[VX] Verus Tempus Proelium (VX ABS System)

Started by Jragyn, May 16, 2010, 03:48:59 pm

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As far as I can see, Vlad has abandoned this project in favor of his own dawdles. I tried to keep tabs on him and his progress with this project, but it has not been updated in a long long while. I believe it to be abandoned.

This is by no means my own project. Take it, modify it, do as you will with it as far as I'm concerned. If you utilize bits and pieces of what I wrote in here, just make sure you learn and understand it. This was just kinda... a learning project for me. :D
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Do please credit the Vampyr Coders team. Anyways, I'm here to do official updates as VTP was passed on to me.
Anyways, Chaos Project will be first notified of VTP updates from now on.

As for the newest version 1.1.0...
Well, I haven't thought of new additions.

Any suggestions for the new version?


Okay then! Nice suggestions.
Let's see what I can do.

Do take note, I'm also working a port on VX Ace along with Vlad.


It probably wouldn't be a bad idea if you reposted this script once you have finished the new version so you can keep updating it here when necessary.
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I was wondering, where can I get some sprites for this, cause I want to use it in a game, but I can't find sprites of all the monsters.  Any links to sites for it would be good.
It would be pretty awesome if you could include sprites for most of the monsters, instead of just the two in the demo.  I'm guessing that more people would use this if you included them here instead of them having to search through entire forums just for sprites of monsters.

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I like this script, it works nice.
I was just wondering is it possible to make NPCs attack monsters?


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I have a problem with the Script. I'm used to use the Vampyr SBABS 7, but I want to use this system now. Now, I have written an event with a loop command, and when I select a loop choise, this Error appears on my window:


Sorry for my English, I am from Hungary :)

UPDATE: I solved the problem, but I've received a new -.-" This appears If I press the Q or W button (They are the Items and the Skills menu buttons)