Script Database Index
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RPG Maker VX
RPG Maker VX Ace
RPG Maker MV
RPG Maker MZ
Actor Add-on Version Authors
Actor Specific Equipment Names 1.0 game_guy
Attack without Weapon and personal ATK/PDEF/MDEF/EVA statistics 0.2 PrinceEndymion88
Average Actor Level 1.0 game_guy
Character Races 1.0 game_guy
Chrono Trigger Skill Learning 1.0 game_guy
Custom Stat Growing System 1.8 Blizzard
Element Attack Armors 1.0 game_guy
Exp Level Reset 1.0 game_guy
Hunger & Thirst 1.1 ForeverZer0
Job Stat Modifier 1.1 Griver03 alias BuddySievers
Per-Actor Battle Position 1.0 Fantasist
Stat Distribution System 2.3 Blizzard
Unlimited Levels 1.1 Blizzard
Hunger and Thirst 1.07 LiTTleDRAgo, ForeverZer0
Add-on Collection Version Authors
VX Ace Wecoc Features 1.1 Wecoc
Heretic's Collection  of Art and 100% Compatible Scripts 2.4 Heretic, Blizzard, ForeverZer0, KK20, LiTTleDRAgo, Wecoc, Ryex, Zeriab, Wachunga, Leon, game_guy, Kellessdee, ThallionDarkshine, Naramura, Trickster, Selwyn, Yeyinde, Lobosque, Inquisitor, SephirothSpawn, Near Fantastica, Prexus, Jimme Reashu, Reaper Phoenix
Rain of Add-Ons 1.00 Xelias
RM2kXP 0.7 Wecoc
Special Elements Script 1.0 Bigace
Tons of Add-ons 7.71 Blizzard, KK20, Fantasist, NAMKCOR, Zan, game_guy, TerreAqua, Heretic
Drago Core Engine 1.58 LiTTleDRAgo
Battle Add-on Version Authors
3D Battle Camera 0.4 ThallionDarkshine
Advanced Analyze System 2.4 Blizzard
Alternate Attack Algorithms 1.00 Xelias
Animated Battle Result Window 0.9 Arcane Alchemy, Atoa(for exp graphic and exp bar script)
Arrow Add-on 0.2 ThallionDarkshine
Battle Icons 3.0 Juan
Battle Memory Commands 1.3 gameus
Battler States 0.1 ThallionDarkshine
Battler Transitions 2.1 ThallionDarkshine
Blood Mage Script 1.80 LongFellow
Consume MP in combat by all actions 1.5 gerrtunk,gerkrt
Cool Damage 0.4 ThallionDarkshine
Custom Defense Script 1.00 winkio
Custom Damage Font 1.0 Unknown
Damage Images 1.4 game_guy
Drop Luck for Advance Equipment 1.0 Twb6543
Effectivity ratings for skills, defenses and attacks 1.5 gerrtunk,gerkrt
Elemental Reflector v1.3 1.3 Hima?
