[RMVX] Creating an Introduction Speech

Started by Runefreak, February 26, 2011, 02:34:57 am

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This is my first tutorial I made, so here it is. :P

This is a beginner tutorial on how to create an Introduction telling a story in the beginning of your game, just a simple
black screen with text.

Step 1: Go to Database and go to the "Actors" tab, then make your character's graphic
blank. (If you have party members and you have the Caterpillar script make your whole party's graphics blank)

Step 2: Close the Database and make a new map, it doesn't matter what size and it doesn't matter
what the name is. But to find it easier it's better to name it "Introduction", also remember to
leave it blank! Don't put any tiles!

Step 3: Right click the blank map and set the starting position of your character anywhere on the map,
make sure the graphic is blank!

Step 4: Now you have everything to start the intro. First make a new event on the map and change the trigger
to "Autorun", then you can insert some text or anything you want into the intro. After you made your intro make at the bottom on the second tab click "Transfer Player" to make your character go to another map, then click insert to put another after that and choose "Change Actor Graphic" and give your character or characters the graphic back. Then at the bottom of everything you put right click it and choose insert, then click on "Control Switches" and make a switch called "Introduction" and turn it on. (You can name the switch anything you want but it's best to name it Introduction or Intro)

Step 5: Then make a new event page, and at the top left of the 2nd event page in the conditions choose
"Switch" and make it activate when the switch "Introduction" (or whatever name you put) turns on. Leave
the event page blank though.(But remember to leave the trigger as "Action Button" and NOT "Autorun".
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Spoolie, for future references, please look at the date of the last made post in the topic. If it's been more than three months (90 days), then don't post. Unless your post is relevant to the topic. e.g. More than just "This is helpful".


I'm very sorry. The tut section on the forum is small, so I thought that it was recent. My bad, thanks for pointing it out. I wont do it again. :^_^':