[C#] Zombie Swarms

Started by G_G, November 28, 2010, 05:04:00 pm

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November 28, 2010, 05:04:00 pm Last Edit: December 08, 2010, 11:58:14 am by game_guy
Zombie Swarms

Background Story

   Zinky the zinkiest scientist in the world, created a special potion that he named "Guitar" (extremely irrelevant to what it does), which brings the dead back to life. Except he forgot to include a harpy feather thus it brings the dead back as zombies.
   Your daughter of the mayor of the Broccoli fan club, which is against war but also against peace (very contradictive), and you happened to be in the town of Spaghetti for a meeting when zombie swarms broke lose.
   You found a Famas-G2 and you must survive until help arrives. Ironically the character doesn't know it never ends.


   Its the same o' same o' cliche zombie survival game. Except this game is going to be as basic as can be. You are in a map, zombies keep coming each round with the number increasing.


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Map With Zombies
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  • Local Highscore System
  • Pause Menu
  • Balanced Health
  • Can Die Now (Reference to Previous Version)

  • Online Highscore System
  • More Maps
  • Health Drops and Power Ups


Arrow Keys ~ Move Player
W, A, S, D ~ Move Player
Shift ~ Run
Mouse ~ Aim
Left Mouse ~ Shoot
P ~ Pause


Note to Blizz: This version you can press enter. :3
Zombie Swarms (0.5)
Zombie Swarms (1.0)

In order to run this game you need to have the XNA Redistributable 3.1 installed.
XNA 3.1 Redist


  • Ronnie mooney (game_guy) ~ Developer of Game + Developer of GGP RPG Engine
  • winkio ~ General C# Help + General XNA Help
  • Blizzard ~ General C# Help
  • YoYo Games ~ Graphics and Sounds
  • Sithjester ~ Graphics
  • Enterbrain ~ Graphics
  • Branden ~ Graphics
  • Anyone else I might have forgotten ~ What they contributed to

Release Notes

(Date of post)
Please note the game is buggy and not finished. You cannot die as of right now so theres no way to submit a score the the local high scores.
Once a zombie touches you your practically dead, your health depletes really fast. But you can't die.
I'm working on all of these bugs right now and trying to improve the engine. Its in a pre-release state so its mostly for fun and to mess around with.

(December 8th, 2010)
Game is a lot more stable now. I've made losing health a lot more balanced and I changed the gun sprite. You can now die and submit your score to the local highscores. Also I made a form where you can submit your score to an online database however I do not have the database up and running on a web server yet. So its just for looks for now. I've added a Pause function as well which was something that irritated me when I couldn't pause my own game. So thats there too.

Anyways enjoy the game.


Aw, you didn't have to credit me. <3
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Small update.
-Added dieing
-Finished local high score
-Online high score almost done

(These updates haven't been uploaded yet)


Quote from: game_guy on November 30, 2010, 09:41:28 am
Small update.
-Added dieing
-Finished local high score
-Online high score almost done

(These updates haven't been uploaded yet)

Uploaded. Plus added a Pause function. Please comment and lemme know what you guys think please.