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I've been trying to retrieve someone's facebook feed using both php and javascript but nothing has worked so far. According to what I've tried, a session is needed to retrieve an access token and therefore be able to see someone else's publicly feed -

If we try the following url: it returns an error saying that an access token is required to request this resource.

Below's my javascript attempt, based on the facebook sdk documentation:

Thing is, the /PAGE-ID/feed is returning an empty array. I've tried to ask for something like /me and it prints basic information in the console, like name, id, username and so on.

Console output:
Objectdata: Array[0]
__proto__: Object

I believe I'm missing something simple like permissions or so (I tried to use scope in the login phase). However, according to the Graph API documentation (,
any valid access token should work if the post is public.

PHP attempt:

First things first. Do I really need to ask for login here? I only want to read the public posts. Isn't app-id and app-secret enough to generate the session?
According to the documentation, the /feed returns an array of post objects.

However, when I use /PAGE-ID/feed the return is an empty array: [backingData:protected] => Array ( )

If I use /PAGE-ID only, it prints the basic information, such as username, name, etc..

Any suggestions?

Express your Creativity / 3D Room
September 08, 2014, 09:52:57 am
First of all, I'd like to say that I'm not sure whether this is the correct section to post pictures of 3D models of my room or not, so feel free to move it  :)

My brother and I have been talking about rearranging our room somehow, but I can't imagine it purely in my mind so I decided to get some 3D models done as shown below, which correspond to the present room arrangement:

Spoiler: ShowHide

Spoiler: ShowHide

Spoiler: ShowHide

Spoiler: ShowHide

Spoiler: ShowHide

Spoiler: ShowHide

Spoiler: ShowHide

I would really appreciate some comments regarding the current arrangement of the room, as well as suggestions to improve the looking of it  :haha:

Here's what I have so far. It's not the best obviously, but it should run pretty much anything. I don't really want to go over 1500~1600 euros.

It would, theoretically, be cheaper if I ordered from US (about 300 euros cheaper until now), but I'm afraid of the extra costs. Do you have any experience ordering from US to Europe?

CaseOther Options
Corsair Obsidian 750DEUR 135,99
Asus Maximus VII Hero Z97EUR 192,00Asrock Z87 OC FormulaEUR 191,55
Intel Core i7-4790KEUR 323,23Intel Core i7-4770kEUR 275,00
Graphics Card
Asus GeForce GTX 770 2GBEUR 304,93
Power Supply
EVGA SuperNOVA 750G2 Gold ModularEUR 114,54Corsair Ax760 Platinum ModularEUR 145,00Corsair RM750 Gold ModularEUR 112,90
Samsung 250GB 840 EvoEUR 105,99
Seagate Barracuda 2TB Sata III 64mb 7200rpmEUR 74,90
Kingston HyperX Beast 16 GB 2400MhzEUR 183,62
Cooling - CPU Heatsink
Corsair Hydro H110 (2013)EUR 109,00Cooler Master Hyper 212 EvoEUR 29,90FrioOCKEUR 68,99
DVD Drive
Still looking
Wireless Card
Not sure if needed since ethernet should be used
Current Total Cost w/ shippingEUR 1581,21

Feel free to suggest additional parts that, from your point of view, would fit better  :)
Gibbo's Release!

I'm proud to announce that Gibbo 1.0 Beta (Gibbo Glast) (1.2 since 11 Jan 2014) is finally out!

Here is a small teaser of a game made in gibbo glast:

There are a lot of new features in this version and it uses the latest monogame build (with some addons made by us).

Official Page & Download:

Gibbo's Facebook and Twitter Page (for news and updates):

Short Description:
Focused in a generic development, this game engine has the necessary tools to develop any kind of 2D game - the Editor has plenty of features that besides allowing to create games in a short period of time, allows to create them with the least effort.

Gibbo Glast 2D can be approached in several ways. If you're already a programmer, you can read the available online library and write your own scripts, making full use of the Engine. In case that you're not a programmer yet, you can just download the resources you need - even though you'll be more limited.

Every little defail from the User Interface was thought through, making it easy to use.

With Gibbo Glast and your imagination, you'll be able to create amazing games which can be played in other platforms (soon on linux)

Some news after the Beta's release:

  • Quick Update (Aug 2) - Lime Script Editor:

Spoiler: ShowHide

- Lime Script Editor (just a preview of the final script editor we are developing, this version is very basic but has everything you need to make scripts without external applications).
- Reported bugs fixed and added tooltips for the scene's options.

You can update by going to Help > Check for Updates menu option or by reopening Gibbo twice (it will check and ask you automatically)

Note: A new tutorial has been released on the website as well.

  • Quick note (Aug 3) - Particle System Preview:

Spoiler: ShowHide

- Yesterday, we started working in the particle system. As such, we'll probably release an update very soon.

