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Run Time Package / List of Icons
September 27, 2011, 07:35:40 pm
Hey guys, so I'd like to practice my spriting skills by making a bunch of icons for ARC. I have already made four at the time of posting this thread (Armor02, Weapon04, Helm01 and Shield02)

I would like to compile a list of icons that you guys think should be included and I will try my best to create it if it is within my abilities. I'm nowhere near the spriting level of some of the good spriters of the forums, so bear with my crappy ass pictures >:

Just try to describe the icon with as much detail as possible. Mine are fairly low in detail since I already have a plan on how I want them to look.

Note: Feel free to give me suggestions on how to improve any icons I add. I am open to learning how to sprite better.

Simple Necklace - A small golden one
Simple Ring - Small golden ring

Bow - Typical wooden bow
Spear - Wooden handle, steel tip
Staff - Long wooden staff
Dagger - Small knife with a wooden handle
Axe - Wooden handle, made of steel

Platebody - Full steel chest piece

Plate Boots - Standard steel boots
Leather Boots - Rogue/Ranger type boots

Round Shield - Steel round shield

Leather Gloves - Leather woven gloves

Feather Hat - Hat with a feather

Red Potion - Vial fully filled with red liquid
Blue Potion - Vial fully filled with red liquid
Herb - Some kind of leaf
Power Down Skill - Similar to Magic05, except blue arrows in the down direction
Welcome! / Back for however long
September 17, 2011, 07:42:00 pm
Hello everyone, I'm back for God knows how long. :P
Been busy with school and life, but I decided I need to get a good dose of trol- ahem, Chaos Project browsing.
I don't really actively use RPG Maker anymore, but I am more than willing to collaborate in any projects or help anyone that needs it. In fact, if anyone is up for it, I wouldn't mind creating a nice epic project that will totally kick Lexima Legends butt and make Blizzy jealous ;D
But, back to reality, I ARE BACK.
Troubleshooting / Help / RPG Maker Map Question
March 06, 2011, 04:54:34 pm
So I was wondering how RPG Maker deals with the Map files and the whole workings behind how Maps are interpreted. I basically want to create a map in RPG Maker XP, and then use it for another game I'm creating in Java. So is there any way to have a programming language like Java interpret the RPG Maker map files? If not, that's fine, but is there a way to save the map file as a image such as a JPEG? If I take a screenshot of it, there's only so much I can fit on the screen (Say I had a map that's 50 x 50, I can't fit that all in one screenshot) and it will have those annoying gridlines too. If it comes to that, I can code the passability manually, but I just want the full image of the map at least (I don't want to crop together parts of screenshots)
New Projects / [Java] Morse's Universe
March 05, 2011, 06:49:40 pm
Morse's Universe

So this was a 2D Platformer me and my best friend coded together for our Grade 11 Final Summative Assignment. It was basically the sequel to the previous game made in Turing: Morse's World. We re-coded the game engine to make things run smoother and we have added boss battles. We were going to add two modes: Arena and Survival, but seeing as we only had a 3 week deadline, we ran out of time. Nonetheless, we still scored 100% in all areas and our teacher features it in his next class as an example Project. The project was entirely coded in Java using the Netbeans IDE.

Story Summary

A bit cliche, but the story continues from the original game. In the original, Morse (This name was taken from the Russian translation of walrus, and Morse is Walrus in French) the walrus was out exploring Frostpeak Mountains. Suddenly, his tribe is attacked by a Polar Bear who takes the sacred Snow Urn and flees to Frostpeak Mountain. The elders of the tribe instruct Morse to retrieve the Urn, which is used in sacred rituals to the Snow God. Seeing as all the other healthy males were either injured or dead, Morse began his epic quest. He finds the Snow Urn deep in the jungle (After traversing Frostpeak Mountains, Frostpeak Heights, Shimmer Lake and Dry Dunes) and begins his journey home. Morse's Universe picks up from the jungle. However, a volcano has erupted and Morse is forced to flee the area.


