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You, sir, are a gentleman and a genius!  I don't know how long or how hard it was to fix this, but whatever you did, it worked!!!  You have no idea how great this is!  I am so happy!  Thank you so very much!!!
RMXP Script Database / Re: [XP] Gold Variance
August 21, 2015, 05:18:03 pm
Sorry for Necro, but LiTTleDRAgo's does not work if gold is 1.  It makes it a fraction of 1, so you can get like .9484283 gold, for instance.

KK20's code works, though.
QuoteAugust 20, 2015, 07:10:40 AM Blizzard: Sure, just post in the topic if you have questions. Or add me on Skype if you want to actually talk about it.

OK, here it goes!

I've contacted you before about this combo of mods, and you fixed what was wrong at the time, but I have found a few new things.

I am using Equipment Upgrade System 1.2 and Stormtronics 1.51b.  They get along pretty well, except for the following:

Spoiler: ShowHide

As you can see the status screen doesn't recognize any kind of weapon or armor type that is "enhanced", ie accepts the crystal upgrades.  Whenever an enhanced weapon or armor is equipped, it says, "Nothing Equipped" in red in your status screen.

Spoiler: ShowHide

In the default menu screen, the number of slots show up in the item description at the top (indicated by a small square for each slot), in yours they do not.

Spoiler: ShowHide

In the default menu screen, the gems/crystal/stones (whatever you want to call them) that enhance the weapon/armor, that have been equipped in the weapon/armor, show up in the small square in the description.  In yours they do not.

I was wondering if there was a workaround for this.  I really like your cms mainly for having a whole section just for quest items, and also your equip screen is awesome.  

So I guess what I'm asking is could you please make your cms show the boxes on enhanced weapons/armors, show the crystals that are attached to those weapons in the boxes, and have the weapon/armor name show up in the character status screen.

I know I have messaged you a few years ago when I was making my game originally, but then I got sidetracked, and I'm starting to get back into it.  I know I sent you a link to the combo of your cms and the equipment upgrade combined into 1 game so you could playtest it, but you probably don't have that anymore, so here is another link:

Thank you very much for your help, time and patience!
I've developed some new problems with Stormtronics and the Equipment Upgrade System.  Sorry =/

Ok, let's say I have 2 Bronze Armors, and 1 Poison DEF crystal (which protects against poisons) to put into a slot.  I put it into one of the Bronze Armors, then go to equip it -  both the Bronze Armors have the Poison icon under the Status resistance area.  Meaning both got the effects of the Poison DEF crystal.  If I have 30 Bronze Armors, they all will have the little poison icon.

When I take out the Poison DEF crystal, the icon stays in the Status resistance area for the armors even when they have nothing in them.

If I remove Stormtronics, in the Equip window of the normal menu it will show the slots and what crystals (icons) are in those slots on the right hand side of the description window at the top.  Stormtronics does not do this (doesn't really matter to me if it's shown or not, but it is a glitch.)  Also, it will show just one with the Poison DEF crystal icon, and the other or others will have empty slots.

Also, when I go to status, it says I have Nothing equipped for armor, lol.  Or anything else with a slotted item for that matter, sword, shield, etc, it will say Nothing equipped.

EDIT:  I just tried with no other scripts other than Freed's system, and it seems if you have the same armors (ie 2 Bronze Armors), and you put a Poison DEF (protects against poison) crystal in just one of the armors, and then equip the 2 armors on 2 different characters, both characters get the benefits of the Poison DEF crystal, ie neither are affected by poison (i battled a monster who poisoned to test it.)  wtf!?

EDIT EDIT:  Contacted Fleed on facebook, he said I found a bug and it should be pretty easy to fix, and would post an update soon.  Yay!
Thank you Blizzard, you are beyond awesome!