Particle System Preview - Zoomed out

100.000.000 (yeah that number is right) particles, fps = 60, no frame-drop (tested on a simple dual core laptop)

Just after testing 100 million particles, I tested with one more digit, and no frame-drop was noticed. You can see that in the picture below

Particle System Preview - Zoomed in

Yeah, now the number of particles is over 1 billion   :P

  • Quick note (Aug 4) - Error System Preview:

Spoiler: ShowHide

We're currently working on an Error System so you can figure out why the project/game doesn't compile. Furthermore, you'll be able to interact with the errors immediately, using the built-in script editor Lime which we've been working on lately as well (we only released a preview version of the editor in the update after the Beta's release)

Error System Preview

  • Update - Aug 5:

Spoiler: ShowHide

We have just released a new update containing the recent systems we've recently been working on.
Most important updates:

  • Particles System (Beta)

  • Error Logging (in Lime Editor and compile window)

  • Some bug fixes and upgrades in the tileset editor

Tip: To update your editor quickly, open, close it (won't work if the editor is already open) and then re-open, it will ask if you want to update.

Error Logging on Lime Editor

  • Update - Aug 8:

Spoiler: ShowHide

With this update, you're now allowed to drag'n drop between the items at Scene's Hierarchy panel.
We've also improved the framework, added a small preview to the pictures when the system mouse is over one (Project's Explorer panel) and reorganized the Particle Emitter Properties at the Inspector Panel.
Lastly, we've fixed the reported bugs (like the xml documentation - wasn't beeing generated correctly)

As always, to update your Gibbo you can either select the Check for Updates option in the Help menu or by reopening Gibbo twice (it should ask you automatically)

Picture preview (left) and Drag'n Drop (right)

  • Note and Recommendation (Aug 10) - Tutorials:

Spoiler: ShowHide

Two new tutorials have been published in the Begginers Section.

In spite of that, Gibbo offers several ways to enhance a static menu screen. Improving upon what we have learnt by adding animations or transition effects is effortless.
We invite you to learn more at:

  • News (Aug 11-12) - Physics:

Spoiler: ShowHide

We've started working on a new feature - Physics (powered by Farseer). Should no unforeseen problems arise, a Gibbo's update shall be released soon.
You can watch the previews' videos we posted at Facebook:

Don't forget to comment  ;)

  • News (Aug 13-14) - Physics with Textures:

Spoiler: ShowHide

We're almost done integrating Physics System in Gibbo. Below's Collision Model based on Textures preview picture and another video.

Physics with Textures Preview

Physics in Gibbo

  • Update - Aug 18:

Spoiler: ShowHide

Gibbo Glast 2D Beta 1.1 has finally been released!

Besides implementing the so awaited Physics System, several of the available tools have been improved and bugs were fixed.
Furthermore, it's highly important to note that Collision Models have been utterly replaced by Physic bodies.

In the picture below, it's shown how to add Physical Bodies to Game Objects.

We'll do our best to write down all the changes really soon.

To update to the newest version, use the Help Menu or reopen Gibbo twice.

As always, should you eventually find any bug or have any kind of issue, please report in the forum.

  • Update - 11 Jan 2014:

Spoiler: ShowHide

Update - Jan 11 - 2014


Gibbo2D 1.2 has finally been released!


Under the past few weeks we have silently been working on Gibbo2D. The version 1.2 is now available and includes new features and upgrades. If you want to help on the development, please visit the Gibbo2D Github page - Yes, Gibbo2D is now open source  :) Besides, note that we have changed its license to MIT.
We hope that with the help of the community we can make the engine even better. There are a lot features to implement/update that require your help, so if you're willing to spend some time and you have some skill you can work with us.


This new version includes features that developers have been asking for a while. If you have more suggestions please place them over the forum.
Update List:

  • Scene Hierarchy multiple selection with auto detection

  • Scene View Tools upgraded

  • Windows & Windows Modern UI deployment

  • Debug View can be disabled

  • More UI responsiveness

  • Engine Optimization (around 10% more performance)

  • Nonuniform scaling (X & Y)

  • More tools in general

  • Library updated

  • Tutorials on the Editor

  • ...and more!

Without further ado, here's a video that shows some of the features:

As always, should you eventually find any bug or have any kind of issue, please report in the forums.
In case that you want to track all the updates, you can follow us at facebook or now on twitter.

Attention - Aug 5

We are currently forming a sub group in our team (Gibbo Game Developers).

If you are interested in joining in, please send an email to (with information about your name, age and experience in the area).

You will be making a team with us and receive internal knowledge on how to work with the engine and how get the best results.

We will be developing games together as a dedicated team.

We are looking for programmers but mostly artists because at the moment we have none in our team so if you are one or you know someone who would like to join in please contact us.

In case that you want to track all the updates, you can follow us at facebook or now on twitter.


