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Script Troubleshooting / [VXAce]Features
September 04, 2013, 02:22:58 pm
i'm fixing to discover a snippet that will allow me to add or remove features from the actors via the script editor. i am modifying my main menu. i included a "Tactics" command option that when selected activates the status menu for individual character selection (equip, status, skill, etc...). when you press the ok button on one of the actors i would like simply to toggle the auto battle feature from inside the "ok_personal_command" method in "Scene_Menu."

i have everything in order, except i can't figure out how to manually add or remove features to actors...any help?
i'm using RPGMakerVXAce.
Tutorials / [Event]Switch Puzzle
October 21, 2012, 11:54:20 pm
this is a rather simple tutorial for showing enthusiasts how to effectively create a puzzle switch system in RMVXAce. in this tutorial you will see how to create good switches and bad switches and event them accordingly. to quickly sum that up, good switches increase a variable that can be used to activate whatever you desire, while bad switches reset your progress and return all switches to their default positions. after stepping on all good switches respectively, you may activate additional event processing.

what to expect:
- switch presses to floor when stepped on
- se plays to demonstrate whether associated switch is good or bad
- good switches increases selected variable as they are activated
- bad switches reset entire process

link: (2.04MB)

video tutorial:
RPG Maker Scripts / [RGSS3] add command properties
October 21, 2012, 12:49:59 pm
i was wondering how i would go about assigning a different x value to the individual commands i create in a command window in RGSS3. could someone take a look for me please?
Chat / Music Production
October 16, 2012, 05:20:41 pm
i'm aware that there are a few enthusiasts of music production here at Chaos Project. i just began experimenting with it myself and i found that i rather enjoy creating music as a new hobby. whether or not i plan to sale albums someday is not being considered, but i was hoping we could use this thread to candidly discuss the different approaches (amongst other things) to creating music.

some of the things i would like to discuss first:
- music theory
- melody creation
- advertising

Music Theory:
theoretically, when you're creating a chord and you know the half steps for that chord's associated scale (for instance C Major begin 4-3) and you're following them to a tee as you create it, you should never have to worry about your chords falling out of scale, right?

Melody Creation:
i'm a wreck at this right now. i can't create a melody to save my life so any and all help in this area will be greatly appreciated.

where? where can i share my music in hopes of getting people to listen in and give their honest feedback? Facebook seems to be an okay place, but where else?
Express your Creativity / Indulging in Sound
October 14, 2012, 02:05:48 am
recently a member of CP released his debut EP and it inspired me to see what may come of my own ambitions to create music (thank you subsonic), so i got my hands on FL Studio and began watching a few tutorials. i don't plan on taking on the music industry, but rather making a simple addition to my lists of personal hobbies. anyway, here is my very first concept with music. it is a 16-beat compilation of what's to come. the final copy will see these sounds re-organized and will see many more added before its completion. please leave any constructive criticism you may have.

Into Twilight:

Into Twilight: Revised Concept

Into Twilight: Final Concept

the revised concept only contains some added drum kits to the original concept, i did not master or add effects at that time; skip to the final concept if you're looking to see development in the piece.
General Discussion / Cutscenes and Messages
April 28, 2012, 08:34:23 pm
do you guys think it's better to wait for the player's input while moving through messages, or could it be a breath of fresh air to have the messages automated?...
Express your Creativity / [ART] Zombies
April 21, 2012, 07:15:24 pm
i have had these little fellas in my sketch book for a while now. i figured i'd share for constructive criticism.
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RPG Maker Scripts / [RGSS3] First Success Story
April 16, 2012, 09:40:41 am
so i'm pretty happy to report that i had my first breakthrough with scripting this morning. i have spent the passed two days doing much research on ruby (rgss in specific), and today i began experimenting with the script editor for the first time. i read that the one of the best routes to take while learning rgss is to understand variables. then, understand how methods and classes work. do your best to understand arrays and hashes. i understand all but the hash tables. i understand that hash tables are basically you telling values where to be stored, but i haven't worked with them yet personally, so i won't claim to fully understand them.

anyway, i added the load scene into the default menu with success, so i'm pretty stoked right now. these baby steps are the beginning to great things.
General Discussion / RPG Cliches
April 15, 2012, 02:29:06 am
i laughed when i found the list. here are a couple RPG cliches! add more if you have them!

