the "SNOW DAY" thread

Started by Ryex, January 28, 2008, 01:31:14 pm

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This is what it took to make the supperntendend close the schools for the first time in 35 YEARS

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Wow, that's worse than it is at my place usually in winter.
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O.O Ive had some pretty bad snowdays... but thats... wow.


yea, that is bad... lol but 35 YEARS!


It doesn't snow in Australia  :'(



No snow in Southern India too :cry:

I always wanted to feel it, it's a fancy from childhood. But now I think about it, I don't really like snow :/

PS: But it sure looks welcoming in the pics above... I mean, I REALLY want to feel it.
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Thats a pretty good storm, but I've seen bigger.  Especially because I live in Colorado, right next to the rocky mountains (USA)!  We've had about 4 feet of snow on the ground before.  The stacks on the edges of the driveway can grow up to 8 feet.  But still, thats some pretty serious.

The best part is going up skiing right after a big storm!!! :D


I went to a part of Australia really coldest part of Australia (which is actualy the most southern point of Australia O.o) where we hoped to see some snow, so we hike a mountain can';t remember size with snow at the top for like 4hrs and another 4 to get back...and the next day it snowed


LOL thats... unfortunate for you, I coudl enver climb a mountain, fear of heights and whatnot.

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I live in Canada... We get lots of snow in winter... I hate it! Especially since I was from the philippines! I'm to used to warm weather  :-\