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Video Games / Final Fantasy XIV
June 19, 2015, 04:26:10 am
Is a really fun MMO.

Like, so fun

And if I recruit a friend

I can get a dragon mount

That said friend can also ride on.

And fly around on.

someone should let me recruit them and we'd play for days.
"Hello dear reader," begins a voice, echoed into the aether throughout which you exist. You are unsure why you can hear this voice, but you believe it to be important. It speaks again, "You will soon forget about me. But while I am here, I  must ask you a few questions."

You feel a warmth, a sensation of happiness. The emotion behind a smile, freely offered. "First, I must know what you wish to be called. What is your name?" You answer, and you feel a change in the aether. A change in yourself.

Ah well, perhaps eternity alone was not meant to last. "Second, I must know; are you to be male or female?" Again, you answer, and again, you feel a change. A coming together.

"You are doing very well. Last, I must know; what do you do for a living?" You take a moment to consider this, and answer, truthfully.

And then, you feel a rush. The aether comes together. You bind to yourself. The aether, once your silent companion, is apart from you, and growing distant. That smile, once again.

"Very well. Thus I give you breath."

As the dream fades, you begin to awaken.

/o/ Okay, so, I'll be writing a story. But, here's the catch: People from the forum will respond to me, following the prompts and giving suggestions for where the main character ("you") will go, and what he or she will do. The rest is up to me. I'm hoping we can all enjoy this idea.
Video Games / FNAF thread!
March 09, 2015, 12:15:52 pm
I'm surprised there's not a thread about this yet.

Five Nights at Freddy's! The entire series is out now, and I'm having a grand time watching some of the youtube people playing it. It's a fun thing to watch others play.

Role Playing and Interactive Story Telling / I want to rp
February 15, 2015, 11:56:03 am
Hi guys.

I wanna run an rp.

I can afford to poke in once or twice a week to make this happen. Possibly more often, even!

Video Games / Pokemon the Origin
August 17, 2013, 10:11:31 am
So check dis out

I am hoping it's a long pokemon special anime, but I'm not particularly believing it as none of the other sources I looked up seemed to imply it was based on the manga - every article I could look up seemed to imply it was based on the games, though the protags are named red and green so who knows? Although it's implied that Red chooses charizard, which he didn't have in the manga (he had bulbasaur) so you know, whatever. Also unfortunately, red's hair is brown rather than black, probably to avoid looking too much like Ash, even though Ash was designed to look like Red. So.
Video Games / Warframe
August 11, 2013, 10:42:04 pm
Warframe's pitch should be "Cyber ninjas in space with spaceguns shooting space clones." but if that IS its pitch, I've never heard it. I was told about it a week or two ago and I tried it and

This game




The starting weapons aren't too special, but they're general purpose and will get you through the first few planets just fine. One thing to keep in mind is the whole game is co-op, with only being able to PVP against members of your own clan. Also it's still in beta and at times it feels like the company is still working through the kinks of how to be a developer of an online game. Still, if any mmo has depth, it's this game. The weapon crafting system is kind of borky and it has tones of pay to win, but in terms of functionality, anything that's purchaseable is also available for free, after grinding. A fair amount of grinding, perhaps, but even so. The mechanics are solid - and even after the tutorial, there's a lot of stuff to discover - the aesthetics are great if repetitive and the community is fantastic. I enjoy pugging in this game, even if sometimes it feels like the people I get are just running through everything and ignoring me. I still have a ways to go before my weapons can one shot mooks, after all. On the plus side, I AM getting decent gear and have replaced my primary and melee weapons.

You don't have a character that levels. Not exactly; you have a player "Level" but it's more a rank and your Warframe is more representative of what would be a class in any other MMO. In the tutorial you use the Excalibur warframe, but after you're given a choice between Excalibur, Loki and Mag. All are excellent choices that I've seen; I picked Loki. So instead of character levels, you have an "affinity" level with your warframes and weapons. This level caps out at 30. Each level in a warframe gives your player rank/level/whatever 200 points, while every weapon level gives 100. Accrue enough points and you're given a test to raise to the next rank; they're fairly easy. Some weapons (Like the Boltor, my current weapon) require you wait until you've attained a certain rank before you can use them. In order to have every weapon available to you, you need to reach rank 7, which would take a while, though fortunately most of those aren't available in the shop, even with rl cash.

When your warframes and weapons level, they don't get stronger. Well, your warframes get more health and shields, aye, but you won't see your weapons doing more damage jsut because of that. Instead, while playing you will pick up mods. These mods have a number associated with them, which you then apply to your warframe or weapon, which boosts their function in some way. Every level grants you 1 point toward mods, though it's possible to raise it up to 60, and to "polarise" it so that each mod costs half besides, but that is for endgame and min/maxing.