  • Complete story mode (except for the final boss, no time for that)

  • Simple controls, but challenging gameplay

  • Fully functioning Save/Load system

  • Epic boss fights

  • Timer system to add pressure on levels

  • Power-ups to assist Morse in his journey

  • World Map

Known Bugs

There are a few bugs that we had. Due to the strict timeframe, we couldn't polish them as much as we wanted to.
Minor Bugs
-When Morse hits the exact edge of a block while jumping, he will automatically floor himself down one tile usually causing his death. All jumps and levels are possible (Fully tested), so just take care in timing your jumps so that he doesn't hit the exact edge of a floating block.
-Level selecting arrow will not display on the World Map when a world is completed. Easily fix by pressing the arrow keys.
-Tampering with the Data.txt (Where all your save data is located) can cause BGM errors and world clearing glitches. Just let the game handle the data updating unless you looked at our code and know exactly what to change.
Major Bugs
-We are using two Frames and two Panels in this project. One is strictly for the Menu and one is strictly for the gameplay. We have merged these together and simply show one Frame and Panel at a time and hide the other one. Sometimes when you enter a world after New Game, the game will create an infinite amount of windows. This also seems to be random on different machines. We have no idea what is causing this bug, and we have tested it on 7 computers. Only 3 of them had this issue. Simply rapidly press the "X" button to close all windows (otherwise you will be overloaded with them and your computer may slow down from the CPU usage) and then use the CONTINUE option (DO NOT START ANOTHER NEW GAME). You will safely load the level you need to be on.


Use the arrow keys to move Morse around. Up is to jump. Down holds no purpose.
Spacebar is used to use your Firebreath when you have it active.
Use the left and right arrow keys to select a world on the World Map, and then press Enter to play.


This game is difficult. All levels have been tested and are possible. Seeing as this game is very short (only 24 levels, with the 25th being a pointless level that just says THE END. We couldn't finish the final boss sequence.) we made up for it by making the game quite challenging to make it seem longer. Out of a survey we took in-class, it takes the average Grade 11 student approximately 50 minutes to complete, with well over 100 deaths. Good luck :D


First make sure you have Java installed on your computer. Just google the download link. Next download the game from here and extract it using WinRAR or any other extracting program you have:
If you need any other mirrors, feel free to post.
Then go into the game directory, and go into the "dist" folder. Run the Java Application.jar file and if you have Java installed, it should automatically load the game for you. Enjoy!
This Role Play will be based off the popular manga and anime Gantz, but with some changes. Google it if you wanna find out more.

Background Story

    I am here to give you a second chance at life. Each one of you was about to face Death straight in the eyes and I'm sure everyone in this room remembers how they died. I will not say who I am, but know that you are very much alive. I brought you here because each of you are like a plague to humanity. Rape, suicide, failures in school, murder, one of these flaws are within each of you and now you must atone. Momentarily I will be giving everyone a task to complete, whether you choose to participate is up to you, but know that you will die otherwise. If you successfully complete the task without getting yourself killed, I will grade your performance. Once you achieve 100 points, I will allow you to return to Earth and start your life anew, the day before you died. I will not be answering anymore questions, such as where we are, who I am and why you specifically were chosen. I will be monitoring each of you closely. Now then, each of you will be receiving a custom suit that will unlock a hidden potential within you and give you above-average strength, speed and reflexes. Come forth and let your trial begin!


1. I will not actively participate in any of your tasks.
2. Do not PM me asking what/who I am in the game and about any further info on your tasks. That is for your imagination to decide. The exception to this rule is if you are lost or need further advice on how to post to advance the story.
3. Do not be some sort of badass. You may choose a relatively powerful ability but honestly, don't expect to solo a task, this is a team-based role play.
4. I have the right to intervene if anyone is getting carried away by ruining the experience or being too strong, I will not hesitate to kill your character. (After all, I control your fate)
5. The tasks require careful planning and teamwork. I will occasionally post to give further insight, or if you are fighting something, I will act as the creature you are fighting.
6. Some of you may die, but you get 2 chances in this game. If you die once, you can play again, but if you die again, you're out of the game. To die you must do the following:
A) Attempt to be a complete rambo and dodge all attacks, do insanely strong ones and basically ruin the teamwork aspect of the game.
B) Be completely useless to the team, i.e Not helping in the planning stage, not executing actions properly (This is flexible, if you do it occasionally because you want to kill someone on your team due to hate for them, that's fine, but don't do it all the time)
C) You may die at random depending on the difficulty of the task.
7. Remember, this is just for fun, the point is to score 100 points but obviously not everyone will, heck no one may achieve it at all.

I will be adding more rules as the game goes on.

