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I would imagine that it's hard-coded into the engine/maker itself and can't be changed? I ask because i don't quite like the usual results... The rooms are too square/cubical and not random enough and i don't like one thick walls for a dungeon, at least not in ace...

Should i just continue to modify the results of the dungeon maker until i'm happy or perhaps consider using something else to make the base design and make that in the engine?
So i used reddit's buildapc sub as a springboard and used this utility to make a parts list and since the place seems to be quite slow, i would like to ask for your opinions as well.

I'm looking to build a competent gaming pc, one that runs most games at a solid 60 at high to max setting, so would this be any good?
Resource Requests / Free music
May 30, 2014, 02:14:21 pm
So where do you guys get music for your games? Since i'm currently just messing about and getting back into the swing of things, i don't want to pay for the music. I personally have been using incompetech and newgrounds audio portal. What else do you guys use?
Video Games / Minecraft (vanilla and modded)
March 29, 2014, 11:16:15 am
So i was just watching Biffa2001 on youtube when i realized, we haven't really talked about minecraft and so on. For now we'll have both vanilla and modded MC in this thread, but if it demands it, we'll split them to their own threads.

What do you guys like about MC? What do you not like (and if you say resource collection, i'm gonna kick you in the throat, because of course resource collection is boring unless you find a cave to explore)?

What are some of your favorite and least favorite or even hated mods? They don't have to be current...

Personally open blocks, extra utilities and ThaumCraft are some of my favorite mods...
Advertising / Streaming now!
March 08, 2014, 07:11:00 am
Come watch me play Shadowrun Retruns:
So, has anyone else seen this WONDERFUL sentai series? If you don't know what sentai is, take Power Rangers, make it Japanese (all PR seasons are based on pre-existing sentai BTW) and give them an actual plot is the jist of it...

Also, have you seen other sentai series, and if so what did you think of them?
Personally, since i've promised to be a GM for my friends, and even before, i've been itching to get some "REAL" RP experience under my belt. Currently, i am looking at using Roll20 for the virtual tabletop and FATE Core as the ruleset. If there's interest, but no experience in DMing FATE, i am willing to be the DM if you are willing to put up with my noobness.

I don't know what else to say at this point, so i guess that's all for now.
So, i'm trying to get into playing tprpg's and i have a couple of friends interested, but i would like to garner more experience before it, seeing as how i'm going to be the DM.

So, anybody interested in playing ANY tabletop/pen and paper RPG with me on The one were planning on playing with my friends is a free one called Heroes Against Darkness which seems quite decent. Both new-comers and veterans are welcome by me, since i'm a newbie myself, having my RP experience gathered from tales as told by others, mainly Spoony and the stories on Gametales.
So, i got my self a PS3 few weeks back. Now, since i got some monies to spend, i'd like to buy a couple games for it, since i don't own any.
(for those wondering, i have two games borrowed from a friend). I have a couple in mind which i will most likely get, and they are as follows:

  • FFXIII - series
Why? Well, this is one of the two games i borrowed from my friend, and i like it. Sure it's linear as all fuck, but the story is compelling enough for me to ignore that for the moment at least, and i hear XIII - 2 is even better.
  • Some versions of DW6&7
Why Dynasty Warriors, even though they just re-hash the same story etc. Well, i really don't play DW games for their story, but for the beat 'em up action.
  • One Piece Pirate Warriors
I love DW and i LOVE OP, so it's win-win
  • Smaurai Warriors 3
A spin off from DW, and has some cool characters of it's own. I bought 2 some time ago and loved it. Especially Kotaro Fuma

And a couple i'm thinking of getting, but am not sure yet.
  • GTA IV
Is it any good, or should i skip it and wait to grab V?
  • C&C games
I'm a fan of the C&C games, but would they really work on a console?

So what are some affordable (max. about 50$ or 40€ depending on the game) that are a must own for PS3 etc.
Hey, i've been trying to create a intro for my YT videos with Vegas by having a greenscreen animation of a waving Finnish flag over clouds while music plays...
However, it won't render it. Won't give me a reason (i think it says something to the effect that the reason couldn't be determined). It's about fifteen seconds long, which makes me think, is there a minimum length for videos that Vegas will render. I wouldn't think so, since i know people who have shorter intros than that. I think Skydoesminecraft, Antvenom and Caveman films have intros under ten seconds...
Oh, and i'm using Pro 11.0... If that helps...
Video Games / AC1 problem
November 15, 2012, 04:12:58 pm
Does anybody else /has anyone had a similar problem when playing AC1 on pc. The sounds goes on fine, and regular game play is fine, but during cutscenes animation is delayed.
And by delayed i mean that it doesn't seem to start when it's supposed to, and is maybe a bit slow, though not by much.
Like, when people are speaking, the speech comes on just fine, but the speaking animation lasts seconds later...
I have managed to change the font by adding this to the main script:
Font.default_name = ["Arial"] # Edit as you see fit.
  Font.default_size = 22 # Edit as you see fit.

