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Script Troubleshooting / Re: {XP} Issue controlling a "...
Last post by JohnnyBear - June 02, 2023, 01:52:09 pm
OMG, thank you! I feel a little dumb because the answer was really simple, but it worked, and I'm happy that I can get that food collection/looting element to my game. Highly appreciated! I'll let y'all know if I encounter other difficulties.  :stupid:
Projects / Games / Re: Rave Heart
Last post by Starmage - June 01, 2023, 11:55:38 pm


Rave Heart Overhaul Edition is now live on Steam & Itch! Enjoy a new side quest with powerful foes, new in-game artwork, WASD movement, bug fixes, and more!

Note: Unfortunately, it's been found that old saves from an older version of Rave Heart are no longer compatible with this update. The best solution I could give to anyone who wishes to continue their playthrough is to send me a DM on discord Starmage#4488 and send me which part you are right now in the game of your old save, and a screenshot of your party level + items + equipment, and I'll try creating a new save for you based on the info you gave me. Thank you so much!
Projects / Games / Re: Rave Heart
Last post by Starmage - June 01, 2023, 11:54:12 pm
Quote from: JohnnyBear on June 01, 2023, 07:04:30 pmLooks pretty cool, reminds me of older classics gameplay-wise, but with newer artwork. I wishlisted it, I'll look more into it in the future.

Thanks so much, Johnnybear! I'm so glad it reminds you of older classic JRPG's as they are indeed my inspiration. Hope you'll enjoy! <3 ^^

Script Troubleshooting / Re: {XP} Issue controlling a "...
Last post by KK20 - June 01, 2023, 07:22:24 pm
 # Define switch for active/visibility control within game.
That just refers to the Game Switch ID that needs to be set to ON.
So you just need to turn Game Switch 10 on (Event Commands Tab 1, Control Switches).
If you're already using 10, then you just change the ONOFF_SWITCH to a different number.
RMXP Script Database / Re: [XP] Dynamic Gardening
Last post by KK20 - June 01, 2023, 07:16:29 pm
Yeah, pretty much all of F0's Dropbox links have expired years ago.

I don't have it on my desktop either.
Projects / Games / Re: Rave Heart
Last post by JohnnyBear - June 01, 2023, 07:04:30 pm
Looks pretty cool, reminds me of older classics gameplay-wise, but with newer artwork. I wishlisted it, I'll look more into it in the future.
Script Troubleshooting / {XP} Issue controlling a "Swit...
Last post by JohnnyBear - June 01, 2023, 06:20:40 pm
Noob here, hopefully this question will be easy for more experienced people. Having trouble with specifically ForeverZeros Hunger HUD addon script, here
I can't figure up how to get the HUD to show up. I found this thread, here - the person said,
QuoteThere should be a part that specifies which switch controls the HUD being displayed. I believe the default is switch 10. To turn on the HUD you simply need to create an event that turns on the switch. I actually use the script in several of my projects, and I accomplish this by simply running an autorun event on the first map I use, and tell it to turn it on, then erase the event.

My problem is, I don't know what to type in to control the defined switch within the event editor. The defined switch is part of a script, it isn't part of the regular switch system. I assume I have to type a command with the script function in the third tab, I'm just unsure of what that is. Below is the script.

# ** Hunger_HUD

class Hunger_HUD < Window_Base

  #                    BEGIN CONFIGURATION                             #
  # Define the colors used for each of the bars.
  HUNGER_EMPTY =, 0, 0)
  HUNGER_FULL =, 255, 0)
  THIRST_EMPTY =, 96, 96)
  THIRST_FULL =, 128, 255)
  # Define the type of bar used. (0 = Gradient, 1 = Transitional)
  # It would take longer to explain the differences than to just try each out.
  # There's only two as of the moment.
  # Define the width and height, in pixels, of the bars.
  BAR_WIDTH = 128
  # Define switch for active/visibility control within game.
  #                     END CONFIGURATION                              #
  def initialize(y = -12)
    super(0, y, 640, 96)
    # Set the windowskin's opacity to 0.
    self.windowskin = nil
    @actors = $game_party.actors
    @stats = stats
  def refresh
    # Dispose the contents of the HUD.
    if self.contents != nil
      self.contents = nil
    # Adjust width and location of window.
    self.width = @actors.size * (BAR_WIDTH + 48)
    self.x = (640 - self.width) / 2
    self.contents =, self.height)
    # Iterate actors.
    @actors.each_index {|i|
      actor = @actors[i]
      # Calculate locations for each actor's bars.
      x = i * (BAR_WIDTH + 48)
      # Draw actor's name.
      self.contents.font.size = 16
      self.contents.draw_text(x, 0, BAR_WIDTH, 16,
      # Draw hunger bars.
      w, h, rate, max = BAR_WIDTH, BAR_HEIGHT, @stats[i][0], @stats[i][1]
      self.contents.draw_bar(x, 16, w, h, rate, max, BAR_STYLE, @colors1)
      # Draw thirst bars.
      rate, max, height = @stats[i][2], @stats[i][3], 16+BAR_HEIGHT+4
      self.contents.draw_bar(x, height, w, h, rate, max, BAR_STYLE, @colors2)
  def stats
    return @actors.collect {|a| [a.hunger, a.max_hunger, a.thirst, a.max_thirst]}
  def update
    self.visible = $game_switches[ONOFF_SWITCH]
    if self.visible
      if (@stats != stats) || (@actors != $game_party.actors)
        @stats, @actors = stats, $game_party.actors

