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General Discussion / [RMMV] duel party memeber menus
April 16, 2016, 03:51:17 am
heres blantently what i want to do, i want two party menus, one for active party and one for idle party members, i'm not wanting a brand new script, i'm using yep:main menu manager for this, i just don't know how to bind an actor list to what i want.

but the other problem is i just want party members that are Idle to be listed in the inactive party menu.

i'll also be putting this up on steam.
link to steam post:
General Discussion / Re: new custom Sprite sheet maker
January 14, 2016, 08:40:13 pm
Quote from: Kiwa on January 02, 2016, 07:18:24 am
This looks pretty cool.
I hope its better than game character hub. I got it with a humble bundle luckily. GCH was ok, but in the end I often had to adjust things to make it align and delete lines and add new lines because the stuff didnt line up properly by default.

Then use something like Paint, Gale  or Photoshop to modify them to make them work with BABS or even just to make minor modifications. Maybe I wasn't using it right...idk.
But this bone structure thing looks cool.

you can use the bones to piece together your character and than manipulate the bones to animate, anyway, GCH was a pain in the ass, and was ultimately unnecessary for anything after xp, but you may also need to do a little bit of editing of the sprites for 8-D, but other than that you should be fine.

for anyone else, you may show some templates if you'd like here of what you've done in animation of the sprites if you've used it, just keep to the sites TOS please.
General Discussion / Re: new custom Sprite sheet maker
January 01, 2016, 07:08:02 pm
Transform, scale, rotation, and more are all included and i think it has a brush system included in one of the DLCs i Just have spriter pro without any DLC but it updates quite frequently, and sorry i miss-understood what you meant, but anyway, there is quite a few things i don't know about spriter yet, but it's still a WIP i think he said, and you can animate, and assemble the sprite parts, if you have a GCH made character than you'd prob have to disect it before importing in order to reanimate puns intended lol.
General Discussion / Re: new custom Sprite sheet maker
January 01, 2016, 06:48:03 pm
spriter is supposed to be easy, when I opened it i just went to "file" clicked "Import" and i was golden, imported my resources and got to work, of course if you don't know what your doing there are Video tutorials online that go in detail how to do everything if you need it, just search for the channel Brash Monkey and there ya are. ^^ I think Spriter has a free Basic that has no trail date and than the pro version which costs a one time $60.00 fee, you don't have to subscribe to anything or pay monthly payments. ^^
General Discussion / Re: new custom Sprite sheet maker
December 29, 2015, 06:00:00 pm
that'd be kool, but i think all it does is take the animations you've made using the bones and exports them as sprite sheets all completed, it's an interesting idea though.
General Discussion / Re: new custom Sprite sheet maker
December 29, 2015, 05:01:54 pm
they have other DLCs for animations and such.
$12.99 on steam right now, and i'm happy to contribute ^^.
General Discussion / new custom Sprite sheet maker
December 29, 2015, 04:41:38 pm
Disclaimer.) I am not a member of the Devs that built Spriter nor Am I Brash Monkey nor do I claim
to have any connection to the software or to the people who built the software.

If you have trouble building sprites and Game character hub doesn't do it for you.
give spriter a Shot, with the new DLC called Spriter: RPG Hereos Pack you can create
all the sprites and sprite animations your Heart Desires.
below V is the link to the Official video posted by Brash Monkey, have a look. ^^
Event System Database / Re: Upgrade! The Game
December 27, 2015, 02:20:20 am
what's it for? xp, vxa?
If i hit the delete button on the top will it erase everything in the topic??
Event System Database / [VXA] custom banking (Finished)
December 19, 2015, 03:57:46 am
Custom Banking system

Version: <0.02>

Type: <Bank system>


This system was designed for my Project-H game for RMVX Ace but I'm posting it here for others to use if they wish to use this.

   The Features included in this system are as follows.
  • 1.) Deposit: Stores gold [or whatever you've termed your currency in your game] in a variable for later retrieval when/if desired.
  • 2.) Withdraw: allows you to retrieve the gold on the above mentioned variable.
  • 3.) Balance: Allows you to view the gold in the players possession as well as view the gold stored on the above mentioned variable without having to deposit or withdraw.
  • 4.) Invest: Bonds have been added, for use to upgrade towns, I Don't really know where to begin, if you have an idea post it here or PM me on it, the link i previously added here isn't for the same thing.


