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Express your Creativity / Pugbrew
April 01, 2011, 05:37:26 pm
When I was gone I created this website called PugBrew to advertise all my new cartoon drawings. It didn't live a long life, but I might as well share the best pics from this art website.

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Welcome! / Jek
April 01, 2011, 05:19:06 pm
I started screwing around in RPG Maker XP again.

I seem to have come back at the wrong time though.
    Im guessing most of you are familiar with my website GameCraft. I have been working my ass off on the website, and I need the help of those of you who know Javascript. With my standard sized monitor, I can only fit four boxes at the top. With a widescreen monitor (That I am sure most of you have), you can fit a fifth box in there. So my problem is that people with standard sized monitors will have problems with the fifth box being inserted.
   I did some research, and I compiled this code to insert the fifth box:

<script type="text/javascript">
if (screen.width<=100) document.write('<td width="20%"><table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="162">
<tr><td height="29" style="background:url('/Custom/Top2.png');color:#116111;" align="center"><b>Newest Tutorial</b></td></tr>
<tr><td height="160" style="background:url('/Custom/Middle2.png') #000000;padding:5px 5px 0 5px;">$MYINF_8$</td></tr>
<tr><td><img src="/Custom/Bottom2.png" border="0"></td></tr>

And yet, when I test this code out in widescreen monitors, no fifth box appears!
Now, uCoz does allow javascript. I know this because I used simple javascript to make the "Random Monster Generator".

Edit: The $MYINF_8$ is what is inside the box, not part of the box itself.
Welcome! / Bye!
August 18, 2010, 04:44:09 am
For no reason, I am leaving. Bye!
I have this CSS code that I stick in some of my pages to stop images from getting too big.
<style type="text/css">img {max-width: 100px;width: expression(this.width > 100 ? 100: true);}</style>

This code sizes down any image above 100 px in width, to 100 px wide.
What i am having an issue with, is figuring out how to use this code on only a part of a pages code. So lets say my header has images over the size of 100 px, but I want the icons for my Game section to be 100 px wide if the icon is too wide..
Tutorials / [XP]How to Import Maps into RMXP
August 07, 2010, 05:42:50 pm
How to Import Maps into RMXP

   Some of us have a team of members working together; making sprites, art, scripts, and maps. Everything is easy to put into a project, except other peoples RMXP maps. You can't just drag the Map001.rxdata into the data folder and expect RMXP to read it. The reason RMXP doesn't read the Map001.rxdata is because it has the map info saved in MapInfos.rxdata. RMXP won't even know your map is there, if there is no Map001 in the MapInfos.rxdata.

   I figured all this out after trying to give ShadowCarnage a map for his project, Wipe.

   Now, its very easy to import maps into RMXP. This tutorial will teach you how. Also, since I am freaking awesome, I'm including pictures (despite how outrageously easy this is).

Step 1: Create an empty map...
In the project you want the map to be imported into, create a new map. Don't bother doing anything with this map, it will be replaced by the new map. Remember its ID number. You can find its ID number in Map Properties.

Step 2: Close RMXP
Now, close your project. Make sure to save any changes made to the game.

Step 3: Rename your maps name
Rename the map you want to import into the game to the Map ID I told you to remember earlier. For instance, if the Map ID you remembered was 123, rename the file to Map123.rxdata.

Step 4: Drag the map into the data folder of your project.
Find the Data folder for your project. Drag and drop the new map into the Data folder. It will ask you if you want to replace the old file. Click Yes.

Step 5: Make necessary changes.
Your mapper may have used different autotiles, sprites, etc. Make sure to ask the mapper for anything you may need for the map, and import that into the game.
Some events may need fixing when imported. Specifically teleporting events.
I own a crappy Windows XP computer, with a drive that I have never needed to use until now. I just got Starcraft 2, and my CD-RW driver will not detect it! I tried it on Warcraft 3, and it detected it just fine.
Tutorial Database / Sprite Editing tutorials
August 02, 2010, 10:36:13 pm
Jeks Sprite Editing Tutorials

This is my tutorial for editing sprites in any way you want. I will be teaching you how to frankensprite RMXP characters together, combine tilesets, recolor, and alot more sprite editing techniques. I am using Graphics Gale for each of the tutorials, so I advise you install it before attempting these strategies. You cannot do this in paint! Graphics gale is free, and my personal favorite for editing sprites. Its the choice because it is specifically made for spriting, while Photoshop is specific for making things look nice and not pixelated. Some of this is doable in Photoshop, but not all of it.

