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General Discussion / RMMV Mobile Games
August 04, 2016, 11:34:11 pm
I thought I'd make a quick post on this because I think many may be curious how it works out.
Get ready...this post will probably be long like every other post i make.

A Brief history: (not directly related)
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I've always been interested in gaming on the go. I had every hand held I could think of. Even those lame Tiger games that beeped and had character outlines that changed position on screen when you moved them.

I dreamed of making gameboy games when I was young. Then Smartphones came out much later and I dreamed of making fun games for people to play. Not this pay to win stuff. they are gind fests that almsot force you into paying.

So naturally RMMV was REALLY exciting.

I picked up RMMV to focus on making mobile games.
RMMV is nice. There are tons of improvements made to it that I love. I think it's a great program.

I spent a few months making a game for a select group of people. I wanted to give the game out for free and experience the features of RMMV so it's all stock materials that are used except a few free scripts, original generated characters and my map designs (which were also simply designed for time sake).

I converted the project using intel XDS (cool program by the way).

First thing that happened is I used the *Import only materials used by the game* feature.
compiled it. played it on my tablet and found It didn't include a few important materials such as battle ANIMATIONS and CHARACTERS! lol.

So I recompiled the ENTIRE RTP with the game.
YAY! it worked!
I was happy.

I decided to play through the entire game on my tablet to make sure it felt right and was easy to navigate.
and this is where the more serious problems came in.

The game go SERIOUSLY laggy as i played. especially after playing for a good 10 minutes. the battles were moving so slow that I could see each frame.
I was using YANFLYs camera zoom when i cast a spell it zooms on the caster. The spell animation showed a flickering over lap of the transparent parts of the casting image animation.
It could be due to the script that this happened.

My tablet got EXTREMELY hot. to the point of concern. and it remained hot long after and even slowed my OS and other apps.
The final problem was suden crashing. The game suddenly crashed a few times some in battle and some jut walking on the map. no particular reason that i could find.

I made a quick video linked to one of my google drive. its about 8mb recorded with my phone so you could see the odd layering. I couldnt catch any screenshots.
Created a quick Youtube acount with that google account and uploaded it to youtube instead. Figured its more trustworthy. lol.

I'm unsure if this is because:
- i changed the resolution size to match Samsung galaxy phones / tablets.
- i used a nice zoomy battle script.
- XDS doesent convert well.
- samsung phonese / tablets are sensitive (i dont think thats the case really tho. I've played more taxing things and didnt have this issue.).
- This is the result of a crossover using a scripting language which isn't close to a machine a lot of processing is nessisary and it cant be helped.

I'm more inclined to believe tha latter of the 5.
I don't want to discourage anyone from getting RMMV. I really like the program. I'm just disappointed about the mobile feature.
But the good news is this is more reason to learn a more powerful language like JAVA,  C++ or C#

Could you share your experiences with this feature (mobile only) to spread more information on this topic?



I just wanted to relay this information for those who are curious about it
RPG Maker Scripts / MV Window_Selectable
December 18, 2015, 04:14:14 am
Hey fellas.

I'm still working on understanding RMMV and how it works.

I want to make more custom windows but this time I want to control the selecting.

My goal is to make my current script into an icon only script. Why? well...for practice and maybe it will work well for an android game.

I've managed to expand the size of an icon. not stretch it but expand the pixels from 32 to 64.
of coarse it now shows 4 icons but that's ok. I'll Fix it later.

the selectable box behind it is still regular size. I changed some code around and got the cursor rect to get bigger but i cant click it still. i need to click where the original row was.

I found another method which allowed me to do as I wanted but all text was screwed up.

Here's a failed image of my attempt. Any Ideas?

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RMMV Script Database / [MV] Custom Battle Windows
December 08, 2015, 06:05:57 am
Kiwa's Custom Battle Windows
Authors: Kiwa
Version: 1.2
Type: Battle Plug in
Key Term: Battle Add-on


This Script is an Alternative to the default window design. It re positions the windows and removes the battle log.


  • New Layout

  • Clear Status Window

  • Removes Combat Log

  • UPDATE Removes Party Command Window and adds Escape to Player Command Window

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* Kiwa's Custom Battle Windows                                      *
* KiwasCustomBattleWindows.js                                       *
* Version 1.0                                                       *
 *@plugindesc Changes the Combat Menu position.
 *@author Kiwa
 *@version 1.2

// This command runs the Function automatically without being called.
(function() {
* We are going to overwrite methods that have inharitade from object to   *
* object. The order of the inharitance is as follows:                     *
*                                                                         *
* Window.js < Window_Base.js < Window_Selectable.js < Window_SkillList.js *
* < Window_BattleSkill.js                                                 *
*                                                                         *
* These methods already exist. RPG maker will run them before running     *
* the plugins. By typing them again they will overwrite the old methods   *
//======================Skip party Command Window===============================

//=======================Battle Status Window Size==============================

 // Window Width
 Window_BattleStatus.prototype.windowWidth = function() {
   return  624;

// Window Height
 Window_BattleStatus.prototype.windowHeight = function() {
 return this.fittingHeight(this.numVisibleRows());

//==========================Enemy Select Window Size.===========================

 // Window Width
 Window_BattleEnemy.prototype.windowWidth = function() {
 return 624;

