[XP] KGC: ActiveCountBattle (System) 2

Started by Jragyn, May 28, 2011, 04:43:17 pm

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Active Count Battle 2
Authors: KGC
Version: 3
Type: Active Time Battle
Key Term: Custom Battle System


This is a ATB-based Battle System written by KGC.
It replaces the entire Default Battle System.

The original script in japanese can be found here:


  • Turns are taken in real/count time.

  • Seemingly quite compatible with a lot of other scripts.

  • etc.

Nothing terribley exciting, would be best to just download and give it a whirl.
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Demo via myMediafire.
The demo has TONs 7.5 and my EQUAP bars,
but by no means does this CBS require them.
It just functions with them :)

I do encourage you download the demo, since it comes with default graphic files you need.


The script is too large to paste in here.
It just has to go between Scene_Debug & Main somewhere.
Download the demo so you can have the default graphic files, though.


There are details as to configuration all within the script.
Make sure you have the default graphic files, or your own files for graphics!


Probably won't function with other CBSs.
General compatibility with things that don't mess with the Battle system.
If you find something that absolutely will not work,
I'll post the incompatibilities here.

It IS however totally compatible with all the other KGC scripts.

Credits and Thanks

  • KGC: You guy(s) make awesome scripts. Too bad none of them for RMXP are in english!

  • Jragyn: I didn't make it whatsoever, but I did english-ify the configuration :)

Author's Notes

One more time, I did NOT write this script.
I just translated the configuration into english from its original in japanese.
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