Enemies That Level Up 1.1 SephirothSpawn
Escape-Enabling Skills 1.1 LilBrudder917
First Strike Skills 1.0 game_guy
Flying Battlers 1.11 game_guy
Full Reflection System 3.1 Blizzard
Gold and Exp Plus 1.3 game_guy
Gold Variance 1.0 Chaucer
Heretic's Disable Battle Commands 1.0 Heretic
Heretic's Unlimited Battle Page Conditions 1.1 Heretic
Icon Actor Command Window 3.0 Reno-s--Joker, Calintz16438
J::Battle BOOST! 1 Unknown
Lanzer Counter 1 LANZER
Lucky 7777 Damage 1.2 game_guy
Percentage Health States 1.5 Aqua
Proto Damage Cap 1.0 game_guy
Random enemy parties 1 gerrtunk
Retro-Styled Battle Result Window 1.1 gerrtunk
RTAB BattleStatus Blizz-Art Hack 1.5 Blizzard
Ryex's Weapons Unleash Skills 1.22 Ryex
Skill Categories 1.3 gameus
Spike Damage 1.1 game_guy
First Strike States 1.0 game_guy
Target Anyone 1.02 KK20
Taunt States 1.0 game_guy
Terrain Battle Background 1.0 game_guy
Threat System 1.2 Fantasist
Weapon Attacks by Skill or Item 1.0 Wecoc
Battle Self Switches 1.00 LiTTleDRAgo
Cannibalism 1.06 LiTTleDRAgo
Blizz-ABS Plugin Version Authors
Action Recharge Times 1.11 winkio
Animated BlizzABS HUD (MOG) 0.9 Moghunter, Subsonic Noise, Blizzard
Field of Aether System 1.10 Aqua
Auto-Targeting for Blizz-ABS 1.11b Blizzard
Battle Dome 1.25 Nathmatt
Bestiary Blizz-ABS Plugin 1.1 game_guy
Blizz ABS Active Action Info 1.52 LiTTleDRAgo
Blizz ABS Animated Combo Hud 1.00 LiTTleDRAgo
Auto-Targeting for Blizz-ABS + Mouse 1.11 Blizzard, chaucer
Blizz ABS BattleCry 1.00 LiTTleDRAgo
Blizz ABS Custom PreMenu 1.02 LiTTleDRAgo
Blizz ABS Custom Script Call 1.01 LiTTleDRAgo
Blizz ABS Enemy HP Meter 1.02 LiTTleDRAgo
Blizz ABS Hit & Healing Sprite 2.00 LiTTleDRAgo
Blizz ABS Party Interaction 1.00 LiTTleDRAgo
Blizz ABS Smart Auto Targeting 1.05 LiTTleDRAgo
Blizz-ABS Battle Music 1.09 Nathmatt
Blizz-ABS Scene_Hotkeys New Interface 1 JellalFerd
Blizz ABS Weapon Equip HUD for Z-HUD 1.6 RPGManiac3030
Critical Sound for Blizz-ABS 1.0 Blizzard
Winkio's Blizz-ABS Party HUD 1.25 winkio
Enemy Event Trigger Condition Checking 1.01 KK20
EXP in HUD for Blizz-ABS 1.01b Blizzard
Exp, HP and SP HUD 2.0 Moghunter
Game Guy's Hud 1.2 game_guy
Hotkey Number Modifier .7 Jellalferd
Individual Enemy Kill Counter for Blizz ABS 2.0 Nathmatt
Kill Count BABS Add On 1.0 game_guy
Landith's Blizz-ABS Party HUD 1.0 Landith, Winkio
MOVELESS::DAMAGE for Blizz-ABS! 1.0 Blizzard, Jragyn
Quick Weapon Switch for Blizz-ABS 1.11b Blizzard
Random Action Sprites for Blizz-ABS 2.0 Blizzard
Rapid Fire for Blizz-ABS 1.0 Blizzard
Secondary Weapon for Blizz-ABS 1.0b Blizzard
Skill Damage Over Time for Blizz-ABS 1.02 KK20
Touch Damage for Blizz-ABS 1.11 winkio
Visual Equipment for Blizz-ABS 1.1b Blizzard
Weapon Charge 1.08 Chaucer
Z-HUD for Blizz-ABS 1.2b Blizzard
Custom Battle System Version Authors
