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Started by AliveDrive, February 28, 2011, 08:55:17 pm

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What is your favorite end weapon?

True Samurai Sword
3 (42.9%)
Ravager Blade+
2 (28.6%)
2 (28.6%)

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February 28, 2011, 08:55:17 pm Last Edit: March 07, 2011, 07:41:15 pm by AliveDrive
Version: 4.0
Type:Upgrade Game


Keep training and upgrading your gear until you can beat the boss!

Two P's:

Hello players, welcome. What started out as a simple upgrade event system, has become so much more. Start with a low rank weapon and slowly work your way up, you'll feel like a man in no time. Surprise! You're in a coffee shop, where the hooded cloak guy known only in the database as "Mysterious Man" is plotting AND scheming. If you can't stop the mysterious man then surely doom awaits us all, except for me because the mysterious man's one weakness is my non-feminine smell. What kind of things is he up to you ask? BAD THINGS I assure you, look an evented title screen, 8 way movement and a piano. Buh-buh-buh-buh-buh-buh-POWAH!


Name: AliveDrive

Age: 20

Occupation: Hero

Name: Mysterious Man

Age: Unknown

Occupation: Dark Wizard

This is a mini-game, and as such, character development will be non-existent.


  • Influenced directly by Monster Hunter.
  • Upgrading is cheaper than buying the same weapon new.
  • Upgraded weapons are more powerful.
  • Some Weapons include multiple lines.*
  • Evented Title System
  • Multiple Difficulties
  • 8-way movement
  • Armor Upgrades
  • Hotcakes (NEW!)
  • Balanced database (NEW!)
  • Improved Title Screen (NEW!)
  • Challenge Mode includes a savepoint with a custom icon. (NEW!)


Spiffy Evented Title
Truly full of spiff: ShowHide

The "only" map in the game
Technically not...: ShowHide

This man upgrades your equipment.
The man your game could smell like: ShowHide

Everything you need to win the game.
I made that icon myself you know.: ShowHide





Download and start smelling like a man.

Credits and Thanks

  • AliveDrive
  • Nortos for the Title Screen Skip script

Author's Notes

(Almost) Completely scriptless, ergo fully compatible with anything.

Gave you the right starting weapon, this time it's a fair fight! -.-

Upgrades cost money so keep on fighting!

Fixed the bug where you could access the menu for the first two seconds of the game.

Filesize mostly due to the classy mp3's I used.

The title system could be used as a simple template for making an interactive title customized to your game.

*Only one example weapon is included. I may update this but making your own weapons is encouraged.

Comments always appreciated.

Pretty sure there are no bugs, but if you find one, you know the drill...
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hey this sounds cool! I was about to search for an upgrade system.

EZ Destroyer

u're definitely a MH Fan huh? me too.


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Three things:

1) You have committed grave digging as the last reply was four years ago. Locking topic.
2) AliveDrive was last on 5 months ago.
3) You can easily see in the screenshots that it's for XP. VXA was released in 2012 while this topic was made in 2011.

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