Breath of Fire II-style Township System

Started by WhiteRose, January 09, 2011, 04:20:06 pm

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Township System
Version: 0.8
Type: Misc. System


This system allows you to have the player essentially construct their own town in the game by hiring various people (carpenters, innkeepers, etc.) to build and run the town.


  • Easy to modify.
  • Towns can be of any size.
  • Any number of people can be hired.
  • Hired people are separated into two categories: major and minor changes. Maps MUST be constructed for all possible combinations of major changes, so try to keep the number of large changes to a minimum unless you have a lot of time to spare setting up your maps.


Not available or necessary. See demo.



In essence, you're just creating an event that transfers the player to a different map depending on which NPCs they've hired so far.
This system requires quite a few maps and events; please download and examine the demo for a better explanation and example.

Credits and Thanks

  • WhiteRose, for creating this system.
  • Dragonmanb, for requesting it.
  • The Breath of Fire team for the original concept.

Author's Notes

The demo isn't particularly extensive, but I figured it would be pretty easy to figure out once you've seen the basics. Let me know if I need to make a more advanced demo.


Thanks WhiteRose this will help alot and double kudos for knowing the breath of fire seires
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What game is Breath of Fire II? Is it on PSP?