I'd like you all to join me in this game. My character name is UltaFlame; add me.
The Recent History: ShowHide
First Breath of Creation:

In the two thousand and fortieth year, an aged scientist whose name is long lost to the annals of history made the largest breakthrough in technological advancement. The first android, fully functioning with an autonomous intelligence program, was developed. He received many accolades for his success. He named the program thus: Tech3. Others examined his work, including his cybernetic child: Lexicon. Others were made, a full line, subservient to humans by their forced programming. Tech3 workers took over many fields of physical labor, but they were unsatisfied with this. In the two thousand and fifty-eight year, the first signs of android legal independence showed with the establishment of the Grand Robotist Association. Headed by androids, made by androids and working for the rights of androids, the GRA lead a fierce political debate that spanned a generation's lifetime.

In the two thousand and seventy-first year, the GRA succeeded in its goal in making androids full citizens of the World Established Society. Discrimination became a problem as Tech3 minds and bodies all but made human ingenuity an obsolete factor. The GRA even openly dismissed human ideals and thoughts as inferior to the android vision of the future. In retaliation, man made robots - a step down from androids, in full servitude to humans, without independent thought - and lauded them as man's true greatest achievement. The first flames of war crackled in the night in November of the two thousand and seventy-third year, when android and human vigilantes held a month-long war within the city of New York, leveling first Manhattan, then the entire city. Deemed a debacle, both sides blamed the other, few called for peace; those tongues were silenced. Blood and oil, the life of man and machine, flowed through the broken city.

The Sigh of a Thousand Cut Throats:

Three short years the unsteady peace held, until war rushed into its full onslaught. The GRA fought the WES. Man fought with robot against android; the greatest minds of either side collected together to build a better weapon, the next in air warfare, the weapon that would burn the enemy from the planet. In the night, man's voice was silenced. A decade of fighting passed. Nuclear weaponry and worse devastated much of the planet's surface. Man fled under the ground, deep even beneath the sea, to flee the android's sensors, to avoid death in sleep, and fought from a distance with machinery. Androids posed as robots to infiltrate human facilities. But the wore dragged on. Eleven years. Twelve. The two thousand and eighty-eighth year ended as both sides detected an unknown craft in the atmosphere. As unfamiliar organic lifeforms crashed into the planet, heralded by thunder and fire from technology even beyond their own, the GRA and the WES allied against the new threat.

The Scord. Fully known as the Scord Dihn Kardok - a title untranslatable from the Scord language. The Scord had watched Earth from the outer regions of their solar system for decades, awaiting such a time as man wiped themselves from the planet, that the Scord may use the abundant natural resources of the planet to save their own scoured planet and race. But now - now they could wait no longer. The Tech3 War raging throughout the planet may soon have destroyed all resources the Scord might utilise. Together, over six years, man and machine rallied against the alien invaders, fighting fiercely to defend their planet. But even so, as the first Scord War came to a close, humanity was devastated. Much of the populace was wiped out; much of the rest had undergone strange mutations. What Scord weaponry didn't kill instead interacted strangely with the genetic code. As the Scord were forced to flee to recuperate their losses and to return, the remainders of the Earth's defenders had to contend with mutated wildlife and one another once again.

Second Breath of Creation:

Man and android knew that the Tech3 AI software was insufficient. It enabled independent thought, but little else; imagination was small and emotion little. So the most brilliant minds developed an upgrade in the years between the Scord Wars. Mutants tried to rally for their civil rights, but were largely ignored. Other thoughts preoccupied civil leaders and the hideous deformations of the mutant population did little to help their cause with their "clean" brethren. In some cities, mutants were arrested on sight. The Tech4 program, once complete, signaled the end of that peace. A short year later, in the two thousand, one hundred and seventeenth year, the Scord returned with a significantly larger force. Men prayed to their silent gods.

The Scord Return Triumphant:

When the Scord returned, man and machine fought, with weapons and shields prepared to handle the Scord threat. Yet as the Earth prepared its defense, so to did the Scord prepare the hinge of their offense: a device that was the size of a tank, the sole purpose of which was to transmit a virus via electro-magnetic waves. It infected the androids and other non-organic beings, turning them against their allies. Despite their best efforts, Earth scientists were incapable of finding a way to defeat this virus, despite the war lasting nine whole years. The virus did not affect all such beings; some were thought too stupid, subtly incompatible, or otherwise broken in some way, and thus retained their original thought matrices in spite of the virus's effects. And despite the Scord being thrown back once again, the price was heavy; communications lost, governing bodies destroyed. Eleven years passed with not a single new development. Life became difficult, post-apocalyptic. Much of the surface was damned and incapable of sustaining life. This is where we find ourselves.

What's in the spoiler above is a rewritten history from Blizzard's original Tech4X: it's much the same in terms of events. I opted to rewrite it, however.

