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RPG Maker Scripts / Template for Script Submission
January 07, 2008, 08:51:26 pm

If you make a script for RGSS (RMXP), please add the [XP] tag in your title and separate the script name from the tag with a space.
If you make a script for RGSS2 (RMVX), please add the [VX] tag in your title and separate the script name from the tag with a space.
If you make a script for RGSS3 (RMVX Ace), please add the [VXA] tag in your title and separate the script name from the tag with a space.
If you make a plugin in JavaScript (RMMV), please add the [MV] tag in your title and separate the script name from the tag with a space.
If your script can work in multiple makers, feel free to add their corresponding tags. Do NOT use a collective tag like [XP/VX/VXA]! Each tag has to be there, like [XP][VX][VXA]!


Please use this template here when you are submitting a script. It makes your topic overviewable. If you do not apply the template's header appropriately, your script will not be listed in the database on the homepage.

[SIZE=16pt]Version: <NUMBER>[/SIZE]


[li]<AND HERE>[/li]
[li]<AND HERE>[/li]
[li]<AND SO ON>[/li]





[SIZE=18pt][b]Credits and Thanks[/b][/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt][b]Author's Notes[/b][/SIZE]



The Key Terms mentioned in the header of the topics are:

  • Actor Add-on

  • Add-on Collection

  • Battle Add-on

  • Blizz-ABS Plugin

  • Custom Battle System

  • Custom Environment System

  • Custom Equipment System

  • Custom Item System

  • Custom Menu System

  • Custom Message System

  • Custom Movement System

  • Custom Shop System

  • Custom Skill System

  • Enemy Add-on

  • Environment Add-on

  • Game Utility

  • Menu Add-on

  • Message Add-on

  • Minigame

  • Misc Add-on

  • Misc System

  • Movement Add-on

  • Player / Party / Troop Add-on

  • RMX-OS Plugin

  • Scripting Tool

  • Title / Save / Load / GameOver Add-on

These Key Terms allow that your script is listed on the homepage appropriately. If you leave it out or don't use it at all, your script will not be listed in the database on the homepage. Do not edit any Key Term, they have to be written exactly as here. More than one term is not allowed!


If you have not applied the template correctly, your script will not appear in the database on the homepage. The capitalization and properly using the spaces in the header section is important, the rest is not.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Welcome! / Re: this is nice!
January 07, 2008, 08:36:17 pm
I agree, the skin isn't as nice as the old one, but it is more stable, has more working features and (the most imporatant thing) a REALLY working "Show unread posts since last visit" feature which I missed so much. Of course I will make a new skin as soon as I can. I'm only using this one because the colors were similar to the old skin.
Welcome! / Re: this is nice!
January 07, 2008, 08:24:05 pm

Spoiler: ShowHide
much better this forum is.
News / Suggestions / Feedback / Blizz-ABS promotion
January 07, 2008, 07:41:48 pm
Do you want to help promote Blizz-ABS? Use one of those codes in your signature. Use it here and/or on any other forum (I even allow this sig on rmrk). I appreciate anybody's help to make more of those. :)

1. The irritating picture
[b]What that is? Affection area for flails. - [/b][URL=][color=blue][b]Blizz-ABS, the ultimate ABS[/b][/color][/URL]

What that is? Affection area for flails. - Blizz-ABS, the ultimate ABS

2. Lag-A-Lot in Action
[b]What that is? Sir Lag-A-Lot beating up some enemies. - [/b][URL=][color=blue][b]Blizz-ABS, the ultimate ABS[/b][/color][/URL]

What that is? Sir Lag-A-Lot beating up some enemies. - Blizz-ABS, the ultimate ABS

3. Tight Situation
[b]What that is? Sir Lag-A-Lot gets cut by two enemies at once. - [/b][URL=][color=blue][b]Blizz-ABS, the ultimate ABS[/b][/color][/URL]

What that is? Sir Lag-A-Lot gets cut by two enemies at once. - Blizz-ABS, the ultimate ABS
QuoteIn April 2006 a community project called Chaos Project - The Three Moons™ was started by several forum members on with a member called Blizzard as unofficial project leader. Because the only administrator Crankeye back then didn't want to make a special hidden forum section for the members of the development team, a new IF forum was made with the name Chaos-RPG Development by the member called Dart (aka Sha aka Adam) and made the project leader Blizzard administrator as well. Soon Dart started acting too much on his own and coming up with decisions without consulting other team members or at least Blizzard, the actual project leader. He would recruit team members and change the organization of the forum on his own.

