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Resource Database / Re: RPG Maker Templates
Last post by 9LivesK9 - Today at 02:39:04 am
Hi, it seems like the links are all down
Welcome! / Mighty surpised!
Last post by Blindedjourneyman - November 25, 2023, 04:58:46 am
Imagine my shock searching y'all up after finally popping open one of the compilations of script n assets posted on the official rm forum (primarily xp) and seeing posts this year! Im quite happy to be here, I hope I can get along with whoever is still around and maybe learn a thing or two. Can call me Blind or Seb. Im a complete Amateur when it comes to scripting and sprites I mainly edit em but I am trying to get better on at least art, by sketches on pencil and paper and tinkering around with older sprites in my spare time. I probably wont be the biggest Talker outside of the odd question or being grateful for stuff ^^
Projects / Games / Re: Rave Heart
Last post by Starmage - November 22, 2023, 12:45:16 am
Hi everyone! Rave Heart is 48% Off on Steam for Steam Autumn Sale! <3
Script Troubleshooting / Re: [XP]Multiple Message Windo...
Last post by largam - November 02, 2023, 07:51:42 am
Yes it works great!
Thank you so much for your help!
New Projects / Re: Stellar Bewitching αΩ (Rem...
Last post by Starmage - October 31, 2023, 08:51:10 pm
Hi Everyone! Here's the second character boss showcase trailer for Stellar Bewitching Remastered! Within the nightmares themselves, you must face off against spirits that wandered into the nightmares! Featuring entries from Muyoko-Honey Bandicoot and Rose Guardian's Elemental Guardians!

Alsooo it's my bday today! So this is a special release thanks to Berry! <3

Script Troubleshooting / Re: [XP]Multiple Message Windo...
Last post by KK20 - October 28, 2023, 12:00:52 am
Wow, that's super weird, great work finding out about that one. Alongside a console window, I made a simple parallel process event that would print out the difference in time since the event last ran (making sure to initialize the global variable prior to it):
now =
puts now - $prev
$prev = now
The times between each call increases by 0.025 seconds = 1 frame, if the game is running at 40FPS.

I had to put a lot of debug calls throughout the MMW script until I finally found what was causing it, indicated between the lines I marked below:
class Interpreter

  def setup(*args)
    # index of window for the message
    @msgindex = 0
    $game_temp.message_text, $game_temp.message_proc = [],[]

    if @list.size > 1
      templist = @list.pop
      @list <<,0,[1]) << templist

    # whether multiple messages are displaying
    @multi_message = false
What this is doing is, before running the event, it adds a "Wait 1 frame" event command to the end of the list. A parallel process will call this setup every time it runs, so your event list keeps getting longer and longer, filled with Wait commands.

Obviously this was not intentional for parallel process events, so it was probably designed for the on-trigger type events. I'm not sure why it arbitrarily adds a 1 frame wait at the end to every event...
but we can make sure that it only ever does it once:
    if @list.size > 1 && @list[-2].code != 106
      templist = @list.pop
      @list <<,0,[1]) << templist
Script Troubleshooting / Re: [XP]Multiple Message Windo...
Last post by largam - October 27, 2023, 03:44:12 am
Ah, it was a bug.
This has definitely been fixed.
However, despite all these modifications, I found one serious problem.
Using this script will drastically slow down the processing of events located on the map.

To test it, I increased the variable with a parallel processing event.
Before applying the script, it quickly increased at a steady rate and easily exceeded 1000.
However, when I applied the script, it became 1/100th the speed before (not the exact number).
It even got slower as time went on in the game, and I had to leave the game on for a few minutes to get it past 100.
Aside from the automatic and parallel processing events, the game ran quite normally. There was no frame drop or anything.
Script Troubleshooting / Re: [XP]Multiple Message Windo...
Last post by KK20 - October 26, 2023, 12:08:41 am
I'm not getting that symbol, but I am getting the character with octal value of \016 (which just renders as a missing glyph: ౝ ). That value is what substitutes the \a.

In MMW, if you take a look at def update_text, it evaluates each character one-at-a-time.
      # Get 1 text character in c (loop until unable to get text)
      while ((@c = @text.slice!(/./m)) != nil)
        # Plays Sounds for each Letter, Numbers and Spaces Excluded
        case eval_text(self.contents)
        when 0 then return
        when 1 then next
        # Draw text
        self.contents.draw_text(4 + @x, 32 * @y, 40, 32, @c)
The eval_text method is where the backslash flags are processed. Depending on what the flag is, it can return a value of 0 or 1, which will stop it from being drawn. Because it's still drawing \016 to the window, eval_text must not be returning anything.

Let's look at where it handles the character \016:
  def eval_text(bitmap)
    if @c == '\015' || @c == '\016'
      if @c == '\015'
        # ...ignore this...
      elsif @c == '\016'
        @text.sub!(/\[(.+?)(?:(\d+))?\]/, '')
        name = $1.to_s
      create_name_sprite(name) if name != ''
Notice that there is no return called here. If I simply add return 1 right below the line create_face_sprite(face), it no longer draws \016.

This is clearly a bug with the script.
Script Troubleshooting / Re: [XP]Multiple Message Windo...
Last post by largam - October 25, 2023, 10:58:20 am
Location solved!
Actually, I kept looking for related things and changed them one by one.
It was not a short time, but it was a success.

But there is one problem with using it.
When I use \a[name], the symbol "♬" appears after the reserved word.
As for me, I don't know what this means or why it appears.
This problem made a serious situation become quite cute.
If anyone knows the reason, please let me know
Script Troubleshooting / Re: [XP]Multiple Message Windo...
Last post by largam - October 24, 2023, 09:06:48 am
It works very well!
Thank you so much for setting up and analyzing the project!
In addition, there seems to be a phenomenon where the location of my custom message window is overwritten due to the same problem. I will try this.
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