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Started by WhiteRose, June 14, 2011, 11:27:19 am

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"oh thank you! it's a critical part of a contraptions I'm making for the party this afternoon but just as I was packing it up this valve broke and I don't have any spares!" Dormant Blast felt bad for pressing the pony  into fixing something last minute like this and the anticipation of showing his work at the party was making him bounce up and down rapidly. Suddenly Blast realized he hadn't even introduced him self yet!  Blast's bouncing stopped with the realization

"Oh! I'm so sorry! i haven't even introduced my self! Names Blast, Dormant Blast actually but I prefer people to call me Blast I've just moved into town so it's nice to meet you."
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Dark Swipe stared at Dormant Blast for a second after what he just told her.
"It's all okay, Blast! I am very happy to repair this for you! The last thing we'd want is a disaster at the party, although it'd be fun. Haha, joking. And nice to meet you, too. My name is Dark Swipe. Call me whatever you wish, so long as it isn't mean! *giggles* And funny thing: I just moved in here as well! It's a small world, I'll tell you! *laughs*"

Dark Swipe then got straight back to fixing the valve.


Storm Fall stood straight and tall with what he thought was dignity. Then he realized he might frighten the other pony and smiled. "Hi, I'm Storm Fall, the new head of Weather Control in the absence of Rainbow Dash. I was just trying to meet some of the ponies I'll be working with." Normally Storm Fall could read other ponies like a book, but this one's large smile just blocked out any other emotion she might be feeling. After an extended silence, Storm Fall felt his smile falter slightly as he awkwardly stood on the young pony's front porch.