Small question for blizz abs

Started by Shalaren, March 04, 2011, 07:53:46 pm

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umm I want to make one of my party members be only for support, and not for battle,
by support I mean, Healing and defending, (and buffing)
what would be the right setting if I call this script?
$game_actors[ID].force_aggressive = VALUE
$game_actors[ID].force_offensive = VALUE
$game_party.actors[POS].force_aggressive = VALUE
$game_party.actors[POS].force_offensive = VALUE

also Im trying to make it so that the main character can control other characters through his hotkeys, and I kinda figured it out with making skills call events that call scripts, and its pretty handy :D but I still need one more thing, one of my characters is a healer, and i want the main character have a skill that calls an event that commands the healer character to use heal.

HOW do i do that? I mean how do I make an event to force one of your characters to use a skill?
I read the manual many times in case thats what your going to say, i just didnt figure this part out S:.

lets say the char id is 3 and skill id is 2, how do I force him to use skill id 2? by calling an event.


It has not been a day. Do not double post within 24 hours. Which includes exact time. First post 9 PM 2nd post 11 AM. Now tell me if thats 24 hours.