How ever, now i need a way to change the font in-game since i want a custom font on the title, and another as a speaking font...
Entertainment / Streaming tomorrow!
November 08, 2012, 10:06:02 am
I will be doing a live stream at, and the stream will start at about 18:00 (6PM) GMT+2 time. Use this to see what your local time will be.
I welcome you all to come and watch. I'm not quite sure what games i will play, but that will be part of the fun :P
Script Requests / A timer script for dialogue in VXA
October 19, 2012, 10:53:03 am
Yes, i'd like to have a script that gives a visible timer that can be called when choosing some options...
Naturally i need the time to be able to be customized when calling the script...
So here's what i want, in a pseudo-event code...

>>intialaize timer at 20 seconds
>>Choice 1
>>Choice 2
>>Choice 3
>>Choice 4

When timer runs out, it picks the one you had highlighted at that moment...
Advertising / My new channel!
October 18, 2012, 10:07:34 am
Aye, i've made a new channel for reasons i may or may not explain at another time...
I had for a while a crappy video of Torchlight on there, but took it down as it was indeed crap.
New video is FTL, or Faster than light.
Feedback and critique is welcome, as long as it is meaningful.
So comments like "First" etc, and "You suck" (with out giving a reason as to why i suck) will be deleted on sight, and repeated offenders will be blocked...
So, yea the title sums it up.
I'm trying to install/get up an' running this thing:
I installed ruby with the installer it referred to, and i have tried configuring it, but either i am doing something wrong because of the lacking instructions...
Or, i'm just an idiot in general...
I'm using Icechat, since i got fed up with mIRC always trying to get me to buy it, and eventually it "locked" me out from using it...
Script Requests / Script to delete saves on RMXP
September 13, 2012, 03:20:34 am
You read that right. I want a script that deletes a SPECIFIC save or saves from the saves folder upon condition.
I'm currently hatching up a RPG (duh) that has somewhat of a p&p/tabletop rpg feel to it.
I will either use Blizz-ABS or a tactical system for battle...
The reason i want it to delete the saves is so that when you die, you can't just load up from before, and continue...
So, anybody here think they could do me a favor, and do me a short animation for a intro on my LP videos.
All i have as guide lines are that it should (it doesn't have to) have a space at the end for my channel name (i have two so i need a space to put one for my Finnish one, and one for my English one).
Also, i would like it to feature few video game characters briefly. I have no guidelines as to who it should and should not feature, just a few preferences, that you do not necessarily have to comply to; Tombi/Tomba from the games of the same name. Solid Snake (MGS1&2 style, not old snake) maybe even Naked Snake (from MGS3, basically Solid with a full beard and an eye-patch and camo fatigues...) and Tidus, Auron and Jecht from FFX.
It doesn't even have to be a full blown animation, it can be like what Spoony (from TGWTG/Spoony Experiment) has.
I am planning to use part(s) of this as the intro music, if i get the permission (which i think i probably will, since i know the artist on a more personal level).
Also, you can if you want to (again you don't have to comply to any of this if you don't want to, it just would be preferred) have even me pop up in there. If you want to see what i look like, just say and i will give you a few images to use as reference.

If at all possible, i would like it to be usable by the first full week of June (that is next month). I may even pay a decent amount (from 5€ to 20€ depending on quality etc.)
Entertainment / Hardstyle battle: Shuffle vs. Jumpstyle
February 06, 2012, 03:22:54 pm
So, i came across this video that depicts few instances of shuffle dancing (to trance etc.) and jumpstyle (jumping in rhythm?) and has the commentators vote which is better...

In my opinion, shuffle is the better one, since it requires actual skill, and isn't just hopping around...

But, what do you think?
Video Games / Holyrapid does Let's Plays
January 29, 2012, 08:17:22 am
Ok, since Blizz himself asked me to post-pone my LLIV-LP until he finishes the Beyond epic mode, i'll do just that.
BUT! That doesn't mean that i will stop doing LP's. It just means that CP is paused for now.
In it's place we get a new LP about a re-animated skeleton who has only one eye. He's off to fight an evil wizard who looks like a hag, despite being a man.
He also has a creepy chin... I mean, LOOK AT THAT THING! GAWD!

