Continent with Hope; Shrouded in Peril.

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Reddengos: The only continent in a dying world. It has been, for the longest time, a bastion of hope to everyone. As the landmass grows larger on Reddengos, the rest of the world shrinks. Luckily the people know exactly what is causing this. In the center of the continent is a hole, magical in nature. Its formula is far too complex for any of the world's practitioners to read. This makes it a mystery. In one example of brilliant ingenuity, a man jumped through the hole and came back.

What he described was not good. It lead to a land their mythology has spoken of for centuries. Their legends tell them this land has the capacity to drain their world of all mass before moving on to the next one. And what's worse is that its creation was their ancestors' fault.

Long ago, the forefathers of practitioners experimented wildly, without regard for the safety of the subject. This all ended when their final experiment went horribly wrong. A particularly young promising woman, named Luta, was forced to be put through a formula that nobody properly understood. It sucked her magic out of her, and put it back. In a few moments, it repeated the process. As it went on and on, Luta herself became more and more warped.

What resulted was the necessity of creating an alternate pocket dimension to house her. As far as the practitioners now can tell this dimension has relinked to ours, and is seeking to destroy our world by adding its mass to its own. It will take a group of specially minded and trained individuals to infiltrate this dimension. What must ultimately happen: research and discover weaknesses to Luta, who has become seemingly immune to magic. Indeed, the initial blast thrown at her was absorbed and made her physically stronger.

To this end, both practitioners of magic and sword have been gathered. Work together, men and women, for the six of you, four mages and two warriors, must end this threat.

Save our world. Save Reddengos.



In background, specify whether or not you're one of the 4 mages, or one of the two warriors.


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Reserve a spot for me as one of the warriors; I'd like to play. I'll still need to come up with a character, though, and it's too late for me to think well, so I'll edit this post with my character tomorrow.

EDIT: Okay, here's my character.

Name: Heather Kingsley
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Appearance: 5'5". Dirty blonde hair chopped short, and light blue eyes. Wears a make-shift ensemble of various bits of leather and chain armour under an unassuming brown cloak. Carries a small wooden shield as well as a sword that looks just slightly too large for her.
Background: Heather lived with her parents and siblings, working a farm on the dying land far from the centre of the continent. After getting into a heated argument with her father, however, she set off on her own. She wandered from town to town for a while, earning enough to live by doing various odd jobs. Discovering her talent with a sword, she took up mercenary work. Despite her young age, she became fairly well-known for getting jobs done quickly and efficiently. Several years passed, and after a while, she realized that she missed her family immensely. However, because of her stubbornness, she refused to acknowledge the feeling and return home. After hearing of the call to journey into the alternate dimension, and, more importantly in her mind, the reward promised for being successful, she submitted her application for the task. Though she was quite skilled and had a lot of natural talent, there were still others more suited to the task than her. Because only two warriors were to be sent, someone with more experience was chosen. However, due to a clerical error, her application was accidentally mixed up with the other, and she was assigned to the team.
Other: Proficient with several weapons and fighting styles, but prefers a sword and shield. Can be stubborn and cocky at times, but has a definite soft streak.


Name: Jed Butterbill
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Appearance: 6' 0" slick black hair.  Scar cutting down right leg where a summoning spell went wrong occured.  Usually weares a dark robe and cloak.
Background: As a child Jed had been taken in by an old mage named Henry.  He taught Jed everything he knew.  Jed was raised in a small village with the mage.  One day, a rival gang of mages attacked the village.  Jed and Henryworked togethor to fight off the brutes.  Jed, being relatively knew to magic, was losing in a wand battle with an evil mage by the name of Salthar.  Salthar had almost defeated Jed when Henry saw what was occuring.  Henry stopped fighting a mage to go attack Salthar.  Realising that fending off both mages would be a near impossible task, he teleported Jed out to a village near the mysterious hole.  This is where Jed signed up to venture deep.  He still gets small visions sometimes of what happened after he left, but he is unsure about the fate of his village and of his old mentor.
Other:  Carries a staff and wand at all times.  He also carries a ring, that when activated, will produce a tiny vial with a healing potion that uses a now extinct herb.  The healing potion is powerful enough to heal most cuts.


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As promised, I've edited my post with my character.

Are you going to wait for four other people to sign up before we start? RPing around here isn't as active as it used to be, so that might take a while.


I was hoping at least... It can't really start without people...


It's been a few days, and it doesn't really look like anyone else is going to be signing up any time soon. Maybe you should change the story so that only two people are needed, or create the rest of the team yourself and have them just be GM controlled. Once things get going, I'll bet other will be a little more keen on joining.


If not for WhiteRose's post, I wouldn't have known this area of the forum existed.

Anyway, I'd be up for it-- I can make a character tomorrow.

I like to think myself versatile, so whether or not you want me to make a 'Warrior' or 'Mage' is entirely up to you.


Make either - I'll say the people split into two groups - one with 2 mages and one warrior, and one with the opposite. And the other group can join later.