3 Man CBS 1 Nortos
Asan'Tear Battle System 1.26 Ryex
Blizz-ABS 2.87 Blizzard, winkio
Active Count Battle 2 3 KGC
One-Player Battlesystem 1.03 Tigurus
Phoenix Engine ~ Alternate Attack Calculations 1.0 PhoenixFire/DigitalSoul and Xelias
Spoof CBS 1.0 Spoofus
XRXS ATB Battle System - Overhaul by Heretic 1.02 Heretic, MakirouAru, fukuyama, TOMY
Custom Environment System Version Authors
Advanced Time and Environment System (ATES) 1.1 Blizzard, ThallionDarkshine
Advanced Weather 1.1 ForeverZer0, Ccoa
Complete Climate and Time System (CCTS) 1.2.2 ForeverZer0
Customizable Map System 1.4 Diagostimo
Day Night Climate System (DNC) 1.00 winkio
Dynamic Lights 3.0 Fabien
Dynamic Lights by Fabien 3.0(English) 3.0 Fabien
Dynamic Time and Light System 2.05 TimeKeeper
Dynamic Weather and Time System 1.0 ThallionDarkshine
First Person Labyrint Explorer V1.5 MGC
Gravity 2.00 LiTTleDRAgo
H-Mode7 1.2.1 MGCaladtogel
Heretic's Cloud Altitude 2.3 Heretic
Heretic's Lightning 1.0 Heretic
Mode 7 unknown MGCaladtogel
Mode 7 + Blizz ABS 1.4 Blizzard, MGCaladtogel
Ryex's Dynamic Sounds 2.04 Ryex
Ryex's Dynamic Weather 1.0 Ryex
Throw System 1.52 LiTTleDRAgo
Event Interaction 2.00 LiTTleDRAgo
Custom Equipment System Version Authors
ACE Equip System 1.12 Bigace360
Weapon Training System 1.00 NAMKCOR
Custom Item System Version Authors
ACE Item System 1.03 Bigace360
Actor's Inventory System 1.7.2 Death999
Drago Inventory System 2.00 LiTTleDRAgo
Limit Remover 2 Koen Lemmen
Item Passive Stat 1.00 LiTTleDRAgo
Item Rarity/Rating 1.5 game_guy
Perishable Items 1.0a mad.array
Teleportation Items 1.2 MRoeDesigns
Item Art Color 1.20 LiTTleDRAgo
Custom Menu System Version Authors
3 man CMS 1 Nortos, Silentwalker, Spoofus
ACE Menu Engine 1.40 Bigace360
Alternate Style Menu Scenes 1.01 Orochii Zouveleki
Animated Cms 5.3 Juan, Blizzard, Nortos, WcW, Dingo, Legacyblade, Tsuko
Basic Custom Picture Menu 1.0 Zexion
Blink Low Stat Numbers 1.0 Heretic
Buddy's CMS v3.00 BuddySievers alias Griver03
Character Drop Down Menu 1.15 Nathmatt
Collapsed CMS 2.00 Ryex
cstb's 3 Actor CMS 1.0 cstb
Customizable Enhanced Custom Menu 2.1 game_guy
Enhanced DMS (Default Menu System) (EDMS) 1.00 Longfellow
Final Fantasy 4 Cms 1.2 Juan
GG's Modded Menu .98 game_guy
Hearts of Iron 3 Quick Menu 1.01 Tigurus
Kingdom Hearts Main Menu 1.0 Zexion
Mouse Map Menu 1.25 Nathmatt
Nortos CMS Pic/Map Edition 1.1.1 Nortos, Silentwalker, Blizzard
Oldschool Menu 1.0 Wecoc
One-Man CMS 1.1 Rune, modern algebra
One-Player Menu 1.2.2 Tigurus
Pokèmon Menu 2.00 Ryex
Project CMS 2.0 LilBrudder917
Rune's CMS #5 1.0.0 Rune
Ryex's Collapsing CMS 2.51 Ryex
Stormtronics CMS 5.6 Blizzard
Sub Menu 1.0 Monkeydashunderscore
Wizered67's Speed Menu 0.30 Wizered67
Wizered67's Ultimate Mouse Menu 0.86 Wizered67
Zer0 CMS 1.3 ForeverZer0
