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Started by G_G, August 25, 2010, 06:40:35 pm

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Proto RPG Resource Converter
Version 0.1


Ever want to use resources from VX in XP? Or XP resources in VX? Don't want to do that tedious graphic editing? Well don't worry anymore. This program converts resources from XP to VX and visa versa with just a few simple clicks. Easily convert resources to your favorite engine.

Current Features

  • Convert any VX character to XP

Planned Features

  • Convert XP characters to VX
  • Batch resource converting
  • Easy VX face set maker
  • Support for both XP and VX
  • Convert any resource type to the opposite engine
  • Progress bar for converting icons or batch resources

What Resources Can it Convert?

As of the current version, the following are the resources it can convert.

VX to XP
Spoiler: ShowHide
to (These ones must have a $ in the filename for the program to recognize it)
to these | (Didn't post the rest. Wanted to save on bandwidth)

As of the current version, thats all it can convert.


Simply run the program. Follow these steps.
  • First choose your engine. (Engines vary on current version)
  • Then choose Single or Batch. (Options vary on current version)
  • In single, browse for the resource file you want. Then in the output box, save to anywhere you'd like. Then make sure its the right resource type, so it converts the file correctly.
  • If batch, (not yet written)

More instructions will come in later versions. Eventually there will be an actual help file.


RM Resource Converter (Size: 9.1KB)

Credits and Thanks

  • Ronnie Mooney (aka game_guy) ~ For making the program
  • Cait Sith ~ For testing


Enjoy! Post any bugs or ideas you have! :)

Kett Shee

Okay, I tested it, works perfectly with no errors. Even for the little functionality it has now, it is a very good concept and I can see it being a very useful utility down the road.
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Did you make it in C#? Remember that we have a C# dedicated section so it probably should be moved there.
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It was made in c#, but all programs I've made I've posted in this section. Sorry I'll move it. I've got converting vx iconsets to xp done. And I started and batch file processing for Xp as well.


Sorry for necropost but this is important really.

Could you reupload the converter, the link is broken.


I can't. I don't have it anymore. I have no plans of remaking this either. Sorry. =\