Important for each tutorial! Make sure to turn on tranparency in each charset you edit. In the Layers window, look for a tiny button. Click it, and it will open a window. Check the transparency box.

Table of Contents

  • Frankenspriting Learn to take Arshes head, and put it on the body of a lancer.

  • Recoloring Arshes has orange hair, but I want it blue! What am I to do?

  • WIP Combine Tilesets Ive always wanted to make a dungeon beach resort, but the palm trees are in the desert tileset, and the dungeon is a different tileset. Help me Jek!

  • WIP Jeks Avatar Learn to make Jeks "Fuck Yeah" avatar!


Lets say we want the head of Warrior-02 on the body of Cleric-02 because Warrior-02 needs to make it to an important dinner and needs Cleric-02s stature and nice suit. That's where this tutorial comes in handy.
Spoiler: ShowHide

Step 1. Chop off the head of Cleric-02!
With the Rectangular Selection tool at the top bar, select the head of Cleric-02, and press the delete key. Take off everything from the shoulders up.

Step 2. Grab Warrior-02s head.
Now, it is time to grab the head off of Warrior-02. We have to make sure that as we grab the head, we avoid grabbing the pointy shoulders. To do this, we grab his head exactly. Select it in sections by pressing the Shift button as you select. This adds to your previous selection. after selecting the head completely, press Ctrl + C to copy the head to your clipboard.

Step 3. Now, we stick the head of Warrior-02 onto the body of Cleric-02
Make a new layer by right clicking on your current layer in the Layers window, and pressing New Layer. Make that layer transparent by clicking the box and checking transparency. While in the top layer for Cleric-02s sprite, press Ctrl + V. The head of Warrior-02 will pop up at the top left of the window. Drag it down to the exact place where it fits. Use the chin left from cutting off the head of Cleric-02 to figure out where to place Warrior-02s head. If you see a white square around the warriors head whenever you put the head down, place it, then use the magic wand tool to select the white area around the head, then press delete.

Step 4. Repeat until done completely.
You can reuse the head you selected for all 4 frames facing downward in the charset. Repeat all of these steps until you finish the entire charset.

Now he is ready for a wedding or something.


Sometimes, we love the look of something, but we don't like the color. For instance, Arshes has orange hair. Out of hate for the color orange, I may want his hair blue, or yellow, or even green. Thats where this tutorial may come in handy.
There are 2 methods for Recoloring sprites that I will teach you. The first one is very simple, while the second one requires a small amount of precision. Use whichever one you want.
Spoiler: ShowHide

Method 1

Step 1. Prepare the sprite.
For this method, we need to change the image's color depth to 8bpp (256 colors). Most RMXP and RMVX resources are already 256 colors, but its best to do this step anyways. In the menu at the top of Graphics Gale, click All Frames, and then Color Depth... in the sub menu. Click the circle for 8bpp (256 colors), then press OK.
You should see a set of boxes like this to your right:

Step 2. Change the colors.
Make sure you are using the tool. Right click on whatever color you want changed, and then adjust the sliders to the right to change the color. Under the sliders there are 2 tabs, RGB and HSL. Most prefer HSL, but some others prefer RGB.

Step 3. Final Product.
Once you have changed each color that you need to, you should have something like this:


In my personal opinion, she looks like Lady Gaga

Method 2

Step 1. Preparing the sprite
Just like in the first method, go to All Frames and click Color Depth... in the sub menu. This time, click 24bpp (Full Color). This will not limit the amount of colors in use.

Step 2. Grabbing Colors
Now you need to change to the tool. This is the Color Replacer. Right click on the color you want to replace, it should pop up on the first slide in the Color Sliders. Now press the X beside the color sliders as labeled here:

That should switch the First Slide and the Second Slide. Change the first slide (that is now white) to whatever color you want to replace with the color in the second slide.

Step 3. Draw!
Now, use the tool to draw over the colors you want changed. You can change texture and pen size with the two boxes next to the color sliders. Now, you have exact control over where you want the color changed. We can make our blue aquatic friend pink, with one green eye, and one yellow eye!


Academics / I miss school.
July 30, 2010, 01:30:11 am
This summer break has been the crappiest and the loneliest. I wish I was back at school to hang with that girl I want to make sweet love to. I also have all of my favorite classes, and I have many things to show my peers. One of those things is my Indiana Jones hat, and my new t-shirts. Including a "Who Ya Gonna Call" one.
For those still in school:

Are you counting the days until school starts?

