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RMXP Script Database / Re: [XP] Character Races
June 04, 2012, 06:01:40 am
works, but it should be updated somehow...
if i choose another class the disabled class isnt showing up and the new selected class is still there...
if i close the scene and reopen it its updated but not if i only chosse a class...
pls help
hi i need in the legacy class change script a lil fix.
if you want to select your class you can select the class you actually have already.
thats not very professional, so can someone make this lil fix for me even its only a cosmetic problem ?

Legacy Class Change:
Spoiler: ShowHide

# Legacy Class Change by Legacyblade
# Version: 1.68
# Type: Class Changing Script
# Date 3-06-2009
#  This work is protected by the following license:
# #----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# #  
# #  Creative Commons - Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported
# #  ( )
# #  
# #  You are free:
# #  
# #  to Share - to copy, distribute and transmit the work
# #  to Remix - to adapt the work
# #  
# #  Under the following conditions:
# #  
# #  Attribution. You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the
# #  author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you
# #  or your use of the work).
# #  
# #  
# #  Share alike. If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may
# #  distribute the resulting work only under the same or similar license to
# #  this one.
# #  
# #  - For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license
# #    terms of this work. The best way to do this is with a link to this web
# #    page.
# #  
# #  - Any of the above conditions can be waived if you get permission from the
# #    copyright holder.
# #  
# #  - Nothing in this license impairs or restricts the author's moral rights.
# #  
# #----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Compatibility:
# The script was coded to be 100% compatible with most, if not all scripts. I
# can't think of ANY script that wouldn't be compatible, but I will list those
# that I tested for compatibility.
# Blizz ABS is 100% compatible, and all other ABS scripts should be as well, due to how
# the class rank is added.
# CCoa's UMS is 100% compatible.
# The SDK 2.3 seemed to be compatible. Everything worked fine even with the SDK
# in the project.
# I'll keep testing scripts, and adding to this list.
# Incompatibility:
# No known incompatibility (if you run into an incompatibility, please tell me,
# so I can make a patch)
# Known Issues:
# none ^_^
# Features:
#   -> Define Special Classes that are unlocked for an actor only by a script
#      call (in case the player needs to pay for special training to unlock said
#      class).
#   -> Define how many times an actor must level up while using a certain
#      class/classes to unlock another class. (you can make the "Alchemist"
#      class require 3 levels as a mage, and 3 levels as a cleric). The system
#      is so versatile, that you can even require levels in Special Classes!
#   -> Define descriptions for each class that will be displayed in the class
#      change window. (supports multiple lines of description!)
#   -> Class Specific Skills. This allows you to set skills as class specific.
#      Class specific skills are only availible when an actor is a class that
#      the skill is specific to. You can even set a skill specific to multiple
#      classes (so the Paladin can use heal if he learned it as a cleric, so the
#      Gladiater can use "tackle" if he learned it as a lancer, etc.)
#   -> Linked Actor system. This allows you to define actors that, when they
#      change their class, change the class of actors that are "linked" to them.
#   -> Class Graphic system. You have the ability to cause both an actor's
#      charset AND their battler to change based on their current class.
#   -> Easily configurable settings that can affect every aspect of the system.
#   -> Completely lagfree!
#   -> Compatible with ANY CMS (provided you make a slight modification to
#      integrate the class change. This amounts to one line of code)
# Version History:
# For every minor update or bugfix, I will increase the version by .01
# For every new feature, I will increase the version be .1
# For every 10 feature updates, I will update the version by 1
# v1.00b:
#   -> Legacy Class Change released!
