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I just put this together really quickly but I've tested and it works, plants grow as long as somebody is on the map otherwise is paused until someone enters, then continues where it was left off. But anyone can take whatever grows and plant more plants themselves. Each planting spot needs its own global variable depending on how many spaces you want to grow stuff. Thankfully, you can copy and paste the event en masse and just change the variable to a different one. Due to an error that occurs when you put text on an event while having global switches and variables installed, you cannot put text otherwise it will crash when there's someone else on the game map as the one activating it.

Note: In this tutorial, since the event lacks a graphic for the first page, it will be able to be walked on even if Through isn't checked. So you will have to stand on top of the event and press the action button to trigger it instead of being in front of it.

Requires: RMX-OS, and Global Switches and Variables.

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Make a new event that is triggered using the action button, then insert a Control Variables command, select a variable that you've set to be global and set it to 0 (Operation: set. Operand: Constant 0) so that the variable is now set to 0. Set a conditional branch if [seed] is in inventory, change items [seed] -1 to remove it from the inventory, then add another Control Variables command to now set the variable to 1.

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Make a new event page, parallel process with the conditions that the variable is set to 1 or above. Now add a wait command with your desired number of frames, and add a Control Variables command to set the variable to 2. Copy this event page and duplicate it to only change the variable to be set to 3 on this page, then do the same for however many more pages you want. Add a seedling graphic and the rest of its stages after the first step, be sure to keep the first event page graphic cleared.

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To end the event and make the plant able to be harvested, make a new event page triggered with the action button and set that the variable must be the # of the final stage, in this case, I used 4. For the event commands list, add a change items command and have it add the resulting item to the inventory, then a final Control Variables command and have it set the variable back to 0. This allows it to reset the growing area so another plant can be grown.

There you have it. Hopefully someone finds this helpful.
Yet another simple and easy tutorial, only this time on how to make F12 into a hotkey to log off the game quickly. Finally, a use for the least used key on your keyboard.

Requires: RMX-OS, F12 Stack Level Too Deep Fix.

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Take the F12 Stack Level Too Deep Fix script and place it below Scene_debug but above everything else. Then change line 8 in that script to
$scene =

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If there has to be a step two for something that takes only a minute to do, I should write a 100 page book on how to make a sandwich.

Now nobody can request a script for this if they ever do. :haha:
Probably the most simple tutorial. But, I figured if anyone using RMX-OS is clueless on how to make an item distribution event or just newbies to it in general.
This set-up allows the distribution event and item(s) to not be abused by players as long as it's not a consumable item or as long as it can't be moved anywhere else besides the inventory, and is distributed upon entering a certain area in-game or upon log-in.

Requires: RMX-OS, and Global Switches and Variables.

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Create a new event on the map of your choice. Preferably the starting map as we're going to set this event page to parallel process so it let's players get it right when logging in.

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Next, in the list of event commands, right click or press enter and click on Control Switches. Global Switches and Variables by default are switch/variable 1 and 2, so choose either of those or the one you have set to be global and have it set to be ON..

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Make a new page on the event and make sure it is parallel as well. Then make a conditional branch if [event item] is in inventory, right under [else] in that conditional branch, insert the command Change Items, and select your event item then click OK and place your event wherever you want on that map. Add as many change item commands as you want, but I recommend never putting just gold as part of what it gives out as you can't restrict its distribution unlike items. So if you absolutely want to give out gold, make sure an item is being given as well. Because if they have the event item in their inventory, it won't let them get the gold again neither. But that still can be abused if they want the gold instead of the item because it can be traded to other players.

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Finally, after you have the event done. Open your script editor and look in RMX-OS (Script) for the array at line 187 or Ctrl+F for NoTradeItems and add the id number of your item to that list of numbers. This will allow it not to be traded to other players so they can't just go make another account and get another.

This is also nice not just for distributing special items. Hope you liked the tutorial.
Edit: My bad, I forgot armors and weapons do not stay in your inventory so I removed that line.
Script Requests / [XP] Misc sprite actions?
December 28, 2014, 11:42:50 pm
I was wondering if there was a way to implement actions like on Furcadia or Wonderland Online (On it, you can press a button to sit down or lay down), which is simply a sitting sprite and laying down sprite for the player that happens on button press to make the player sit or lay down, but only for Blizz-ABS and its visual equipment script. It seems that it would be difficult/impossible to do this with events, I think this might be hard for a script as well, so I was wondering if anyone could help me out maybe?
Script Requests / [XP] Non-ABS Visual Equipment?
December 26, 2014, 04:15:21 am
I could've sworn I saw one somewhere a few years ago, but now that I look at it on google, they're all for ABS. Anyone know a place to find one or can help me out somehow?
I was going to try to event this, but I found it would be a hassle to keep in order. So I was wondering if anyone can make a script that puts a specified icon above certain events [that will follow the event as it moves and not stay stationary] when certain switches are on. In short, I want to be able to put an icon above an event if they have something interesting [like a quest, new information to say directed to story line, other stuff like that]. Is this possible? But, if this actually exists somewhere else, can someone link me, please?  :^_^':
I was wondering if there's a simple way to fix it to where you can't switch out the leader. Is that possible, or is it impossible? Maybe a way that would only disable party switching on maps without enemies instead of altogether?
Tutorial Database / [RMX-OS] Where to Edit Everything.
February 17, 2013, 12:52:05 pm
This is just for beginners with RMX-OS or for flat out lazy people like me. If you have a question, let me know and I can help you. I made this topic because I've seen people asking questions about this kind of stuff. Although the rest is pretty obvious stuff, so I excluded lines such as 103 through 154(Text constants) for a reason. If I forgot anything, let me know and I'll add it in.

