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Once again, a heads-up for all those tormented by 1.05: RPGXPU by Cremno (fixes Show Text line bug and small Script command window as well).

Regarding the tracker: up n running, posting/editing not working yet Akismet fixed. Gonna check the new site for updates now.
Just PM'd Phoenix, but my original plan was to have a dead simple tracker serving as central index of specific issues while keeping discussions on this site (maybe open up a sub-forum). Imho no need for another badly(?) frequented forum, but now that it's already there... shrug.

Debian installation is running, I should manage to piece it all together this evening.
Jesus :^_^':
I guess I owe you some for hijacking this project. Haven't read through all the posts on your new site but I'll certainly catch up tomorrow.

Quote from: PhoenixFire on June 02, 2014, 06:20:56 pmThere's your answer... The site's gone, no backup, nadda.

Tell me what to do with dat stuff. Repost to new or restore the old site?
I still have CP as an app tab but didn't take a single look till today -- life's been extremely busy for me lately, sorry.

I had to wipe the server that the files and bugtracker was hosted on a while ago and didn't get to install the backups somewhere else yet. The hoster also cancelled all my other servers so I don't have a place to host the bugtracker at the moment. Apparently they weren't amused I had over 100TB of outgoing traffic in 5 days. Idk what's wrong with them.

Anyway, thank you Phoenix for providing a mirror; 2.3 is still the latest version but I definitely should check all the scripts for updates soon.
Bump!! Offering a tip of $35 for this one now :up:

Just drop me a PM when you're gonna take up the job or if you have any more questions :)

Edit: Already found someone
Sure thing, sounds interesting. I've made this tutorial with people in mind that already had an XP game in the works and wanted to pimp it a bit. Also thought about making an all-in-one script including some of the fixes from the tracker as well, allowing you to de-/activate them in a config header. Yet I didn't feel like there was a need for it, seeing that the kit only gets downloaded about 6 times a day.

I'm curious what "making the conversion of the engine for them" would look like? Is there anything easier than c'n'ping a couple files and scripts?
Quote from: sekiraze on December 31, 2013, 08:32:28 amas an Original German Grammar Nazi: It is "Auf Deutsch bitte sehr"
:haha:  :facepalm:  :haha:
Einspruch! I do beseech thee to read this excerpt, for I am afraid thou art mistaken!
A couple of days ago a person told me her project stopped working after updating her RMXP to 1.05. If you're running 1.05 as well, please check this site with solutions in order to be able to playtest your project:
RPGXP 1.05 overwrites RGSS3 dll when saving

I've also updated the tutorial.
You may, as the licence states (it also has been already translated into Russian). However I won't be able to keep it up to date if you post it there. A few tilemap rewrites are still being worked on, useful scripts added, so the description may change.
@gameus: From what I've understood $TEST has to be true in order for the RTP script to work, which shouldn't be a problem as this var isn't used in RGSS1's base scripts (as LD already mentioned).

Also don't forget that both $DEBUG and $TEST are natively false when the game is launched from inside the editor. This is the reason for the line being in the scripts.

I've added $TEST = true among a note to the RTP script.
Fixed the script.

Quote from: LiTTleDRAgo on September 12, 2013, 01:43:36 pmthere is also an issue when $TEST is changed to false ($DEBUG is okay), all RTP is gone

So better add $TEST = true in the script? There aren't any hardcoded debug functions checking for $TEST in RGSS3, are there?
Added WHITE-FLUTE's C++ Tilemap and XP RTP loading script. I recommend the new tilemap to everyone encountering lag on graphic-heavy maps with one of the Ruby rewrites.
QuoteJust curious, what are you trying to do?
For every outdoor map, for each time of day there's a dedicated light-/shadowmap, along with a region-specific tileset, which are changed on-the-fly on the map and tend to be rather large.

Quotewhy not just load them during times where lag is prominent/less inconvenient (such as during teleporting or starting up the game)?

Quote from: ForeverZer0 on August 26, 2013, 04:02:43 pmYou could run a small snippet to pre-cache bitmaps using RPG::Cache when the program is first launched.

This is what I currently do, pre-buffering graphics at the start and in inns or in lieu of wait commands in events, etc. So far RAM usage never exceeds 400 MB.
Yet I thought it was kind of a waste and was wondering whether there were more elegant alternatives. Furthermore you'll be able to stream the game, so I'd really like to keep the required minimum preload (files accessed in the first ~3 minutes) as small as possible (<50 megs), while avoiding stutters on maps later on in the first chapter.
Ah now that makes sense, thanks for enlightening me :haha: so I guess no lag-free image loading on XP with 1.8.1 :/
 :huh: So why can you, for example, calculate pi in a seperate (Ruby 1.8 ) thread while not experiencing any significant lag in the main game thread itself?
Well it's not about the improved performance of multiple green threads (if there's any) but avoiding the small lag that occurs when loading a new tileset/lightmap while the player is wandering a map. If I could I'd just load these files in a seperate thread in advance and swap them when it's time.
I've put my autosave system into a seperate thread as well and it eliminated the hickup so I was wondering whether this is possible with caching bitmaps too.
I wouldn't mind if it took three times as long, however it shouldn't affect the main thread as the built-in Bitmap does.

Loading bitmaps via the built-in Bitmap class is halting program execution until the file is fully loaded. This is also true when done in a seperate Thread. Not sure about fork or spawn as those are not supported by Windows Ruby 1.8.1. Is it possible to asynchronously load bitmaps from files (mostly pngs) without lag, maybe using some third-party library or dll? I took a look at chunky_png and RMagick, however I suppose those don't work in RM-Ruby.

TIA, cheers!
Maybe do a tracert to your friends' IPs and post anonymized results here. This could help narrow down the cause a bit more.
RMXP Script Database / Re: [XP] Zer0 CMS
August 23, 2013, 08:02:18 am
Conditional Branch (Script): Quest.status(2) == 'Failed'
Quote from: Sasquatch927 on August 22, 2013, 03:16:10 pmEDIT: I just now discovered that the above errors only occur whenever you make the script call 'time.advance_day(1)'

I can confirm that -- when manually advancing the day from January 1st on, the starting days of the next month are as follows (default setup):

February: 5, 30, 3, 1, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 3, 1, next year: nil can't be coerced into Fixnum