For those who is past school:

Do you miss school?
I am not using blizz abs, but my battlers are tiny sprites in battle mode, and my scenes in regular maps look strange with the large animations playing. Can I have the 1/2 sized battle animation script on its own?
Script Requests / [RMXP]Credits Script
July 26, 2010, 12:57:08 am
I had an idea for a script. A credits script! All it does is allows you to make easy credits. Maybe even with afew optional features:

  • Scroll Direction (Up, down, left, at a 12 degree angle upward)

  • Transition (Is it scrolling up, fade in and out, or something else?)

  • Over an image or map (Self explanatory)

  • Text size, color, and type(Bold/Italics/Underlined)

  • Images scrolling up with text

  • Text alignment (Center, left, right)

  • Font change

  • Special Effects (Battle animations that scroll up? Glowing text?)

  • Link text to URL

  • Horizontal Rules

I had a spontaneous idea last night that I must share. When I destroy the city in my game, I want it to look amazing. That would be easy with Blizz ABS, but I have stuck to Minkoffs Side view for this game. What I would like to know is if I could use Blizz ABS to program demons fighting humans, but then when a demon comes up to you, it goes to the default battle system.
Entertainment / In Bruges
July 01, 2010, 11:12:48 pm

has anyone else seen this amazing movie? It is my favorite movie of all time. Right after Sunset Boulevard.

Someone posted the entire movie on youtube. Its worth watching.
Resources / Jeks Resources! Request something!
June 25, 2010, 12:21:40 am
Jeks Resources
By Jek...

RMXP sprites

Stuff Ive made for RMXP. I have more, but I can't find it. At one point in time I made a recolor for each and every RTP hero sprite, and then I lost it... All that work, lost...
Spoiler: ShowHide

Here is some Blizz ABS stuff...

RMXP Geredreth style sprites

I like the looks of this style of RMXP charsets.
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Based on this guy:

RM2k3 sprites

When I used 2k3...
Spoiler: ShowHide

Montas Battler Edits

I love Monta's battlers so much that my website uses the sprites everywhere. Even my Monster Generator!
Spoiler: ShowHide

Pokemon Edits

Most of this stuff I made for CP.
Spoiler: ShowHide

Other Stuff

This stuff was done by drawing something out and then spriting.
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Chat / Mysterious Problem
June 24, 2010, 11:12:04 pm
Now, recently(right after I left you guys), I got a new computer. So, I took all the MP3 files off my ipod and back on my computer. Now, when I play it in Windows Media Player, the songs are all mixed up. Im hearing "Rocket Man" by Elton John right now, but it says im listening to "Here is the News" by Electric Light Orchestra. Is there an easy fix for this or will I have to fix each of them manually?

The music on my ipod is not mixed up, only in WMP.

Im bored, Im gonna name more.

Im hearing: Heartbreaker - Pat Benetar
It says im hearing: Beds are Burning - Midnight Oil

Im hearing: More of that Jazz - Queen
It says im hearing: Im in love with my car - Queen

Im hearing: Dust in the Wind - Kansas
It says im hearing: The Man Comes Around - Johnny Cash

Im hearing: Share the Land - The Guess Who
It says im hearing: 19-2000 (Soulchild Remix) - Gorillaz
I have an Ipod Touch, and made a theme for myself and posted it in Cydia. For all with hacked Ipods, check it out.
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Spoiler: ShowHide

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Its named Jeks Pokemon Theme or something like that.
Welcome! / I am so bored.
June 24, 2010, 02:20:39 am
After getting a new computer(not some super duper new one, just another XP), I didn't bother getting RMXP, RMVX, RM2k3, Game Maker 8 Pro, or Fighter Maker 2002 until last night. Now, I am getting back to RPG making. Ive got this interesting adventure I plan to put a character through. I may talk about it when I am a little further into production.
Now, I want to make use of this post. Would everyone tell me anything important I may have missed? I noticed the program Cybele went down. That's very unfortunate.

Also, GameCraft will never go down.
Entertainment / Wilhelm Scream
April 10, 2010, 01:51:50 am
Have you heard of the the famous Wilhelm Scream? Its a small scream sound used it several popular movies. Just look at this youtube video and you will see what it is.;
Apparently this sound effect was made for the movie Distant Drums and is now used constantly in all the Indiana Jones and Star Wars movies(and alot more).
Express your Creativity / Chaos Project graphics!
March 29, 2010, 03:58:38 pm
I have an idea. Why dont we use a topic(this topic) to post signatures, affiliate buttons, userbars, or whatever that could be used to represent Chaos Project. Other users can choose whatever graphic they find in here and post it in their signatures or websites. That will help advertise this place alittle.
Ill edit this post with every graphic posted.

