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the first thing I wanna say is HOLY SHIT SORRY FOR TAKING SO LONG TO GET THIS OUT GHSGUSDHGSDFIGHSDFUGHDFG School's been kicking my goddamn ass and I've been focusing more on that than writing anything. I do too much thinking lately because someo f my teachers SUCK.

100 questions tomorrow, two hour exam @__@. The first group is the first two mages and the first warrior who signed up. The second group is the others.

"...Thank you, all of you, for your generous arrival. We don't know what you will find when you go over; we have had poor luck with scouts of late. Time is running ever shorter and Luta must not be allowed to succeed." Those were the words, whispered by the High Practitioner as the six made their way. Two groups of three separated and thrown apart as the Hole was entered.

One group would awaken, mildly disoriented, in a forest. Silence echoes back to them. What is this land? Luta's world. A world in mockery of the real one, which will absorb everything. Their mission reasserts itself in their minds; they must hurry. Wilderness... Where is the hole? Glance up; there it is, and to those who are practitioners of magic, the drainign mana is visible to the eye. A rare occurrence, one sure to unsettle a stomach.

The others awaken in barren wasteland. What once appeared to be a grassland now is full of dead grass and broken trees, crumbling flora beneath their steps. A swirling sound, like that of bees, is heard in the near distance. A wail; an echo. A cry of despair. A burst of mana released furiously into the air and the whistle of a large, falling object.

A cliff, just to the left, and a humanoid thing lands near the three. It is not Luta; it resembles an ape, twisted though the image is. Around it swirls distorted mana, corrupted slowly by absence until it clings and desperately snatches mana more whole. A name, whispered into the mind. Disruption. That is what the creature is. A Disruption in the natural order.

It wails that pitifully feral cry once more, and battle is upon them.


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The first thing Geoffery heard was the wind.  He woke up with a start, thinking that he had landed right in the path of a tornado.  Jumping to his feet, he looked in the sky, but saw nothing.  He now realized the sound he was not hearing was not wind, but a swirling sound just like he heard when he put his ear to a seashell.  He took a look around him, and saw brown, gray, and black.  The land around him was desolate.

Geoferry instinctively searched for the others.  He found Lute and Isabelle near him, and it seemed they had just woken up as well.  The others were nowhere to be seen.

Quote from: GeofferyAre you two all right?  It seems that it's just us three.

Geoffery was starting to mentally plan out how to protect his unit.  Lute, the warrior, was fierce indeed, but he would likely be the first target for any enemies to attack.  Isabella seemed inexperienced, but -

Suddenly, a ghastly wail silenced his thoughts.  Geoffery felt a chill run down his spine, and he furtively looked for the source of the sound.  Then a mana burst!  There is no way it could be one of the other mages, none of them would make such a wailing.

Geoffery spun around at the sound of a thunderclap.  On a cliff directly behind him, a shape had just landed.  Upon seeing its grotesque and twisted face, Geoffery immediately began casting his protective charms around the three.  He kept track of the other two and their condition carefully, so that he would be ready to assist them as soon as he was needed.

Quote from: GeofferyDon't let your guard down, we don't know what this thing is capable of!