Just a couple of days after that it was discovered that Dart himself tried to steal not only CP - TTM™, but also Blizzard's Chaos Project (which was renamed to Chaos Project - Nemesis' Wrath™ to prevent confusion of those two projects). Due to some lucky coincidence Dart mixed up those projects somehow and it was possible to discover him as the thief he was. Blizzard had to make a quick decision, since this also involved his own project on which he is working alone. If he would have just kicked out Dart of the team, Dart could have taken revenge, since he was the root administrator and delete all the team's efforts within the discussion topics. Blizzard made a new IF forum called Chaos Project. Since he had no time to think to much about a name, he named it after the project itself. Since he was an administrator, he was able quickly transfer the most vital post data to CP. Dart was expelled from the forum and development team.

The project development continued "normally" while Dart tried to start his own. Later there were various dramas about Dart even stealing the skin from Chaos Project. Blizzard deleted the hotlinked pictures and messed up the look of Chaos-RPG Development.

What happened to Dart's project is commonly unknown, but it is rumored that it is going very slow in development. There were even reports that the infamous "Scripting Archangel" SephirothSpawn was administrator for a while or even still is administrator at Dart's new forum.

In the end of November 2006 Chaos Project - The Three Moons™ was canceled due to lack of progress. The main reason was that the team had about ten mappers, though no maps were made during half a year of development time. Blizzard himself stated:
Quote from: Blizzard
The game has been canceled. I have done a terrible mistake by thinking under-aged kids would take it serious and take it to the end, but I was wrong. Even when I said it will be commercial and they could earn some money, the situation didn't change. I can't do everything by myself. Note that I mention here the kids and it is their fault, since there were a few mature members in the team who were actually doing something. I am glad these people were taking this actually seriously and put some effort into it and I apologize for taking these people's time for a project that was actually determined to fail from the beginning on.

All in all: The game was canceled, because of many of the members were not doing anything, they lost interest and they were undetermined.
At least I have learned something out of it: NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH CHILDREN! =P
News / Suggestions / Feedback / CP on the move!
January 07, 2008, 06:48:35 pm
I ask every member here to post their old topics at this new forum and help me out with moving. It is you who make the forum what it is. :)

The old forum URL is
I figured that I should make some rules for mods. For now I have usually told the person via PM what (s)he can do and what not, but I think it would be better to have it at one place, so other members can see it as well.


Rules for Mods:

  • Never and I mean NEVER abuse your mod powers for personal gain. I have an action log in the admin CP, I can find out if an abuse really happened. Punishment can vary from permanent de-modding to permanent ban.
  • When an abuse is reported, I will look into it. If there is a suspicion that the abuse really occurred, you will be suspended until the matter has been solved.
  • Editing others' posts without ANY VALID reason can have punishments varying from temporary de-modding up to permanent ban. This is a slightly lighter offense than abuse, therefore temporary de-modding is possible.
  • If you lose your mod status completely, you will never be able to regain mod status again. If you were just degraded, you may earn it back.
  • If your step back from your position, the only way to make you a mod again is if you request it back. Then you may regain mod status if I see fit. If not, you may regain mod status later if I see fit. Whether or not I see fit mostly depends on the current situation of mods. If there are already too few mods around, you may just get your mod status back.
  • A serious offense is to make the S.P.A.M. section become serious. It's there for fun. Don't take it seriously, don't make it serious.