+1 Shark Clarinet for you!
Quote from: Blizzard on May 24, 2012, 03:12:51 pm
Yeah, if you make me a zip, I'll take a look at it. I'll either fix it or make a patch so his script works with mine.

sent, thanks very much for helping =)
Quote from: Blizzard on May 24, 2012, 01:39:40 pm
Does it still do the same when you remove Fleed's script?

hrm.. no it doesn't.  I opened up a copy with both his and yours, deleted all of his scripts, and the weapons showed up in the Stormtronics cms just fine (of course without the slots and stuff.)  should i post a zip of the file with both scripts?

Edit:  I just opened a fresh copy of Stormtronics and then added all of Fleed's scripts to it from his demo, added the right elements needed for a 5 slot sword (Enhanced Weapon and 5 Slots), and the words you need in the description for the slots to appear.  Started the game, the character had the weapon equipped, unequipped it, it disappeared/greyed out/went unusable by class again, and could not re-equip.
Hi Blizzard!  Thanks for the quick reply.

The items without slots are equippable (normal default items), the items with slots are not.  I have used Fleed's system demo straight with nothing else.  The items are equippable.  Then I add Stormtronics to it and they are all greyed out.  Even when I added slots to the weapon in the database the character starts out with, he starts the game with the weapon equipped.  The second I unequip it, it 'disappears', ie, doesn't show up on the list to re-equip.  Then I look under Equipment and it's still there but it's greyed out.

Edit:  just tried it again with a fresh copy of Stormtronics CMS Hybrid Edition, and it does the same.
When items have slots they are not equippable by characters even when they should be equippable by that class (check mark next to the item in the editor.)  I think it has something to do with Fleed's system uses and stores temporary items when the slotted items are made.  But then again, even items with no enchantments (just empty slots) aren't equippable.

Here is Fleed's system:
Here is Stormtronics:
Nope, just one crystal that goes to one area from a city or vice versa.  Which I guess makes the city kind of a hub, you could transfer to the city from one area and then use a different crystal to go to another area.  A few cost money to use, but most don't, once it's unlocked it's unlocked.   It's actually hard to get other cities because you could use a transporter that gets you close but you'll have to battle your way for the rest of the trip.  It's not until late in the game that the cities become connected through transporters.  Ps.  Skyrim put a HUGE dent in my rpg making time, twice, lolol
General Discussion / Re: A question on leveling
May 22, 2012, 11:23:54 pm
Yes my monsters drop a lot of items as well, I use Blizzard's multi-drop, so you are always collecting things and selling them off to merchants.  I don't have any kind of encumbrance (hate encumbrance), and you can have up to 200 of anything.  But buying 200 hp or sp increases (potions and mana shrooms in my game) is going to hurt that pocketbook, especially when Regeneration 3 or something else sounds like a pretty awesome spell to buy.  I have a fair amount of strategy in the battles, monsters could also cast regeneration 1-5 on themselves, but then your characters can cast wipe clean, which destroys all enchantments on the monster, good or bad.  Monsters could cost an sp poison on your characters, sucking up valuable sp points, but you can use a remedy or cast the spell remedy to destroy that spell's effects, but that would take up a turn while you could be dealing damage.  Healing spells are deliberately set low in healing hps, and also cost a lot in the game so you can't afford them, so potions are a  viable option, but those cost money, and most only heal one character a time.  It's actually better to use something like a high potion that heals 4100 hps in battle than a spell that heals 1600ish for all, and save the spells for outside of battle, so you can cast them multiple times and heal up to full, and then use mana shrooms to get your sps back up.  There are accessories that block against negative states, but there are also spells called psionics that no person can block against, but the effects can be neutralized like any other negative status effect, if you are able to.  I too plan to implement a crafting system that you can make a variety of potions and even special potions that you can't find or buy.  My game is set underground, and the characters don't know why they woke up there, so their main quest is trying to get home, but to do that they need to get/buy everything they possibly can so they can make it to the last part of the game.  I do have a job place where you can get jobs, kill x amount of monster, kill a boss, find this or that, etc, that gives extra money or xp or both.  I like the sound of your game a lot though, I'd like to hear more about it.
General Discussion / Re: Screenshot Thread
May 22, 2012, 05:57:01 pm
Can I see your maps =)?
That's awesome!