We are currently renewing all of our tutorials so expect them to be updated in the next days.

If you find any bug please make a report on the forums.

Comments/criticism are always welcome. We do really appreciate feedback.

Don't forget to share with your friends!

Regards :)
Hey guys,
today I heard about something called SPOJ - Sphere Online Judge - which basically judges your solutions to specific programming problems. I believe this system supports 48 different programming languages, which is pretty amazing. Note that every problem has a time limit, which you can find at the end of this post or by clicking on problem's title(note that the problem in the link is written in Portuguese)

Has I might join a programming group - which will join few national competitions - I tried one problem, and I'm "challenging" you to do it as well.
You can either post your solution here, so I can submit it on SPOJ or try to help you having a correct answer. Please be aware that in the problem I'll propose, these languages aren't accepted: AWK CLOJ ERL F# GO JS NODEJS PERL 6 PYTH 3.2.3 n SCALA SED TCL
You can also submit it by yourself, you just need to register an account giving an email, username, etc

I can mainly help you with C/C++/C#, hence the topic's tag

So, here's the problem:
Free Positions
(I found this problem in Brazilian SPOJ(couldn't find it in English), so I'll translate it - except output, which was "already" translated)

- Write a program that, giving a table and a list of sub rectangular parts from the table, returns the number of positions that don't belong to none of its sub-parts.

- The input consists in many test sets divided by blank lines. A test set begins with a line containing 3 numbers W, H and N, which respectively mean width, height and the number of table's sub parts. These values are under the following restrictions: 1 <= W, H <= 500 and 0 <= N <= 99. The following N lines, contain 4 integers, X1, Y1, X2 and Y2, so that (X1, Y1) and (X2,Y2) are the sub-part's position of two opposite corners. These values are under the following restrictions: 1 <= X1, X2 <= W and 1 <= Y1, Y2 <= H. The end of the input happens when W=H=N=0. This last input line shall not be considered as a test set.

- The program should print one result per line, following the format described in below's output example.


1 1 1
1 1 1 1

2 2 2
1 1 1 2
1 1 2 1

493 182 3
349 148 363 146
241 123 443 147
303 124 293 17

0 0 0

There is no empty spots.
There is no empty spot.
There are 83470 empty spots.

Problem added by Wanderley Guimarães
Date: 2007-10-11
Time limit: 1s(RunTime execution made by the server)
Memory limit: 256MB
Cluster: Pyramid (Intel Pentium III 733 MHz)

Few Notes:
- Input is always made by the user - no external files are needed - (e.g. using cin >> x_variable in C++);
- Output should be exactly as the one in the example;
- main should always return 0( int main() { /*...*/ return 0; } )

From time to time, I'll try to write down more problems(that if you don't read and do it using SPOJ) and its possible solution - If I already have it.

I made a Free Positions solution in about 10~15minutes in paper. It worked in my first try(both when compiling it on vs and when submitting to SPOJ)
I can post my solution here, but I won't post it for now, since I would like to check your solutions without cheating  :haha:

Hey there,

few weeks ago, when I had Microsoft office 2010 installed, I made a little program that created and edited an excel file. I just had to use Microsoft Office 2010 Interop Assemblies library.
The thing is, as I uninstalled office 2010 to install 2013, the program isn't working anymore  >:(
I saw a thread with an  ExcelLibrary but I'm not sure whether Excel is the way to go. I just need to create a database so I can later open the file or create a specific program to open it and show the contents of a specific week and what not. I'm thinking about using Access or SQL, which I can modify directly using visual studio

What are the pros and cons of those databases?

ARC Welder / Autotiles Question
December 02, 2012, 10:56:50 am
I don't know whether I should be asking this here, but feel free to move the topic.
I want to ask how you did the autotiles part(pick a specific rect from the autotile based on its location and some other autotiles that might be around)

Did you do it with if's or with some formula? I remember of doing it with if's( :facepalm: took like 3 days to make all the combinations), comparing each tile with 8 bits(where 1 would mean that there was an autotile in that place and 0 would mean no autotile at all) in order to figure out which part of the autotile I should pick. Say I have an autotile with the byte 10101001. With an if, I would know which part of the autotile I should pick(That required exhaustive tests to determine all the combinations).

Of course I believe that there is some formula to pick it automatically, but as I didn't know it and I didn't find it at the time, I just used if's

Hello  :haha:
Yesterday I was coding a little bit, but I faced a little problem when trying to apply some polymorphism's concept.
Say that you have an Abstract Class A and that you have 2 classes, B and C that inherit from class A.

If we want to create a method/function and its argument to accept either class B or C, we can use an argument of class A as shown below:
void test(A &arg){//...}

The problem is: What if I want to use an argument(list of A's) in order to accept either a list of B's or C's ?
Something like this:
void function(list<A*> arg)

void main(int argc, char*argv[])
{   list<B*> list_bs;
    function(list_bs); // Doesn't work here

Ok, I can understand why it doesn't work, since I use a template(list) of A pointers and not a single A pointer. However, I think that theoretically it should work according to polymorphism's concept.