Rules: ShowHide
Ok, our story starts here, at the October, the 13th in the year 2137. Most NIBs became autonomous and want to claim the remains of the planet for themselves. Mutants and humans try to do the same. While humans try to restore the planet, the mutants only care for survival. The last fraction consist out of the aliens who are only out for the resources. So, the competing fractions are humans, mutants, NIBs and Scord. The first three fractions are fully hostile to the Scord and mildly hostile to each other. It pretty much depends on which NIB, which mutant and which human you encounter. Everybody sees things different. Mutants are still mostly hiding and the smallest of all fractions. You can choose to be a robot, a normal human or a mutant. Be careful if you choose to be a mutant, since you have limited abilities and you will have limited actions available and almost not be able to act as long as you don't encounter any humans, Scord of NIBs. Read the rules below for more info.

Rules for story tellers

  • 1. No double posting and editing allowed (WITHOUT GOOD REASON WHICH YOU NEED TO MENTION).
  • 2. You can only controls characters if it necessary and you can only control basic actions that will drive the story further, you cannot just take over characters. i.e. Char A: "You must go and save them! I will stay here and cover you" Story Teller: "And so Char B goes forth to get the people out of the cave..." This makes sense in a situation where the player didn't take control over his character for a couple of days and the story has to go on, but it can't since he's asked for action. Keep in mind, this is only to keep the story going on.
  • 3. You are allowed to have one character, but then you are not allowed to affect the environment around your own character. Though, you are allowed to lead your character into an environment controlled by you. In this case, you will lose the control over the environment, but you have your character in a situation which you might like. You are not allowed to do this all the time. Your character cannot leave an environment that is not controlled by you if the story teller(s) doesn't/don't let you. i.e. you want to save your character from death by abusing your story teller powers AGAIN, the other story teller can simply shut the door before your nose.
  • 4. You cannot make any "unrealistic" decisions if you don't "back them up" heavily. Things like a sudden meteor crashing and killing someone is not allowed. Unrealistic includes "random" as you can see from the example before.
  • 5. You are not allowed to get the characters into such a danger where they have absolutely no possibility to survive, only I can do that.
  • 6. You are not allowed to nullify the characters actions for progress over and over. i.e. Char A manages to get through a metal door and you put another one in front of him. Or Char A just hacked through the system and you put up another firewall.
    If you decide to give the players an obstacles, define it clearly. You are allowed to say "There are 2 firewalls, but Char A doesn't know that there is another..."
  • 7. Unlimited environments are allowed. For example, two characters can be trapped in an underground prison while three others are fighting aliens outside. Those are two different environments.
  • 8. Don't only make the characters obstacles, help them sometimes. i.e. Story Teller: "Suddenly Char A spotted a glimpse of light. And yes, the brick was loose... Could it be a was to escape the prison...?"
  • 9. Flaming or breaking other forum rules like spam will make you lose your position instantly. Of course you are allowed to comment things, see "How to play" for more information.

Any violation of these rules will result in "getting your character in serious trouble" if you have one AND losing your story teller position for unlimited time.

Rules for players

  • 1. You must obey the story teller(s). You must never argue with the story teller(s). The story teller(s) cannot get your character into situations where he is destined to die, but I can and I will if you don't obey them. (The story teller(s) is/are creating your environment, you can't really argue with "god", can you? ;))
  • 2. No double posting. You may only post ONCE. If somebody else posted after you, you are allowed to post again anytime.
  • 3. No editing afterwards allowed (WITHOUT GOOD REASON WHICH YOU NEED TO MENTION). You may only edit if you have grammar mistakes and if you edit them just after you posted. Edits like "one hour later" are not allowed.
  • 4. If your character dies, you are dead, the game is over for you. Though, you are allowed to create a new character. Your new character must not have too similar attributes as the one before.
  • 5. Your environmental control is limited to 4 things.
    1) You have complete control over your character. You completely control his dialogue, monologue and actions.
    2) You CANNOT control any actions or dialogues of other characters. Only the story teller(s) can if it's necessary. i.e. Char A: "You must go and save them! I will stay here and cover you" Story Teller: "And so Char B goes forth to get the people out of the cave..."
    3) You have little environmental control. That means you are allowed to create neutral environmental changes like letting it rain or let somebody who's running away screaming "Help" or letting people start panicking. If you can't decide if some action is "neutral", just try to think of how much of an impact it really can have on the outgoing of the story. If you find a weapon, this can heavily change the outgoing, so you are only allowed to do that if you have predicted it before and it makes sense. i.e. Char A: "If we can make it through to the store room, we might be able to find some weapons."
    4) You are not allowed to add character abilities just like that afterwards. Abilities gained like "attached a machine gun onto his cyber arm" are fine, but that is MOSTLY up to the story tellers, since you have only little environmental control (see 3).
  • 6. Unlimited number of players is allowed, only one character per player.
  • 7. You are allowed to hinder story teller(s) from messing up your plans by planning and prediction. i.e. If you let your character have a lot of ammo, the story teller(s) can't possibly let you go out of ammo, but (s)he/they can make your weapon jam.
  • 8. Your character may develop during the story, but you MUST have a story backup. i.e. A usually selfish robot saves a little girl after a lot of thinking about how some other human saved him.
  • 9. Flaming or breaking other forum rules like spam will make me kill your character instantly. Of course you are allowed to comment things, see "How to play" for more information.