 // Window Height
 Window_BattleEnemy.prototype.windowHeight = function() {
 return this.fittingHeight(this.numVisibleRows());
//============================Party Command List================================

 // Window Width
 Window_PartyCommand.prototype.windowWidth = function() {
     return 192;
 Window_PartyCommand.prototype.numVisibleRows = function() {
   return 4;

//==========================Player Command Window===============================

 // Window Width
 Window_ActorCommand.prototype.windowWidth = function() {
   return 192;

 // Visible Selectable Command Rows
 Window_ActorCommand.prototype.numVisibleRows = function() {
   return 4;

//======================Battle Status Window Position=========================

 // Refreshes the window.
 Scene_Battle.prototype.updateWindowPositions = function() {
   /*var statusX = 0;
   if (BattleManager.isInputting()) {
       statusX = this._partyCommandWindow.width;
   } else {
       statusX = this._partyCommandWindow.width / 2;
   if (this._statusWindow.x < statusX) {
       this._statusWindow.x += 16;
       if (this._statusWindow.x > statusX) {
           this._statusWindow.x = statusX;
   if (this._statusWindow.x > statusX) {
       this._statusWindow.x -= 16;
       if (this._statusWindow.x < statusX) {
           this._statusWindow.x = statusX;
   } */
     this._statusWindow.x       = 190;
     this._statusWindow.y       = 0;
     this._statusWindow.opacity = 0;

//==================Create the Player's action select window===================

 // Creates the Actor's window.
 Scene_Battle.prototype.createActorWindow = function() {
   this._actorWindow = new Window_BattleActor(0, this._statusWindow.y);
   this._actorWindow.opacity           = 255;
   this._actorWindow.setHandler('ok',     this.onActorOk.bind(this));
   this._actorWindow.setHandler('cancel', this.onActorCancel.bind(this));

//========================The party's Command window============================

 //Skip Party Command Window
 Scene_Battle.prototype.startPartyCommandSelection = function() {
     if(BattleManager.startInput) {
     } else {

 //Party Command Window Position
 Scene_Battle.prototype.createPartyCommandWindow = function() {
   this._partyCommandWindow = new Window_PartyCommand();
   this._partyCommandWindow.x                 = 624;
   this._partyCommandWindow.y                 = 444;
   this._partyCommandWindow.opacity           = 255;
   this._partyCommandWindow.setHandler('fight',  this.commandFight.bind(this));
   this._partyCommandWindow.setHandler('escape', this.commandEscape.bind(this));

//=====================The Actor's Command window update=====================

 // Add New Command via 'this.addEscapeCommand'
 Window_ActorCommand.prototype.makeCommandList = function() {
     if (this._actor) {
// Creates the Method 'addEscapeCommand'
 Window_ActorCommand.prototype.addEscapeCommand = function() {
     this.addCommand('Escape', 'escape', BattleManager.canEscape());

 Scene_Battle.prototype.createActorCommandWindow = function() {
   this._actorCommandWindow = new Window_ActorCommand();
   this._actorCommandWindow.x                = 624;
   this._actorCommandWindow.y                = 444;
   this._actorCommandWindow.opacity          = 255;
   this._actorCommandWindow.setHandler('attack', this.commandAttack.bind(this));
   this._actorCommandWindow.setHandler('skill',  this.commandSkill.bind(this));
   this._actorCommandWindow.setHandler('guard',  this.commandGuard.bind(this));
   this._actorCommandWindow.setHandler('item',   this.commandItem.bind(this));
   this._actorCommandWindow.setHandler('escape',   this.commandEscape.bind(this));
   this._actorCommandWindow.setHandler('cancel', this.selectPreviousCommand.bind(this));

 // Rewrites the commandEscape method
 Scene_Battle.prototype.commandEscape = function() {
     BattleManager.clearActor(-1, '');

//=================Creates the Enemie choice window Position===================

 Scene_Battle.prototype.createEnemyWindow = function() {
   this._enemyWindow  = new Window_BattleEnemy(0, this._statusWindow.y);
   this._enemyWindow.Opacity          = 255;
   this._enemyWindow.setHandler('ok',     this.onEnemyOk.bind(this));
   this._enemyWindow.setHandler('cancel', this.onEnemyCancel.bind(this));

//=========================The Skill window position===========================

 Scene_Battle.prototype.createSkillWindow = function() {
   this._skillWindow = new Window_BattleSkill(192, 0, 180, 624); // (x, y, h, w)
   this._skillWindow.opacity          = 255;
   this._skillWindow.x                = 0;
   this._skillWindow.y                = 100;
   this._skillWindow.width            = 816;
   this._skillWindow.height           = 525;
   this._skillWindow.setHandler('ok',     this.onSkillOk.bind(this));
   this._skillWindow.setHandler('cancel', this.onSkillCancel.bind(this));

//===================The Item window size and position=========================
 Scene_Battle.prototype.createItemWindow = function() {
   this._itemWindow = new Window_BattleItem(192, 0, 180, 624); //(x, y, h, w)
   this._itemWindow.x                = 0;
   this._itemWindow.y                = 100;
   this._itemWindow.width            = 816;
   this._itemWindow.height           = 525;
   this._itemWindow.opacity          = 255;
   this._itemWindow.setHandler('ok',     this.onItemOk.bind(this));
   this._itemWindow.setHandler('cancel', this.onItemCancel.bind(this));

