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I would love to try, but problem is, I need to see the result of AI generated map. I cannot properly "teach" AI to generate maps if I cannot see what has to be corrected/improved. Initial instructions would be simple; when successful, I would add more and more complicated instructions until I would be satisfied with created maps.
I'm using chatGPT, currently most popular one.
Once I would understand how "decrypted" map works, I would ask AI to create one for me. Simplifying - let's assume that text version of the map would look like that: Map001-000,000/C3/A1/D21|001,000/C4/A1/A1(...), where first '000,000' would be map square located in x=000 and y=000; C3 would stand for third row and third column of the tileset in the first layer; A1 for tile in the first row and column in the second layer etc.
I could teach that to AI and tell it that eg. 'C2' is a wall, and the table is made from tiles D11 to F13 etc.
Explaining and describing tileset would probably take a while, but later all I would have to do is to tell it to 'print' a 40x40 map, copy the code to the map file, paste it to the map folder and enjoy an AI generated map  :)

Here is a possible scenario I tested:
QuoteI need you to print a map for me. Use following formula: M-x,y/A#/A#/A#, where "M" is map name; x is row of the map described in three-digit number; y is a column of the map described in three-digit number; "A" is a tileset row; # is a tileset column. After first "/" you describe bottom layer of the map, after second "/" you describe middle layer of the map, and after third "/" you describe top layer of the map. A2 is the floor, C4 is the wall, form B3 to C5 is table, from E5 to E6 is the door. Generate 20x15 map description for me.

Sure, I can generate a 20x15 map for you. Here's the map description:

To Whom It May Concern  :^_^':
I was wondering if there is a way to Export/Import a MAP to/from TEXT file (as in the topic). I would like to try to use AI to generate maps, but in order to do, so I have to be able to generate a map from text file.
Anyone ever thought about it?  :naughty:
Have a good one!
Quote from: Heretic86 on May 06, 2021, 08:22:59 pm
Quote from: Ssinssrigg on April 19, 2021, 09:01:15 amWow! This is amazing!
What is the license/copyright of that scripts?
Is it not forbidden to modify them and use in any production (including commercial) as long as authors will be included in credits? Or I should feel free to do so as long as I credit everyone :D

License is decided by the original or current Rights Holder.  In case of my scripts in this pack, FREE FOR COMMERCIAL USE so long as you give me credit!

There is a ton of other stuff in the collection that come from other people too, KK20, Blizzard, etc.  Enterbrain obviously has the license for all of their content, but just so you know, much of the graphics content does not come from me.  To the best of my knowledge, the additional graphics and audio assets are covered by the Rights they granted, and I believe they were all also free.  None the less, I would still give all those people proper credits too so dont forget about them!

Oh, you can modify the scripts if you need to...

Thank you! You did amazing job with thi game/demo and scripts :)
Wow! This is amazing!
What is the license/copyright of that scripts?
Is it not forbidden to modify them and use in any production (including commercial) as long as authors will be included in credits? Or I should feel free to do so as long as I credit everyone :D