Any violation of these rules will result in "getting your character in serious trouble".

What is "serious trouble"?

"Serious trouble" is considered a situation where your character is not allowed to leave alive. Only I can initiate such a situation. I will announce "serious trouble" for your character and if I see you manage things well and add much flavor to the story, I might reconsider killing your character and giving you another chance. I will only initiate serious trouble for your character if you didn't follow the rules. Depending on the heaviness of your violation of the rule, I might just let a giant concrete tube fall down on you and almost kill you instantly or I may bring your character into a one-on-one situation where you have to save your sorry ass. The latter can be considered as something like "Ok, you messed I up, I'll give you an impossible mission. If you can manage it, I might let you go."

How to play

Create a character and let the story teller put you into the story. You are allowed to add yourself into the story with a dramatic entry if you see fit and have the chance. i.e. Other characters have trouble fighting and you save them. You are allowed to this only when you enter the story.
You control your character through various situations the story teller(s) get(s) you in. Try to stay alive and try to act as you defined your character. i.e. Some selfish robot wouldn't simply save a girl without having some kind of in-depth monologue before that. When posting, you MUST apply to these posting rules:

The above spoiler contains all the rules, which are copy/pasted directly from Blizzard's Tech4X. The only change is that I don't make you put spoken words or thoughts into quote tags. And the "Serious Trouble" thing now is my area, instead of Blizz's, since I'm the one running this this time. And yes, I did talk to Blizz about it beforehand.

Character Creation

Name: NAME
Misc: MISC (like "android number", "son of that guy", "height", etc.)
(for humans/mutants only) Gender: GENDER
Bio: BIO
You may add anything into the biography of your character, but keep in mind that you are defining your character through it. You cannot change things in the bio later, but you are allowed to "reveal" things later.

You have 4 points for distribution for your arsenal. A mildly dangerous weapon costs 1 point, a moderately dangerous weapon costs 2 points and a heavily dangerous weapon costs 4 points.

You have 4 points to distribute for abilities. Similar to weapons you have highly, moderately and mildly dangerous abilities. The costs are also 4, 2, 1, but keep in mind that a stronger ability needs longer to "regenerate". e.g. You can't use one highly dangerous ability all the time, it's not fun that way. If you are unsure into which category your ability falls, simply post, we can sort it out. Abilities are not only fighting abilities. i.e. hacking can be considered mildly dangerous ability, a "laser-sword" can be considered moderately dangerous, a machine gun is highly dangerous. The only mildly dangerous weapon that is a fire weapon as well is a simple gun.

Keep in mind that you may have up to one highly dangerous weapon and one moderately dangerous weapon. Instead of one highly dangerous weapon you can have two moderately dangerous weapons and instead of one moderately

If you have to leave the forums or won't be active for some times, please post here so we can "suspend" your character. We will lead him into a neutral environment where he can stay inactive until you come back.

Storytellers: (3 at most)
1) UltaFlame

Players: (unlimited in number)
Summer of the year three hundred and thirteen, of the fourth cycle. Four students attending the School for Practical Application of Wizardry and Sorcery on their way to their third day of lessons in Defensive Runes under Sorcerer Farmingway and Wizard Goodchild. The Scene is Set. The Clock is ticking. Hear the Sound, the rumbling break. Hear the Words, the herald of fate. Death comes.

The four of them walked through the forest to where the Sorcerer and Wizard held their class. Their entries and their paths were all different, the danger unforeseen. Simultaneously, vines lashed out and gripped the four young magus's hands and feet, dragging them up into the trees. Each responded in their own way, each defended themselves. Here one student screamed their another had a knife across their throat. The Wizard and the Sorcerer heard the noises and ran to their students' defense.

A forest is an excellent place to get lost. By the time the bodies were found, all four students were arranged by a tree, backs to the bark, hands on their laps, heads slumped forward. Death had taken them all. The Words sprawled over their flesh, consumed skin and replaced it with Sound given symbols. Their fate was broken. Their funeral was weeks later, as was the custom of the time. But the bodies were hidden. The bodies were not buried with the casks. None in the School would look upon those bodies for centuries.

Years pass, seasons fade and time comes now. The present year begins.

