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Projects / Games / Re: (XP) BlueSkies 2 - Complete!
July 18, 2018, 10:42:11 am
Quote from: Gama on July 18, 2018, 10:38:39 am
how can someone find your game and try playing it?

The download link is in the first post.
That is an issue with your Window_Command, not the sprite. Remove all of your Window_Command code that you put in. Remove all the index calculating. Its a recipe for disaster. Also you put the @command_window.height line within the same group of code where you create your command window.


I cleaned up your script, see if this solves your issues.

Spoiler: ShowHide
#     Scene_Monstruct_Menu                                            #
# Changes: menu scrolls to show all the options.                      #
#          new class: Window_Monstruct                                #
#                                                                     #
#  Notes:                                                             #
#  - The tiny arrows are made by me.                                  #
#     copy them into your game's Pictre folder.                       #
#  - you need to edit the methods make_list & get_picture             #
#                                                                     #
class Scene_Monstruct_Menu
  def main
    # this line shows the map behind the menu
    # if you erase it, the screen will be black around it.
    @spriteset =   
    # list of menu commands (monstruct names)
    # scroll down to see what 'make_list' does.
    @commands = make_list
    # command_window is our menu
    @command_window =, @commands)
    @command_window.x = 480
    @command_window.height = 6 * 32
    @command_window.index = 0
    @command_window.opacity = 0
    @command_window.back_opacity = 0
    # in rmxp you must draw a picture inside a window
    # I made a new window class for it.
    @pic_window =
    @pic_window.opacity = 0
    @pic_window.back_opacity = 0
    @picture = #edits 7/7/#
    @picture.bitmap = RPG::Cache.picture("ManualBackground.png")#edits 7/7/#
    # Execute transition
    # Main loop
    loop do
      # Update game screen
      # Update input information
      # Frame update
      # Abort loop if screen is changed
      if $scene != self
    # Prepare for transition
    # Dispose of windows
    @spriteset.dispose if !@spriteset.nil?       
    if (!@down.nil?) : @down.dispose end
    if (!@up.nil?)  : @up.dispose end
  def update
    # Update windows
    # If command window is active: call update_command
  # edit below to create the list the way you want it.
  def make_list
    list = []
    for i in  1401..1556
      if $game_switches[i]
        enemy_id = i - 1400
    return list
  def update_command
    # If B button was pressed
    if Input.trigger?(Input::B)
      # Play cancel SE
      $game_switches[974] = true
      # Switch to map screen
      $scene =
    # If C button was pressed
    if Input.trigger?(Input::C)
      # delete the arrows
      if (@down): @down.dispose end
      if (@up): @up.dispose end
      # Play decision SE
      # get the name of the monstruct we're pointing at
      monstruct = @commands[@command_window.index]
      # use the new class to show the picture


#  This class shows a 400x400 window
#      with a monster picture in it.
class Window_Monstruct < Window_Base
  def initialize
    super(21, 16, 640, 480)
    self.contents = - 32, height - 32)
  # edit below to set which picture is shown
  def get_picture(name)
    hue = 0
    # name is the name of the monstruct
    # use it to decide which picture to use :
    # case (name)
    # when 'badger'
    #   filename = 'badger_battler.png'
    # when 'unicorn'
    #   filename = 'unicorn2.png'
    # end
    filename = name + " Page.png"
    return RPG::Cache.load_bitmap("Graphics/Manual/",filename, hue)
  def draw(name)
    bitmap = get_picture(name)
    cw = bitmap.width
    ch = bitmap.height
    x = 32
    y = 32
    src_rect =, 0, cw, ch)
    self.contents.blt(x - 46 / 2, y - 70 / 2, bitmap, src_rect)#x - 46 / 2, y - 70
Yes, above the loop in main.
Did you know you don't actually need to create a window to show a picture?

Code: ruby
# Put this above the loop in your Menu.
@picture =
@picture.bitmap = RPG::Cache.picture("picture name here")
# Then just make sure to dispose it like everything else

EDIT: Just poked through your code too, one thing I would suggest since you only want to show 6 commands at a time, do this to your command window. It should take care of the rest.

@command_window.height = 32 * 6

Then you don't have to calculate your index.
Video Games / Re: The Video Game Nostalgia Thread
May 30, 2018, 03:48:18 pm
I'll have to get pictures, but I have a similar collection with the Final Fantasy games. Black Label cases + Manuals + near perfect discs. All the way from 1-12 (PSX + PS2 Era, Minus FFXI and the new III since VI was technically III I still think its fucking stupid)

FF Origins had I + II
FF Anthology had V + VI
FF Chronicles had Chrono Trigger + IV
Also had Chrono Cross Black label + Manual since it felt right to have it alongside the collection.