Guidelines for Mods:

  • If you are a mod for the first time, make yourself familiar with all the new options and powers that you have gained. Some are accessible in the topic listing index, some are accessible directly in the topics. Notice the change in details. If you have questions, you can google, ask an admin or another mod for help.
  • Don't edit posts unless somebody messed up with quote/code tags, the post has explicit flaming, advertising in the wrong section and/or breaking any other rules. Adding a funny comment or editing for fun without any damage is ok, just don't do it too often or I will consider it as abuse.
  • If somebody broke a rule, you can either edit the post and ADD a warning or simply post the warning. Both are ok.
  • Move topics to the right section on sight. Always leave the redirection link. If you are unsure about whether a topic belongs or doesn't belong into a section or where to move it, you can do as you think it's best, ask an admin / another mod or do both. You don't have to leave a redirection link if you posted the topic yourself just moments ago and realized that you posted it in the wrong section.
  • Don't lock topics that have been "RESOLVED", but rather lock topics to prevent further damage such as a "hot debate" that is slowly turning into a flaming topic.
  • Lock duplicate topics and leave a link to the other topic.
  • If a duplicate topic was posted by the author of the original topic just in another section and it actually has gotten already some posts, first move the clone to the appropriate section (the original as well if necessary) and then merge them.
  • If a topic starts going too much off-topic, but the off-topic discussion is relevant, consider splitting the topic. This goes for spammed up topics with actually funny spam as well.
  • Deleting topics may only be done if somebody breaks the rules extremely such as heavy flaming, repeated advertising, repeated violation of the same rules within short time periods. etc. Consider locking the topic first, it may be a better solution. Consider a basic ban (see below) in extreme cases. You can delete duplicate topics if you see fit (such as an identical topic without any replies yet). Rely on your common sense here.
  • No deleting or locking is necessary in the S.P.A.M. section. Editing posts isn't really necessary either, but since it's the spam section, it's ok for fun (or upon heavy violation of rules such as posting porn).
  • Extension on the last rule: Consider splitting and moving serious topics out of spam, before S.P.A.M. becomes serious.
  • Deleted posts and topic end up in the Recycle Bin which can only be accessed by admins. That means that you don't have to be afraid to delete topics or posts if you think it's right. So if you mess up accidentally or it wasn't the best course of action, it can be reversed like anything else.
  • Banning accounts is allowed for 24, 48 or 72 hours upon heavy violation of the rules for the first time. The time is determined by personal estimation. Upon repeated violation the ban can be renewed/extended to 1 week, then 1 month. Inform me of any ban action.
  • Always keep in mind that your common sense is the best way to determine an appropriate course of action. These are guidelines, not rules so don't follow them blindly.
The Rules

1. No doubleposting within 24 hours of your previous post. After 24 hours, it is ok to do so. If you forgot to say something in your original post, or need to change any information, then you should make use of the MODIFY button. Don't forget that SMF will treat an edit of the last post just like a new post it will be displayed as if there were new posts in the topic.

2. Keep images in your signatures within 800x200 px and 200 kB. The pictures in your signature may altogether be no more than 200 kB. Every signature not matching this criteria is a subject of the moderator team to remove and leave this rule as message in your signature. For reference, maximum avatar size is 140x200 px.

3. Gravedigging and necroposting is allowed if your post is relevant or important enough. That means as long as your post is relevant and important enough to post in a topic that has been considered dead, it is ok. Unless, of course, the topic you're posting in is several months old, then you would be better off just starting your own topic. This also means posting just to say "Cool" or "I agree" or anything else pointless in nature will result in the deletion of the post and/or locking of the topic.

4. No flaming. It will result in deletion of your posts, and at Admin's decision, temporary or permanent banning. The forums are used as forums for mature debating, although the "mature" part in itself is debatable. Of course you can make fun and jokes. This is no flaming.

5. No spamming. This is of course acceptable in the Spam forum, but nowhere else.

6. You may only advertise your site in the "Advertising" forum if you have 30 posts of more. Otherwise the topic will be deleted. Advertising external sites in your signature is acceptable, but keep it to a minimum.