//=======================Create the Help window================================
 Scene_Battle.prototype.createHelpWindow = function(){
   this._helpWindow = new Window_Help();
   this._helpWindow.x                = 0;
   this._helpWindow.y                = 0;
   this._helpWindow.height           = 100;
   this._helpWindow.width            = 816;
   this._helpWindow.opacity          = 255;
   this._helpWindow.visible          = false;

//=====================Log window Position and size============================
 Scene_Battle.prototype.createLogWindow = function() {
   this._logWindow = new Window_BattleLog();
   this._logWindow.x                = 0;
   this._logWindow.y                = 444;
   this._logWindow.height           = 100;
   this._logWindow.width            = 816;
   this._logWindow.opacity          = 255;
   this._logWindow.visible          = false;

//==================Finish the opening automatic Function================


Plug and Play with the MV Plugin manager.


No incompatibility unless something else tries to modify the Battle_Scene.

Credits and Thanks

  • Special Thanks to everyone on the forum who has regularly helped me out with questions and helped me with prior scripting.

  • Karberus from the RPG maker forum who made a script I used to understand what was happening.

Author's Notes

This is my first script I've put out. I know it's simple but it was a milestone for me.
I learned a lot from it. Hopefully you can learn from mine.
Script Troubleshooting / RMMV Battle Scenes
December 07, 2015, 08:48:44 am
Hey friends,

Today I worked really hard to produce a simple script.
I was so happy to finally make something so that I too can contribute to the forum.
I've been working on this all day. Literally all day. more than 8 hours.

I used another script as a guide to help me.
But my script won't work.

I am disappoint....
All I wanted to do was flip the battle windows (for now).
But I can't seem to get it.

Can anyone offer some advice?
Spoiler: ShowHide

* Kiwa's Custom Battle Windows                                      *
* KiwasCustomBattleWindows.js                                       *
* Version 1.0                                                       *
  *@plugindesc Changes the Combat Menu position.
  *@author Kiwa
  *@version 1.0

// This command runs the Function automatically without being called.
(function() {
* We are going to overwrite methods that have inharitade from object to   *
* object. The order of the inharitance is as follows:                     *
*                                                                         *
* Window.js < Window_Base.js < Window_Selectable.js < Window_SkillList.js *
* < Window_BattleSkill.js                                                 *
*                                                                         *
* These methods already exist. RPG maker will run them before running     *
* the plugins. By typing them again they will overwrite the old methods   *

//=======================Battle Status Window Size==============================

  // Window Width
  Window_BattleStatus.prototype.windowWidth = function() {
    return  624;

// Window Height
  Window_BattleStatus.prototype.windowHeight = function() {
  return this.fittingHeight(this.numVisibleRows());

//==========================Enemy Select Window Size.===========================

  // Window Width
  Window_BattleEnemy.prototype.windowWidth = function() {
  return 624;

  // Window Height
  Window_BattleEnemy.protorype.windowHeight = function() {
  return this.fittingHeight(this.numVisibleRows());
//============================Party Command List================================

  // Window Width
  Window_PartyCommand.prototype.windowWidth = function() {
      return 192;
  Window_PartyCommand.prototype.numVisibleRows = function() {
    return 4;

//==========================Player Command Window===============================

  // Window Width
  Window_ActorCommand.prototype.windowWidth = function() {
    return 192;

  // Visible Selectable Command Rows
  Window_ActorCommand.prototype.numVisibleRows = function() {
    return 4;

//======================Battle Status Window Position=========================

  // Refreshes the window.
  Scene_Battle.prototype.updateWindowPositions = function() {
      this._statusWindow.x = 0;//624;
      this._statusWindow.y = 0; //180;
      this._statusWindow.opacity          = 255;
      this._statusWindow.contents.fontSize = 28;

//==================Create the Player's action select window===================

  // Creates the Actor's window.
  Scene_Battle.prototype.createActorWindow = function() {
    this._actorWindow = new Window_BattleActor(0, this._statusWindow.y);
    this._actorWindow.contents.fontSize = 28;
    this._actorWindow.opacity           = 255;
    this._actorWindow.setHandler('ok',     this.onActorOk.bind(this));
    this._actorWindow.setHandler('cancel', this.onActorCancel.bind(this));

//==================The party's Command window position========================

  Scene_Battle.prototype.createPartyCommandWindow = function() {
    this._partyCommandWindow = new Window_PartyCommand();
    this._partyCommandWindow.contents.fontSize = 28
    this._partyCommandWindow.x                 = 0;
    this._partyCommandWindow.y                 = 0;
    this._partyCommandWindow.opacity           = 255;
    this._partyCommandWindow.setHandler('fight',  this.commandFight.bind(this));
    this._partyCommandWindow.setHandler('escape', this.commandEscape.bind(this));