What do you think of mine?

Spoiler: ShowHide
Event System Database / [RMXP] BOMBERPOT!
May 22, 2012, 07:57:35 am
Version: 1.0
Type: Destroy Pots With Bombs For Money!


Grab those bombs and hold on to your seats - DADDY NEEDS A NEW PAIR OF SHOES!
Spoiler: ShowHide

A lady asks you if you want to play BomberPot.  You say, "what the heck, let's do this."  There are 3 different wagers, Low Stakes, Medium Stakes, and High Stakes.
Low Stakes - she sets up 3 pots, you bomb 1.  If you bomb the one with a doll inside you win double your money.
Medium Stakes - 5 pots, triple your money.
High Stakes - 10 pots, 6X your money.
You choose which Stakes you prefer, you choose how much you want to wager (up to 6 digits, 0 to exit), she hands you a bomb and sets up the corresponding number of pots.  You pick one and bomb it.  If it has the doll in it, you win the wager you bet multiplied by the stakes multiplier in gold.  If it is empty, you lose your wager.  You can talk to the lady again if you want to opt out.  If you lose it will show you which pot the doll was in.  Then it resets and you can play again.  Have fun!


  • Pots!
  • Bombs!
  • Bombing of Pots!
  • Hot Gambling Action!
  • Amazing Special Effects and Sound Effects!
  • A Cheat Mode!
  • Custom Artwork and Music Included!

Spoiler: ShowHide

BomberPot .zip (5117KB)

The only thing that may suck is setting your own variables and switches.  If you change the variables and switches to numbers that you want, you have to change them to that number on all the pots and the girl as well.  They are all labeled well and easy to decipher, though.  The 'coding' of the pot events are a bit sloppy, but it works.  One small note:  The pots make the girl turn up when you win or lose, and that movement is attached to her event id.  Depending on the sequence you put the events into a new map, or how many events you already have on that map, her id could change, and then the pots won't make her look up when you win or lose anymore.  So you'd have to change both the winning and losing turning of upness to her new id for each pot on the map.  Not a big deal, just there for icing.

Credits and Thanks

  • DJSkagnetti

Author's Notes

Made 2 maps, one with the normal game, and the other is a cheat game.  She will tell you the number of the pot the doll is in, this is numbered from the left.  For the 10 pots, it goes 1-6 from the left on the top row and 7-10 from the left on the bottom row.  Custom title screen and music.  Title screen and music included in .zip =)
or listen to the song on my soundcloud

Don't miss out on my other stuff:
Spoiler: ShowHide

Pack 1 - Jewlery
Pack 2 - Orbs
Pack 3 - Potions
Pack 4 - They Came From Below!
Pack 5 - Armors
Event 1 - A Sexy Rainstorm
General Discussion / Re: Screenshot Thread
May 21, 2012, 09:24:24 pm
Those are obviously custom tilesets, any ideas where to find some nice ones?  I like the trees, beds, and bookcases in those pics a lot! =)

It's actually a type of fungi that grows on the walls and ceilings that emits a sort of fluorescent lighting.  In some areas it's almost as bright as the sun would be =)  Inside they use lamps and fires and magic glowing orbs that emit light.  I have added some fogs in areas, but may darken it up a bit in others.
General Discussion / Re: Screenshot Thread
May 21, 2012, 02:12:07 pm
What specifically don't you like about each map?  The first one is a skill shop, each character standing at a desk offers a specific school of skills.  They are all in the same shop because it is set underground and there is only so much room for everything.  The second is the second town set in a small rocky valley.  The third is just the bottom part of a cave where you fight the elemental earth king.  4th is a small room to fight a miniboss to open a door in the fire elemental area.  5th is a large open map called a hunting map, where you can hunt monsters for slightly better gold and xp than average and fight minibosses that will come back after a timer runs out.  6th is just the top part of a large forest, the gravestone thingy leads to a very large cave which leads to another area.  7th is a probably has the least amount of effort I guess, but it is the elemental plane of darkness (one of three that are like this) and is supposed to look like that.  8th is a very large area called Bloo filled with many caves connecting to many different levels of rocky plateaus.  I made a blue fog to go over everything to turn it a haze of blue, the light in the game is cast by the fungi on the walls and ceilings that glow, and in this particular area the fungi makes monsters more docile, so when you are "outside" of caves you are attacked less frequently, but "inside" of caves there is less fungi so you are attacked a lot more.  As it takes place underground, I had to alter/change any battleback that has a sky or sunlight coming through a window, etc. The giant green statue is called the oracle and she etches events that happen in the world into her stonework as time passes.  Maybe a different color would suit her?  Also, the people underground have evolved into all sorts of colored hair/skin over the course of the last 5000 years, many things in their world are not "normal-colored." =)