# v1.01b:
#   -> Fixed a bug in class selection, that would set the actor's class_id to the
#      index of the cursor, rather than the actual selected class_id.
# v1.02b:
#   -> Fixed a few miscellaneous lines of code that could, under certain circumstances, cause errors
# v1.10b:
#   -> Added the option to change an actor's graphic when the class changes.
# v1.11b:
#   -> Fixed a bug that kept the class list from scrolling
# v.1.20:
#   -> Left the beta stage.
#   -> Enhanced the level handeling. Now the skills are assigned based on class
#      level, rather than the actor's overall level.
# v.1.67:
#   -> Added the option to make multi-line descriptions! (no more trying to cram
#      the description into a single line!
#   -> Added the "linked actor" feature.
#   -> Added the "special classes" feature.
#   -> Added the Class Specific Skills feature.
#   -> Recoded the scene slightly to support any party size.
#   -> Changed when the Class List updates, for graphical nicety.
#   -> Increased compatibility with StormTronics CMS (by Blizzard). Now it only
#      takes a small edit to StorTronics to seamlessly integrate the Class Change
#      system. (I reworked the code so that there is an "on_cancel" method).
#   -> Optimized code
#   -> Fixed a slight bug with class descriptions.
#   -> Fixed a typo that would cause a player to level up when they're supposed
#      to level down.
#   -> Rewrote comments, and reordered code for readability.
# v.1.68:
#   -> Improved the way class level requirements are configured. It's easier now.
# Planned Features:
#  -> Add the option to display classes that other members of the party have
#     learned, but the current actor has not. These locked, yet visible classes
#     would also show the required level of each class needed to unlock the class
#     rather than a class description. (almost finished, just needs some debugging)
# Useless facts:
# This was the first time I've ever successfully made a script. I learned a lot
# about everything I worked with, and can't wait to learn more about RGSS and
# programming in general. I hope you enjoy this, because it took a lot of effort
# Special Thanks:
#       - Blizzard for all his help. Without him, I couldn't have made it. Not
#         only did he help me fix the errors, he also gave me lectures on various
#         aspects of programming. This caused me to make LESS errors, and grow
#         in my programming skill. Thanks Blizz, this script wouldn't be here
#         today if you hadn't been there in that MIRC room, XD
#       - GubiD for when blizzard wasn't around in MIRC to answer my questions.
#         he helped me with a few errors that I had no idea how to fix (many of
#         them were some of the most n00bish errors too -_-). Thanks GubiD
#         couldn't have done it without ya!
#      - Sephirothtds for making TDS Class Change System incompatible with
#        the Blizz-ABS. If you'd made it compatible, I would have gone with your
#        script, and never figured out how to make one myself . Your script's
#        incompatibility with Blizz-ABS sparked my urge to learn to scrip. Thanks.
#       - Juan, who offered a few pointers.
#       - To all those who put up with me in the CP chat room when I'm ranting
#         about my newest error.
#       - To all the members of for nagging me enough to do my
#         administrative duty, which eventually cured me of my infamous laziness
#       - StarrodKirby86 for requesting the class graphic system, it made this
#         script have a feature not many class changing systems have.
#       - To the members of Chaos Project who offered feedback, and requested
#         features. Without your ideas, this would be a much simpler, more boring
#         system.
# Author Notes:
# PLEASE, make sure you've configured the script correctly before you report
# whatever error you're running into. IN PARTICULAR, check your class_requirements
# configuration. EVERYONE who's used the script reports an error that comes from
# an improper configuration of class_requirements.
# BUT, if you DO (or at least think you do) have correct configuration, and you
# run into a bug, PLEASE report it to me. Also, if you want a feature added,
# request it (preferably in the Legacy Class Change thread on,
# and I'll try to add it.

