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Script Requests / Re: [XP]Refreshing Battle Scene Earlier
December 22, 2020, 01:31:49 pm
What you posted definitely got me started in the right direction. The battle scenes look a bit better now but I still have some more testing to do. It's definitely a quirk in the default engine, but I feel such information would be helpful to a lot of other people who may find this feature jarring. Thank you for your help!
Script Requests / [XP]Refreshing Battle Scene Earlier
December 21, 2020, 03:16:45 am
A peculiar quirk (bug?) with the default battle system of RPG Maker XP is that some things seem to update after the next turn. For example, if my character is inflicted with a status that lasts for one turn like Stun, the Stun status indicator will remain for that turn, and will remain even until the next turn until I select actions. This stuff usually isn't that problematic, but it does when you have statuses or battle events that desperately needs to be resolved in that turn something has been inflicted, like magic reflect shield being put up on the first turn, and should run out at that same turn when used, but persists in display until you select your action the next turn, or if you cut your character's max HP and the HP bar overflows until you do something, or to remove a particular buff immediately when your character reaches 0 SP and not at the beginning of next turn after selecting actions, etc. Basically I'm saying the window doesn't refresh immediately when the turn ends so it can make for some awkward looking battles. Is there a way to change this? I'm looking at Scene_Battle 1 and I guess the frame update section ties with this. Thank you.
Using the fix from KK20's edit to Wecoc's Battle Scope, there is still a bit of weird processing when using revival skills. The animation of a skill that was last used plays before one is revived, I think particularly a "target all enemy" skill. If enemy used Fire 3 on your side, for example, and your character was KOd, and you would revive the said character, Fire 3's animation would play on your side again before your character was revived. I'm not sure if that's the only bug on that but is there any way to disable that? Thank you.
In the default database settings, weapon attack value can only be given to weapons for obvious reasons. In the armour tab, the option to give weapon attack value is not there and is replaced with evasion. Is there any way to script call or add this option to make shields give weapon attack value, for example? Thank you.
That is exactly the answer I was looking for. I'll test this out soon. I think using the "Chain Status Effect" of Blizzard's Tons of Addons Part 2, this information can help people make stacking buff skills on RMXP. Thank you very much for all your help!
In the default editor, there is the states editor, which allows one to create states for various purposes, including stat buffs and debuffs. However, I noticed the native editor can only allow a maximum value of 200% (for example, let's make Sharp raise actor's strength, but it cannot go over 200%, etc). Is there a way to raise this via a script? Of course, the editor would not allow it, but I was thinking more of a script call which can change the values of specific stats to override the editor's limitations. Thank you.
Thank you very much! That solved everything. That was actually the default setting in Tons, but I think within Tons there are still some parts that may be somewhat buggy, even within a fresh new project, and not just compatibility issues.
Hello. I have tried using Hima's Elemental Reflector (found here), but I found it incompatible with Blizzard's Tons of Addons' "Absorb HP/SP Skill" section. I am using one that is slightly modified thanks to KK20 for MP Shield damage calculations.

Spoiler: ShowHide
# Absorb HP/SP Skill by Blizzard
# Version: 2.0b
# Type: Enhanced Skill
# Date: 8.5.2006
# Date v1.7b: 14.11.2006
# Date v1.72b: 20.10.2007
# Date v1.8b: 20.3.2008
# Date v2.0b: 13.7.2008
# new in v1.7b:
#   - overworked code, fixed bugs and glitches, added "undead SP"
# new in v1.72b:
#   - slightly improved code and slight system change
# new in v1.8b:
#   - fixed a bug with SP absorbing that would kill an enemy instead of taking
#     all remaining SP
# new in v2.0b:
#   - enhanced compatibility with Full Reflection System and Blizz-ABS
#   Just include all the skill IDs that are supposed to steal HP/SP. You can
#   also define undead enemies who will (due to common belief...) revert the HP
#   absorb effect. Also you may add any IDs of enemies who use the same undead
#   effect, but on SP. Just add the IDs into UNDEAD_SP. Note that you can make
#   enemies who only are "undead" for HP stealing, SP stealing or even both.
# Note:
#   If you let a skill steal both HP and SP, only HP will be stolen.