7. Use the Search function. There may already be a topic that exists that you're going to post about. If you have a problem with RPG Maker, chances are someone else has had this problem too. Search to see if the topic exists. If you can't find it, then feel free to post it; we won't get mad if you've actually TRIED to search.

8. New projects must meet the requirements. Check out the stickied topic in the Projects section.

9. Images should always be put in [spoiler] tags. Some people have dial-up or limited bandwidth. Exception are smaller images (by filesize, not by dimensions!) and logos from companies and/or game projects and/or forums (i.e. in the advertising section) and some other special cases where the information is actually on the image (images with lots of text).

The Additional Rules for the Shoutbox

1. Shoutvertising is looked down upon. Shoutvertising is posting a shout that directs peoples attention to an existing topic. Everybody can see new topics and if they wanted to answer, they would have answered. You shoutvertising will not change anything. Shoutvertisement is subject to deletion without notice.

2. Posting external links is ok. While you should keep it to a minimum, it's alright to post some funny stuff or interesting links in the shoutbox, don't overdo it. It's just annoying.

3. Do NOT ask for help. The shoutbox is intended to serve as quick communication tool somewhere in between topics and chat. Unless you have a short questions that requires a short answer, do NOT post your question in the shoutbox. It will be ignored.

4. Multiple shouts are allowed. As the shoutbox has a limitation of 500 characters per shout, you are allowed to make multiple shouts. That doesn't mean you can shout 10 times in a row. See rule #5.

5. Flooding of the shoutbox is strictly forbidden. Flooding the shoutbox can lead to even permanent bans. Don't flood the shoutbox.

The Additional Rules for IRC Chat

1. All regular forum rules apply. Failure to abide these rules can result in a kick. If severe enough, a ban will be accounted for.

2. Repeated advertising of other channels/IRC servers is strictly forbidden. Mentioning once is allowed (i.e. "Hey, I'm going to #XYZ, you should come over, it's great there."). Repeated advertising can result in kicks and bans.

3. You can change your name using the /nick command. For more information see below. While you do have the freedom to use any name, DO NOT imitate another user. You are allowed to impersonate for fun by using similar names only if:
  • You are registered at the forum.
  • At least one member knows who you really are.
  • You answer who you really are if you get asked.

You already have agreed to these terms by registering at this forum.

4. You are allowed to stay completely anonymous without identifying yourself. In that case it is completely forbidden to impersonate somebody which includes least similar usernames and claiming to be somebody else without being able to prove it by using the appropriate registered username.

5. Register your own name as soon as possible to prevent somebody impersonating you. Registering somebody else's name will result in an immediate ban.

Examples for valid joke names:


  • Starrodsmelly86
  • Lizzard
  • MethLock


  • Blizzard
  • Aqua
  • UltaFlame

IRC Chat Info/Help

For those amongst you that connect using an IRC client, the server is

  • When you connect, type /join #chaosproject (not necessary if connecting over the website).
  • You can register your name with /ns register PASSWORD EMAIL. The EMAIL is used in case you forget your pass.
  • When you log in, use /ns identify PASSWORD so that the system knows it really is you who is using that name. This is only necessary if you have registered that name. You will be prompted to do so by NickServ.
  • Finally you can kick someone from chat in order to regain your nick by using /ns ghost NICK PASSWORD.
  • You should change and validate your name before you join #chaosproject, but it is not necessary.
  • Bans in IRC are different than on the forum. You can be banned on IRC and not forum and vice versa.

Violation against the rules can result in deletion of posts/shouts without notice, temporary bans of all sorts and lengths and even permanent bans.
Welcome! / New at chatrooms/forums?
January 07, 2008, 05:30:35 pm
New at chatrooms/forums? Read this and this.
You also have a Acronym finder here.
Welcome! / Welcome!
January 07, 2008, 05:17:02 pm
I welcome all of you to "ChaosProject"! Feel free to register as well as post and reply here. Have a good time!