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Started by monkeydash, January 06, 2011, 10:32:25 am

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I'm definately no scripter either! :D I'm using Blizzard Custom Menu, so the luck could probably be shown on that somehow?

I've decided against using that max item system, as the game will be using guns with ammo, and each bullet will require its own item slot, meaning Ill need a heckuva lot of of item slots so that you can carry a decent amount of ammo. Is anyone working on a weight system?

I'm also trying out Blizzards Continuous Maps thing. I really like the idea, but there is noticeable lag when I switch between maps. Is there any way to reduce this? I have used the tile merger to put together 17 tilesets. I think thats probably something to do with it.


Yes, huge tilesets need a lot of memory and loading them requires time. The tilesets in RMXP were not split into several themed tilesets without reason.
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I managed to find a program that reduces png file sizes, so the file is now half the size of what it was.
There is still lag, but not quite as much. I might fiddle with it some more.

I have added Quests into the menu screen following the instructions on Blizzards little tricks. But as Im using a few things that I would like to put in the menu, I was thinking that they would all take up too much space if I put them all on.
So I was wondering if it was possible to have instead of all the individual things, one option that goes to a second menu, where the things will be.
Im using Quests, Books and Achievements. So they would all look all right next to each other in some sort of 'Info' section.


I figure that it would be something like copying the Scene_Menu into a Menu2 or something and using the tricks in that and linking the first menu to the second one.
But Im sure its not as simple as that.


I'm also using Blizz custom menu, so it could be incorporated into that.