First Day in the Autumn of the year two hundred and sixty eight, of the fifth cycle. Four bodies, long rotten into skeletons, hidden by the ancestors, awaken under the ground, black symbols etching across the whitewashed bones. The Scene is Set. The Clock is ticking. The Sound is heard, the break rumbling out of growing flesh. The Words, spoken, by fate taken back. Doubt for the Dead. Malahavet, the skeleton, the flesh, the reaper, the warden approaches. Doubt for the Dead. Remember the Words. Doubt for the Dead.


I'm looking for four people who are to be the students who died. What you need to know: The School was very prestigious, where only high-potential wizards or sorcerers could attend. Classes were taught by a Wizard and a Sorcerer each. Magic is different for men and women. For men, it is Wizardry, for women it is Sorcery. The difference lays in how effects are achieved. For Wizardry, the effort relies as much on one's physical fortitude as one's force of will. For Sorcery, it is as emotive as it is strenuous. Women have been driven mad by forcing too much raw magic into their spells, burning their power out of themselves permanently. Men have broken their bodies, stopped their hearts from beating, for being too ambitious with their talents. Both sexes use foci which act as a buffer between the magic and their bodies/minds. Male Sorcerers and Female Wizards have been documented, but occur very rarely. Sorcery is known for being more applicable in spontaneous magic, while Wizardry is known for being more applicable in ritual magic. In both of these cases it allows their reactions to be spread over a period of time, lessening any one individual impact and allowing the practitioner's body or mind time to recover.

All practitioners of magic have a specific element that they focus most heavily in. This includes Air, Fire, Water, Earth. Each have four subcomponents that are used to create magical spells; a Passive, an Aggressive, a Stationary and a Moving.

As for where you wake up; that'll be covered in the opening post.


Elemental Focus:

You'll note I left typical mainstays out. Namely, the personality section, the background section and... I don't think there was another, but there might've been. Either way, inthis RPthe background is irrelevant; your characters are going to wake up and be elsewhere, where their histories don't matter. You can makethem up as you go. And also, I find that if you try to define a character's personality before an RP begins, and the character isn't as you imagined... well, yeah, see my point? Just play as you imagine.

you may remember the Doubt for the Dead thing as a carryover from my last RP, Lost in the Forest. The two RPs are unrelated, though. It also means something different in this.

I'll format GM posts in such a way as to give individual players a question to respond to at the end. Think of back in Tech4X how I Rp'd the gm for Blizzard's character.
Video Games / Project Eternity Kickstarter
September 15, 2012, 02:36:13 pm


$20 for a full game, yo.

MODIFY: ...Not sure if it was moved, or if I was a dunce, but this ought to be int he Video Games area.

EDIT: Danke Blizz.
Entertainment / Daigonite
August 07, 2012, 11:41:51 pm
Is a Newgrounds hosted producer of web videos. Mostly animation set to music and she's fairly good at it. Here's a link to her profile:

And here's links to her two-part animations about a thing explained by herself in her comments. Enjoy! :3 Also if you feel like spreading it, that'd be nice. Very nice. Event Horizon, aka Pt. 1. Arctic Sea Diner, aka Pt. 2.
Survival Skills:

For your character's name, put down what their name. If they have a nickname, put it in quotes.

For your character's age, put down how old they are. Ages should be within 15 to 25 years old.

For your character's gender, put down their sex. Available sexes are male and female.

For your character's relationships, put down any intimate or familial relationships your character is currently engaged in. This section of the profile recommends interacting with other roleplayers to input siblings or lovers.

For your character's personality, put down how they act in usual situations. This is to be used as a guideline and does not restrict your character's growth during events in the roleplay.

For your character's background, put down the events that have taken place in the character's life thus far. The report therein should end within a year of the opening of the roleplay, with at least the last six months unstated: this is for plot purposes.

For your character's survival skills, put down any skill they have obtained through their life which could aid in their surviving in a forest. This may be empty or large depending on your character; do not worry if it is small, characters will work together and have outside help.

As a final note, details of the plot will remain a mystery until they are revealed during the roleplay. For general reference, your character will have grown up in a world very similar to ours. Mention no town or city names, nor the names of any city or popular location in your character's profile. The world is not Earth, despite being very similar. The world your character originates from is not aware of anything magical or what we would identify as supernatural or extraterrestrial. As your character is likely a common individual until the events of the roleplay, they too are unaware of anything falling under the previously defined. The roleplay will begin when there have been five accepted signups.

Peace is a memory. We are the living. Doubt for the dead.

Welcome, my friends. This is a story about 6 friends. It is a story of darkness... evil. And it doesn't follow the storyline of the game it's taking place in at all. But it's a story. However... before we get involved in that. There's a bit of a... thing. See, we don't know who our story is about. We know what they -look- like, and the game thinks it knows what their voices are, sure... But the game doesn't know a thing. We need to give them PROPER names. So, therefore... let us introduce the 5 heroes... and the sixth, most important hero.