Affiliate Buttons
Spoiler: ShowHide

Spoiler: ShowHide
None yet...

Spoiler: ShowHide
None yet...

Spoiler: ShowHide
None yet...

Feel free to request something. Im very willing to make it for you guys.
New Projects / Jek's Game
March 28, 2010, 06:11:01 pm

I know what you may be thinking. What kind of name is "Jeks Game"? What the heck is the point of naming it that? Really, all it is is to get my name known out in the RPG making world. Something I might call it is my Resume Game. With the name "Jeks Game", people will know that a guy named Jek made this game!
As lame as the story is, I hope to make this game fun and challenging.

Background Story
In some town somewhere, four different criminals get caught for their illegal acts.
Lance was caught attacking a child for some food. The Hunter and The Girl where caught breaking into peoples houses. As for the Hooded Man, he was caught with 26 guards in his basement, all put there against their will. Now, all four are inside a prison.

The Story
    All four of the criminals are in the prison. The Lancer, The Hooded Man, The Hunter, and The Girl. One night, they all lay asleep. A guard sits there, awake, making sure nobody escapes. The Hooded Man get out of bed. The guard yells, "What are you doing?" The Hooded Man brightens up. "Sleepy time!" A spell was enchanted upon the guard, forcing the guard to fall asleep.
    "Hey you! In the other cell!" Yells the Hooded Man. The Lancer in the cell across wakes and walks up to the end of his cell where the sleeping guard is. "What did you do?!" "Don't worry, he is only asleep!" Says the Hooded Man. "Could you do me a favor and grab the key from the guard? Hes against your cell." "Sure..."
    The Lancer grabs the key and unlocks both himself and the Hooded man from their cell. That wakes the other two up. They run to their cell doors and yell, "Get me out of here!" The Lancer opens their doors. Now it is time to escape!

Spoiler: ShowHide


  • I am using Blizz ABS

  • Dubealuxes Message Script

  • Ring Menu

  • Several puzzles that might be cool

  • The rest are all the default stuff. I am editing RTP sprites for my own use, if that counts...

I don't need support. But feel free to say, "Jeks Game looks freaking awesome and will be amazingly fun and challenging! I cannot wait for a demo!" or you can say other things.
Event System Requests / [RMXP]Auto Regenrate Health
March 26, 2010, 04:26:09 pm
What I am trying to do is to regenerate health based on the characters level. So, every minute, your health regenerates by 1 if you are level 1. Once you are level 2, you regenerate 2 health. How might I go about doing this when there is no conditional branch for it? Im guessing it would involve the script option in the conditional branch?
Advertising / GameCraft
March 22, 2010, 09:22:29 pm

    GameCraft is my baby. I hold it in my arms, feed it, and constantly add cool stuff like robotic arms. My aim with this website: Make a website. Thats the truth. All I wanted to do was make a website. Nothing special like, "I want to help the hungry African American RPG Makers with little to no RPG Maker resources."
    Ive been told constantly that my website is amazing, and I would agree. I tend to think harder of the psycology of somebody visiting the website. Thats why my website springs awesome out of its beatifully shaved armpits.
    Let me give afew points about GameCraft based on the info from March 22, 2010:

  • The Resource Gallery, the pride of GameCraft features almost 500 reasources. That comprises of 213 RM2k3 resources, 115 RMXP resources, 52 RMVX resources, about 6 Fighter Maker Resources, and 96 other resources.

  • The Articles section isnt filled with great tutorials that would help everyone with any question starting with the word 'how', but still has an advance WYSIWYG editor that allows you to copy/paste anything into it. You can also review games in this thingy.

  • The Games section also features a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to copy/paste anything into it. Other users can rate your game, comment on it, and flash games play in the browser.

  • This feature will BLOW YOUR MIND! A Forums!

  • A Random Monster Generator (RanMonGer) shows a random monster each and every time you load the page. That makes the website fun!

  • An untouched Report Form to report stolen resources and broken links and such.

  • A downloads section with downloads to makers, utilities, maps, saves, and other crazy stuff like that.

  • Affiliating with us is as easy as filling out the form on the Link to us page. Thats also where you find userbars and affiliation buttons and signatures to advertise GameCraft.

  • A Links page featuring links from around the world to help you find your RPG Making resources.