#                           START CONFIGURATION

module LBConf
# If this is set to true, then changing an actor's class will also change its
# graphic.

# Put the ID of classes you want as "Special Classes" in this array(seperate
# entries with a comma). Special Classes will be unselectable unless an actor
# "learns" the class. (this is done by executing the following script call)
#    $game_actors[actor_id].learn_special_class(class_id)
#                       or
#    $game_party.actors[position].learn_special_class(class_id)
# "position" refers to the position an actor is in the party. 0 is the first
# party member (the one you see walking around the map), 1 is the seccond, and
# so on.
# If an actor has a class specific skill, they will forget it when they change
# to a class that the skill is not specific to. They will, however, relearn the
# skill when they switch back to a class that the skill IS specific to.
# If you want to use class specific skills, you'll need to define which skills
# are specific to a certain class. Use the following format
#    when X then return[a,b,c...]
# where X is a class ID, and a,b,c (and whatever else you put in that array) are
# the IDs of skills you want to be specific to that class (remember to seperate
# them with commas). You can have skills specific to multiple classes (both the
# cleric, and the paladin can use "heal" if they've learned it.)
# If you don't want to use the class specific skill system, don't define any class
# specific skills.

 def self.class_spells(class_id)
   case class_id
     # I really don't feel like coming up with class specific skills for all the
     # classes. You have an example on how to set up the system, so do it
     # yourself.
     when 1 then return[1,2,3]
     when 2 then return[4,5,6]
     when 3 then return[7,8,9]
     when 4 then return[10,11,12]
     when 5 then return[13,14,15]
     when 6 then return[16,17,18]
     # what do you know, both the cleric and the paladin can use "heal" :P
   return []

# If you have CLASS_GRAPHIC_CHANGE set to true, you'll need to setup what graphic
# each class will need. use the following format
# when class_id then return 'text you want appended'
# an example (in this situation) is simpler than an explanation, so here you go
#    when 1 then return '_fighter'
# If the actor's charset is named "arshes" and battler is called "ArshesBattler",
# then when the actor is using class 1 (fighter by default), the charset will be
# named "arshes_fighter" and the battler will be named "ArshesBattler_fighter".
# if you don't want a class to have it's own graphic (or haven't made one yet),
# just don't define it below.

 def self.class_graphic(class_id)
   case class_id
     #Alright, this is where we tell the script that when the actor chooses the
     #fighter class, that it needs to look for the actor's default sprite with
     # _fighter appended to the end of it.
     when 1 then return '_Warrior'
     #graphic suffix for lancer class
     when 2 then return '_Monk'
     when 3 then return '_Thief'
     when 4 then return '_Blackmage'
     #This is what I do when I don't have a graphic ready yet, just comment
     #the line where you define the class graphic
     #when 3 then return '_warrior'
     #graphic suffix for cleric class
     when 5 then return '_Whitemage'
     #graphic suffix for mage class
     when 6 then return '_Redmage'
     #You'll notice that NONE of the other classes have any configuration data
     #this will cause using those classes to switch to the actor's default
   return ''

# This next section is where you define the description for each class.
# use the following template for each class
#    when class_id then return ['line1','line2','line3]
# Although you won't get an error if you have more than three lines of
# description, the window is only big enough to fit three lines. Also, if you
# can't think up a description for a class, don't define one, and the script
# will assign it the default class description. (a blank line by default)
# To change the default description (for whatever reason) look for return ['']
# near the bottom of this section.
 def self.class_descriptions(class_id)
   case class_id
     #Description for Fighter
     when 1 then return ['Fighters wield swords, and some even wear red headbands!','That was an Arshes reference, if you couldn\'t tell.','You\'re probably too distracted by the THREE LINES of description to notice.']
     #Description for Lancer
     when 2 then return ['Lancers...they fight with lances...nuff said.','...','by the way, this class has THREE lines of description']
     #Description for Warrior
     when 3 then return ['Warriors, the big slow guys we all rely to do the physical damage.']
     #Description for Thief
     when 4 then return ['Thieves: gotta love em...unless of course they steal YOUR','hard earned gold!']
     #Description for Hunter
     when 5 then return ['Hunters are archers. What is wrong with just calling them ARCHERS, GAH!']
     #Description for Gunner
     when 6 then return ['People with a guns in the same battle as people with a swords...','wtf!?']

     # if you want a default class description for those not defined, replace the
     # below array with a description like those above.
   return ['']

# This is where you set the requirement for each class. Use the following format
# when class_id then result = [class1's required level,class2's required level,...]
# where class_id is the ID of the class that you want to have a requirement,
#  and"class1's required level, etc. are how many levels needed
# in that class to unlock the class

 def self.class_requirements(class_id)
   result = []    
   case class_id
     #to make a class have no requirements (unlocked by default), just don't
     #define requirements for it.
     #Requirement for Knight: 5 fighter, 5 lancer, 3 warrior
     when 7 then result =  [55,5,5,5,5,5,0,]
   return result.unshift(0)