//=====================The Actor's Command window position=====================

  Scene_Battle.prototype.createActorCommandWindow = function() {
    this._actorCommandWindow = new Window_ActorCommand();
    this._actorCommandWindow.x                = 0;
    this._actorCommandWindow.y                = 0;
    this._actorCommandWindow.opacity          = 255;
    this._actorCommandWindow.comtent.fontSize = 28;
    this._actorCommandWindow.setHandler('attack', this.commandAttack.bind(this));
    this._actorCommandWindow.setHandler('skill',  this.commandSkill.bind(this));
    this._actorCommandWindow.setHandler('guard',  this.commandGuard.bind(this));
    this._actorCommandWindow.setHandler('item',   this.commandItem.bind(this));
    this._actorCommandWindow.setHandler('cancel', this.selectPreviousCommand.bind(this));

//=================Creates the Enemie choice window Position===================

  Scene_Battle.prototype.createEnemyWindow = function() {
    this._enemyWindow  = new Window_BattleEnemy(0, this._statusWindow.y);
    this._enemyWindow.content.fontSize = 28;
    this._enemyWindow.Opacity          = 255;
    this._enemyWindow.setHandler('ok',     this.onEnemyOk.bind(this));
    this._enemyWindow.setHandler('cancel', this.onEnemyCancel.bind(this));


//=========================The Skill window position===========================

  Scene_Battle.prototype.createSkillWindow = function() {
    this._skillWindow = new Window_BattleSkill(192, 0, 180, 624); // (x, y, h, w)
    this._skillWindow.content.fontSize = 28;
    this._skillWindow.opacity          = 255;
    this._skillWindow.setHandler('ok',     this.onSkillOk.bind(this));
    this._skillWindow.setHandler('cancel', this.onSkillCancel.bind(this));


//===================The Item window size and position=========================
  Scene_Battle.prototype.createItemWindow = function() {
    this._itemWindow = new Window_BattleItem(192, 0, 180, 624); //(x, y, h, w)
    this._itemWindow.content.fontSize = 28;
    this._itemWindow.opacity          = 255;
    this._itemWindow.setHandler('ok',     this.onItemOk.bind(this));
    this._itemWindow.setHandler('cancel', this.onItemCancel.bind(this));

//=======================Create the Help window================================
  Scene_Battle.prototype.createHelpWindow = function(){
    this._helpWindow = new Window_Help();
    this._helpWindow.x                = 0;
    this._helpWindow.y                = 0;
    this._helpWindow.height           = 100;
    this._helpWindow.width            = 816;
    this._helpWindow.opacity          = 255;
    this._helpWindow.content.fontSize = 28;
    this._helpWindow.visible          = false;

//=====================Log window Position and size============================
  Scene_Battle.prototype.createLogWindow = function() {
    this._logWindow = new Window_BattleLog();
    this._logWindow.x                = 0;
    this._logWindow.y                = 444;
    this._logWindow.height           = 100;
    this._logWindow.width            = 816;
    this._logWindow.content.fontSize = 28;
    this._logWindow.Opacity          = 255;
    //this._logWindow.Visible          = false;

//==================Finish the opening automatic Function================

For now I wanted to flip the screen so that the Status and commands are at the top and the log is at the bottom.
Eventually changing everything to Variables so that I can set up 4 or so default designs.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks fellas.


As of now I've got it working as intended. I discovered the debug f8 key and solved my issues almost immediately.
I had an extra close bracket and I spelled a .prototype wrong.

I'm trying to add a few extra things. But I'm excited to finally contribute something (even small) to the forum :D

I'll Hopefully post it up a bit later today. got some stuff to do before I can finish it.

Thanks Friends.

General Discussion / Being a Programmer
September 06, 2015, 01:50:27 am
Hey freinds,

Ive been coding on and off forever. but never getting too deep into it.
Lately I've considered cracking down and getting into programming as a career. I'm sure many others are probably interested in this too.
When I started using RMXP and trying to develop android Apps I learned programming classes and online lessons are completely different from this new world
I'm immersed in (making games or apps). I'm finding it more and more fun. but more and more difficult.

I was Hoping to start a thread for people to share their experiences as a professional, independent, or hobby programmer.

- What's it like working for a software company?
- What's it like working freelance coding?
- What was shocking entering the field?
- What are challenges you've come across?

- How did you overcome it?
- How did you cope with it?
- How did you fall into ot?
- How did you decide.

-Did you go to university?
-Did you start your own company?
-Did you get in a company without a degree?
-Did you O a programming boot camp?

talking to a friend of mine (his story was boring)
It paid a lot of money and he didn't wanna do too much physical work.

another girl I know said:
she started with engeneering. but she had to use C (or something) she enjoyed it so she started making Web apps.
She loved making small python apps for Web browsers. she applied for an engineering job but they liked her experience in programming so. they ended up paying for her to do training in Java and she became a Java programmer just by chance.
now she loves it.

This story was so cool!
I'd like to hear other people's experiences. perhaps it can inspire others

Sorry for the long winded post (as usual).

Hope to gear your great stories!
Sea of Code / Java
August 29, 2015, 01:06:33 am
Hey guys,

By now I'm sure by now some of you regulars probably know me enough to see my focus always changing.

I've put my RMXP project on a short halt to study programming a bit more seariously. I really want to learn this stuff inside out.
I'm working on an android app in Java to understand classes and such.