    Spoiler: ShowHide



    play the demo to see the functionality and edit to view the code, it may be easier for you to Copy/paste everything

    Credits and Thanks
    Darkheart85, BlackImp [from another site] lillibilli [from another site]

    Author's Notes

    Added Passage of time system in common events as well as the Investment System.
    Done, if you have trouble with it, please post bug reports here unless a moderator has Locked the thread.
i need a few side scroller sprite parts i'd build them myself but i don't have a means of scanning and i don't have a pin point stylus for my touch screen.
i only want parts not fully built sprites i can animate them myself using spriter pro.
i prefer grey with black outline, i'll also be coloring them myself.
if you make them i would like shojo [female] and shonen [male] style rangers, slayers [aka demon hunter], and witch [or magical girl]
i'll also need the parts to be "nude" and i'd also like to have different cloths for them as well. [aka different style cloths]
keep in mind i'm in a time crunch so please help as quick as possible without sacrificing quality
Resources / need decent cherry tree sprites
December 31, 2014, 07:52:25 pm
i need a decent cherry tree sprite for rpg maker xp, i can't pay or nothing, and i'm having difficulty finding one that looks like it's blowing in the wind, or something, i'd like to let you know i'm posting this in multiple forums.
well, it's under RPG maker, so RPG maker xp, and your right, we only have the base idea right now because none of the others have helped me come up with anything, but in a few i'll post more in the first post so that anyone else that comes this way will see it.

is that good enough -_-
okay, like what?
right now we want to keep it a secret till we have more stuff done, all i will say is that it's a 1-2 player single screen action RPg.

an outline as in we are writing everything down before we do anything else.

as for what we need, just post examples of what you are capable of doing and we will vote on whose going to be accepted into the project.
thats pretty much all i can explain.
Recruitment / [This project is Dead]
December 20, 2014, 10:58:43 pm
As the subject Title says, i am looking for some help, right now we are working on the White doc (for those who do not know what that means a white doc is what is known as an outline) for our game, so far i have one - three other people involved.

here is the criteria for consideration in the project.
           1. most important of all, you need to speak English
           2. must have Rpg Maker XP.
           3. must provide skills and proof of skills.
           4. must agree to submit work to the lead devs for approval.
           5. you must never deviate characters from their personalities
           6. if something doesn't fit how the game is supposed to be it'll be removed.
      the other lead devs may have their own rules.
although i may have some leeway here or there my game is supposed to be what it's supposed to be.
       if i like how your resume looks i'll consider you and my team will vote.

The game: The game so far is supposed to be a 1 or 2 player Action RPG, complete with character swap mechanics where applicable, multiple factions and interwoven multiple character stories, (think how dynasty warriors interweaves the stories and plots, liu bei stands for virtue and wants to re esstablish the han dynasty, ect ect) the characters plots are different.

what i need made or implemented: everything. except for writers: we the lead devs are the ones that will do that.

EDITED: This Project is dead because the other devs left because we lacked any scripting skill an they lost interest.
Script Troubleshooting / Re: CCTS problemes
December 10, 2014, 06:21:53 pm
that would be awsome
i'd focus on bug fixing till then, 12am is 12 pm and vise versa when you hit the review button under the climates tab and the help button doesn't work in the second tab

new probleme

zer0's advanced weather effects line: 4799   alias zer0_weather_variation_upd update

Edit: oh hey, a few friends of mine was wondering about adding fog effects to it as an automated process during some weather effects and some other stuff, can't really remember much about it though
Edit: also is it compatable with a lighting and shade system of any kind i kind of want to implement one in my game
Script Troubleshooting / CCTS problemes
December 10, 2014, 04:28:09 pm
first of any one who reads this thanks for visiting.
secondly i need help installing this script.

i've been trying to use the config exe but it's buggy as hell, i'd prefer to use the config over manually setting everything because
i don't really have the time or patients to mess with everything.
there are some other things i wanted to say but i don't remember so i'll just leave it as is.

please help me i really need to get this working, any help is greatly appreciated.

Edit: please help
Edit: google docs link
Resources / Re: resourses request
November 20, 2014, 04:57:05 am
i've noticed, i'm having a hard time sifting through the vast resources.
Resources / Re: resourses request
November 17, 2014, 02:37:39 pm
oh so the project zelda thing is actually a legend of zelda kit for building games like the legend of zelda? i thought it was actually a game