Zydragon's Simple CMS v1.1 Zydragon
Drago Scene Menu 1.20 LiTTleDRAgo
Custom Message System Version Authors
Game Guy's Message System 2.0 Game_guy
Multiple Message Windows (Non-SDK) 1.5 Wachunga, ForeverZer0
Multiple Message Windows Ex 1.6c Wachunga, ForeverZer0, LiTTleDRAgo
Scrolling Message System Ex 1.2x Slipknot, LiTTleDRAgo
Custom Movement System Version Authors
Advanced Pathfinding 1.1 ForeverZer0
Advanced Pathfinding & Carrots 1.01a ForeverZer0, modifications by mad.array
Advanced Swimming System 1.0 Diagostimo
Advanced Move System Ultimate 1.3 Zeus81
Animation & Movement Script 1.5 Zexion
Dash and Sneak 1.1 game_guy
Heretic's Caterpillar - Extensive Features and Add-Ons! 2.0 Heretic
Circular Sprite Motion XP 1.1 Heretic
Collision Optimizer XP 1.01 Heretic
Diagonal Stairs Deluxe XP 1.0 Heretic
Downhill Ice Deluxe XP 1.01 Heretic
Mirror Movement XP 1.0 Heretic
Modular Passable XP 1.0 Heretic
Heretic's Move Straight 1.0 Heretic
NPCs on Event Tiles XP 1.0 Heretic
Restrict Bush Passage XP 1.0 Heretic
Restrict Tile Passage XP 1.0 Heretic
Heretic's Rotate, Zoom, and Pendulums XP 1.0 Heretic
Heretic's Vehicles XP 1.01 Heretic
Movement Enhancements - Turn or Move Toward or Away From Events 1.0 Heretic
Mouse Controller Enhancement Script 1.72 Nathmatt
Run / Dash / Jump 1.0 GasolineWaltz
Simple Jump Script 1.04 Nathmatt
Smooth Scroller 2.00 LiTTleDRAgo
Zeriab's Caterpillar Script 1.0 Zeriab
Custom Shop System Version Authors
ACE Skill Shop 1.00 Bigace360
Advanced Shop Status Window 2.0 RPG Advocate, Fantasist
Blacksmith Shop 2.0 ForeverZer0
Component Shop 1.0 Newold
Custom Prices 1.1 KK20
Limited Shop 1.00 LiTTleDRAgo
Improved shop 2 gerrtunk
J::BUY/SELL via variables! 1.0 Jragyn
New Shop Interface 1.1 Leon_Westbrooke
Scene_Shop Item Counter 1.0 Wecoc
Skill Shop 2.2 game_guy
Tax 2.0 Falcon
Wecoc's Balance Shop System 1.0 Wecoc
Wecoc's Mosaic Shop System 1.0 Wecoc
Custom Skill System Version Authors
ACE Skill System 1.00 Bigace360
Chaos Rage Limit System 6.3 Blizzard
Easy Overdrive System 2.3 Blizzard
Effectivity ratings for skills, defenses and attacks 1.5 gerrtunk,gerkrt
Passive Augments 1.01 Xelias
RO Job/Skill System 2.3 Blizzard
Skill Equipment System 1.4 game_guy & KK20
Skill Use Limitation 1.00 KK20
State Requirement Skills 1.0 [Faint]
Weapon Specific Skills 1.1 Aqua
Enemy Add-on Version Authors
Enemy Elemental Attack 1.0 game_guy
Enemy Elements 0.2 ThallionDarkshine
Troop Treasures 0.1 ThallionDarkshine
Environment Add-on Version Authors
"Inspect" Event Animation 2.0 Jaiden, KK20
Ambient SFX 1.1 ForeverZer0
Atlas of the World 1.00 Aqua
Blinking Characters 1.1 mad.array
Breath Effect 1.00 LiTTleDRAgo
Chrono Cross Key Items 1.3 gameus, KK20
Continuous Maps 1.5 Blizzard
Coordinate Displayer 1.1 game_guy
Event drop-down Beta Valdred
