[Java] Unadvanced Wars

Started by Kagutsuchi, April 28, 2011, 06:22:13 pm

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Unadvanced Wars

So this is a game project I and a friend did for a course called Object Oriented Programming, we had a fairly tight time limit of 3 weeks plus homework in other courses, so we didn't have as much time working on this game as we wish we had, but anyways I thought I'd upload and post the finished result. When I know more about programming and hopefully have more time I would like to pick up on this game again. If I had more time the first thing I would do would be to learn more about playing music and probably clean up the main class, cause it is a fucking mess =P

We used an api called acm which is meant for educational purposes and makes certain things a bit easier, but it turns out to also cause some things to bug out, for example I couldn't get setSize() to set the container size to more than 870~ or something pixels, so when you read the hastily thrown together tutorial you have to increase the screen size yourself I am afraid. And some other stuff.

The Game:
Is a turn based strategy game, heavily inspired from advanced wars for gameboy advanced and nintendo ds. Though we did not create any single player function, because programming an computer opponent is beyond both our skill and time. So you will have to deal with only having multiplayer at the moment if you try this out. It allows for upto 4 players, depending on the map you are playing on. And I cannot be arsed to write anymore.