I'm trying to use WebView to load a page and inject text into the HTML text boxes. how I would assume to do it is use the textbox or variable name like
or something. but I can't seem to figure it out.

/* Resources */

package com.mycompany.myapp3;

import android.os.*;
import android.view.*;
import android.webkit.*;
import android.widget.*;

/* Main Body */
public class MainActivity extends Activity //used to be "protected" class not "public"
public static void main(){
//Toaster popUp = new Toaster();
//popUp.toaster("hello, im in main");

}/*end main Method*/

/* Bundle Initialization */
    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)

    /* Set myWebView Object */
WebView myWebView = (WebView) findViewById(; //set WebView to myWebView Object.
myWebView.setWebViewClient(new WebViewClient());
myWebView.loadUrl("javascript: window.confirm('ALERT!');");

/* Set WebView Settings */
WebSettings myWebViewSettings = myWebView.getSettings();
Toast.makeText(this, "Bundle initialization Complete!", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();


/* Start Button */
public void onStartClick(View view){

//Toast.makeText(this, "Start Button was Clicked", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();

/* Finish Button */
public void onFinishClick(View view){
} /* End of Mainactivity class */


/* Added class for Toast */
class Toaster extends Activity{
public Toaster(String txt){
Toast.makeText(this, txt, Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();


this is the code. some of it is playing around for testing still. but for example I want to insect text into the search bar. or other pages modify drop boxes and auto click buttons.

any guidance would be appreciated.

Resources / BABS Wep template.
December 04, 2013, 11:02:11 am
Hey guys..earlier i asked for a template for BABS wep swings.. i felt i didn't know where to put anything lol.

So after a while i felt i should make a quick template that people can use that will maybe help guild them when placing the weps. ( if they are as challenged as me that is lol)

Quick guide to my template.
Black is the boundary lines to the frame.
Pink is the center / quadrant lines for the frame.
Green is the swings motion lines (generally the hilt or handle should run along this line if the swing if the _atk char set isnt modded too much)

After laying the weapon just erase the lines, save the file then  import and have fun.

Here is the image with no wep.
Spoiler: ShowHide

Here is the img with a wep added.
Spoiler: ShowHide

I hope this can help others.
Resources / Hand drawn
November 29, 2013, 10:05:02 am
Hey fellas.. i had a great idea to hand draw everything for my game. i spent some time drawing and coloring the classic RMXP char just to give it a shot.

So i drew what i needed by hand..scanned it.. cleaned it a bit with photoshop..then sized it correctly to fit the normal char set ....and doesent look like i wanted it to.
maybe im no good with photoshop lol. (took me a long time to figure it out lol)

I decided to post it on here in case anyone wants to use any of it. its not bad just...its really light in color.

Heres the .JPG version of the large hand drawn copy after some clean up.
Spoiler: ShowHide

And here is the side by side with the normal sprite and my rezied one
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General Discussion / RmXP chipset lag?
November 14, 2013, 08:37:10 am
I didn't want to make an entire thread for just this but i guess i will.
If im posting in the wrong area please fix it for me :P

I'm running BABS and im trying to make detailed maps. using 2 different chipsets on different maps of cores.
Excuse the stock art...i plan to change it before moving on (this is my largest delay.... graphics and lag)

My question is... are chipsets causing lag?
Using 'Grassland' i have all 3 layers heavily used up and use panoramic ....and i can contain a lot of mobs before i get lag.
but 'Fort Im' seems to lag like hell. even just using 1 layer.
(i know darker colors may be harder to process..but it causing this?"
No Lag
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Severe Lag:
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You can see in 'grass lands' with 3 decently heavy layers and 6 mobs ...really no lag.

but no mobs in 'fortress in'...a lot of lag. ESP if i walk on an angle with the 8way walking on from babs.
The lag more than doubles if there's a second layer or 3rd. and if there's an event such as a mob or switch...forget it.. its almost unplayable.
Im a bit concerned about this in the long run. i actually plan to hand draw some chipsets  but if there is something to steer clear of with.
but is it as simple as darker colors? or what?

my computer isn't amazing but it can handle gaming at some level. so im a bit surprised to see this problem. even with no enemies 'Fortress In'  chugs like a train. but i really don't think its the fault of my laptop.

A while ago i read a post about updating the script using VX system.. would that actually help this issue? im also afraid of it damaging my code.
anywhoo..any help is appreciated. Thanks :D
New Projects / Uo
September 19, 2013, 09:07:54 am
Hey everyone,
I felt its about time I key a everyone in on what I've been doing as I have been in and out constantly asking questions and having requests with a lot of feed back and little to no return from me.
I cant invest so much time into this project which is bigger than I originally intended. So it will no doubt take much longer to complete.
But I would really like to get this game finished as its been a dream of mine for the past 13 years or so to make a game of this type and scale.
My programming skills have dwindled and has my free time. Most of what I have completed for this game has been done on paper, code moding, skill balancing, class balancing, mob balancing, ect... (i think you get the picture) with still more to come.
I'd also like to improve the art to have more original art.

