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Quote from: KK20 on September 02, 2022, 08:04:20 pmThat sounds fairly easy to do.
Conditional Branch: [Item] in inventory
  # Player gained an item, so prepare for when they run out of it again
  Control Switches: Switch = OFF
  # This check is to ensure we don't fire off the event more than once
  Conditional Branch: Switch == OFF
    # Do your stuff here...
    Control Switches: Switch = ON

Thank you so much! Do I have to number the switch?
How do I tell the script to "Run common Event number X"?
Sorry, I'm not that well-versed with RGSS scripts
Ah I see. Well, what I'm trying to do is to have a common event that runs a parallel process checking for if a certain item exist in inventory (item is consumable). So if you sold or used up all of your stocks, it would trigger something to happen.

It seems to be tedious/inconvenient to have to paste this event in all of the maps.
Yes, but I need the common event to autorun as a parallel process in every map.
If I copy-paste the event, it would be a big trouble if I change something in the event. I would have to re-copy it again.
I'm assuming this script would still need an event in each map, except that it would just use the script to "run <template> event here".
If I can hard-wire the common event into the main script database itself it would be nicer, I imagine.
I'm a bit confused about how to use this script . The instructions is not clear.

I have made an event with <template> in it. Then is it possible to key in the event to be copy-pasted to all maps? Or do I still have to make a new event and call the script to duplicate the template event?

Incidentally I just tried playtesting from a save file and it gives me NoMethodError. The line in question says:
@saved_events[@map_id] ||= []

I suppose that means the script has not detected a template yet if I run from a save file? It doesn't occur when I start a new game, I just don't understand what to do with this script and how do I use the template?

Also if this is not the best script to use, if there's alternatives I'll take it too. What I need is to have a certain event to be copy-pasted into ALL maps, without having to manually copy-paste the event into all the maps. Preferrably if it could be scripted into the main scripts somewhere, it would be great.
I have a map display script, and I want the map name to say "???" until you talk to somebody who tells you where you are. I browsed all over but I can't find anything?
I saw modern algebra's script that allows you to manually rename maps, but that's not what I want to do, and I don't know enough about RGSS2 to know how to modify it.