  • Every website should have a Chat Box!

  • News about the website. Not as fun as those other features...

Now that I have filled you in on each and every detail that is of any importance to my website, can I affiliate with you guys?
Ive got this stylish little button:

<a href=""><img alt="GameCraft! Get what you need for game making!" src="" border="0"></a>

Heres the link to my website
Resources / Jeks Resources
March 22, 2010, 06:11:34 pm
I am more of a 2k3 guy, so I only have 2k3 resources by me, but I may post some RMXP resources.

Skullface. The unofficial mascot of GameCraft.

This is an edit of the RTP horse. Made out of boredom

If your even making a ghostbusters game, feel free to use my staypuft.

I added a small dead rat! Im using it with Blizz ABS
Electronic and Computer Section / Ipod Lag
March 22, 2010, 05:48:16 pm
Ive had my ipod for about 9 months. 6 months ago I had jailbroken my ipod. 3 months ago, my ipod got a case of deadly lag.
Ive fixed the problem before, but its just not working at all. First thing I did was turn off notifications, and bluetooth, etc. That worked for a week, then it lagged again. So, I turned off my kirby theme(posted on ModMyi if you want to see it) and it worked fast for a week. Now, its lagging alot and I dont know what to do!
Programming / Scripting / Web / Tables dont squish?
March 21, 2010, 03:25:48 pm
In my website, GameCraft, I have a small issue. When you restore down the browser size, it squishes the two tables showing my affiliates marquee and my Random Monster Generator(tm).
Is there a way to keep them from going smaller when you size down the browser?
Resource Requests / RM2k3 Website Backup
March 21, 2010, 02:49:25 pm
A long while ago, a website that had a special place in my heart went down and nobody is fixing it. I was wondering if any of you have any resources off this website. The website I speak of is this one:
Express your Creativity / Jek's Artwork
March 20, 2010, 12:30:01 am
Quote from: Elite Four Aqua on March 19, 2010, 06:36:45 pm
Mind sharing some of your artwork?

Clearly, i have been asked to share my artwork. Also I was asked to share the orgasms. The orgasms will come on a later date when I'm not so tired from working so hard on other things. I always love putting those words in my sentences. "...Orgasms...Date....Working So Hard...Boobs...Things..." Unfortunately I couldn't fit "Boobs" in that sentence. On day though.
Anyways, my art! Here I will post my favorite art from the past, and then my replies will show the recently completed artwork.

Spoiler: ShowHide
I am not a big fan of photography, so there is only one picture in this section. I really like this because it was just a random photo taken with my cellphone. That little person down there is my hellion little sister. Yes, the photo is pretty, but she is not. Thats why she is facing the other way.

Spoiler: ShowHide
Every great artist sketches. Its essential to keep our creative attitudes up and for practicing in the artistic ways. Over the past few years I have drawn some pretty awesome things. I hope you like them as well.

Here are acouple characters for a comic I am procrastinating on. This is my favorite sketch of the two main characters. Their appearances have changed abit.

Heres the first and only currently available comic page of that comic. Its name is actually Crazy Smoke.

This sketch means alot to me. This would be my ex-girlfriends favorite animal. I drew it the day before she dumped me.

One day in my english class, we were asked to draw a tree for some sort of symbolism of ourselves. I decided to draw a tangled up tree with a guy sitting under it. It worked out great. Doesn't symbolize me at the slightest.

I like birds. Just thought you should know that.

I was drawing my friend Greg when I realized my image looked nothing like him, but rather like a homeless man. I finished it anyways and put a join in their mouth. The image has a creative title: "I Drew a Hobo"

Digital Work
Spoiler: ShowHide
I tend to draw alot of meteors crashing into earth. Truth be told, I hope the human race does die out. Thats the truth... :ninja:

Spoiler: ShowHide
I don't sprite too often, but I have afew sprites that people love.

1961 Jaguar E-type

Stay Puft

Derreck the Turtle

Welcome! / My Salutations
March 19, 2010, 06:13:47 pm
Hello. I am Jek Hazit. You may call me Jek. I am an artistic human being who likes to make art, videos, RPGs, other games, conversations, orgasms, salutations, words, sentences, paragraphs and even clay models of penises. Any questions? I hope so, nobody ever has a question to ask me in my welcome topics.
I use any maker. RM2k3, RMXP, RMVX, GameMaker, Fighter Maker, Shooter Maker, etc.
Feel free to comment on my style and poofiness.
Also, waldo is missing again.