vael gasped for air, when suddenly the shadow stood directly in front of him, looking at him with his empty, black eyes.
It started to deform again, slowly shrouding Vael in its darkness while lifting him up into the air.
Vael struggled, trying to escape from the dark one's grip, but he could barely move. As the shadow continued to drown him in his colourlessness, Vael managed to call a small flame, a fire too small to do any harm to this ancient being... but it worked.
For the first time, Vael seemed to notice an emotion in the shadow's emotionless face... or rather, he felt it.
It was just there for a short moment, but it seemed to be... recognition.
Recognition and fear.
As the shadow was distracted for a moment, Vael managed to free himself.


The shadow's red, glowing, eyes flashed in response to the fire, and the darkness released Vael.  It turned away from the young firemaster and began trashing at the docks.  It was enormous and overwhelming.  Zenith continued watching from a distance, initially cringing at Vael being restrained by the shadow.  He waited though, to see just what power Vael could muster up.  Luckily, Vael survived the attack.  Unfortunately the shadow had begun attacking the docks.  Vael needed to act fast to distract the shadow further.
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'STOP', Vael shouted, spawning two flames in his hands, directed at the darkness.  While it might not have heard Vaels voice, it seemed to sense the fire. It disappeared again, appearing in front of Vael, again staring at him again in anger.
Its dark, deep voice seemed to surround Vael, coming from no fixed point and echoing from the walls around them.
The shadow streched out its arm, trying to grab him again.
In that moment, time seemed to slow down as everything around Vael turned into a glowing, red light.

The shadow stopped moving, his arm still reaching for Vael, his eyes now open wide in terror.
From far away, Vael heard a voice, first silent, but progressively becoming louder. It was a female voice, repeating the same word over and over again, or rather, a name... As the voice came closer, he could hear what it said: "Phoenix!"...
Suddenly, as the light was gone, he noticed the giant flame, many times as big as the shadow, and in his center, glowing red, stood Vael.


After gathering up her few meager belongings, Chris prepared to leave Unificus. She still wasn't entirely sure about this whole Thieves Guild thing, but her youthful spirit of adventure had had enough of this town. It was time to leave it behind, possibly for good. Swinging her bag up onto her shoulder, she started for the city gates.


After a day's worth of working on reconstruction, Seles believed that the town could support itself without her for a bit.  She was sent to request help at Unificus due to her family's name being well known.  Although the songstress did not support the beliefs and practices of the eldest prince, she saw no other option available to find aid for her town.  She packed enough supplies for a few days of traveling, a few extra skins full of water, and her beloved instrument.

She treaded the plains southeast of her hometown towards the capital and hoped that this journey would be without trouble.


Bysir made it into the small town of Yisra taking note that he had been followed. It didn't seem like the follower wanted to do any harm, so Bysir just dismissed it. He walked up to the first person He saw and said "Excuse me, I'm looking for a smith with the last name of Orion, do you know where I can find this person?"

Trainer Zydragon


Kiba hefted the blade and once more began to strike at his none-existant foes, taking care not to hit Mary. "The hilt was blessed by a windwalker, it makes the blade lighter" Kiba said simply, stopping his exercise. "I've had weird dreams since I bought it, almost like theres something inside it, trying to tell me something. And it seems to increase my own wind-based powers."

Kiba muttered the name in demonstration, and focused on pushing Mary slightly forwards. "You see, it's a special weapon. One I would like to keep."


What Pyrrhus never told anyone was where he got his weapons, not at least the one's he felt like keeping. Apart from his sword, he had taken two daggers which escaped his notice on his first viewing. However, as Kiba left, Pyrrhus had taken the opportunity to relieve the daggers with payment from his own cash supply, which was quite limited to be frank.

"These daggers are of no note, but have at least a minor wind enchantment on them. However, they seem to be capable of more than such small and unrefined enchantment so you might have success getting them re-enchanted elsewhere."

He took out his sword however, and met Kiba where he was swinging his sword.

"Mind if I have a go?" Pyrrhus waited for Kiba to leave his vicinity and began to practice forms, basic techniques, using short thrusts copiously. After he felt he was done, he examined the blade. He felt as if it were perhaps a bit too unweildy, but he knew that it would serve his magic abilities and wind manipulations well until he felt ready to use the daggers.