Event Transitions 1.1 ThallionDarkshine
Extra Fogs & Panorama Lock 1.0 Jaiden
Flashlight System 1.1 Lukas
Hotfoot Tiles XP 1.0 Heretic
Loop Maps XP 1.0 Heretic
Lagless Path Finder 1.3 Blizzard
Legacy Atlas Script 1.01b Legacyblade
Locking Pictures 1.0 KK20
MAWS - Modified Advanced Weather Script 1.2 Ccoa, ForeverZer0, Agckuu Coceg
More Self-Switches 1.5 game_guy
Multiple Fog 2.31 LiTTleDRAgo
Particle Weather 3 GasolineWaltz
Perspective Sprites 1.1 X-Law (original author SehirothSpawn)
                                    (original SDK Module VR by SephirothSpawn & Near Fantastica)
Poison/Regen Overtime 1.0 game_guy
Selwyn's Passability Minimap 1.1 Selwyn/Squall, KK20
Simple Player Idle Sprites 1.0 winkio
Terrain Step Sound 1.3 game_guy
Tilemap new Autotile lecture 1.0 Wecoc
Unlimited Fogs 1.2 game_guy
Drago - Multi Layer 2.02 LiTTleDRAgo
Automatic Door 2.00 LiTTleDRAgo
Fade Room Effect 2.00 LiTTleDRAgo
Heretic's Auto State Switches 1.03 Heretic, LittleDrago
Show Event Name 5.00 LiTTleDRAgo
Game Utility Version Authors
AGO (Audio-Graphics-Others) Finder 1.0 Wecoc
Anti Event Lag 4 Heretic, Near Fantastica
AzDesign Localization 1.0 AzDesign
Blizz-ABS Event Anti-Lag 3.3 Blizzard
Change Tile Size 1.0 Wecoc
Chaos Project Debug System 1.1 Blizzard
Custom Event Triggers 1.1 ForeverZer0
Custom Resolution 0.97 ForeverZer0, KK20, LiTTleDRAgo
Custom Resolution - Adjust Menu Position 1.00 LiTTleDRAgo
Custom Resolution - Map Zoom 1.02 LiTTleDRAgo
Custom Resolution - Tilemap Tone Changer 1.00 LiTTleDRAgo
Database Limit Breaker 1.0 shdwlink1993
Disc Changer 1.05 Zeriab
Drago - Custom Resolution 2.16 LiTTleDRAgo
Drago - Event Anti Lag 1.01 LiTTleDRAgo
DREAM for Music Files 4.5 Blizzard
DREAM for Save Files 4.5 Blizzard
Event Range Conditions 1.1 ForeverZer0
Extended debug 1.0 Valdred
External Animation Editor 0.2 Orochii Zouveleki
Game Data Reloader 1.1 Blizzard
Grid-Free Doodads 1.01 Wecoc
Heretic's Control Self Switches Anywhere 1.0 Heretic
Memory Font Loader 1.1 ForeverZer0
Missing File Logger 1.0 Fantasist
Multi-Game Launcher 1.1 Blizzard
Multiple Event Trigger 1.00 LiTTleDRAgo
Resource Tester 1.1 Blizzard
RM Susano'o 0.7.3 PedroHLC
Screen Test 2.1 ForeverZer0
Self-Switch Debug Menu 1.0 ForeverZer0
Self-Variables 1.0 DrakoShade
Multi-Weapon Sets 1 themrmystery
Tileset Creator 1.3 game_guy
Tileset Creator Edit 1.0 game_guy, ThallionDarkshine
XP Ace Tilemap 0.42 KK20
Zeriab's Anti Event Lag System 1.2 Zeriab
Drago - Tilemap Effect 1.00 LiTTleDRAgo
Localization 1.1 ForeverZer0, KK20
XPA_Window 1.4 Blizzard
Animation Sheet Maker 1.0 Fantasist,
Data Backup Utility 1.0 ForeverZer0
Debug Eval 1.0 Wecoc
Key Simulator 0.1 Fantasist
Multiple Cursor 1.3 Wecoc
Screen Module 1.0 ForeverZer0
Spritesheet Separator/Combiner 1.0 ForeverZer0
Unlockables 1.0 Wecoc