My Beloved Village:
at some point in the game, your main character's home village is ripped to shreds.

Thinking With the Wrong Head:
your main character is all for fighting to the death for any pretty NPC he met three seconds ago.

Single Parent:
every protagonist seems to have either a father or a mother; never both.

George Lucas Rule:
all of the worlds most prominent technology seems to be in the hands of evil.

Garrett Rule:
for whatever strange reason, as a protagonist; you have the unique ability to enter any person(s) home whom you do not know and take whatever you want from their house, and then proceed to chew the fat like nothing ever happened. worst part is...they're all for it.

Selective Paralysis:
your player seem to have their feet glued to the ground when traversing the world by foot, not being able to climb rocks or jump from cliffs, but that doesn't stop him from jumping from the party's airship just before it is blown out of the sky, and then slide down a wired cable, safely landing right where the next mission is.
General Discussion / Storyline Help
April 15, 2012, 02:17:46 am
i'm looking for a little bit of help coming up with a reason that a villain would visit a world he is unfamiliar with, and then re-visit it at a later time. what could possibly be his incentive? can anyone help, haha?
i was wondering if anybody could help me convert movement speed into frame rate for rmvx. like rmxp, you have 4X faster, 2X faster, normal, 2X slower, 4X slower, and 8X slower. now the frame rate is 60 in rmvx as opposed to rmxp's 40, so how does these compare? if rmxp's "normal" speed was 40, does that mean that the "normal" speed is 60 frames in rmvx and so on?

this is a good piece of information to know if you are scrolling the screen. it makes your calculations much more precise.

RMVX Speed to Frame Rate:
1: 8X slower = 120 frames
2: 4X slower = 60 frames
3: 2X slower = 30 frames
4: 1X normal = 15 frames
5: 2X faster = 10 frames
6: 4X faster = 5 frames
Resource Database / [RMVX] Calintz's Resources
April 14, 2012, 12:38:54 am
this thread will be used as the hosting place for all of my resources designed for use with RPGMakerVX Ace. i will no longer be creating resources for RPGMakerXP unless commissioned. if you have any questions or concerns about any resources that have been posted here, please PM me. this thread is dedicated to the showcasing and the hosting of resources for the community. criticism is encouraged. credit as always, is encouraged but not required. power me up if you feel it's deserved.

Resting Actors:
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InDoor Borders:
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Video Tutorial:
My best friend since high school wanted me to design him a tattoo. The theme is a mythical bird guarding a shield. Later on in life I guess he plans to put the names of his family members and important people on that shield. This is concept1.

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Express your Creativity / SD Series - Link 01
November 05, 2010, 12:23:29 am
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SD Series:
The SD (Super Deformed) Series is a new chapter in my work flow. I really enjoy portraying characters in this unique style. My direct inspiration for this genre comes from a Korean Artist named 'Keun-Hwa Huh.' He did SD work for the critically acclaimed 'Magna Carta: Tears of Blood' for the Playstation 2 gaming platform.

About the Work:
This particular piece is a portrayal of Link from Twilight Princess during his days as a farm herder.

I hope you enjoy this piece...
I encourage you to leave comments as they are the most valuable resource for self improvement. Thank you for your time.

Resources / [PANORAMA]Forest Panorama
October 06, 2010, 05:40:11 am
My new game was in dire need of some kind of forest panorama that drops off the Thracian Mountain. I whipped one up quick, and I'll post it here for the public's use. No credit required...