Lastly, I have no clue where this belongs, so I just put it here. Please move it to where you see fit, if it doesn't belong here.

1. How do I allow or disallow certain characters in usernames and passwords?
Spoiler: ShowHide
- Line 4688 and add or remove characters between the two // in @input_filter.

2. How do I allow or disallow certain characters in the chat?
Spoiler: ShowHide
- Line 4267.

3. How do I change the size of usernames?
Spoiler: ShowHide
- Lines 3404, 3411, and 3422 and edit the 21 on all of those lines to your desired number. (Question number 16 will override the size, so use this one or that one to edit the size.)

4. How do I change the position of usernames?
Spoiler: ShowHide
- Line 3409 and edit the 23 to your desired number.

5. The username isn't centered, how do I center it?
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- Line 3408. 1.8 or 1.9 are perfect numbers to center it.

6. How do I edit the button locations on the login screen and registration screen?
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- Lines 5907(Login button), 5909(Register button), and 5911(Cancel button). To edit the registration buttons, find lines 5999(Submit button) and 6001(Cancel button).

7. How do I edit the username and password fields positions?
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- Lines 5681(Username field) and 5682(Password field).

8. How do I change the username colors?
Spoiler: ShowHide
- Lines 193 through 198.

9. How do I edit the colors of everything that appears in the chat box?(Example: Whispers, guild messages.)
Spoiler: ShowHide
- Lines 182 through 189.

10. How do I edit the trade feature?
Spoiler: ShowHide
- Lines 177 and 178.

11. How do I edit the shortcut for activating the chat?
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- Line 3766 and 3770.

12. How do I edit the size of the chat box?
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- Line 98 and 99 in the RMX-OS Options script.

13. How do I disable and enable the chat whenever I want?
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- Use $game_temp.chat_active = false/true.

14. How do I center the chat bubbles?
Spoiler: ShowHide
- Line 3464, once again, 1.8 or 1.9 are perfect numbers to use.

15. How do I edit the position of the chat bubbles?
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- Line 3465 and edit the 21 to your desired number.

16. How do I edit the chat font?
Spoiler: ShowHide
- Get Tons of Addons and enable Ultimate Font Override, then find lines 1243 and 1244 in Tons of Addons part 2 and edit that. Remember that this will override every other font in your game as well.

Everything has been put into spoilers for easier reading and without mix-ups.
Is there a way to make games not pause when they're out of focus? I'm wondering because I'm trying to test several games at once, and it's annoying that the others just stay paused when I need them to keep running. I have no idea how to go about it myself.

I've tried searching for this on google and other places as well, but I can't find anything besides scripts that let you pause the game via keyboard shortcut or other unrelated things.
I was wondering if there's a way to set damage numbers dealt by an enemy to the actor to be visible, like how when the actor deals damage to the enemy, it pops up. But, with enemies, I've noticed that they don't show the damage that they have dealt to you. Is there a way to make this?

P.S; Forgive my english.
I'm using Blizz-ABS along with Moghunter's HP/SP/EXP bar script, and I'm having a slight problem. Blizz-ABS has a feature where you switch between members of your party via the O key by default, but when I use it, the HP/SP/EXP bar doesn't update to the new leaders stats. But, it does update when I open the menu or enter another map. Can anybody help me out with this? :P

I know, it's "perhaps" simple to fix. But, I'm not a scripter and most of the stuff in my game is evented.
Can anyone make or find a script for keeping an event to run(it's a parallel process) even when player is on a different map? Even though this seems like an impossible thing. :^_^': I'm not even sure if it can be evented, but I know what you're thinking; "Why not just add the event to the other map?" Well, the thing is, my event is supposed to be a flower in a set location that's supposed to grow as time passes. But it seems to "freeze in time" when the player is on a different map and then it resumes where it left off when the player comes back to the map it's on. What I want is for it to grow no matter where the player is. Anyone mind helping me? I really appreciate it. :)
Hey, I was wondering if anyone could possibly make or find this kind of script. Where you can drop items onto the ground or an item is dropped upon a certain action or task, as well as monsters dropping items upon defeat. Thanks a lot for any help.  :^_^':