Longer Script Calls 1.00 LiTTleDRAgo
MCI Audio Player 1.3 ForeverZer0
Missing Audio Replacer 1.00 LiTTleDRAgo
Prevent Window Deactivation 1.1 ForeverZer0
Doodad's Editor 1.0 Newold
Menu Add-on Version Authors
ACE Option System 1.32 Bigace360
ACE Status System 2.06 Bigace360
Add "Load" button on the Menu 1.0 Skull Knight
Aqua's Status Menu 1.0 Aqua
Drago - Iconset Loader 1.00 LiTTleDRAgo
Enhanced Details 0.9 Xuroth
Enhanced Item Description 1.0 ForeverZer0
Juan's Option Menu 2.2 Juan
Location Window 1.4 Juan
Picture Command 1.00 Nathmatt
Ring Menu with Improved Selection Window 1.2 Reno-s--Joker, Dubealex, Maki, 和希
Rune's Status Screen [Edit] 1.0.0 Rune
Drago - Translucent Menu 2.00 LiTTleDRAgo
Windowskin Creator 1.0 ThallionDarkshine
Message Add-on Version Authors
Message Log 1.1 LiTTleDRAgo
Message Choice Edit 1.1 Wecoc
Message Choice Window 1.0 ForeverZer0
Script-Command Messages 1.0 ForeverZer0
Special Message Symbols 1.2 game_guy
Timed Choices 1.01 KK20
Window Message Mod 2.1 ThallionDarkshine
Window_InputNumber Edit 1.1 Wecoc
Window_Message Mod 1.00 LongFellow
Minigame Version Authors
Letter Minigame 1.2 Zeriab
Snake Look-alike on Load Script 1.0 Zeriab
Minesweeper 1.00 LiTTleDRAgo
Misc Add-on Version Authors
Animated Control Timer Meter 2.0 Moghunter
Animation Resizer 1.0 game_guy
Audio Extras 1.2 Jaiden
Auras 0.1 ThallionDarkshine
iPod script 1.15-final Berans
Book/Library Scene 1.2 ForeverZer0
Control Config 1.01 Nathmatt
Custom Resolution Compatibility Plug-Ins 1.0 ForeverZer0
Design a HUD 0.1 ThallionDarkshine
Diary 1.11 ForeverZer0
Drago Growing Hud 1.00 LiTTleDRAgo
Easy LvlUp Notifier 2.2 Blizzard
Enemy Stat Breaker 1.0 game_guy
Equipment Stat Breaker 1.0 game_guy
Europa Universalis III HUD 1.5 Tigurus
Event Graphic Changer 1.05 Nathmatt
Event Map Linker 1.02 Nathmatt
Event Proximity Icons 1.4 ForeverZer0
Template Events 1.0 ThallionDarkshine
Experience Boosting Potions 1.0 Falcon
F12 Stack Level Too Deep Fix 1.1 ThallionDarkshine, CoderPuppy
Transition Pack Edit 0.22 Fantasist, ForeverZero, ThallionDarkshine
Game Map Simple AddOns 1.0 Wecoc
Animations with Eval 1.2 Wecoc
Heretic's Magic Compass [XP] 1.2 Heretic
Heretic's Map Death 1.0 Heretic
Heretic's Unlimited Event Page Conditions 1.0 Heretic
Interpreter Script Call Fix 1.0 Juan, Blizzard
Item Quality 1.4 game_guy
J::EQUAP bars! 1 Jragyn
Journal 2.4 ForeverZer0
Fluctuating Experience 1.01 Satoh, Blizzard
mad.array Mini Add-ons 1.0 mad.array
Pre-title map(s) 2.0 Valdred
Modify Max Amount Script 1.2 game_guy
Monster Event Deletion 1.0 mad.array
Move Route Conditions 1.0 Nathmatt
Multiple Starting Points 1.1 Fantasist
Music Player (Jukebox) 1.0 Tonyryu
Palette Script 1.1 Wecoc
Party Swap 1.01 Nathmatt
Picture Index Modifier 1.00 LiTTleDRAgo
Power Word: Shield Status Effect 1.0 Falcon