# START Configuration

SKILL_IDS_HP = [24,42,116,275,293,575,613,621,622,623,629,682,734] # add any Skill IDs and separate them with commas
SKILL_IDS_SP = [63,117] # add any Skill IDs and separate them with commas
UNDEAD_IDS = [] # add IDS and separate them with commas
UNDEAD_SP = [] # add IDS and separate them with commas

# END Configuration

# Game_Battler
class Game_Battler
  alias skill_effect_hpsp_absorb_later skill_effect
  def skill_effect(user, skill)
    last_hp = self.hp
    last_sr = if $crls && self.is_a?(Game_Actor)
    result = skill_effect_hpsp_absorb_later(user, skill)
    if $game_system.ABSORB_HP_SP && self.damage.is_a?(Numeric)
      if SKILL_IDS_SP.include?( = last_sr if $crls && self.is_a?(Game_Actor)
        if user != self
          if self.is_a?(Game_Enemy) && UNDEAD_SP.include?(
            self.damage = -self.damage
          if self.sp >= self.damage
            self.sp -= self.damage
            self.damage, self.sp = self.sp, 0
          self.damage = 0
      elsif SKILL_IDS_HP.include?(
        lost_hp = last_hp - self.hp = last_sr if $crls && self.is_a?(Game_Actor)
        if user != self
          if self.is_a?(Game_Enemy) && UNDEAD_IDS.include?(
            self.damage = -self.damage
          self.damage = lost_hp
          self.damage = 0
    return result

# Scene_Battle

class Scene_Battle

  alias update_phase4_step5_hpsp_absorb_later update_phase4_step5
  def update_phase4_step5(battler = nil)
    if $game_system.ABSORB_HP_SP
      @help_window.visible, damages = false, 0
      @target_battlers.each {|target|
          if target.damage != nil
            target.damage_pop = true
            damages += target.damage if target.damage.is_a?(Numeric)
      if check_absorb(@active_battler, @active_battler.current_action.skill_id,
      @skill, @phase4_step = nil, 6
    elsif battler == nil
  def check_absorb(user, id, damage)
    if (SKILL_IDS_HP | SKILL_IDS_SP).include?(id)
      if SKILL_IDS_HP.include?(id)
        user.hp += damage
      elsif SKILL_IDS_SP.include?(id)
        user.sp += damage
      user.damage, user.damage_pop = -damage, true
      return true
    return false

The issue is it reports back a "NoMethodError" for undefined method "type_of_skill" for Nil:Class (around line 148ish) within Hima's Reflector script. Moving the reflector script above Blizzard's Tons of Addons 3 makes the reflector "work" with the blocking part but not the actual damaging from reflection. After testing things on a blank project I concluded enabling the Absorb HP/SP script causes problems, even on a fresh version of Blizzard's script.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

RMXP Script Database / Re: [XP] Tons of Add-ons
April 27, 2020, 10:10:49 pm
Thank you. It works perfectly! I'd give the level up if I could, but apparently it no longer exists.
RMXP Script Database / Re: [XP] Tons of Add-ons
April 27, 2020, 04:20:18 pm
Sorry. I will clarify. There are actually two Blue Magic addon in Tons: Blue Magic States and Blue Magic Skill. The one you posted is the state, and the groups that are defined are "Actors" and "Enemies". What I was asking was the following:

Suppose you use the blue magic skill (or be in a state, whichever addon is used) on an enemy that knows Fire and Heal. However, let's say in this scenario Heal cannot be copied by Blue Magic. I was asking if we can define skills that can never be copied by Blue Magic in any way, as in a list of exceptions by skill ID one can configure. Blue Magic addons currently do not have such parameters and will copy anything enemies and actors may have when targeted.
RMXP Script Database / Re: [XP] Tons of Add-ons
April 26, 2020, 06:08:51 pm
A little request for anyone willing to try: is there a way to configure "Blue Magic Skill" add-on to have untargetable skills? As in skills that will never be learned by a blue magic skill. Thank you in advance.
RMXP Script Database / Re: [XP] Passive Augments
June 18, 2019, 12:30:53 am
Sorry for the necropost on this particular thread but I had a question involving the part "Demi MP and Turbo MP". The description says:

#  DEMI_MP allows the character to cast spells for half the SP cost
#  TURBO_MP doubles the SP cost as well as the power of the skills.

