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Chat / Pet Chit Chat
January 25, 2018, 06:37:38 pm
This thread is created for all the pet owners in this community who would want to share a bit of an information about their home buddies. I have a white Siberian cat at home, I got her last November. She is really moody and loves to sleep be it on the couch or in her cat bed. She not that friendly, and she really into running eventhough there's nothing to chase. I think cats are really unpredictable so I just let her do what she wants.
Entertainment / Disappointed with Dua Lipa
January 23, 2018, 01:22:49 am
Dua Lipa is dating her ex-boyfriend again. She shouldn't have made those moving on song.  :facepalm:
Entertainment / RIP Dolores O'Riordan
January 16, 2018, 01:20:42 am
Who else is sadden by the sudden death of The Cranberries lead vocalist? She is too young.
Welcome! / Tech Geek
January 15, 2018, 12:43:50 am
My name is Ritz, and I am the latest addition to this community. I am an avid fan of online gaming, and my day won't be complete without playing games.