# here is where you set up which actors are "linked". When an actor is "linked"
# to another actor, whenever the actor changes their class, the other's class
# will change to match it. Set it up in the following format.
# when X then return[a,b,c...]
# where X is the ID of the actor in question, and "a,b,c..." are the ID's
# of the actors linked to this actor, and are separated by commas. With this setup
# when actor X changes his class, it will also change actor a, b, and c's class.
# To make it so actor a changes the classes of the other actors, you'll have to
# set the link up for each actor involved. (if you want Arshes to be "linked" to
# his dark form, you'd do this.
# when 1 then return[2]
# when 2 then return[1]
# where 1 is the ID of Arshes, and 2 is the ID of Arshes' dark form.

   def self.linked_actors(actor_id)
     case actor_id
       when 5 then return [6]
     return []

#                             END CONFIGURATION

class Game_Actor < Game_Battler
 attr_accessor :class_levels
 attr_accessor :unlocked_class
 attr_accessor :unlocked_specials
 #attr_accessor :locked_class
 attr_accessor :learned_class_skills
 attr_accessor :character_name
 attr_accessor :default_charset_name
 attr_accessor :battler_name
 attr_accessor :default_battler_name
# modify the actor setup for Legacy Class Change
 alias class_rank_level_LB setup  
 def setup(actor_id)

# set up the initial default graphics (used by the graphic change system)
   @default_charset_name = @character_name
   @default_battler_name = @battler_name

# set up the class arrays used by the class changing system.
   @unlocked_class = []
   @unlocked_specials = []
# initialize the array that holds the class specific skills an actor has learned
   @learned_class_skills = []
# set up the class_levels
   @class_levels =$data_classes.size)    
   @class_levels.each_index {|i|
   if i == $data_actors[actor_id].class_id
     @class_levels[i] = 1
     @class_levels[i] = 0

# initialize unlocked classes.

# method used to check if an actor meets the requirements for a class, and if he
# does, it will unlock the class for that actor
 def unlock_class(class_id)
   if !@unlocked_class.include?(class_id)
     if !LBConf::SPECIAL_CLASS.include?(class_id)
       requirement = LBConf.class_requirements(class_id)
       result = true
       requirement.each_index {|i|
       if @class_levels[i] < requirement[i]
         result = false
       result = false
       if unlocked_specials.include?(class_id)
         result = true
     if result

# method used to unlock a special class for an actor.
 def learn_special_class(class_id)
   if !@unlocked_specials.include?(class_id)
# method used to lock a special class for an actor.  
  def forget_special_class(class_id)

# modifies how levelups are assigned, so as to add to a class' level upon level
# up.
 def exp=(exp)
   @exp = [[exp, 9999999].min, 0].max
   # Level up
   while @exp >= @exp_list[@level+1] && @exp_list[@level+1] > 0
     @level += 1
     #@class_levels[class_id] += 1
   # modifies how skills are assigned, so that it's based on class level, rather
   # than overall level.
     $data_classes[@class_id].learnings.each {|j|
       if j.level == @class_exp[class_id][0]
         if LBConf.class_spells(@class_id).include?(j.skill_id)
   # Level down
   while @exp < @exp_list[@level]
     @level -= 1
   # Correction if exceeding current max HP and max SP
   @hp = [@hp, self.maxhp].min
   @sp = [@sp, self.maxsp].min

# ** Class_Change_Scene
#  Here's where the actual Class Changing Scene code starts!
#  Without this, you would just have some useless additions to the default
#  system!!! That wouldn't be much of a script, would it?

class Class_Change_Scene
 def initialize
# update the unlocked_level array for each actor

#create the windows
   @actor_list =    
   @class_list =
   @class_description =
#set window focus to the actor list
   @actor_list.last_index = 0
   @actor_list.index = 0 = true
   @last_class = 0
 def main
   #enter the scene's loop
   loop do
     if $scene != self
   # dispose of the windows created in the scene
 def update
   # if focus is on the actor list, run the actor list's update method
   # if focus is on the class list, run the actor list's update method
# This is the update method that will run when the actor list is the active window
 def update_actor_list
   # When the player moves the cursor over a new actor in the party, change the
   # text in the class list to whatever classes the highlighted actor has
   # unlocked.
   if @actor_list.index != @actor_list.last_index
     @class_list.class_list = $game_party.actors[@actor_list.index].unlocked_class = $game_party.actors[@actor_list.index].id
     @actor_list.last_index = @actor_list.index
   # When the user presses the Cancel button, exit the entire menu
   if Input.trigger?(Input::B)
   # When the user presses the action button, activate the class list!
   if Input.trigger?(Input::C)