Of course it can be solved by doing this way:
list<B*> list_bs;
list<A*> list_aux;
function(aux);// this one is replaced

I just want to know if I thought about it correctly or not, and if there is a way of "forcing" it to accept the list of B's or C's.

Thanks  :)

Answer by Blizzard(once again):
Spoiler: ShowHide

Quote from: by Blizzard
A list<B*> does not inherit list<A*>, of course that won't work. But a template doesn't care about that. As long as the template would compile under B as T and as C under T, it will work. You not declaring the function as:

template <class T> function(list<A*> lst)

but as:

template <class T> function(list<T*> lst)
Hey guys, I've been thinking about upgrading my hp pavilion g6-2017sp, which I bought mid February.
I thought about replacing the original 500GB HDD by a 128GB SSD, but instead of dropping the HDD, I would take dvd's drive off and assemble it to a compatible caddy, so I would have 2 disks. SSD is mainly to run OS and some heavier applications..
What do you think of it? Is it worth?

Also, where can I find a compatible caddy?

Hey there dear fellows,
today my teacher asked to allocate memory dynamically (an array of pointers to a class), using new keyword

Of course that it can be done using a for loop but I thought about using a for each loop instead - that way I wouldn't need to know the array's size specifically.
Firstly, let's take a look to something I tried earlier:
int vec[3];
for each(int &v in vec)
v = 0;

I printed all vec's values and each one of them was initialized with 0  :)

As it worked just fine, I tried to apply the same thing, but this time to allocate memory dynamically:
#include "ClassX.h"
// [...]

ClassX *vecX[3];
for each(ClassX &v in vecX)
v = new ClassX();

It doesn't work, since we got a pointer's array, but I wasn't able to figure out how to do it properly either. I tried to use reference and desreference operators attached to vecX inside for each loop, but no luck at all. It keeps raising a syntax error when I change anything  :huh:

After a while, I started wondering if for each loop doesn't accept a pointer's array unless it is previously initialized(which I'm trying to do inside :^_^':)

Does anyone have a clue?


Code: by Blizzard
ClassX *vecX[3];
for each(ClassX* &v in vecX)
v = new ClassX();
Hey there, I got homework (related to C), which asks to read different .txt files with different processes.
At the end of each child process, we must print .txt file's characters number

I tried this approach:
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
void main(int argc, char* argv[])
int i, j, FILE *fp;
char c;
if (fork() == 0) // child process
if ((fp = fopen(argv[j],"r")) == NULL)
printf("Error when trying to open file");
i = 0;
while((c=fgetc(fp)) != EOF) // tried while(!eof(fp)) but it didn't work
{ i++; }
printf("The characters number from %d text file is %d",j,i);
// even tried kill(getpid()) after closing the file, but it also didn't work

As predicted, if we run the program using 2 files as parameters, we get 4 prints..
The thing is, child processes aren't stopping, which is why I tried to kill each one of them after closing the file, but it didn't work either.

What am I missing here? I know exactly why it is wrong, but I don't know how to make each process read only 1 file.


Code: by Blizzard
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
void main(int argc, char* argv[])
int i, j, FILE *fp;
char c;
if (fork() == 0) // child process
if ((fp = fopen(argv[j],"r")) == NULL)
printf("Error when trying to open file");
fseek(fp, 0, SEEK_END); // this and the line below have better performance, and are also cleaner than a loop
i = ftell(fp);
printf("The characters number from %d text file is %d",j,i);
exit(0); // The reason why it wasn't working normally
Hey there,

I've been wondering the differences between virtual and override keywords in native c++. I know how virtual works, I just don't get override, at least in c++.

Say that a child class inherits a function from its parent class, and that you want to add something specific to it. If parent's class function has virtual before its return type, can we just rewrite the function normally? Without adding override at the end?

The thing is, in C#, I believe it's required to add override at the end of the function(if you want to rewrite it), but in native c++ it doesn't seem that way...even though override keyword exists.

After a little search I found that override keyword was later added, in an update but I don't know its use, since it isn't required when "overriding" a procedure/function

Would someone explain that to me? Thanks

Hello, I've been trying to log in a website for a while but I can't get it working correctly...

Firstly, I'm going to explain what I've done until this moment.

> I opened this website: upon which I want to log in.

> After opening its souce code, I found the Url that the Login form posts to is:

I tried to open it but an Internal Error came out so I tried to access that url without / instead but i don't have permission to. As I can't get this Url working, I thought about using itself.

> By using tamper data extension(Firefox) I found that there are 3 post arguments: sessionid, username and password.