I intend this game to be an online game using BABS and RMOS.
I also intend to release this game in increments. raising the level cap,adding items,adding equipment, and story events each sort of 'Patch'

I'll Start with the basics of the game.
The Story:
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roughly 40 years ago on a large content with many kingdoms and stubborn rulers there was of coarse, War.
A man named Valada managed to seemingly single handedly unite the many kingdoms.

This created peace for many years. The people were happy, the central city flourished and became the new 'Capital' of the kingdom.
The people appointed Valada as their King. This was not desired by Valada, He felt he was to old and incompitant.. however he accepted as he felt it was his responsibility.
Shortly after becoming King Valada had a son. 'Usna'.
When young Prince Usna was of age, King Valada promptly passed leadership to his son, as Valada never desired such a position in the first place.. leaving King Usna to be the youngest King, Lord, Bishop in history of the continent.

The people had quickly adopted Ancient beliefs as their own, and to no surprise 'The Faith' had been modified to fit current cultural views and living conditions.
Born within 'The Faith' was a young girl named 'Uo'.
Uo was seen as a symbol from birth. A gift from the gods a symbol of prosperity.
Later in Uo's life she was labled a paragon. An example of perfection and purity.
as Lady Uo approached the appropriate age for becoming a High Priestess of The Faith, the people grew eager to support her.

As history often reminds us..if there is nothing to fight, humans create a cause or find an enemy.

A Militia had been forming the past few years. The Militia had made many fanatical claims of heresy to say the least!
King Usna knew the force of this group of beggars, farmers, peasants were nothing to fear. Usna left the militia alone seeking no form of retaliation.

The time for Lady Uo's ceremony to Priesthood was approaching and over the years the militia had only grown in numbers.
Word of the militia attacking during the ceremony was a buzz.

This is where you come in...You are an experienced soldier with the kings army sent to patrol the outskirts of the militias camp.
During your mission you discover Lady Uo has gone missing before her ceremony and has been labeled a heretic!
Lady Uo is now public enemy number one and YOU are burdened with the responsibility of tracking her and bringing her to justice!

What Happened?! One can only assume....

The Classes:
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The game will focus on 8 class types
I have something known as a 'Core' class. these core classes have slightly different base stats.
Each core class can re-class within boundaries maintaining the core stats. this allows people to play different rolls and to not always be stuck to one roll.

           Knight will wear the strongest armor. complete with a sword and shield. knights are the leader of the pack charging forward redirecting the
           damage from the party to his or her self. most abilities are damage mitigating skills.

           Berzerkers use brute strength to overcome enemies. wearing heavy armor carting a large two handed weapon they are a fierce opponent.
           Berzerkers use mostly offensive skills and have no defensive abilities.

           Marksman know to keep their distance. They don't benefit in anyway durring close combat. With medium armor for flexibility and agility they
           prefer to keep out of the enemies site but the enemy in their own.

-Rune Carver:
           Rune Carvers are specialists in an ancient technique using magic at a close range. By carving runes on the enemy they can form spells that
           restrict the enemy or damage them by a great deal. Rune carvers need to get in and out fast and carve with accuracy so they wear
           medium armor to make sure they dont falter.

           Wizards are fragile in body but not in mind. The power of a wizard is one to be feared. never get on a wizards bad side, and by bad side i
           mean a few paces away. Wizards cant wear heavy armor because of their weak physical bodies. metals can be used to focus
           magic aswell. so to cover yourself in metal will short the channeling of magic.

           Heretics are priests who have defected their faith. Turning their back on the light and walking into the shadows. Heretics can still use the
           light but not to the same efficency as they could before their defection. Heretics wear light armor because of Black magic.

           Priests receive their power by submitting to the light. The light grants abilities no other has. Priests stand to protect their team as
           guardian angels. Priests refuse to wear armor. wearing armor is a willingness to fight. priests desire peace most of all they aid their team
           but stand aside to defend their conviction.

           Crusaders are guardians of the light defenders of justice! soldiers of god! Holy power is not phased by metals. metals are as the light, from
           god! These soldiers Wear heavy armor using the light for defense and offence.

As an avid MMO player I have become partial to the system i originally hated. the 'Trinity' system.
for those who may not know, the trinity system is the dependence on one another as 3 class types.
Damage, Tank, Healer

-Damge is as it says. does damage.
-Tank is a high armor absorber of damage who holds the enemys attention from the party.
-Healer is supposed to restore the HP to the party.

success is built on team work.

Only problem with the MMOs i love so much is that i never feel involved in the story.
This game will be linear in story progression.
many areas will be accessible even if not of the level however some will be patrolled by mobs of higher level.
some things will be gated by story progression.

There will be choices to be made durring the game. These choices by enlarge will effect the next 'Patch' release (not yet implemented)
so for example if the content ends on a choice... if 30% of players pick A..and 70% of players pick B...then next release will be based on B events.

This all ties together in making you feel involved with the story. (or in hopes of that lol)

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I'm quite the fan of Dungeons in MMO games. I have always hated questing. that tedious go kill 12 spiders...bring me 3 mutton chops. blah blah... oh the humanity!!!

Originally i was planning to take the idea of 5 man dungeon. however, i cant assume my game will be so popular that we can easily form 5 man parties.
so for the time being normal dungeons will be attuned for 3 man parties these can be done without a full traditional 'trinity' party with the way i'll have designed the classes as a finished project.