     #switch window focus to the class list = false
     @class_list.index = 0 = true
     #set the current class description, and draw the class description. = $game_party.actors[@actor_list.index].id = $game_party.actors[@actor_list.index].id
     @class_description.current_class = (@class_list.index + 1)
# This is the update method that will run when the class list is the active window
 def update_class_list
   # When the player moves the cursor over a new class in the list, change the
   # text in the description window to the description of whatever class is
   # highlighted.
   if @class_list.current_class != @last_class
     @last_class = @class_list.current_class
     @class_description.current_class = (@class_list.current_class)
   # When the user presses the Cancel button, return focus to the actor list
   if Input.trigger?(Input::B)
     @class_description.current_class = 0
     @class_list.index = 0
     @class_list.index = -1 = false = true
   # When the user presses the action button, change the actor's class and
   # and graphic, then return focus to the actor list.
   if Input.trigger?(Input::C)
     #change the actor's class
     actor_class_change(, @class_list.current_class)
     #refresh, and return focus to the actor list
     @class_description.current_class = 0
     @class_list.index = -1 = false = true  
# * Change graphic
# method used to change the actor's graphics due to a class change.
 def actor_graphics_change(actor_id)
   #change the actor's charset
   $game_actors[actor_id].character_name = ($game_actors[actor_id].default_charset_name +

   #change the actor's battler
   $game_actors[actor_id].battler_name = ($game_actors[actor_id].default_battler_name +

# * Change class
# method used to change the actor's class, and the class of those linked
# to the actor.
 def actor_class_change(actor_id, class_id)
   #setup which actors' class needs to be changed.
   changed_actors = LBConf.linked_actors(actor_id)
   changed_actors.push actor_id
   #memorize which class specific skills the actor has learned for the current
   #class, then make the actor forget them
   #change the actor(s) class.
   $game_actors[actorz].class_id = class_id
   #remember any class specific spells the actor has forgotten forthe class
   #they're changing to.
   if LBConf.class_spells($game_actors[actorz].class_id).include?(skill_id)
   #if graphic changing is enabled, change the actor's graphic.
   if LBConf::CLASS_GRAPHIC_CHANGE == true

# this is the method that is called to exit the menu. I did it this way for
# improved compatibility with StormTronics CMS (by Blizzard)
 def on_cancel
   $scene =

class Window_Actor_List < Window_Selectable
 attr_accessor :last_index
 def initialize
   super(160, 0, 480, 352)
   self.contents = - 32, height - 32)
   refresh = false
   @last_index = -1
   self.index = -1
 def top_row
   # Divide y-coordinate of window contents transfer origin by 1 row
   # height of 80
   return self.oy / 80
 def top_row=(row)
   # Multiply 1 corrected row height by 80 for y-coordinate of window contents
   # transfer origin
   self.oy = [[row, 0].max, row_max - 1].min * 80
 def page_row_max
   # Subtract a frame height of 32 from the window height, and divide it by
   # 1 row height of 80
   return (self.height - 32) / 80

 def refresh
   @item_max = $game_party.actors.size
   for i in 0...$game_party.actors.size
     x = 64
     y = i * 80
     actor = $game_party.actors[i]
     draw_actor_graphic(actor, x - 40, y + 55)
     draw_actor_name(actor, x, y)
     draw_actor_level(actor, x + 144, y)
a = $game_party.actors[i]
c = a.class_id
v = a.class_exp[c]
$game_variables[1] = c
$game_variables[2] = v[0]
     self.contents.draw_text(x, y + 32, width - 32, 32, ($data_classes[$game_party.actors[i].class_id].name + ' rank: ' + v[0].to_s))
 def update_cursor_rect
   # If cursor position is less than 0
   if @index < 0
   # Get current row
   row = @index / @column_max
   # If current row is before top row
   if row < self.top_row
     # Scroll so that current row becomes top row
     self.top_row = row
   # If current row is more to back than back row
   if row > self.top_row + (self.page_row_max - 1)
     # Scroll so that current row becomes back row
     self.top_row = row - (self.page_row_max - 1)
   # Calculate cursor width
   cursor_width = self.width / @column_max - 32
   # Calculate cursor coordinates
   x = @index % @column_max * (cursor_width + 32)
   y = @index / @column_max * 80 - self.oy
   # Update cursor rectangle
   self.cursor_rect.set(x, y, cursor_width, 80)