To get sessionid, I simply searched for it inside source code and took it from there:

String^ formUrl = ""; 
String^ pageSource;

WebClient^ client = gcnew WebClient();
pageSource = client->DownloadString(formUrl);
delete client;
client = nullptr;

int index = pageSource->IndexOf("sessionid");
int startIndex = index + 34;
String^ _sessionid = pageSource->Substring(startIndex, 32);

Until here, everything was fine apart from the Url problem.
> Started formatting all the data gathered(which I believe is the correct way):

String^ formParams; 
// format data : username and password are input by user himself
formParams = "sessionid="+ _sessionid+"&username="+username+"&password="+password;

> Started with the "body" of the code:

WebRequest^ req = WebRequest::Create(formUrl);
// encode our data
array<Byte>^ bytes = System::Text::Encoding::ASCII->GetBytes(formParams);

req->ContentType = "application/x-www-form-urlencoded";
req->Method = "POST";
req->ContentLength = bytes->Length;

Stream^ os = req->GetRequestStream();

Am I doing it correctly until here?

> I wanted to check if i'm logged in or not, so I thought about getting another source code, but this time on pos-login page(can be accessed without logging in but we're always carried to that page after logging in):

// this code is added below os->Close();

WebResponse^ resp = req->GetResponse();
String^ cookieHeader;
cookieHeader = resp->Headers["Set-cookie"]; // saving cookies

WebRequest^ getRequest = WebRequest::Create("");
getRequest->Headers->Add("Cookie", cookieHeader); // using the saved cookies
WebResponse^ getResponse = getRequest->GetResponse();
StreamReader^ sr = gcnew StreamReader(getRequest->GetRequestStream());
pageSource = ""; // reset
pageSource = sr->ReadToEnd();

Firstly, the first line does raise an exception - most of the times - but I don't know the cause: 'The server commited a protocol violation Section=ResponseStatusLine'

Secondly and lastly, when that line doesn't raise an exception, this does(cannot send a content-body with this verb-type)

StreamReader^ sr = gcnew StreamReader(getRequest->GetRequestStream());

Any ideas to get this working?

Recruitment / LoE: Chronicles of Luminia Recruitment Topic
September 14, 2011, 03:13:32 pm


Hey there, everyone! My team and I are currently looking for more people who are willing to participate in our project, Legend of the Elements: Chronicles of Luminia, which you can check out here at Chaos Project or at our website/blog at Wordpress.

To briefly introduce the project, we started [actual] development in November, 2010, as part of a school project, with three people in our team, including myself. It is classed as a RPG, and is currently developed in RPG Maker XP. The project has hints of several series, such as Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, mostly in terms of storyline and features, but also gameplay. Its graphics, though currently styled after the default RMXP style of the RTP, will have a feel similar to that of the best hits of Gameboy Advance and SNES.


We are mainly looking for Spriters who can help our lead spriter in her work in tiles, character graphics or both. We will supply those who offer to help with samples of the new tile and character sprite styles we have created, and allow them in the team should they accept to help.

We are also looking for anyone with some experience in music composition so that they can help with producing the original soundtrack for the project. You can find a sample of a track of that original soundtrack in our trailer, which you can find in your topic on both Chaos Project and our website/blog at Wordpress.

Finally, we are in need of people who are fond of writing and discussing storyline ideas to help with such activities.

Project Authors: DonLawride, Apidcloud and Enoos
Lead Spriter: Salimus
Lead Scripter: Apidcloud
Lead Storyboard: DonLawride
Lead Composer: Enoos


You can find all screenshots regarding the project on Chaos Project and our website/blog's Media Section at Wordpress.




We are frequently on MSN Messenger or Skype, so contacting us through any of those is fine.
You can also shoot us an E-mail to the addresses or, or contact us on Skype at pbpdirector or luisluis9859.

If none of those work, you can also try sending a Private Message on Chaos Project or a Note on deviantART.
Hey there everyone, I'm trying to check the local_variables from Bitmap Class, but it's 'private'.
I printed Bitmap.local_variables
Here is what was raised lol:

private method `local_variables' called for Bitmap:Class

Im trying to figure out the variable which initializes SDL.
I was almost sure it was an instance variable, but when I reversed the dll, it showed up a blank window only.
The local_variables one is the only that raises that private error.

As far as I know, the only way to access that kind of methods is inside of a method of the same class, although we can't use 'self.local_variables' to figure it out since it is a private method, not a protected one.

Any ideas?
Hey there, I'm with some problems to understand something on bitmap class.

There's a method on bitmap, named get_pixel.
As far as I know, this get_pixel returns a ( a different class ), something like this:
def get_pixel(x,y)

Even without this piece of code, I was almost sure that it was returned, because after get_pixel we can use alpha, red, green and blue, that are Color class parameters.

Well, I figured that they can be easily called like this because in first place, it is called .
They used attr_reader or something to get the numbers, but I wanted to know how to access a method with this logic.