Anyway, here's the video: Episode 1: Meet the one eyed skeleton. If you find int funny and/or entertaining, please give it a like, show it to your friends etc.
It really helps me. Not by much, but that's the point. Even one little hit of the green thumb is worth more... kinda.
Also, add to favorites and stuff...
YES! I WILL FINALLY DO IT! I will start doing episodes next weekend latest, though i will try to start doing them on Monday or Tuesday.
Now then, since that's out of the way, on to the second point of this post, voting.
I want you to vote here on the episode length.
Thirdly, if Blizz or some other admin would be as kind as to change my nick from the current DesPKP to Holyrapid, since i have dropped out from usin both PKP and its international deriative DesPKP.
It's Pyhänkoski, Pyhankoski, and interntaionally more often Holyrapid.

Ok people, the first three episodes are up:

Since Blizz has asked me to post-pone this, i will for now lock the topic and make a new topic for my other LP's.
if you find any of my videos entertaining and/or funny please sub, fave and like. It helps me at least by a bit.
So "see you" on the other topic. :D
Hia guys and gals. Since i've been totally in active for a while, i thought i'd come back with a bang.
I will do a stream of Deep Space Turtle Chase with my cousin in about one hour.
I will also upload it to Youtube, and link the videos afterwards.
I am also planning on other LP's, though at the moment my main focus is on my Finnish LP.

Edit: Forgot the link:
So, hi guys. I'm gonna do a let's play series, starting with Mega man X1, and i will upload them to my second account of HolyrapidGaming and, you can leave comments and constructive criticism in the Youtube comments.
Also, leave suggestions of who to beat next in the game. You can also leave comments etc. here though i'd prefer it to be on the actual video.

Also, i might, and probably will, do another let's Play on the side, so leave suggestion below or on my Channel page. I won't do PS2 or newer since my PS2 emulation sucks, my GC emulation doesn't work at all, and i don't even know about any X-box emulators... And i only own ps2 irl, but don't have a screen capture thing for it...
I'll put the video up around midnight GMT+2 time, so yea...
It's probably gonna take something like 6+ hours, so you do the math :P

Ok, my video is what, half a minute too long (around 15,30 in length) and once i get it uploaded, what does youtube do? FUCKING DELETE IT! GOD!
I have to cut it in someway, so i'll try to upload it again this eve or night...
RPG Maker Scripts / About UMS by Ccoa
June 07, 2011, 06:02:40 am
 8) I finally figured out why i couldn't get hexadecimal colors to work in UMS.
I didn't find any hints to this in the script, so i got frustrated and gave up. Many time i tried but to no avail.
Now, i looked at the demo and noticed, the colors need to have 0x in front of the in the \c[] box, normal, full red would be \c[0xff0000].
Also, do note that the letters, both the x and those in the actual code must be small (not capitals) for it to work.
This means that \c[0XFF0000] wouldn't work.

When i dug around the internet to find explanation as to why the hexa had 8 decimals, i found out that 0x somehow defines that it's a hexa code.
Hope this will help all those who are struggling with the color problem.
6 - 1

If you can beat this (and prove it) i applaud you. If not, you're just an average human...
Troubleshooting / Help / Offering help!
March 22, 2011, 01:37:42 pm
For once, somebody posting in this area/sub-board isn't asking for help, but offering it. because of THIS decision, i am offering the help mentioned in it.

So, if you're in need of minor graphics editing, and don't have the time/knowledge/resources to do it yourself, you can ask me and i'll see what i can do.

Also, i can make some sort of remixes (i use Audacity) and will usually make it the way i want it, but will try to make it something like you wanted. I make the remixes mainly by ear, so don't bother asking the technical stuff, because i won't probably remember it.

Also i can try to give small ideas and brainstorm and give criticism... That's all for now.
This is to be a thread in which we collect video game characters that seem to act normally but, when you stop to think about it, are doing something a bit... odd.
And this is supposed to be humorous.

For example, the final boss of Kirby's adventure (and thus it's remake Nightmare in Dreamland) main boss, Nightmare is known to hide his body in a cape that protects him. But, since you have to be able to defeat him, he reveals his bottom part from time to time, and does one of the attacks or just something.
But stop to think of it for a minute... He's a FLAHSER (aka an exhibitionist, wiki it)! He reveals himself to get 'sensations'...

Ok, you go on ahead and list characters that seem to act normal at first, but if you think of it, they're acting either pervy (like above) or odd or stupid, or just plain funny...