class Window_Class_List < Window_Selectable
 attr_accessor :actor
 attr_accessor :class_list
 attr_accessor :item_max
 attr_reader   :current_class
 def initialize
   super(0, 0, 160, 352)
   @actor = 1
   @class_list = $game_actors[@actor].unlocked_class
   @item_max = @class_list.length
   self.contents = - 32, @item_max * 32)
   @index = -1
   @active = false
   @current_class = 1
 def refresh
   @item_max = @class_list.size
   self.contents = - 32, @item_max * 32)
   i = 0
   self.contents.draw_text(10, i, width - 32, 32, $data_classes[class_id].name)
   i += 32 }
alias update_cursor_LB update_cursor_rect
 def update_cursor_rect
   if @index >= 0
     @current_class = @class_list[@index]

class Window_Class_Description < Window_Base

 attr_accessor :current_class
 attr_accessor :actor
 def initialize
   super(0, 352, 640, 128)
   @current_class = 0
   @actor = 0
   self.contents = - 32, height - 32)
 def refresh
 def draw_description(class_id)
   offset = 0
   description = LBConf.class_descriptions(class_id)
   self.contents.draw_text(0, (0 + offset *32), width - 32, 32, description[class_descrip])
   offset = offset + 1}

thx in advance

Please use [code][/code] tags when posting code. Thanks. ~ G_G
RMXP Script Database / Re: [XP] Character Races
May 18, 2012, 03:04:10 pm
can you maybe help me with a equipment by race plugin?

if shield => [[1, 0], [2,1], [3,2]]
if helmet... and so on...
id1 can be equped by all races, id2 can be equiped by raceid1 only, id3 can be equiped by raceid2 only...

thx in advance
Script Requests / Re: [XP] Class Change Skill Fix
May 14, 2012, 09:35:45 am
thx alot i will test it and hope it works for me...

maybe its because the legacy class change script, the class specific skills function doesnt work correct.
so it maybe comes because that, i never tested class changing in a blanco project.
Script Requests / [XP] Class Change Skill Fix
May 13, 2012, 07:36:33 pm
hi, i need help with that what the title says :<_<:
everytime you change your class all leraned skills will be forgotten.
but if you switch back to it the learned skills are not relearned...
i want that if i switch back to a class that all skills that the class already have leraned get relearned !
hope someone can help me :^_^':
thx in advance
Script Requests / Re: [XP] Environment Path
April 11, 2012, 03:16:30 am
thx dude :)
thats ooftopic :roll:
but just download the rtp from rmxp from the enterbrain rm site... ;)
link is dead pls reup !
links are down mirror pls :^_^':
im glad that some people at least use this, so i didnt done that all for nothing :)
Script Requests / [XP] Environment Path
April 10, 2012, 06:37:58 pm
hi there again, i want to save my savvegames in the My Games folder like real games do that.
i tryed %PATH% and [PATH] allready but it doesnt work...
how can i use an environment path in rmxp ? (some games can that)
and if it works how can i check if the folder exists and if it not exists make rmxp to create it ?
because it crashes when a folder not exists...

thx alot in advance
RMXP Script Database / Re: [XP] Threat System v1.2
April 10, 2012, 06:35:37 pm
i need a gtbs pluggin...
can someone help ??
thx alot in advance
sry i foret about that long ago but thanks for replying so much :shy:
oh sorry i forget about this too...
big sry :shy:
i will reupload it next days !
and yes use any part of it port it into vx and such systems if you want to but give credit to the original...