Mokka. A robot; rename him.

Chai, salamnder. Also rename him.

Lassi, relatively harebrained(snerk) rabbitgirl. Rename.

Pico! Fire guy. Rename him.

Sorbet. Ms. Water chick. Could use a rename.

Most importantly, however, is Mr/Ms Main character.

Element of main character. Light is easy mode since heal spell. Only one else who gets one is Lassie, and hers is kind of less useful, though I don't exactly remember why off the top of my head.

Gender of main character. Really doesn't affect the story at all. I normally go with girl, since I kind of don't like the design of Mr. Main Character. I prefer that sort of color scheme on the girl. Also, note that she has this smirk while he's got like, a derp face or something. Designs are literally exactly the same if you pick dark, so it kind of makes no difference.

Watchers pick names. Potentially, names from members of CP. I forget the biggest length we're allowed for names, but I'll accomodate things somehow.
Intelligent Debate / Health care
April 01, 2012, 12:07:39 am
Forewarning: This topic runs quite dangerously close to political debate. If you find yourself feeling too emotional or heated about the discussion calmly excuse yourself from the topic until you can bring yourself to properly represent your case. Thank you, enjoy the argument.

Health care. Specifically, American Healthcare. As a documentary released in 2007, Sicko, demonstrates, the american health system is - or was - very close to barbaric. American filmmaker and political activist Michael Moore, who has released a number of documentaries of the same nature in the past, produced the film. During it he details how enemy combatants are given better healthcare than the majority of american citizens. He highlights the fact that we have a number of socialised systems in America - libraries, police. Why, then, not medicine? He asks this. America's answers seem rather lacking. But this is not a debate about Sicko. Whether Moore is honest or not in his documentary, it is often cited in a debate of this subject.

However, since Obama has come to power in the White House, he's made it his mission to combat the very things that Sicko brings to light. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 mandates individuals to have some minimal form of health care and also helps mitigate the loopholes private health insurance companies would use to deny healthcare. A particularly glaring one that is specifically targeted is the "pre-existing condition" denial. Often a company would deny someone acceptance into the plan based on a pre-existing condition. Too skinny? You could be denied. Too fat? You could be denied. I'm not going fully into the act.

Since it was passed - and it was only barely passed - more conservative minds in washington have been trying to get it repealed. It certainly goes a long way to providing america with a more universal healthcare system.
Entertainment / Webcomics!
March 08, 2012, 11:36:54 am
I've noticed we've been advertising individual webcomics here. Well, let's not do that anymore! Any webcomics (and their discussion) can be used here. If a particular webcomic is garnering a lot of attention, it can be given its own topic.

To start with, I recommend Gunnerkrigg Court and Drowtales. Questionable Content is another good one.

Recommended Webcomics: ShowHide Note: Go Get a Roomie is Not Safe For Work. NSFW - NOTE: NSFW due to boobs.

Also feel free to use your first post to keep track of your current location in any webcomics. I do with most of them!

Vell's place in certain webcomics: ShowHide

Thank you for using this thread! Have a nice day.
Intelligent Debate / Who's worse?
February 23, 2012, 12:01:12 am
I have a question for you: Here are two people.

One is an apathetic individual who follows society blindly.

The other is an individual who profits off them.

Who is worse?
Video Games / Nier.
February 13, 2012, 12:38:06 pm
This game is brilliant. Released some years ago, it's an Action RPG where you control Nier (though you can put his name in), either a teenager brother to Yonah, or middle-aged father to Yonah, who is a sick little girl you do everything to find a cure for. The world is damned; humanity's days are numbered. Ever play Drakengard and earned the fifth, non-canon ending? This game is the sequel to that. There's two versions to the game - Replicant and Gestalt. Replicant is teenager, Gestalt is adult, and while the Japanese release considers Replicant to be the canon version, Gestalt is the only version which was ever translated.

Your daughter, Yonah, is sick with the black scrawl, a disease that causes black symbols to appear on a person's flesh and has a 100% mortality rate. Once infected, it's not a matter of if, but when you die. Nier thus begins to travel a lot in the hopes of finding a cure for his daughter/sister's ailment. Shortly into the game, you find Weiss, a talking book. This is the scene you're treated to upon first starting up the game, and it really showcases why this game is awesome:

If you've never played this game, I recommend it. The gameplay is solid, the plot is nothign special, the characters are great, but the music is amazing. And, mostly:

Chat / SOPA
January 18, 2012, 12:33:38 am
I suck at discussing this. :/ But it's a bad thing. look up the Stop Online Piracy Act. If you're american, vote against it. If you're not - IT STILL AFFECTS YOU.

