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Title: [XP] Scrolling Message System Ex
Post by: LiTTleDRAgo on May 20, 2013, 12:10:00 am
Scrolling Message System Ex
Authors: Slipknot, LiTTleDRAgo
Version: 1.2x
Type: Custom Message System
Key Term: Custom Message System


This is edited version of Slipknot's SMS (,17085.0.html)

Although it's feature is not many as MMW, I'm interested on the scrolling feature and the script structure so I edited it and adding some features


Default in RTP

Default in SMS

Added Features in EX Version


Spoiler: ShowHide

Screenshot is from the old SMS, too lazy to make one
The choice window is different from the screenshot (shown inside the window like Default Message System)


Here (


This script couldn't work with other message window script.

Credits and Thanks

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