Dungeon monsters will not be wimpy.. they will hit hard and often have a tricky skill or so.
many MMOs you charge in holding 10 mobs...tho thats fun i want a tactic and teamwork. also lag is another concern from too many events.

Also I'd like to add that i don't want run and gun dungeons. I'm planning to make some zelda type co-op dungeons.

Side Quests:
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Side quests will be simple. there is no accepting quests.
if an NPC says "bandits robbed my bread cart" there is no "Will you help me?" "yes, no" option. you remember it with your own by chance kill a mob that drops his bread or money pouch ...when you speak to him he will try to claim the item. you can give it to him or not.

this also means you can by accident receive a quest item before knowing the mans bread cart was robbed. upon approaching he will mention his item and you can choose to give it or not.

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as of now "Raids" will be 5 players. Due to not knowing the scale of things. i say "Raid" because i may have a different name in the future. Difference in "Raids" is there must be the 'trinity'.
monsters will have high HP and stronger techniques. with a few gimmicks.

Talent Trees:
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NO. there will be no traditional talent trees. There are other ways to custom your play style.
i may include a skill trainer that allows custom to skills but as of now they will remain simple.
Classes earn skills at levels... and thats it.

I will however include a status point distributor by Blizzard. so as you level you can increase stats you deem worthy or valuable.
I hope to make those points resistible in the future as well.

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So gear is always something thats difficult to work with. heres how i have planned it.
first off, there will be a common idea of gear Head, Hands, Shoulder, Body, Legs, Cape so far.

there will be 6 gear qualities.
Gear will be dropped in 4 types
1. Junk
2. Common
3. Rare

Next there will be a Low drop chance 4.'Epic' Quality (id really like another name for that lol... im sick of the word epic)

for the most part 'Rare' quality gear is going to be the average im looking to seat ppl and it will be upgraded by a smith into 'Epic' quality
these upgrade materials will be mostly common but they will require things from dungeons or raids. (no massive material grinds with weeks of limitations tho.)

The reason I decided on this idea was the fact that some times gear JUST WONT DROP! This makes things easier and more custom seeing you can also trade items.

5. Mythical
6. Forgotten

are the next tier. mythical and forgotten may not have stat differences from one another.. its mostly about prestige or a 'look what i got!'

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Professions wont be by character. How i would like to do professions is by 'Guild'.
Each guild will build professions within their own guild HQ (or id hope to make this)
inside the HQ you can find vendors of all types including a smith and perhaps a guild trader sharing items and weps among the guild mates.

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-In most cities you'll find vendors who will sell items of low quality or buy items of any quality to never be retrieved again.
-In the Hub City i plan to add a small vendor who will be the master of trading. He will buy items and sell them as a semi free market.
this man will have his own bank he can not buy just anything or he will run dry.
if this vendor does well, he will actively upgrade his trading booth and expand his market! (becoming accessible in other cities)

Screen Shots:
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***UPDATE APR 11***
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So I have added some screens of some of the areas.
These screens include a custom made wep or two and some char set modifications I made for swinging, casting, and other such animations.
There is still a lot of artwork that needs to be done..this includes other class animations, enemy animations, Icons, ect.

Original music is being produced that I'm currently overseeing as well.
Balancing seems to doing well at the moment. These low numbers have been a bit difficult to work with but I think i've gotten used to the math

The game currently has about 18 minutes of solid play time. keeping in mind that i know exactly where i need to go and what i need to do. things that are already placed in the game are to be modified later. mods will include more graphical scenes, blending current events in game to not feel so rushed with perhaps hand drawn "comic" like scenes in some places when revealing story (currently producing them..but untested). Also the language needs some brushing up. Language is there to get the gist of the scene across at the moment, so its not as elaborate as id like it.

Thanks for reading!

More to come in an Edit....
Hey fellas.
I'm going nuts trying to figure this out. I've literally spent 5 hours or more on'll get right to it.

What I'm trying to do is create Spell effects that can be added after a spell or skill.
what I'm trying to do is:
Say I want to cast fire ball and do damage..then a completely new spell can happen that's not learned by the class.. like gaining a small amount of HP.

Sorry its kinda hard to explain what I'm looking for
I tried with common events, which i can do.. but i cant find an option to call a spell on hero, all heros, enemy, or all enemys..
and that's really what I'm looking for.

I tried Hot Dot ..and it will AWLAYS subtract HP no idea why.  i set perimeters like it said.
I tried using blizz ABS combo system..which it works but gets stuck in a loop of endlessly showing the casting circle (even when i select endcombo option)
I tried searching the web for script that calls on spells.

Any help would be much appreciated. :D
--------------------READ DOWN TO SKIP PERSONAL STUFF AND GET TO GAME STUFF----------------------
Let me apologize first of all.. I've been absent far to long. I returned home to the states only for 3 months only to return to Japan because.. well..the states is rough atm.
So here I am..back in Japan..using my phone tethered to reach the internet atm after many and many of trial and tribulation.