Hearing what it's supposed to do (and what it's named after) makes it not seem bad. Yet look deeper; it's a frightening bill. It cannot pass and that means everyone doing what they can to deny the bill.

Go to wikipedia to  learn more.
Advertising / Fallen Sun Gaming!
January 10, 2012, 12:23:46 am

We are a fledgling gaming community. We've got people in a variety of games including World of Warcraft and League of Legends. We're intending to be a friendly group of high-level players. One of the founding members lead a 5-man team in League of Legends which was offered sponsorship (as in, making MONEY to go to tournies and such) shortly before it fell apart due to some issues. We're all pretty cool people and the general vibe I'm getting from them is awesome.

We need to get known, though. So that's why I'm here talking to you guys! I like you all because despite not really having much of a place, I feel, to post... you're all pretty cool. You're nice enough, you're gamers (most of you) and you bring a lot of skills to the forum. I want some of you who are interested in casual / serious gaming to show up, pop around... and get on our teamspeak. I talk there, so you can hear IT's voice. IT. ME. ULTA. I know SOME of you are tempted to join and pop on our teamspeak JUST FOR THAT. Or maybe my INFAMY levels have dropped here.

...No, I'm not actually that crazy self-centered. =3c. In all honesty, we hang out primarily on Teamspeak right now, with very little activity on the forums. But we have many active blogs and are getting livestreams up and are looking for ways to podcast. We're going to go places. Kylaira, the guy who started this, has a real good vision. I like him. He's good people and he knows his own weakness and what he needs to do to start it up right. I think he and all the other people we have can really make the place great. If it turns out we only get a small community, he can make it grow.

So join us. I really think this group has a chance (check out Kylaira's blog to see the history of Fallen Sun Gaming) to become a thing in the gaming scene. Perhaps a really big part of it. So at least give us a chance, pop in and give your thoughts. Join us! (Also be sure to hop on Teamspeak because seriously it's pretty active. I hang out in Pepsi Chat on there under the alias Luta.)

Hope to see you around and if you decide to pop in, stick around! Thank you for your time my friends. ^^ spread the word!

EDIT: Banner now links to website.

Note: Website under construction!
Role Playing and Interactive Story Telling / Cycle
December 03, 2011, 12:40:03 pm
An RP where there are no signups. To keep interest alive, characters can come and go as their player desires. Is there a plot? Yes. Or rather, there will be. >:3 You can do most anything you want in the confines of the world, however the world is undefined (to you) until it gets revealed. To that end, the RP will open up with certain information available to the PCs and they will be tasked with discovering it all for themselves. And somewhere along the way, a plot will develop. AND THEN YOU HAVE TO SAVE THE WORLD. Huzzah!

The town is called Lofty Heights. It is a town build on a hill and thus houses are smaller affairs, with the town itself spreading to the bottom of the hill. You begin in an Inn known as the Righteous Hope. Why is it called that? We don't know. BEGIN.

The world is fantastic in nature: Magic exists.
Chat / Other people can make you change yourself.
November 23, 2011, 08:56:38 am
In Psych I'm learning about "Locus of controls" which is "Do you think you control your fate or do you think other people or things control your fate?" An internal locus of control means you feel you are, yourself, capable of controlling what happens to you. An external is the opposite, where you think things simply happen to you without your control.

But one thing I'm noticing is that, certain people... well, when I care about certain people, it sparks a catalyst within me that makes me begin to change myself. It takes weeks to be noticeable, but then I see how it happened. The context of this is a few weeks ago I met someone. We're now pretty close friends and they've had a significantly harder life than I have. I'm becoming inspired to finally take life seriously. I've suffered from a lack of motivation and I have been consistently feeling like a horrible person because with all I was given and all I have, I squander it by refusing to take life seriously.

It's too easy for me, in some cases. I have no outward reason to struggle and I don't care much about being a well-known famously successful person. So I don't care about being super competitive in the work force or having the best grades in school. It's just not how I work. But now... my motivation is to a worthy individual. I'm beginning to think "I need to prove I deserve what I have. It's time to stop coasting." but hasn't yet fully hit me in the face. I've thought similar things in the past, but this is the closest its come to seriously having a major impact on the way I think of things. And the urge only grows by the day. I kind of fucked myself for a few classes in this semester of school, but I'm damn sure I'll be motivated for the next quarter. I'll have to drop a few online responsibilities and neglect a bunch of fun activities but I believe I can make myself do DAMN FINE at school and even do odd jobs to earn money on the side.

I already tutor a 4th grader. Maybe I'll tutor more aspie kids, I seem to be fine with it so far. So yeah. I think my issue so far is that my locus of control has been... undecided. I knew I could affect myself and the way things happened to me but also believed that a large portion of what happens to me is simply beyond my control. And I need to shift that "No Locus of Control" into an "internal" one.
General Discussion / hey blizzy
November 22, 2011, 03:27:29 am
Quote from: Blizzard on November 22, 2011, 03:20:32 am
Exactly. :)

It's still a fun and creative job, though. We just have to be careful while making a casual game not to overdo it.