# ** Gradient_Bar

class Bitmap
  def draw_bar(x, y, w, h, rate, max, style, colors = nil)
    # Set required instance variables.
    @bar_rect =, y, w, h)
    @rate, @max, @style, @colors = rate, max, style, colors
    # Define default colors if not defined. (RED <--> GREEN)
    if @colors == nil
      @colors = [, 0, 0),, 255, 0),, 0, 0)]
    # Draw the background color.
    self.fill_rect(@bar_rect, @colors[2])
    # Branch by what style is being used.
    case @style
    when 0 then gradient
    when 1 then transition
  def gradient
    # Get the bar from the cache.
    key = [@style, @bar_rect.width-2, @bar_rect.height-2, @colors[0], @colors[1]]
    bar = RPG::Cache.gradient_bar(*key)
    # Draw the gradient bar using rectangular transfer.
    rect =, 0, fill_width, @bar_rect.height)
    self.blt(@bar_rect.x+1, @bar_rect.y+1, bar, rect)
  def transition
    # Returns the color for current rate.
    c1 = [@colors[0].red, @colors[0].green, @colors[0].blue, @colors[0].alpha]
    c2 = [@colors[1].red, @colors[1].green, @colors[1].blue, @colors[1].alpha]
    rgba, rate = [],  1 - (@rate.to_f / @max)
    c1.each_index {|i| rgba[i] = c2[i] - ((c2[i] - c1[i]) * rate) }
    # Set the bars fill rate and color depending on value.
    rect =, @bar_rect.y+1, fill_width, @bar_rect.height-2)
  def fill_width
    # Calculate the difference, in percentage, of the min and max rates.
    return ((@rate / @max.to_f) * (@bar_rect.width - 2)).round

# ** Scene_Map

class Scene_Map
  alias zer0_hunger_hud_main main
  def main
    # Add the bars to Scene_Map.
    @hunger_hud =
    @hunger_hud.dispose unless @hunger_hud.disposed? || @hunger_hud == nil
  alias zer0_hunger_hud_upd update
  def update
    # Update the bars as needed.

# ** RPG::Cache

module RPG::Cache
  def self.gradient_bar(style, width, height, color1, color2)
    # Create a unique key to call the bar back with.
    path = [style, width, height, color1, color2]
    # Check if cache already has bitmap defined, if not create it now.
    if !@cache.include?(path) || @cache[path].disposed?
      bitmap, rates =, height), []
      # Iterate through each pixel horizontally, setting a gradient color.
      c1 = [,,, color1.alpha]
      c2 = [,,, color2.alpha]
      # Draw the bar, having in transition from the first color to the second.
      c1.each_index {|i| rates[i] = (c1[i] - c2[i]).to_f / width }
      (0...width).each {|i|
        values = [0, 1, 2, 3].collect {|j| c1[j] - (i * rates[j]) }
        # Set the color incrementally. This will be used later.
        bitmap.fill_rect(i, 0, 1, height,*values))
      @cache[path] = bitmap
    # Return the created bitmap.
    return @cache[path]

class Scene_Map
  attr_accessor :hunger_hud

The part I'm struggling with is this below,
 # Define switch for active/visibility control within game.

I understand what I'm supposed to do, (change that switch) so that it is visible within the game. Unsure of how, and I couldn't figure it out through a couple of hours of digging around. I do have both scripts, (Hunger/Thrist + The Hunger HUD addon, both from same thread), and I'm on XP. Just can't figure out how to change that defined switch. Sometimes I can see the HUD flash for a split second if I leave and exit the menu, (it works*, just doesn't stay, (presumingly because of the switch)) but I assume that's just XP jank.

Any help for a newbie would really make my week, been trying to figure this out on my own for a number of days. I've been lurking on the forums for the past couple of days, hope I got this on the right board. Love what y'all do on the website. Making dreams reality ~ Pce.
Projects / Games / Re: Rave Heart
Last post by Starmage - June 01, 2023, 03:02:57 am

Rave Heart is getting an overhaul update! Version 7.0 is coming to Steam and Itch this June! with WASD accessibility, new in-game artwork overhaul, bug fixes, and brand-new sidequest content! Stay tuned! <3 ^_^

RMXP Script Database / Re: [XP] Dynamic Gardening
Last post by drzhivago420 - May 30, 2023, 05:16:59 pm
Is the link dead? Trying to find XP scripts in 2023 is painful  :^_^':
The demo I mean
Advertising / DoubleX Music Room
Last post by DoubleX - May 07, 2023, 10:04:00 am
I never thought even I could make some music, but I don't know if mine would be too unpleasant to hear, so it takes me some courage to share them here :)

DoubleX - Everyone Turning Against You
"Description": ShowHide

Current version: 3rd(30 Apr 2023)

I just had a rather special dream in my sleep, although I already can't remember every last bit of its details precisely.

During this dream, I was watching a short movie, with its male protagonist suddenly being betrayed by just about everyone around him, including his beloved wife.
Even though it's clear to him that she was forced to do so, he still had to kill her personally to protect his sons and daughters, just as a slightly tragic melody started playing, with him recalling all the good memories with them within his family before this.
The situation ended up with total chaos and he was driven into total madness. Then I just woke up from the dream before I could watch the rest of the movie(that's why the melody's so short), but this doesn't feel like a nightmare to me, despite the fact that I slept quite poorly that night.

Because I want to remember that short melody, I composed this easy, simple and small song based on it, and it's done via 1BITGRADON within 8 hours.
I hope that this song, being my 1st published one, won't be too much of an earsore for too many of you :)
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