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Started by Taboo, June 07, 2011, 06:36:05 pm

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In the not to distant future, machines called Reploids will be created. They are intelligent robots capable of emotion as well as extreme destruction. They were originally created to be tools of war, to unite all nations as one. The other nations resented this, however, and made Reploids of their own. The Reploids fought for nearly a decade, making most of the world their battleground. Soon, the Reploids began to realize that with all their power, they shouldn't fight each other. They turned on their respective countries, captured factories, and produced their own armies of androids. The government that created the first Reploid recognized the danger of the Reploids turning on the world. They had already created a small group of cyborgs, half-human and half-robot. They were led by X, the very first cyborg. The Government decided to create more, so they secretly conscripted a handful of people and turned them into the powerful cyborgs. They were placed in suspended animation to be awoken soon. Most of human life has been eradicated, leaving a small guerrilla unit of 300 people who now inhabit an old military fortress that was where all Anti-Reploid technology was developed. It is here that they have survived for the past 300 years. Through breeding, their number has grown to 500, but it is still a desperate struggle at times. They recently discovered the handful of new cyborgs in a vault inside the fortress, now they have woken a few up, and it is their job to do what they were created for, to save humanity.

Designation: As a cyborg you no longer have a name, but a designation or codename. Ex: X, Zero, Bass, and Harpuia
Physical Appearance: All cyborgs have armor plating covering their inner workings. Describe what it looks like. The only human feature left of the cyborg is their face and hair, so tell us what you look like. Unless you have a helmet.
Weapons: You can have two, a main weapon that defines your style, and a sub-weapon. Be creative, you are the height of human technology. Ex: X-blaster, Z-sabre, Bass Cannon (every time a reploid is destroyed, you will gain a weapon that complements your style)

Power Hungry Midget

Name: Tau
Appearance: Brown Hair, brown eyes, brown face. Armour, sleek and smooth bands of metal with red and black trim.
Gender: Has a male appearance
Weapons:Main: Dual Sine Blasters, Sub: Theta Cutlass.

The plot thickens......

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@Taboo: In the last week you've started two RPs and joined a third. From past experience, it seems to me that RPs work the best one at a time. Of course, it's your choice, but I'm just pointing out that you're probably going to see more success if you stick to a single one.

As for me, I'm going to stick to a single one, and, if it turns out that I have extra free time, possibly a second. However, I'll probably take a day or two to see how things develop before making a decision (who signs up, the quality of the narration, the depth of the story, etc.)

Not trying to shoot you down, of course. Just trying to be helpful. :)


Indeed, I actually meant to cancel the other one. However, I can't delete it. Would you be so kind?


Quote from: Taboo on June 07, 2011, 11:18:29 pm
Indeed, I actually meant to cancel the other one. However, I can't delete it. Would you be so kind?

I'm not a moderator over the RP board - that would be Legacyblade. However, you can lock your own topic if you'd like to avoid confusion.


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Name : Ox
Physical Appearance: Bald Hair and Brown face
Gender : Male
Weapons : Hex-Blastgun (Future Shotgun) as main weapon and Stun-Machete as sub weapon
Personality : He is a strongest cyborg and but a kindly man (act like a Captain)
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The Niche

Designation: Dagger
Physical appearance: Black and red armour. Long black hair, sharp features and green eyes.
Gender: Male
Weapons: Main: Katana like sword Sub: long knife.
Personality: Roguish.
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Wonderful, we have enough people to start. I will be posting the intro later today.


This is obviously based on Megaman, yet you don't mention it specifically.

More, you get some history details incorrect.

X was created by Dr. Light - and Reploids were made after X was in stasis(receiving mind-programming that gave him morals) and released, to copy him. Zero was a Reploid made by Dr. Wily - who was a brilliant scientist and sought to improve upon X for his own evil purposes. Zero was infected with a virus that spread to other Reploids and made them go Maverick. It was the Mavericks that then became dangerous and had to be destroyed. It eventually was transferred to one of the Maverick Hunters' head peopl - Sigma, under who the virus morphed or something and became the Sigma Virus.

:/ I'm sorry, but I'm not even a major fan of the series, and I'm kind of turned off by the lack of research that went into this - unless you're purporting it to be your own original idea, in which cases using terms like Reploids and X and Zero and X-buster and Z-saber just kind of scream 'plagiarism.'

You could be claiming it as an alternate universe, in which case using it as an inspiration and drawing up a completely original plot and world ideas and terms would have suited your purposes better.

:/ I'm just saying, as a fellow RPer. I'm interested in a Megaman RP, but I'd like a little more effort done on it, especially given with that how often it is to make a 'Insert OCs into generic plot from one of the games'


June 08, 2011, 05:07:20 pm #10 Last Edit: June 08, 2011, 05:11:16 pm by Taboo
Yes I based it off of the Megaman X series, but I didn't want it to be the exact same story. That's why I modified it to my own version. :/ I honestly wasn't trying to pass it off as my own idea. I just wanted it to be flexible instead of following a fixed story arc.


Well, the events following X's emergence and the creation of Reploids could have been different. For example, Wily could have been killed in a freak gasplosion in his lab, or he could have simply not made the Virus, or X could've fallen in battle and that could have lead to the desperation, and the discovering of androids other than X that were made in the past.

Which would suit your needs well; X is still the original Maverick Hunter, you have a convenient turn-able villain in Zero, and it doesn't entirely rework the X-series history either. It also helps for people to 'not have names anymore' since they would have been Reploids to begin with.

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