EDIT: I will really make some of the planned functions in the next time, but i cant say acually when i have the time so pls be patient !
(i know i released it for a long long time and promissed that i do it, so big sry for that !) :^_^':
big sorry for forgetting this thraed i will complete it in a few days :roll:
but its nice to see that its help some people out there !!!

edit: i reupload it because the links are dead...
RMXP Script Database / Re: [XP] Buddy's CMS
April 10, 2012, 05:09:47 am
hmmm compatible with blizz abs ?! sure why not but with hotkeys idk :???:
im just a novice scripter and dont know much about blizz abs so i cant say that, what i can say if the hotkeys call the standart menu system it will call my cms because its just a modified standart menu !
pls test it and say me if it works than i add the compbitility with it to the list :P
RMXP Script Database / [XP] Buddy's CMS
April 09, 2012, 05:13:01 pm
    Buddy's CMS
    Authors: BuddySievers alias Griver03
    Version: v3.00
    Type: Custom Menu System
    Key Term: Custom Menu System

    Hi everyone, i decided to make an custom menu system because there is no one out there which have all the features which my has.
    Also i wanted to give the rm scene something back, after they helped me so much !


    • Choose between normal or icon command window.

    • Choose between vocab or icon for gold,playtime,steps and progress %.

    • Choose the side of the command and the extra windows.

    • Choose the contents of the extra windows. (playtime,steps,progress and location name.)

    • Choose the opacity of the windows.

    • Choose between normal transition or graphic transition.

    • Choose the transition fading time.

    • Choose between a picture, a mapback, a blur effect or nothing as background.

    • Have a load command in the menu.

    • Choose between facesets or actor spritesets in the menu scene.

    • Choose between facesets or actor spritesets in the status scene.

    • Choose between vocabs or icons for status effects.

    • Can have gradient bars behind the hp/sp/exp/parameters values.

    • A vocab module for easy editing of them.

    • Maybe some more which i forgot... (~_~')

    Maybe comming next version...



    Pls look in the script ! (i'm a bit lazy... :shy:)

    • 100% compatible with SDK v2.4. (I didnt got any errors.)

    • 100% compatible with MACL v2.0. (I didnt got any errors.)

    • 100% compatible with MOUSIE! v2.0. (Everything worked fine.)

    • (Should work with any other mouse script too.)

    • Maybe causes some errors with menu modifications and other CMS'es...

    • Don't use with COGWHEEL Plug 'n' Play Menu Bars by DerVVulfman.

    • Don't use with Status Effects as Icons by Blizzard.

    • Don't use with Simple Facesets by Blizzard.

    • Don't use with Facesets for DSS by Zan.

    • Should be compatible with anything else, but if you find some compatibility issues then contact me pls and i will list them here !

    Known Bugs

    • The blur effect works only correct in fullscreen mode... (I will ask game_guy for some help with it !)

    Credits and Thanks

    • stardust (Manuel Schmuki) - For helping me with the icon command.

    • ForeverZer0 - For his Mapback scene converter snippet i used.

    • Blizzard - For his facesets script and the status icon script i used.

    • Zan - For his facesets script i used.

    • game_guy - For his snapshot script which is part of the blur effect script.

    • kellessdee - For his blur effect script i used.

    • Cogwheel/DerVVulfman - For the gradient bars script i used.

    • My Brother (My real brother) - For beta testing.

    • ASCII/Enterbrain - For their RM Series.

    • Don Miguel - For his translation of the RM2K.

    • (Without him the RM scene where probably never gone so public !)

    • And all who ever helped me. - Thx a lot !!!

    Author's Notes

    • This is my first own script, even if its more a edit of standrt classes and merges of custom scripts, i hope you will like it and give me some response and/or critic, i need it !

    • If you want me to add a specific function feel free to cantact me !

    • Pls credit me if you use this script. (^_^)

    • Maybe give the authors of the scripts i used credits too !

    • Also pls send me a link to your game, i want to test it of course !

    • Sorry for my bad english ! (~_~')

    Last Notes
    I hope that i dont forgot anything and done all correct :roll:

    Script Requests / Re: [XP] Custom Attributes
    March 10, 2012, 04:22:38 pm
    i cant script good enogh to do such things i just played a bit arround with these...
    i use gubid's gtbs but it works with the most standard commands so it should work if it works with the standart battle system.
    i beg you pls help me out  :P