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The reason why this forum is named Chaos Project

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--- Quote ---In April 2006 a community project called Chaos Project - The Three Moons™ was started by several forum members on with a member called Blizzard as unofficial project leader. Because the only administrator Crankeye back then didn't want to make a special hidden forum section for the members of the development team, a new IF forum was made with the name Chaos-RPG Development by the member called Dart (aka Sha aka Adam) and made the project leader Blizzard administrator as well. Soon Dart started acting too much on his own and coming up with decisions without consulting other team members or at least Blizzard, the actual project leader. He would recruit team members and change the organization of the forum on his own.

Just a couple of days after that it was discovered that Dart himself tried to steal not only CP - TTM™, but also Blizzard's Chaos Project (which was renamed to Chaos Project - Nemesis' Wrath™ to prevent confusion of those two projects). Due to some lucky coincidence Dart mixed up those projects somehow and it was possible to discover him as the thief he was. Blizzard had to make a quick decision, since this also involved his own project on which he is working alone. If he would have just kicked out Dart of the team, Dart could have taken revenge, since he was the root administrator and delete all the team's efforts within the discussion topics. Blizzard made a new IF forum called Chaos Project. Since he had no time to think to much about a name, he named it after the project itself. Since he was an administrator, he was able quickly transfer the most vital post data to CP. Dart was expelled from the forum and development team.

The project development continued "normally" while Dart tried to start his own. Later there were various dramas about Dart even stealing the skin from Chaos Project. Blizzard deleted the hotlinked pictures and messed up the look of Chaos-RPG Development.

What happened to Dart's project is commonly unknown, but it is rumored that it is going very slow in development. There were even reports that the infamous "Scripting Archangel" SephirothSpawn was administrator for a while or even still is administrator at Dart's new forum.

In the end of November 2006 Chaos Project - The Three Moons™ was canceled due to lack of progress. The main reason was that the team had about ten mappers, though no maps were made during half a year of development time. Blizzard himself stated:

--- Quote from: Blizzard ---The game has been canceled. I have done a terrible mistake by thinking under-aged kids would take it serious and take it to the end, but I was wrong. Even when I said it will be commercial and they could earn some money, the situation didn't change. I can't do everything by myself. Note that I mention here the kids and it is their fault, since there were a few mature members in the team who were actually doing something. I am glad these people were taking this actually seriously and put some effort into it and I apologize for taking these people's time for a project that was actually determined to fail from the beginning on.

All in all: The game was canceled, because of many of the members were not doing anything, they lost interest and they were undetermined.
At least I have learned something out of it: NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH CHILDREN! =P
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--- Quote ---At least I have learned something out of it: NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH CHILDREN! =P
--- End quote ---
I forgot to mention in the old forum:
friggin lol!


and a good lesson...unless it applies to me  :P

im not a kid...

I am  :D and proud to be one.


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