Imagine something like this:

def get_pixel(x, y)

Then, when I'm calling get_pixel method, from any bitmap, I wanted to call a method from that AClass.
The reason that it has arguments is just because I want to change the value, so it will be used on the method that I wanna call.

self.bitmap.get_pixel(1, 2).another_method

Basically I want this another_method to use the AClass argument, but I can't call the damn method after get_pixel lol
I tried using def self.another_method and such, but it doesn't work =/

Any ideas of how to solve this? Sorry if I didn't explain well, but I don't know any other way of how to explain it xD
Script Troubleshooting / encrypting pictures..
May 08, 2011, 11:45:09 am
Hey :P
I want to learn how to encrypt my pictures, then read them with rgss XD

There's any way to do that?

I really need this because I want to make projects(rmxp for example) more secure :P
Hey XD

How do I use 'round' ? xD It's from Numeric class...
Script Troubleshooting / abs & TBS together
April 29, 2011, 06:52:36 pm
ATB²S(working on it..)

Last update: 06-05-2011

I'm thinking about using Alt and/or Left mouse click to attack action... What do you guys think about this? Give your opinions please

Read more at 05-05-2011 update...

Introduction(working on it..)

How it all began...

Two of my colleagues and I decided to try and be creative.
As some already know, we were using XAS(29-04-2011); unfortunately, it's not only prone to cause severe lag, but also too many bugs, along with being incompatible with many scripts.

Starting by discussing the pros and cons, we had the idea of mixing up ABS and TBS(turn-based). And how would this work?
Basically, players would still be able to cut bushes, destroy cave entries using certain objects (kind of like the bombs in Zelda) and such...

Players would also be able to use spells such as the Fire Ball to hit an enemy from the distance, causing a surprise strike. Basically, it would be an attack that would strike first as soon as the battle started, be it a spell or a sword strike (this is where the ABS part comes in): just before the battle (in a Turn-based system) begins, the enemy would get hit by the aforementioned move causing damage or change of status if that's the case.
Of course, this is just the gist of it. To be honest, I've no experience in working with ABS stuff, so I'm here to ask for your ideas on how to do this, mainly the part of the ABS. The TBS one will be the easiest I suppose.

So, what do you think? Please comment, give your ideas on how to do this... because I really have no ideas of how to start it. The major problem is the ABS part, because I've no experience in coding something related to it. XD

Any help is appreciated, even if you can't say 'try this code', give suggestions to get the system better, etc. ^^

We really believe that this is a nice idea to start working in xD


How it all began...

@updated 06-05-2011
Mixing up GAOliver idea(limited drops/respawn as bushes do...) and ours, I did a new update to breakable stuff/bushes.
For example, when you're using a weapon that can't cut a crate, when you try to destroy it, it jumps at same place(no move...) and really gives the impression of getting hit. With bushes something similar occurs, obviously they won't jump(..I believe? Give your opinions about this xD).
Also, I've completed a system I've had in mind since Thursday dawn(idea only, that consists in accumulated hits on the crates, so they'll be destroyed. I mean, a crate needs to be hit twice(by weapons able to do it obviously)... so you need to hit it twice xD Cool I guess? The number of hits to each crate is specifically wrote in the event, taking in account that the minimum is 1.
This is it for today I guess xD Going to start working with turn based system now >.<
Wish me luck :D

@updated 05-05-2011 again!!
Woohoo Screenshots are finally out XD
You can check at the bottom of the topic

@updated 05-05-2011
Well, actually I did all this yesterday but here it goes...
By using some friends ideas and from GAOliver as well, I've made respawn of breakable stuff this way...
Depending on the quantity of a drop in the inventory, you drop another one or not.
Basically like this:
At the event we choose the item that we want to drop, then, depending on the quantity of that item on the inventory(branch that is configured at the event), you drop it or not.
I shall put some random on this as well, we'll see how votes goes on :P
One more change, the attack option, now, it's made by triggering Alt, this because Enter or C caused too many headaches to branch all the conditions... For instances, when pressing enter on new game, basically entering the game, it would attack o.o Kinda creepy isn't it? XD
I though about using Ctrl...but it causes bugs as well <.<
I'm actually thinking about using Alt and/or Left mouse click.. What you guys think about this? Give your opinions please  :lol:

@updated 03-05-2011
Well, I've finally completed the delay mode/change of character and its animation when doing the hit..
Also, the enemies can finally get 'preemptive strike' by the character xD, the 'problem' is how to do it XD. The 'radar' works 2 well and its kinda difficult to do a surprise attack but that's why it's a game o.o
Tomorrow, along with my project partner, we're going 2 finally put all this on the project, so I can say it's a version 1.0 Beta loool xD

@updated 02-05-2011
Detected and corrected a bug on the 'breakable' stuff that didn't respawn after going in the previous map again.
Corrected guards sensor (had a problem with the self switch turning off >.<)

@updated 01-05-2011
Unlike XAS, in which bushes or boxes only would be broke with only 1 weapon, I've made a method that would pick the weapons that would be able to do that, not only 1, but all that we want.

