Started by Shalaren, May 10, 2011, 08:57:00 pm

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I requested it before but I cant find the thread, as I never got a reply. so Ill just try again?
a script that makes it so that all party members share stats, meaning that if i have 3 characters, all have 100 hp
party then has 300 hp in total, and no character can die until the total reaches 0. meaning all characters die together.
if two characters have 100 hp and one of them has only 50, then the total is 250 abviously. same goes for SP and all other stats (dex,str,agi....)
as for EXP they will all have the same exp, not add them but just have a exp thing that all characters will allways be at same percent of exp and same level! if a character is added he goes to the same hp and lvl as the party!.
if you dont get what I mean ask o-o


interesting idea, im doing this