I didn't go that in depth in chasing after ports for other systems like the GBA ports. I'll make sure to get pictures.
You are better off asking for help from the creator of the script. While this community here does what it can to help, we are primarily RMXP users. Few of us have used and played around with MV but not enough to help with other people's scripts.

RPG Maker Web Forums is going to be your best bet to get help with this. And asking in the thread of the script creator itself might help too.

I noticed the creator has a demo and I'm sure you have already looked through it and played with it, but I would always recommend going back and seeing how things were accomplished in it.

QuoteOn a similar note, how do I make it so that the player can only shoot in one direction, straight ahead, regardless of which direction is pushed. (The player ship's sprite always looks ahead regardless of which direction it is pushed in.)

Have you tried using Direction Fix already? This is the only thing I can think of without looking at the demo or playing around with it.
New Projects / Re: [Ruby] FMOD Low-Level API Wrapper
March 22, 2018, 05:11:39 pm
Extremely impressive Zer0! I remember you talking about this awhile ago, cool to actually see it now. Can't wait to see KK20 be enslaved to make an RM script for it. You should definitely come back into discord every once in awhile too, its fun to catch up and we all share are programming rambles there.

Awesome job man.
Looking good Rose! You should def hop into our discord server and chat with us all again. Handful of people are pretty active there and its a great place to show off your stuff.,12636.0.html
Video Games / Re: Chrono Trigger for the PC Released!
February 28, 2018, 08:20:50 am
The DS port was good. Square Enix has been on this roll of porting all their games, some are really good, like the main PSX ones. VII, VIII, IX, X/X-2, and XII. And I have high hopes for XV after playing the demo. But then they're taking their older games they've ported to mobile, bring those exact mobile ports to PC and leaving them as is. I understand you have to get a little creative with a mobile port since its touch screen and all, but when you're carrying it over to PC that UI and Font they've consistently used looks awful. It really is a damn shame.
RMXP Script Database / Re: [XP] Chrono Cross Key Items
February 07, 2018, 11:21:29 pm
Fixed a bug. Proper necropost. This is probably the last script for XP I'll ever update. @_@
Chat / Re: Your Life Here
March 12, 2017, 12:37:13 pm
I've known I've had ADHD for years but my dad didn't want to put me on medication. He was diagnosed with it when he was a kid and he didn't like the side effects or the way he felt. When I got old enough I guess, he told me it was my choice if I wanted to try it. I've pretty much coped with it the way you have but I definitely can understand and even compare what you're going through. I dunno if I want to try the medication at all, but an alternative, depending on your morals and your location I suppose, I've tried THC a couple of times in the past year and its helped me calm down and focus when I needed to. Obviously due to legal and situational reasons, you can't always access or use it e.g. during school. When the time comes Ryex and you've been on the medication for a bit, you should definitely update us and let me know if its helped you or made you feel worse. Whatever happens, best of luck man and I hope it does help in the long run.
So I know you probably want to do this on the forum, but it'd probably get more activity if we tried setting this up in the Discord. We could create a separate text channel, pin the urls from seasons 1 and 2, and just have it be even more chaotic since we're not waiting for new posts.

gameus: "I was at one point Blizzards lover. After getting tossed to the side, I've decided to devote my time to making his night club, the lamest club ever."
And updated OP to state that.
It says "Trial : True"
True means that its in trial mode. So changing it to "False" should fix it. Don't have to be a programmer to realize that lol.
Video Games / Re: Free Steam Keys
October 19, 2016, 03:35:31 pm
Original post updated, Steam Key management now under a bot's control. Join our Discord server if you'd like to redeem a key.
Chat / Re: The "Post your Desktop" Thread
September 06, 2016, 01:04:11 am
Quote from: Blizzard on September 05, 2016, 01:55:46 am
So, do you notice any significant difference with the 144Hz monitor?

Oh yeah. Huge difference. Gaming is super nice as well, I can run most games at max and still get at least 144 frames. Some games I have to tone down like the Witcher 3. But even using it on the desktop, animations are much more fluid, mouse movement feels more precise and scrolling with web browsers is a ton more smooth as well. I mean, I really enjoy having one.
Chat / Re: The "Post your Desktop" Thread
September 04, 2016, 05:00:44 pm
So I upgraded to a 1440p/144hz monitor and it broke my old rainmeter setup. Decided to make a new, more simplistic one. Here's a couple of large screenshots and a video if you guys are interested.

Image 1 (Full Res) Before some color changes
Sized Down: ShowHide

Image 2 (Full Res) After some changes
Sized Down: ShowHide