Well, I have learned from my mistake of pure failure, so I'll sign up for this. please?
I'd always like to sign up an RP made by Ulta :D

It's not done yet, but I'll join. And if there's a bad side, I'd rather be there, for a change.
Spoiler: ShowHide
Name: Jacob Spencer
Appearance:6'2" Light blue spiked hair, wears a shiny suit of iron armor, though he only does magic. His magic is channeled through, usually in his hands.
Background: Jake came from a rich family, where in his childhood he was trained for sword fighting, but his left forearm was cut by an accident.
He was cured, but his arm was no longer the same, he could not use it. He trained magic in their family, but it was restricted by his mother, describing it was dangerous.Jacob did not care what they said. He learned to use dark magic and it soon corrupted him...
Sigs: ShowHide


The badside: any wildlife encountered in Luta's demesne, and Luta herself.


Name: Lute Vint
Gender: Male
Age: 20

Appearance: While not exactly the opposite of an impoverished fellow, Lute is fairly clean, his body coated with a pale chunk of flesh that is his skin. He is lean, and his once elegant face has been reduced to that of a mercenary's, though some traces of grace can be seen left over. Standing at 5'7, he has green eyes that are either the color of grass at one time, or the color of wine another. He is dressed in mainly dark colors, tight yet loose enough for mobility. Though handsome, he has multiple scars on his arms, small like a cut from glass, scattered about randomly.

Personality: Genteel. He has good intentions, and follows them through, but the method in which he carries them out...chaotic. Lute has, one could say, very refined tastes, and treats those who he does not know with a certain scorn that those he does know would find completely uncharacteristic. He is suave in both looks and persona, preferring to be more delicate in his bearing when a lady is present. (Ohoho!  ;))He has a quick, sharp tongue, and could be described as more down-to-earth than some of the other mercenaries about. Being a laid-back individual, he is leaning on the sides of condescending, and just down-right arrogant.

Background: While not an advocate of atheism, Lute oft times tried to convert his parents from their own religion. They would talk about 'God' incessantly, and simply put, would not shut the hell up. They were obsessed-- extremists, of sorts. After your typical 'Get out of my house, you ungrateful piece of crap' anger-induced shout, Lute left, though not the village entirely. He stayed at the nearby church, which he thought was a rather ironic twist.

He hid out for a while, before he decided to steal from the priest late one night, hoping to leave the next day. Once in his room, he stole countless items-- vials of liquids, money, pens, ink, silver, alcohol, etc. Nevertheless, after half-an-hour of getting greedy and looting everything in sight, the priest woke.

Long story short; Lute had to kill him.

It was the first time he had killed a man, and he was guilt-ridden. He fell asleep in the room, full of regret.

The next day, he awoke in a basement with a bowl of water and food and in front of him. He was being held here, against his will. It was not a cell, however, and he was lucky he wasn't reported to the authorities. After a month or so of living this way, he was released on the condition that he travel around, helping as many as lives as they deemed equivalent to their priest's;

'Countless', they said was the number.
So nine? Or countless as in infinite? He didn't know.

He just cared that he was free.

Other: Erm, nothing in particular. He's a warrior, and uses an obsidian blade (which is sheathed on his back).


Awesome; we have two mages and two warriors. If two more people willing to play as mages join, we'll have a complete party as originally intended.


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Oh fuck it, I want to see where this goes.  You guys need a healer anyways.

Name:  Geoffery Spires
Gender:  Male
Age:  24
Appearance:  Shoulder length blond hair, brown eyes, clean shaven.  Tall, in good shape, but not especially muscular.  Wears brightly colored comfortable clothes.
Background:  Geoffery was raised under the tutelage of his father, the leader of the local healing magic school.  His father had a philosophy that healing mages had to be as brave, as strong, and as courageous as the warriors they supported.  His father would put on full chainmail and rush into a fight with a sword, using relying on his healing magic as a powerful secondary option.  This worked well for a while, until one battle when they were greatly outnumbered that his father could not keep up with the wounds of his other fighters.  They were all slaughtered.  This made Geoffery adopt a new battle mentality - he would stay out of danger as much as possible, and use protection magic and agility to avoid harm, instead of armor and a blade.
Other:  I'm a mage.  Healing and Protection magic are my specialty, and while I know a few powerful Holy spells, I don't use them as I prioritize the safety of my friends over the destruction of the enemy.  I wear pretty much no armor, but have very high agility which I use to stay out of harms way and keep up with healing my allies in battle.

EDIT: Oh, and no weapon.  I know a small amount of self defense and hand to hand combot, but not anything that is capable of dealing significant damage.


Still waiting for one more person to sign up....



La dee da dee da



If that's what y'all want.

Let us rawk some stuff.

I'll make open post and stuff like, tomorrow. Or something.


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If that's what y'all want.

Let us rawk some stuff.

I'll make open post and stuff like, tomorrow. Or something.

Looking forward to it.


OKAY SORRY ABOUT TODAY... Been busy and there's been drama and some fun but through it all I've had a bit of a headache so I kind of don't feel like writing up this opening.

Bitch at me to do it tomorrow, I'll TRY to get it done. Blurgle.