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General Discussion / [Discussion]Evented Battle System
October 03, 2010, 11:44:52 pm
So I was wondering if eventing a battle system would hold any benefits over a scripted battle system. For my project, I will most likely use an active battle system. I fooled around with BABS, but I don't know how I feel about it. It would still need a makeover from its default structure in order to seamlessly assimilate into my game.

So, if I event-ed a custom battle system do you guys think it would give me more control over the flow of battle? Like, wouldn't I be able to trigger different things at different points easier?
I dug up some old sketches I put together a while back when I was still working on Well in the Woods. They were to be used as character references for the project. The characters portrayed are as follows: (respectively)

1. Gil (the fairy knight)
2. ??? (undecided)
3. Astine (the wohtearian assassin)

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Resources / [CFRESOURCE]BABS Character Templates
September 21, 2010, 05:18:35 pm
Dear Chaos Project,
I am going to create a set of templates aimed at Blizzard ABS's pose requirements. The demand for resources to use with Blizzard's active battle system is off the charts as is, and yet continues to grow. I want to help people get off on the right foot by supplying them with resources that will help them create their own characters and poses. I have started this endeavor by reconstructing a default character template which can be found below. This is only the beginning of what I hope to be a great addition to the resources found here at Chaos Project.

I greatly encourage questions, comments, and concerns throughout this process. It will help me create finished products that meet member's interests. I may even create several poses for the weapon sets should people want there to be more than one animation for their characters.

The templates will be made in the following order:
1. Default Charaset
2. One Handed Sword
3. Spear
4. Two Handed Weapon (Axe, Greatsword...etc)
5. Bow and Arrow
6. Fisticuffs
7. Blunt Objects (Staff, Club, etc...)

Default Charaset:
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OHS Pose: (One Handed Sword)
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Resources / [CFRESOURCE]ABS - Fire Spells
September 21, 2010, 05:47:09 am
Calintz Free Resource: free to use in your project!
Two fire spells for use with Blizz's ABS.

Fire 001:
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Fire 002:
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Resources / [CFRESOURCE]Shaolin Monk Charaset
September 20, 2010, 11:16:56 pm
Calintz Free Resource: free to use in your project!
This is the Shaolin Monk charaset that will be used in my new game. It is open for use to the public.

Shaolin Monk:
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Resources / [CIRESOURCE]MK Ninjas
September 12, 2010, 09:13:03 pm
Calintz Independent Resource: please do not use!
I am working on a simple but flashy Mortal Kombat RPG that I hope gets high reviews. These are the charasets for Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Reptile respectively. I wanted to post them for critiquing. It's been a while since I've sprited, so I want feedback. Fire away...

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Script Requests / [RMXP REQUEST]CBS
September 06, 2010, 08:37:16 pm
Ladies and gents ...
I know there is talent here. I've seen it. I need a CBS for a game, and I'm willing to pay to get it.

If you're interested PM me for further details.
This goes for you too Blizzard. I know you're retired, but work is work, right? Money is money, and I know you still have the edge. If you're interested PM me. I know you told me to go for the MK project, and not only would you get paid, but you would be helping the project see completion also. Just a fun fact.
Resource Requests / [RESOLVED]My Old Charaset Template
September 05, 2010, 02:15:00 pm
Does anyone have my old charaset template? I removed my old Photobucket account. :^_^':
I know that it had been used in Remeoxes, but I don't know if anyone still has it. If anyone has their hands on the bare charaset that was used for character construction in Remeoxes I would really appreciate it if they would post it here for me. I don't want to have to redo it if it is still out there.
General Discussion / Mortal Kombat RPG
September 05, 2010, 02:06:28 pm
Throw around some ideas for me if you've nothing better to do. What kind of things would a patron be interested in seeing in a Mortal Kombat RPG? I will be incorporating fatalities so don't mention that, Lol. As I mentioned before, I will be following the plot of the original motion picture made back in 1995, so it would be great if you watched the film.

Your playable characters include:
Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade, and Lui Kang.