And if you scroll down to this part this is where it is applied:

      if @active_battler.is_a?(Game_Actor) && @active_battler.skill_learn?(DEMI_MP_ID)
            if @active_battler.is_a?(Game_Actor) && @active_battler.skill_learn?(TURBO_MP_ID)

I remember testing this in the past but it has a major flaw in its application: the effect will never cease. For example, if your character had Turbo MP and was using a 6 MP Fire, the cost would rise to 12 MP as expected, but the next turn it will become 24, and then the turn afterwards, 48, and the MP price persists even after the battle ends, hence you have a permanently increasing MP cost. I am sure this was not the intended effect. Would there be a way to fix this so that the application only happens once? Thank you.
Tutorial Requests / Re: [REQUEST][XP]Soft Level Cap
December 17, 2018, 06:44:50 pm
I tested it out. It works very well thank you!
I did try the reverse by having the default cap at 30 and try to set it upwards to 50, but that didn't really work though. It only works if the cap is set lower than what the default database has, but regardless it is functioning.
Tutorial Requests / Re: [REQUEST][XP]Soft Level Cap
December 16, 2018, 08:48:35 pm
Once again, thank you very much. I'll test this out and see how it works. What I wanted was, um, if they're at a cap of level 10 (for example), they stop gaining EXP altogether, but changing the cap will once again allow them to gain EXP until they reach the next level cap. Does that make sense? ^^;;;
Tutorial Requests / Re: [REQUEST][XP]Soft Level Cap
December 16, 2018, 04:20:46 pm
Thank you for the answer ^^ Hm, that is one way to do it, but it would be more interesting without depending on a state for not gaining experience. It is functionally the same I suppose. I was really looking for a way to change the "max level" value in the middle of the game for an actor individually, if possible.
Tutorial Requests / [REQUEST][XP]Soft Level Cap
December 15, 2018, 09:29:43 pm
Hello. I was wondering if an actor's level cap can be changed through a variable. Let's say you want your character to stop levelling at level 10 until he reaches another point in the game, where a switch can be triggered and the character's level cap will increase by changing a max level variable, as opposed to how the current database is set up where a character's level cap remains the way it is on the database. Thank you.
Thanks a lot! I did not realise those dispose window stuff meant completely discarding the information. It also would have caused problems too as using Scene_Equip directly with some of Blizzard's scripts ended up getting me to the Stat Distribution Window, and of course exiting it led to crashes. I think this should just be a regular script for others to use as well, but it really is just reconfiguring the main scripts anyways.
This is nothing special, but something I tried to experiment with scripting, and in this case, changing the characters' equipment during battle, as I thought it would be an interesting mechanic. This is just using the default battle system, so nothing really special is going on here. Needless to say, I keep failing at it.  :facepalm:
Basically, Scene_Battle 1 and 3 are the ones I am editing to test this out, but I think I am just doing things without understanding how it works. The issue is mostly with Scene_Battle 3, as 1 is only the menu which you use to edit the battle menu, so I have that done. So as of now, the segment from line 110ish looks like this:
Spoiler: ShowHide
Quotedef update_phase3_basic_command
    # If B button was pressed
    if Input.trigger?(Input::B)
      # Play cancel SE
      # Go to command input for previous actor
    # If C button was pressed
    if Input.trigger?(Input::C)
      # Branch by actor command window cursor position
      case @actor_command_window.index
      when 0  # attack
        # Play decision SE
        # Set action
        @active_battler.current_action.kind = 0
        @active_battler.current_action.basic = 0
        # Start enemy selection
      when 1  # skill
        # Play decision SE
        # Set action
        @active_battler.current_action.kind = 1
        # Start skill selection
      when 2  # equip
        $scene =

      when 3  # guard     
        # Play decision SE
        # Set action
        @active_battler.current_action.kind = 0
        @active_battler.current_action.basic = 1
        # Go to command input for next actor
      when 4  # item
        # Play decision SE
        # Set action
        @active_battler.current_action.kind = 2
        # Start item selection

I know I have to do more than this to get it to work, and I experimented with a lot of things, but comes up with "uninitialized constant" and other assorted errors. I would like any form of assistance. Thank you.
Can you post your code for AMS? I use it too, but we may need to see what kind of edit you have been doing.
One of the sources you posted was for RGSS3, so I do not know if the methodology is really the same. Save Point's fix though might be what you are looking for, if I understand you correctly that you want:

> Yes > No
I had a sneaking suspicion.  :<_<:

Thank you sir.