This weapons are configured at the script, by writing the weapon_id, range and the animation played when this one attacks by triggering Enter or C.

@updated 30-04-2011
I accompished to develop a system to check the events position in relation to the player >.<
I can cut bushes with 1 sword now <.< but the code of this is kinda creepy and i couldnt change the graphic till now while the cut is on xD


Some of the work till now XD

Attack action..

Spoiler: ShowHide

Cutting bush

Spoiler: ShowHide

Trying to destroy crate with weapon id 1 (it won't work on crates, weapons able to do it are configured on script)

Spoiler: ShowHide

receiving weapon id 3...

Spoiler: ShowHide

Using this last to destroy the crate

Spoiler: ShowHide

Normally entering on enemies sensor, note that enemy char does different poses(after this screen, the battle obviously begins, without any changes on it, no preemptive strike e.g)

Spoiler: ShowHide

Attacking with preemptive strike, winning first turn. After defeating the enemy...he lies down XD

Spoiler: ShowHide


Soon xD

Spoiler: ShowHide
I'll try to post a video really soon ^^

At the moment, I need ideas of how to do skills in abs >,<
Hey there :P

I'm with a little problem here...

When I was starting rgss, I was told that parent classes should be able to acess child classes methods

Is this right? lol
Today I was doing some changes on Game_Event that descends from Game_Character, and from this last I can't acess Game_Event method, it raises 'NoMethodError' <.<

Why is this happening? xD

Thanks xD
Hey there again :P

Blizzard already explained me the use of supers, but I've one doubt or two xD

On the dispose method, should I do as in initialize one?
I mean, if I use 'super()' at initialize method , then at dispose method should I put 'super()' or just 'super' ?

Same question when I need to put arguments on the super...

class xxx < YYY
 def initialize
    super(d, d, d)
 def dispose
    super(d, d, d)

My other doubt, was about the 'order' or the code at dispose method...
On the previous case I used 'self.contents.clear' first, but it is the correct order? What should I write first, and what are the differences between the different orders? :P

Appreciated (:
New Projects / [RMXP] LoE: Chronicles of Luminia
March 28, 2011, 03:08:13 pm

Legend of the Elements

Chronicles of Luminia

And the Luminia Kingdom shall rise once again...

Created by: D. Lawride / Enoos / Apidcloud
Genre: Adventure / RPG / Action
Version: Demo 1 (V0.1)
Started in: September 2010
Finished in: (Predicted to be June/July 2011 (unlikely)

In the beginning of times...

[Legend of the Elements:] Chronicles of Luminia is a project started by myself and a some friends of mine as part of a project for school. The actual story and its background had been resting in my notebooks for several years now, giving me the chance to sharpen the edges and make it look like something good (hopefully). Being a long date Zelda fan, I can tell you that you may find a few influences, but something very short; after all, we ARE trying to make it original, right?

You can also keep up with this on:

Okay people, enjoy the show! =D

The Villager, The Princess and the Thief...

War - That is the word that has been in the mouth and minds of both Luminians and Catalians, the kingdoms of greenery and desert, the two kingdoms said to have once been one, the two kingdoms said to have once been protected by the same, five Elements; the war that has ensued between the Luminia and Catalia Kingdoms for too many years, bringing both to utter ruin.

The Argos, longtime helpers of the Luminian army, have abandoned their treaty and left to inhabit their regions, unlike the violent and atrocious humans that chose to stay and risk their lives for the sake of their home; even the Birdmen, the Flarenines... all of them have abandoned the king and the kingdom.

But the war has no reason of being, and all but the kings seemed to have realized it; the lust for power, the same one sealed within the five Elements, has disappeared, and been replaced with a terrible desire for the bringing of death and the spilling of blood - King Flavius and Aume, Luminian and Catalian respectively, have pitted their armies in the battlefield. There is no good, nor evil; only greed and hostility.

One, however, has grasped the situation from a different point of view. He is a general of Aume's troops; but also his brother: Karont.

Recognizing the incapability to rule the kingdom after being denied more troops from his brother, Karont has somehow strived and succeeded in forcing the Catalian troops into Luminian territory, thus leaving King Flavius cornered. But his ways are not those of a just war... nor the ones that aim for peace between the unsettling kingdoms.

But somewhere in the Luminia Kingdom, change is also about to happen; and once more, the two plates that have once been balanced shall once again be weighed... and the outcome of the war, decided forever.


In Chronicles of Luminia, you will take three points of view as the story develops; basically, you will control three characters in different locations to a certain point before the inevitable encounter.
Who they are?