Some enemies include:
Kano, Scorpion, Kitana, Sub-Zero, Goro, Reptile, and Shang Tsung. I will try to incorporate more characters from the series, but the aforementioned enemies will serve as the main boss battles.
Very simple I'd imagine. A few lines changed, but which ones?
Express your Creativity / Mortal Kombat Title Screen
September 03, 2010, 10:47:32 pm
Now don't laugh at me...I love mortal kombat, and back when I was really into RMXP I threw around ideas about maybe creating a Mortal Kombat RPG in the future, and that time may have come. Anyone who knows who I am may know about Well in the Woods. My old running project. It collapsed because of the workload and lack of interest in the end.

I have been thinking about creating this new Mortal Kombat RPG and on paper the game rocks. I won't go into much detail with it, but I did go ahead and create a Title Screen for kicks and giggles. This title screen is obviously subject to change, but it's a nice placeholder for the time being. I don't even know if the things I want to include are feasible, so for now like I said...I won't get carried away.

Anyway, here is the rough Title...
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Chat / Mortal Kombat [1995]
September 03, 2010, 08:11:43 pm
Anybody see this movie?
Focused on Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade, and Lui Kang. The sequel was title annihilation.
Dear Chaos Project members,

I have recently opened a store using the partnership feature at There isn't much in there now, but with time I hope to generate a plethora of good stuff for people to wear. I'm starting off simple with humorous T-Shirts, and such. There is no restrictions on what can be put on the T-Shirts you sell there, so the potential is high. Being the mediocre artist that I am I am going to come up with some intricate stuff to use in my shop.

If you have the free time check it out. Don't worry about buying anything. Just take a look and tell me what you think.

P.S. ANYONE can do the same thing. The partnership is free.
Ladies and gentlemen...
If you're a fan of Graphic Design then today is your day to shine. I will be arranging a contest for CP users to partake in. The goal is simple. Let's all have fun!! There will be no prize for this contest, so only join with the intent on having fun. The rules are as follows...please don't under-mind them.

Required Resources:
We are gonna keep this simple and fun. To enter the contest you are required to create two pieces of Graphic Design.
  • Avatar - 140px by 140px

  • Signature - 400/500px by 140/150px

Rules of Engagement:
Absolutely NO flaming on a member's work will be tolerated. There is nothing that "I" can do about it, but I'm sure a mod will step in if a member decides he wants to be a **** and make fun of other people's work. You HAVE to start somewhere. Don't be a prick.

Who Can Enter:
EVERYONE!! I am encouraging all CP members who have a background in Graphic Design, or a simple interest in this area to enter this competition. (That includes you Blizzard) Judging will begin on the 25th of April. This gives you five long days to slam out a quick GFX Pack. The theme is open to whatever your hearts desires. I will probably hold more competitions later with more restrictions, but for now...simple and fun. This should be an enjoyable experience.

Please PM me with your finished product.
Advertising / LA Muscle
April 14, 2010, 07:54:00 pm
If you're into physical fitness at all, and you want to try some really good stuff to give you a little edge. You might wanna check this stuff out. The people at LA Muscle only use natural ingredients in their supplements, this means you don't have to worry about side effects or conflicting issues with any medication you might be on. I just purchased a 1month supply of Fat Stripper INTENSE and Diet Cleanse to try out. After reading up on the website and their product's descriptions I am quite confident that alongside my personal exercise routine Fat Stripper INTENSE and Diet Cleanse will help me shred every ounce of fat on my body and put me well on my way to overall health and performing better at my dream...parkour and free running.

If you are at all interested...
Please use this code upon your VERY FIRST purchase at LA Muscle's website. Using my personal reference voucher will give you an additional 12.5% off your order and earn me some extra reward points. Upon the accumulation of reward points I can get free stuff basically. You too will get a personal referral code upon the creation of an account at

When my product ships to me and I try it out I will come back and post my results.

Here is my referral code...