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[XP] Job Stat Modifier
« on: June 12, 2011, 05:40:35 PM »
Job Stat Modifier
Authors: Griver03 alias BuddySievers
Version: 1.1
Type: Class System Add-on
Key Term: Actor Add-on


With this script you can have class specific actor stats.
Like in Final Fantasy XI - Online when you switch your
class the stats  will get increased or decreased.

Version Log

1.0 - Release version.
1.1 - Added the fix to the main script.


  • Modifie actor stats by class.
  • Can use integer values and decimal values.
  • Modifieable stats: MaxHP,MaxSP,STR,DEX,AGI,INT.


Not required...


Demo 1.0
Demo 1.1


(click to show/hide)


In the script.


100% compatible with SDK v2.4, not testet with older versions.
100% compatible with MACL v2.0, idk if this is important.
Works 100% with LegacyBlades Legacy Class Change script.
Don't use this script with Blizzard's R0 Skill/Job System.
Can cause incompatibility issues with other exotic Class/Job Systems.
Should work with any CMS or CBS.

Credits and Thanks

  • Blizzard for the original script.
  • Irrlicht for fixing a bug with the hp/sp.
  • Me for the idea, cutting, renameing and testing.

Author's Notes

I hope you like this  :^_^':
Edit: Updatet to 1.1 - now the script is only one part.
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