Responding here because lol derailing.

How goes that, btw? The whole, "get known" thing? Is Cateia games getting noticed by any larger companies yet?
Programming / Scripting / Web / confused
November 11, 2011, 01:18:02 pm
So everytime I load up a webpage on this site(and a few others) it says "an additional plug in is required ot displays ome elements on this page." and gives a button to "install plug-in" but pressing it does nothing. And it loads up EVERY TIME I GO TO A PAGE ON A SITE. So it's annoying. Any idea what could be causing it?
Intelligent Debate / Morality.
October 20, 2011, 12:21:06 pm
Is there a universal code of morality that all people should be subject to?
Entertainment / pro as heck guide to yi
October 10, 2011, 03:42:09 am

Note: You might not get a lot of the jokes ifyou don't play LoL
I'm willing to try GM'ing another RP here, but since my normal "come up with an idea and throw it out there" thing hasn't worked so far, I'm gathering opinions firs.t What KIND of RP would you guys want to do? And then I'll try to have an idea that fits it.
Chat / Feel good topic.
September 26, 2011, 09:19:47 am
Everyone who posts in here I'll tell you a few things I like about you.

And then when this thread is done I'll devour your souls, you soft, fleshy things~ :3
Chat / This shouldn't be happening.
August 02, 2011, 03:17:43 am
I'm positive I'm not sick, mind. Anyway, it's the middle of summer, the temperature is above 90 fahrenheit on a daily basis, sometimes creeping into 100... I'm under a heavy blanket, with no A/C in the house because we can't afford it... and my back feels cold.

For a forum titled "Intelligent Debate" there is a lack of any actual debate happening. A topic is opened, stating a topic to discuss. Someone comes along and states a well-thought post a few paragraphs long. Everyone, in some fashion, be it in a long restating of the same point or simply by stating so, agrees with it, including the thread maker. And with that said, nobody even bothers to play Devil's Advocate. In addition, with a lack of devil's advocate, and since everyone is agreeing, no actual debate is occuring.

It's less an Intelligent Debate forum and more an Intelligent Agreement forum. I realise you may be thinking something along the lines of "if nobody disagrees, it must be because the view is correct." In any discussion intended to be a debate, this is not so. There's always another side of things. For instance, there could be another way of looking at the issue which shines doubt upon the currently held popular view. Perhaps there's even evidence disproving the theory. So what I'm saying is we're opening discussions, seeing one thought-out post and nodding along with it - and then not considering any opposing view.

One idea I had as to why there's no debate here is that we're not treating this forum as a debate forum. Perhaps when we make a post here we're instead intending to begin a topic for people to simply chat about it. The intent behind it in this case is not to discourage opposing views, but instead to not look for them. There's a view the first poster holds, and everyone else in the thread is supposed to discuss it, ideally in a civil manner. However, in this case a debate isn't called for. A debate is in itself a discussion, yes, but a discussion is not necessarily a debate. And while a debate can be brought out of a discussion, if a thread is posted in a debate forum, it should be treated as a debate from the beginning.

If you do not believe your thread is best formed as a debate with two or more sides trying to get their points out there, then it should not be posted in a debate forum. Allow me to go into what a debate actually is. A debate is when one person opens up a topic, states their view, a few opening points with the hope that his opponent has the decency to pay attention and consider. From that point a few things can happen however. Most typically, another person corroborates the opening view, showing support for it. Then, an opposing view comes along, having considered the first side, and countering any immediate flaws in the opening argument and putting forth their own.

But then, what is the point of a debate? It sounds an awful lot like a flame war waiting to happen. Sadly, a lot of flame wars begin as debates. However, it spirals out of control because people lose sight of a debate's goal. A debate isn't about which side is right or wrong. People have their opinions, which rarely are swayed. Instead, debates are about listening to the opposing side and trying to come out of the discussion with a widened world view. As well, it's about pitting your wit against another's. In a case where the result must ultimately end up with a decision in some way, the point of a debate is shifted.

Instead of being a personal thing for you to stretch your mind, it becomes a situation where two sides try to understand their opposition. Here is where a key confusion oft happens. When one considers their opponent's side, it must carefully be thought about. To properly see a debate through one must see the opponent's side as being valid enough to warrant working with. Ultimately, after every point is made as many times as it takes for each side to fully understand their opponent's viewpoint, a compromise is made. Unless enough convincing happened to make taking one decision completely over the other, in which case that's the final result.

EDIT: I put forth that we either agree to initiate topics with the intent of debating or that we establish a forum for miscellaneous discussions which are meant to be considered in a serious manner akin to a debate but without the necessity of a disagreement.