I seriously need input. Help!

Started by Spaceman McConaughey, May 31, 2011, 02:15:48 am

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You wake up at 3:17 in the morning, and the first thing you see is a fat guy in a slutty cat costume making clawing gestures at your face whilst meowing and hissing at you. What do you do?

Kick him in his balls, and watch him squirm?
4 (80%)
Think nothing of it, and go back to sleep?
0 (0%)
Join in with his hissing and meowing?
0 (0%)
All of the above, but not exactly in that order?
1 (20%)

Total Members Voted: 5

Spaceman McConaughey

A lot is riding on your guys' answers, so please help. :S


Jesus you know how to blow a story out of proportion.
I was PURRING, not "hissing and meowing" at you.
I am done scripting for RMXP. I will likely not offer support for even my own scripts anymore, but feel free to ask on the forum, there are plenty of other talented scripters that can help you.

Spaceman McConaughey

Well, shit, man. It's bad enough you STILL asked for breakfast in the morning. Even after you pulled that stunt!

Hell, purring makes it weirder! My mom was right about you! >:(


Where is the option "Get on the internet and make a thread asking for advice on Chaos Project"?

Spaceman McConaughey

That option is hidden between the first two.