There is only so much you can do with a 16-bit (or whatever bit it is) game graphic tileset that gives you only so much for options for each set.  Feedback is appreciated, thanks =)
General Discussion / Re: Screenshot Thread
May 21, 2012, 06:38:41 am
Spoiler: ShowHide

Spoiler: ShowHide

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Spoiler: ShowHide

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Spoiler: ShowHide

thanks =)!
My game is set underground.  There are only 3 cities.  Each city except for the largest city contains only shops/inns, a mayor's house, and maybe 1 or 2 others for the richest people in the towns.  Due space constraints from living underground, not everyone can own a "flesh and bone home", so they created something called Pockethouses, which is basically a house set in a dimensional rift that they teleport to.  You can buy your own Pockethouses and buy better upgraded versions, all the way up to your own paradise island.  Everything in the world that is not a city is a thematic dungeon of varying shapes and sizes, styles and elements called the Wilds.  Every dungeon connects to the next dungeon.  Basically, to get from 1 city to another, you have to battle your way through one giant dungeon.  There are crystals along the way that teleport you back to the city, which unlocks the 2nd crystal in the city so it becomes like a 2-way teleporter to an area, so you don't have to walk back the whole way to heal up and buy stuff, and also kind of provides a checkpoint in a way.

Which is like everything you guys just said not to do LOLOL
How about a helicopter character set so you can just fly to the top?  Or maybe a Batman-esque grappling hook skill?
General Discussion / Re: A question on leveling
May 21, 2012, 05:43:10 am
In my game I start them off with 20 HPs and 1 SP, 5 in each stat at level 1.  It's on a slow growth rate for everything.  Max level is 169, max HPs/SPs is 29,000 and 269 for max stats.  It starts as a low numbers game, the lowest monster does 2 or 3 damage, the lowest weapon does 4 damage, lowest armors all has a PDEF of 1, lowest monster gives 2 xp and 1 gold, xp to level 2 is 13, etc.  I play through it like Blizzard does, and make the monsters in a new area a decent match for the characters.  I also try to see what the characters are lacking, if they are weak for the area I'll try to tweak the monsters a bit and/or give a bit more xp so they level a bit faster.  If they're low on HPs maybe I'll put in an armor that adds 10% HPs or something, either it will be well hidden or a reward for a boss fight.  If they are doing crappy damage, I'll try to give them a bit more gold in a hidden area to buy better weapons or a sword that does a bit more damage than others for a boss reward.  So it's kind of like:  make monsters hard, then try to give the characters stuff as rewards in the area to match them a bit better to the monsters, by the time they are done with the area they are doing pretty good against the monsters in the area, and then it's on to the next area and starting over.  If you become decent at an area 2 or 3 areas ahead and then come back to that area, monsters that used to slaughter you are now no match for you.  Everything in my game is also really expensive and you have to buy your skills.  I hate having 999,999 gold for the last 20 hours of a game and nothing to spend it on.  So the characters always have something they could get to make them better.  They just have to be able to find it/afford it.  To be able to find it/afford it, they have to beat the monsters.  To beat the monsters they have to level up.  To level up they need to get better stuff.  To get better stuff they have to be able to find it/afford it.  and so forth.  It's a delicate balance you have to maintain. :D