The flame Vael emitted was indeed large, but it didn't give off significant heat.  Nothing around him burned.  This was strange, most times when Vael lost control it was just a violent surge of heat, incinerating everything in its path.  The shadow was taken aback though.  It's eyes stopping glowing as prominently as they had been before, and seemed dim in the light of Vael's fire.  The shadow attempted to strike Vael, but unsuccessfully so.  It spoke out in it's unknown language again, more gurgles and frothing noises.  The shadow then began a new approach.  It quickly grew several times as large as Vael's flame.  The density of the darkness was astounding.  Zenith watched from afar, still reluctant to go against Vael's wishes and assist him.  Then the darkness passed over the flames, consuming the flames and Vael as well.  Zenith had to act.  He closed his eyes and muttered something inaudible, but the flames around Vael responded to Zenith's words by encasing the young firemaster in them.  Although his flame was now smaller, and only surrounding his immediate person, the intensity of the fire could be seen through the darkness.  The shadow's eyes lost their glow altogether then, and only darkness could be seen.  Then it slowly dissipated into the surrounding air.  Vael was successful.  The shadow had lost its strength and was unsuccessful in its plot to destroy the docks.

Zenith stepped out of the background and approached Vael.

*Vael gained experience*

@Seles and Chris
Seles got to the northern gates of Unificus while the sun was still high in the sky.  Chris was nearby and couldn't help but notice the woman approaching her town.  Upon walking up to the Royal Guards protecting the gates, Seles greeted them, but their reply was unwelcoming.

"The city of Unificus is on lockdown.  If you don't have the proper identification, you cannot come inside."  One guard stated.

Seles made eye contact with Chris through the gate.

"A smith by that name?" the stranger said, "I know no such person."  Bysir repressed his anger.  "However, there is a family by that name here.  You'll find them on the southern side of town."

@Kiba and Pyrrhus
Mary was only slightly impressed by both the of the performances.  "Well, that is lovely,"  Mary lied, "but, we have a task at hand."  Mary began walking forward.  "Let's head deeper into Spire, shall we?  The Phoenixes live deep in the forest."
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Kiba, Mary and Pyhrrus made their way through the thick forest, moving quietly in order to avoid any beasts that may be lurking. They came to the edge of a wide clearing, and Kiba noticed that some of the trees were cut down, not by blades but by something clawed, and judging by the size of the trees, something large.

The party heard a deep growl not too far away, and Kiba opted, out of curiosity, to follow the sound. Mary and Pyhrrus were close behind as they got nearer to the mystery beast's location, both with weapons ready.


Seles looked at the guards sternly.
"I am Seles of-"

"I don't care who you say you are," one guard rudely interrupted.  "Do you have the proper identification?"

"No, I don't, but-"

"Then you are not allowed in," the other butted in.

Seles gave a humph to the guards' reactions.  However, she had a plan.

She took a deep breath and started to sing.

Oh let me inside, good guards.
`5  1   2   4  3      5       2

Open the two iron gates, oh please.
4  3    2    5   3 1   `6     3     2

Listen to this.  It's my only wish.
`7  1   2  `5     6    5  3 5    4

Please, oh dearest guards, listen closely.
    3      1   4   3       2      1 `7   2   1

Open the gates.  Let the songstress in.
7  6   7     1'       7    6    7       2'   1'

There will be no trouble if you follow this:
    4    3   4   6    5  1'  4  3     2 1    `7

Open up, come, open up!
1 7    6     4     5  1   1'

King Munkey

*Level up music plays*
Strength:4 (+1)
Endurance:4 (+1)
Willpower:2 (+1)
Revan's earthshaping ability now requires less focus and less energy to use. The amount of defense when using this ability defensivly has also increased.

Revan clenched the stone in his hand and looked onward towards the mountains. Having spent the last day resting and stocking on travel items. Revan and Robert ventured off towards the mountains.

"Why are we heading towards the mountains?" Robert asked Revan have excited and half nervous.

Revan laughed to himself holding onto the small stone. "We are going to meet a friend there."

"In the mountains? Goblins are there! I'm not meant for a fight no, no, no. But the thrill of excitement we will have." Robert shivered from chills that ran down his spine. Nervous as he may have been, he loved thrills.

Revan knew something was awaiting him in the mountains. He knew that there was something far greater happening that extended beyond brothers fighting over power. Something far greater. Revan looked onward as he walked a bit zoned out and looking only towards his destination.

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Bysir headed to the southern end of the town, where He found a home clearly marked "Orions." Bysir wasn't very social and encounters like this made him nervous. Bysir stepped to the door and knocked three times...


Bysir proceeded to punch Hex in the face and rip his flesh off through his anus, then setting him on fire all for being a doucher and losing drive for DB, which was his very own creation. Because of Hex's lack of discipline and focus, Bysir decided to go to Hex's room and make him do 300 push-ups because Bysir did in fact out rank Hex by quite a lot and had many years of service on him. You should all pray for Hex.


Vael then exploded and burned everything down.
The End.

Trainer Zydragon

Kiba survived by knawing off his own arm (somehow). He was the last living human on the smouldering planet.


Bysir turned into pure darkness and then reassembled himself as kiba's arm. With sweet tattoos and over 9000 muscles.