Rare Candy Script 1.3 game_guy
Scene_Biography 3.1 Bigace360
Scene_SketchBook 1.00 LiTTleDRAgo
Simple Event Ai 1.16 Nathmatt
Skill Items 1.0 game_guy
Skill Stat Breaker 1.0 game_guy
Snapshot 1.0 game_guy
Super Event Sensor - Event NPC AI [XP] 1.12 Heretic
Tiling wallpapers for windows 1.1 Fantasist
Transition Pack Add-Ons 1.0 ForeverZer0
Victory Points - Script Mode 1.0 Sthrattoff
Window Extra Functions 1.0 Wecoc
Window Hand Cursor 1.0 game_guy
Zer0 Options Controller 2.1 ForeverZero
Viewport_Mask 1.0 Newold
Wecoc Database Eval Script 1.0 1.0 Wecoc
Window Tone 1.1 Wecoc
Character Sprite Access 1.01 LiTTleDRAgo
Custom Picture Path 1.40 LiTTleDRAgo
Damage Pop Up 1.01 LiTTleDRAgo
Debug Fast Forward 0.1 Heretic
Button Reminder 1.00 LiTTleDRAgo
Drago - Custom Page Condition 1.00 LiTTleDRAgo
Drago - Diagonal Scroll 1.00 LiTTleDRAgo
Drago - Font Enhance 1.00 LiTTleDRAgo
Drago Transition Pack 1.00 LiTTleDRAgo
Fade Events 1.0 Heretic
Flip Animation 1.10 LiTTleDRAgo
Map Screenshot 1.06 LiTTleDRAgo
Mouse Gesture 1.20 LiTTleDRAgo
One Game Instance 1.0 game_guy
Particle Emissor 0.5a Orochii Zouveleki
Simple Event Sensor 1.10 LiTTleDRAgo
Scene Flying Letters 1.0 Newold
Misc System Version Authors
Achievements Script 2.23 game_guy
Actors name control 1.0 gerrtunk,gerkrt
Advance Wars Engine 0.1b KK20
Advanced Actor and Enemy Engine 1.03 TimeKeeper
Advanced Scene_name 1.0 Cyclope
Battle Arena 1.0 ForeverZer0
Berans' Interactive Drumkit script 1.11 Berans, Sniper308
Berans' Interactive Piano Script 1.12 Berans, Blizzard
Castlevania CoD style Crafting System 1.3 Leon_Westbrooke
Clive's Hero Database 1.0 SephirothSpawn
Creation System 1.6 Blizzard
Dynamic Gardening 3.01 ForeverZer0, ThallionDarkshine
F12 Pause with image script 1.1 Zeriab
Achievements Book 1.3.2 Stripe103, Zeriab
Item Storage 1.42 game_guy
Legacy Class Change 1.68 legacyblade
Luck 1.0 Falcon
Mail Box System 1.1 game_guy
Mouse Controller 2.3 Blizzard
Mouse Wheel Scroll 1.0 KK20
Moving Windows 1.0 Fantasist
NAM's Achievement Logger 1.01 NAMKCOR
Organized Quest System 1.22 KK20
Pay to Heal 2.1 Blizzard
Quest Book 1.2 Zeriab
Quest Log System 3.0 game_guy
RPG Maker XP Online System 2.06 Blizzard
System Reputation 1.1 AvilaMn
Tileset Merger 1.0 game_guy
Timed User Input, Scripts, and Windows - Full Version 1.0 Diagostimo, Heretic
Transition Pack 1.11 Fantasist
Vx To Xp Char Converter 1.0 game_guy
XP Sprite Wave Effect 1.0 zecomeia
Wraptile 1.1 Poe
Zy's Orb/Save Point Script v1.1 Zydragon
Displacement Bar in Windows 1.2 Newold
Marque Text 1.2 Lukas
One Game Instance 1.0 game_guy
Timed User Input - Lite Version 1.0 Diagostimo, Heretic
Movement Add-on Version Authors
Gravity Jump by Layer 1.0 Wecoc
Heretic's Animation Speed 1.0 Heretic
Heretic's Moving Platforms XP 1.0 Heretic