SAD laptop got a virus from letting a family member use it.. i installed a ad-aware to search and remove it...and apparently my macafee decided it was time to work again after being off for 1 year...and attacked ad-aware...causing a complete lock out.. somehow.. some way.. it ruined
my entire laptop.. i couldn't enter safe mode.. i couldn't enter windows.. nothing..DOS only... or 100% lockout at the windows loading logo
so approximately 5 months of my game gone.
as smart as i am.. i back it all up...

it was the wrong Project 1 apparently.. cuz it was, 1 cave.. in mode yeah wrong project 1.
so back to square 1.

--------------------------GAME STUFF-------------------------------------
what i learned was.. what i was trying alone was far to difficult for me to accomplish on my own.
I'm not a great coder.. far from even average.
and I'm far to impatient to make char sheets.. i can draw them by hand for a template.. but i don't have the patience for making tile sets or char sheets.

I'm planning many games. but first and foremost i want to make an MMO like many others want to. not for money but because i love multi-player games.
my idea is similar to zelda 4 swords type dungeons with bosses like standard MMOs such as WoW, Rift, Aion, swtor, so on so forth. (I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW how it sounds..."OMG another one of THESE?!") but i think that's only cuz you don't see the same thing i do.

In the title i posted 4 swords type game...cuz its more relate-able to an mmo world and dungeons or some areas are instanced such as SWTOR did, with a player cap (only so that there isn't a surplus of people to over flow the dungeons.)
imagine spend all the time to get thru the traps and fight a boss. and 15 people come in and murder it.. no challenge.. no fun.. ya know!?
------------------------------POINT OF POST--------------------------

I'm looking for:
1. artists / art that artists don't mind i use for both TILE sets and CHAR sets.
2. Coders that can modify or create specific codes. (such as ABS addons and more)
3. someone who knows the workings in and out of the Online system (cough blizzard <3 )...if only :P

I'm not looking for full time jobbers here...just looking for some help. im not looking to pay salaries... I want other people who are interested in the same vision I am

by this information i only mean mechanics have more than dodge the laser with roll...hit the guy.. doge the laser with roll..hit the guy. (that's totally zelda)
i want bosses more like..."legacy of kane: soul reaver" or even classic "WoW" stuff.

I have a lot written up in a note book. About 5 pages atm (much more to come) of what my idea is....If people are really interested I can post more details or answer questions specifically.. but I'm a little hesitant off the bat...because well. we all know how it is..."its my game, and it's a unique snow flake....and no one can take it!!!"....   D:   lol.

(tho i guess I've given away enough to picture it.)

if i get nothing than maybe ill abandon the idea. blizzard told me that instanced ideas are bad. lol. i then got to busy with moving to the states and back to japan to read what he said to read.

but if anyone wants to take that challenge with me.. lets do it :P (including you blizzard :P )

I hope that perhaps as a forum team we can put something like this together.. if not ... single player it will be ): (still need coders and pixel artists tho lol)

any questions please ask, or state if truly interested ...ill post more details.

Welcome! / New Guy!
May 07, 2012, 06:50:45 am
Hello everyone!
I'm new to the forum..if you haven't seen my posts. If you have.. hello again and thanks for the help that's been given!

-----A bit about me-----
I'm not new to RPG maker. I used RM2K and RM2K3 especially. i loved 2K3, making more than 5 complete games... some short some long. Never released on any page other than my own Geocities site which yahoo has now crashed.
I'm sure it got damn near 0 traffic anyway lol.
Living in Japan atm, Headed home to the states REALLY soon.
Gonna try TERA online when I'm back.
I'm a Car guy.

----Programming EXP----
I felt I was an advanced RM2K user making things like a blinking main character, night and day, jump animations, and climbing animations off of common events.. and on touch events lol..and more I'm forgetting I'm sure lol.

I programmed on my TI-89 far before that with TI Basic. I then moved on to C++ never made a graphical game with it. then VB and made graphical "simple" games never completing one.. then moving to Macro media flash... never completed a game with that either Because of RM2k..then 2k3.
because of those i fell from programming more or less.
I then became hooked on World of warcraft in 2006 (still play) and took interest in cars as a hobby...and haven't programmed anything since.
I stumbled across RMXP long ago.. downloaded a cracked version to try it.. loved that it had open source..but my PC died that same night(mother board gave up)
and I couldn't find the cracked version again.
and gave up looking.
in all.. I haven't programmed or used RPG maker's in around 7 years.

------------Why XP---------------
Recently I saw BLIZZ ABS and XAS on You tube on accident..some how.
Downloaded XP VX and VX Ace...and ended up still liking XP the most. it had a lot of options with community scripts.
So I bought a legit XP to support the company who has supported huge hobby's of mine in the past..
Played with both ABS...for a while.. fell in love with XAS over Blizz ABS...
after learning the deeper ends of it... I felt blizz is an easier system...then after playing with it even longer..I think its a superior system.. and decided to use it to make a game.
also blizz made an online system I intend to try to get implemented into something. I would LOVE to make a multi player game (deponent have to be an MMORPG)

-------why not ARC before XP?----------
Cuz I found ARC last night while I couldn't sleep ):
and now I figure I should understand XP a bit more before I sit to learn 2 systems.. but I intend to DL and try it soon.

I think everyone on this site seems really great. and some very talented people.. I hope I can re tap a skill in programming and contribute guys here sparked my interest in it again... thank you for that :)

PS...I write books for Posts. >:3