[Resolved]Quick question - check who's the first char in party.

Started by Ravenith, April 10, 2010, 02:27:07 pm

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As the title implies, I'd like to know what line of script should I use in a conditional branch to check whether character X is the first character in the party.
Thank you very much!


if $game_party.actors[0] == $game_actors[1]

So if 1st actor is actor ID 1 (Default: Arshes), then...

Lol I hope I'm not so rusty in RGSS that I got it wrong XP



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Thank you very much.


edit: okay, i put that as a condition in a conditional branch, and when it's executed the game crashes with a syntax error... :(

Hellfire Dragon

If you're using a conditional branch then just remove the 'if' part and it should work ;)

$game_party.actors[0] == $game_actors[1]


Right... I feel pretty dumb right now...  :huh: Thanks!