Teleportation 1.1 shdwlink1993
Terrain Tag Speed Modifier 1.00 ForeverZero
Drago Pixel Movement 1.02 LiTTleDRAgo
Player / Party / Troop Add-on Version Authors
Bestiary 2.4 Blizzard
Bestiary 3.1 Bigace360
Easy Party Switcher 2.6 Blizzard
HoT DoT 1.04 shdwlink1993, KK20
Item Weight 1.0 ForeverZer0
Max Limiter Breaker 2.0 Bigace360
Party Item Limit 1.2 game_guy
Party Switcher 2.0 Leon_Westbrooke
Pickpocket 1.5 ForeverZer0
Scene_RowChanger 1.5 Bigace360
RMX-OS Plugin Version Authors
Blizz-ABS Controller for RMX-OS 3.02 Blizzard
Buddy List for RMX-OS 1.0 Sylphe
Global CCTS Weather for RMX-OS 0.9 Luke
Chat Mouse Click Activation 1.0 Wizered67, Aegisrox
Global Day-and-Night System for RMX-OS 1.2 Blizzard
Global Switches and Variables for RMX-OS 1.3 Blizzard
Guild Officer Plugin for RMX-OS 1.00 Feildmaster
Online Awareness for RMX-OS 1.0 Blizzard
Onmap Players Window for RMX-OS 1.1 Sylphe
Remote Restart for RMX-OS 1.1 Blizzard
RMX-OS Chat Filter 2.2 Nathmatt
RMX-OS Daily Messages 1.00 Wizered67
RMX-OS Following 0.90 Wizered67
RMX-OS Login Messages 0.89 Wizered67
RMX-OS Online List 1.00 Wizered67
RMX-OS Party HUD 0.83 Chaucer
RMX-OS Player Shops 0.89 Wizered67
RMX-OS Reporting 1.01 Wizered67
Town-scrolls for RMX-OS 1.0 edwardthefma, Blizzard
User Logger for RMX-OS 1.2 Blizzard
Versioning for RMX-OS 1.21 Blizzard
Scripting Tool Version Authors
Backshadow Text 1.0 Zexion
Bitmap2Code 1.2 Blizzard
DREAM (Double Random Encryption Algorithm Module) 4.5 Blizzard
Dynamic Effects Engine 1.61 Ryex
Exclusion Elements 1.0 Heretic
Map Combiner 1.1 Nathmatt
Mouse Window API 2.0 Ryex
Ring Command Window 0.1 ThallionDarkshine
Run-Time Script Caller 1.0 ForeverZer0
Script Helper 1.5 Nathmatt
WeatherCreator 1.0 ForeverZer0
Window_Advanced 2.05 Ryex
ATB Engine Script 1.00 Longfellow
Console Output 1.0 ForeverZer0
Dialog System 1.0 Zeriab
Scheduler 1.0 Zeriab
Easy Script Importer/Exporter 4.0 KK20
JSON Encoder/Decoder 1.1 game_guy
Rpg.NET 0.28A ForeverZer0
Script & Line Counter 1.1 gameus
Title / Save / Load / GameOver Add-on Version Authors
Advanced Title Screen 2.0 ForeverZer0
Chaos Project Save Layout 1.4.2 Fantasist, Blizzard
Drago Save Layout 1.05 LiTTleDRAgo
Gameover Options Menu 1.1 AliveDrive
Gameover Menu 1.30 Karl D
Heretic's Animated Title Scenes with Events 1.02 Heretic
Improved save 1 gerrtunk
Jackolas Advance GameOver Script 1.1 Jackolas
Juan's Custom Gameover 1.3 Juan
Kingdom Hearts 2 Save Menu 2.0 Zexion
MOG's Animated Title Screen 1.1 Moghunter
Revival point 1.1 Tech Williams
Save File System 1.12b shdwlink1993, Phylomortis
Scene_File modified 1.0 Wecoc
Temp Save 2.1 Fantasist
Title Skip if no Saves 1 Nortos
TitleSwap 1.0 LilBrudder917
Wecoc's Dynamic File System 1.2 Wecoc
Winkio's Custom Gameover Script 1.0 winkio
Press Any Button 1.00 LiTTleDRAgo