Well, that's up to you to find out!


Name: Tsuki
Age: 19
Hometown: Neast Village
Biography: Tsuki has lived with his grandfather in the quiet village of Neast since he remembers; he doesn't know much about any of his parents, both said to be dead.
His life with his only family is not an easy one, however - his grandfather seems to not care much about him, bossing him around as if he were a slave; doing all kinds of chores and helping with winter supplies, and even being forced to show up in the village to assist with all sorts of things.
But Roven, the village blacksmith, treats the boy as his own child; every day, Roven would call Tsuki to his shop and give him a small, wooden sword which the two would use to practice in an arena in the back of the house. As such, Tsuki has grown into a fine swordsman; something many say he inherited from his father.
Little did he know, however, that this peaceful life in the isolated village would soon change...




Two Kingdoms to explore;
Discover the Mythology behind Luminia and Catalia;
Day/Night System;
ABS (Action Battle System)(XAS version);
Spells, hidden Skills and countless quests to find and fulfill;
Unique Items, Locations and complex Storylines to follow;
Train a Flarenine (details later on) to be your sidekick and use it in your battles;
Much more coming soon...


Spoiler: ShowHide

Spoiler: ShowHide


Sorry, no downloads at the moment


Tiles -» Enterbrain, The Inquisitor
Legend of the Elements: Chronicles of Luminia, Characters, Setting, Items, and all associated with it -» Development Team (Omnilan Team)
Sound Effects -» Nintendo (from HelptheWretched's website)
ATB^2 Battle System scripting by Apidcloud
Hey there XD

I've created a class that is 'son' of Sprite class.

The class simply does some src's and that so I don't need to do the process to all the pictures <.<
But, when using:
@variable =, 200)
self.bitmap = @variable

Well, when im going to enter the game, it appears' Disposed sprite' <.<

Can someone help me? xD Blizzard helped me once with this but its giving me error on this class now lol
Hey XD
I've been quite busy with school but I came back to RM yesterday :D

So, Im trying to figure out how I equip or unequip weapons or whatever from the hero.

I've been trying to use command_319 from the Interpreter but no results at all..

Hey guys :P
As u know, when u open a scene...all the events and that stay freeze...

I wanted to do that without calling a scene, is it possible?

Instead of calling a scene for something, I would 'freeze' all the map and do whatever i want xD

Script Troubleshooting / Interpreter
February 17, 2011, 01:18:14 pm
Hey everyone again xD
I was studying some methods from the Interpreter class, but I can't understand what are that @parameteres[0], ...[1] and ...[2], etc <.<

Does someone know any tutorial or something about this class? I really need it (:

Appreciate  :haha:
Script Troubleshooting / [resolved]slice text? <.<
February 16, 2011, 10:58:43 am
Hey there XD
Im in trouble...(again)
How can I 'slit' text when it reaches the border of the text box? XD

I've seen this:

text = self.contents.slice_text("string", 400)
   text.each_index {|i|
       self.contents.draw_text(270, 36 + i*32, 460, 32, text[i])}

class Bitmap
 def slice_text(text, width)
   words = text.split(' ')
   return words if words.size == 1
   result, current_text = [], words.shift
   words.each_index {|i|
       if self.text_size("#{current_text} #{words[i]}").width > width
         current_text = words[i]
         current_text = "#{current_text} #{words[i]}"
       result.push(current_text) if i >= words.size - 1}
   return result

Ok, I dont get 'all the code' i need your help to understand it XD


Script Troubleshooting / .txt files in rgss
February 06, 2011, 03:49:10 pm
Hi there everyone (:
Im here to ask if any of u can recomend some links or scripts with stuff with .txt files and that... (open, using stuff inside it, etc)

I really want to start studying it (:

Sup... I've been with some problems with scripting  :wacko:
My first question is:
If I wanted to add some methods to a script, can i use something like...

class Game_Map
 def add_method
    #all stuff here


I've seen something as creating a module instead, with a method inside.
Then using like this:

class Game_Map
 include Add_module

But, for instances...I've seen Blizzard Time and Environment System and he used something like the first code... xD and i really didnt get it...

Now, another problem of mine...
For example, yesterday I was changing a script of mine changed scene_map.
I needed to create pictures (on main obviously) and then dispose them right? Something like this:

class Scene_Map
 alias apid_change_main main
 alias apid_change_update update
 def main
   @pict =
   @pict.bitmap = RPG::Cache.picture("anything")
   @pict.bitmap = nil
   @pict = nil
 def update
   #stuff using the pict created on main

This code raised errors as... Sprite disposed and that...
When I tried to do all the script...but not using alias, just changing Scene_Map instead, it worked perfectly xD

So, if someone can help me out with this...(the use of alias and the add of methods into a class...) I would really appreciate (:
See you ~  :)