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Started by Zexion, July 25, 2010, 04:54:29 am

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July 25, 2010, 04:54:29 am Last Edit: May 25, 2013, 09:32:02 am by Zexion
Kingdom Hearts 2 Save Menu
Authors: Zexion
Version: 2.0
Type: Custom Save Menu
Key Term: Title / Save / Load / GameOver Add-on


This script will create a menu similar to the kingdom hearts 2 save menu.


  • Custom faces [Must be 140 or less pixels wide by exactly 94 pixels high]
  • Displays map name that you saved on
  • Displays play time
  • Displays map logo
  • Displays munny
  • Looks almost exactly like the real one

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RMXP Version:
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NEW Kh Save Menu DEMO


Read the first script in the demo

To display a face, get the actor name of the first character in the party, and add _FL.
An example would be: Aluxes_FL.png
To display a map logo, get the exact map name, and add _mgfx to it.
An example: Destiny Islands_mgfx.png
(the file extenstion doesn't matter. but png should be used lol. REALLY)
Other instructions are in the demo.Make sure to follow them or you will have some ugly words appearing on your screen.


Should be compatible with anything but a custom save menu lol

Credits and Thanks

  • Moghunter for his original save file script
  • Me for editing the script, menu graphics, and the riku charset in the demo.
  • Squaresoft for the sora sprites and the original kh2 menu

Author's Notes

I really wanted to get this script out there for everyone. It's not an exact replica but it's good :)
Please don't claim as your own (referring to script and charset)
Im working on displaying munny (gold), and an optional picture for each map. (using a sort of tag somewhere in the map name)
I updated the demo because there was an error when you click load game. It would show "Which file would you like to load?" On the top screen, so i fixed and uploaded a new demo.


I think that's look like Moghunter's Save layout.  :)


It is i put him in the credits. I just edited a few things and included kh graphics. :)


cool script,i may use this sometime


Now I'm loading the Demo because I lost Mog hunter's save script. :P
Actually, Mog hunter's script is a lot better but yours look simple and easier to use so... yeah... :)


MOG's script lags a lot so which is "better" depends on the point of view. I prefer simple and straightforward layouts rather than overcrowded and fancy.
Also, you can switch the images with your own in both CMSes, so I don't really see a problem.
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I've been working on this script for the past couple of hours and I've just finished editing the large face to display the map instead of the face. In draw_heroface3 change actor.name to actor.map_name then in Window_SaveFile in refresh change actor = actors(0) to actor = @game_map. Also to show the munny just make 2 new self.contents.draw_text and put them in the section of Window_SaveFile that displays the @game_map.map_name.to_s and put $data_system.words.gold in one and @game_party.gold.to_s in the other. So there you go. Now all you have to do is make an icon for each of your worlds and name them the map name like you would the faces.


The one big turn off for me. Like to have the faces, rather then player graphic be used. Like instead of just the party leader's face being shown then all the party player sprites, just have the face graphics.


Click spoiler to check it out. Completely new graphics.


I LOVE IT! It's so awesome! *_*
But there is one thing that annoys me a little bit... the LOAD in the left upper corner is always there, even when I am saving.
Would it be possible to make a second graphic with SAVE there?
A cool addition would also be a random display of a face of one actor in the party, not necessarily the one of the first member.

Sorry for my bad English, i am from Germany. ^^"


This is a great script! However, even after following all of your instructions, I come up with this problem:

The world's name only comes up during in-game saves and loads. It does not come up when I first start the game. Also, the _fl grpahics never show, even though they are 140 x 94 as you dictate.

Is it possible that I somehow missed something?


Well for all graphics, the name has to be exact. For example:
Pretend _ is a space. If your map or character name is EXAMPLE_ then for the picture you have to put EXAMPLE_ as the image name.

It also may be messing up if you have other scripts around it. This was made for use with the full mog hunter menu system originally. So any other menu system would probably affect it, though I am not to sure. I tested it on my kingdom hearts game, and it works on both the load and in game. It's not made to function any differently for a map than a title screen. Try re ordering the scripts you have with this one on or close to the top, you will either get an error or it will be fixed. That will also tell you what is causing the problems.

Try it out, and tell me what the problem is :)


Your script is great and I've adapted it to my game. I have 1 hero at the beginning of the game but when someone joins my team and I save, the level of each character overlaps in the save menu. How can I fix this? I am not very good with Ruby scripts.
Thanks a lot!

Here is a screenshot