This is goodbye.

Started by Zeriab, April 15, 2010, 06:37:48 am

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*smacks S_N* go to the corner for time out

well Zeriab i wish ya the best of luck on what it is

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Aww... Thanks <3
I hope life will be fine for you as well

Oh... Well... There are still a bunch of people who stay ^^

@Cait Sith:
*Cait Sith a legendary hug*
Thanks for saying goodbye

No, please don't be the next one ;_;

And you come back almost everyday.

Thanks :3
I hope you will fare well while I am away



eh you know ill fare well while your gone i go at meh own pace
but i did mean what i said, heck i think we all here wish you the best of luck

My Blog site I am working on:


and so another legendary Rm community member retires, no seriously I haven't seen a single site where you weren't a respected member.
Good bye Zeriab, you will be missed.
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Aw, I'm sorry you are leaving. You were so nice to me when we talked that little bit of the time, plus, your tuts were so easy for me to understand :(

I hope everything turns out in real life and you can somehow find a way to come back to the forums ^.^

Bye bye Zeriab!
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I am glad to hear that you'll fair well :D
I hope you'll also enjoy yourself while moving at your own pace.

I dunno why I have become so respected. I have been really unreliable. Just ask Blizz about what I have promised to do for him ._.
Thanks anyway. I will miss you and our fun little convos.
I am sure you will be fine and will continue having loads of fun :3

I am glad you found my tuts easy to understand ^_^
I hope life will treat you well. I'll hopefully cya around eventually.

This is my final goodbye.
I will not read any posts below this message.

You really have all been so wonderful and it is not easy to say goodbye.
It has been a pleasure knowing you all and giving you hugs <3
I hope this forum will continue to prosper and become even more grand.

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*gives every reader a LEGENDARY hug*

Oh yeah, I have uploaded a bunch of unfinished stuff which is practically free to use.


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Welcome to C-
Ohhh... Nevermind, Love you Zeriab!! You didn't know this but you were a great inspiration next to Blizz and Cal to keep working hard and I thank you for that.
Enjoy your time, just remember if you go to a party, byob.

Bring your own bomb?

No no, Bomb Young Orphans' Buildings.

Anyways, goodbye Zeriab, I've seen you around many different forums over the years, but I never got to know you. You always seemed like a great person, and I'm sure you will be missed :).