Sign Up

Use the following template to sign up:

How I died:
Sin against humanity:
Suit Ability:

Here is an example entry:
Name: Lore
Age: 25
Appearance: Short brown hair, glasses, 5'9", athletic build, white skin
How I died: Car crash
Sin against humanity: Raped an elementary school teacher
Personality: Outgoing and has a sharp tongue. Very lazy and careless but loyal towards his friends.
Suit Ability: Superhuman eye sight. Of course you can pick a variety of abilities like Super Jump, Fire Arms Proficiency, Martial Arts Master, Superhuman Strength, etc etc Just remember that the suit bestows a bonus to Strength, Speed and Reflexes on its own. Compare the bonuses as such:
Strength - Olympic Weightlifter (Full body, positively affects jump height and distance as well)
Speed - Capable of running at speeds of 20 km/h (roughly 12.4 mph)
Reflexes - Karate Grandmaster

Progression of story

The role play will progress like this:
1. I will be creating a thread with the Mission # in the title.
2. I will give you a summary of the mission, as well as any info on targets that need to be eliminated.
3. You will have a day or so for the team to do a plan. This means make use of everyone's abilities and form a general strategy of advancing. If someone has keen eyesight, have him scout, while someone with high speed can survey the area. Things like that. You may post your ideas out of role play, just make sure they make sense in consideration of the mission info and your team mates abilities. Don't say "We'll swim across the river" if no one in your party can swim.
4. After planning is over I will post the opening post containing important starting information such as: Where you are, what weapons are available, your time limit (if there is one) and anything else pertaining to the mission.
5. Everyone then posts as they see fit to progress the story. Make sure you act as realistic as possible. Imagine you and a group of people need to hunt down some alien cyclops that is lurking the city. Are you going to know exactly where he is right away? Maybe you need to look for clues? Maybe get to know each other? What about your surroundings, are you familiar with the area? Is anyone in your group familiar with it? Can you still execute your plan based on the new information given? Always ask yourself realistic questions before posting, try not to see this as fantasy, except for the fact that you are like superhumans fighting various aliens. These aliens are also supernatural and CAN and WILL kill you if you drop your guard, so act as if this is pure reality.
6. I will reply with various hints if the group is off track, or if they have found their target, I will role play the alien and fight back based on your groups abilities, actions and plan.

Whew, sorry for the wall of text, hopefully this will be fun and exciting. I'm trying for a more realistic combat approach. Superhumans vs Aliens, so you can still use supernatural abilities and your imagination, but you are mortal and can die.

Entertainment / The scale of the universe
January 29, 2010, 11:30:59 am
A nifty little flash project I found on Newgrounds.
Really makes you think about your existence. I found it really cool and I learned quite a bit.

Use the left arrow key to zoom in, and the right arrow key to zoom out.
Or you can use the little scrollbar at the bottom.
General Discussion / Project Make-Over
January 19, 2010, 03:46:50 pm
Project Make-Over


So what exactly is this? Well, I just happened to be bored and want to help out people who need it. I will basically take a look at your project if you are struggling and give pointers on where to go, how to improve certain aspects and what you're doing correctly so far. I may even help reconstruct an event system or map.

The Process

Step 1: So you want me to help, huh? Well, I'm busy, so that means I can only take limited requests. If you want me to take a look at your project please send this form to

What is the name of the project?
How far is it in development?
What, in your opinion, is the field that it is struggling the most in? (I.e Scripting, Eventing, ETC)
What, in your opinion, is the field that it is strongest in? (I.e Scripting, Eventing, ETC)
Specify the main theme of the project and a brief story summary (This is so I understand what kind of mapping style is best for your project) :
Please specify what you require help with (Please keep this within reasonable bounds, I am only human) :
Is there a deadline that MUST be met for a specific feature/aspect/area of the game?
What have you done so far to try and correct said problems?
Lastly, do you have any form of instant messaging to communicate with? (MSN, Yahoo, Gmail, ETC)

That's it. Should only take 10 minutes to fill out.

Step 2: Now that you have sent the form, please wait until I have reviewed it. If anything is missing I'll email you requesting the information. Once you've been confirmed, I will ask that you send me the project, if you wish to keep certain things private, such as some scripts or map, kindly request so in the email, I will keep my word not to look, or simply exclude the files from the project folder.

Step 3: I will look at the project and give some starter tips, as well as a date when we can talk about the project over instant messaging. During this talk I will go into an in-depth analysis, or at least try my best to help. Remember, I'm helping based off my experience, so if your project is far too complex or already is awesome, I can't do much except say "Good job. Next."

So, fire away. If you have questions, feel free to ask. Just one last note, don't think of this as a life saving revamp of your project. It's just some simple tips and advice, and possibly a few makeovers here and there. You will be doing a lot of the corrections yourself, just with my guidance.
All right guys. I need a lot of sprites done, and I know, that's a selfish request, but one person does not have to do all of them. I will give a picture of the characters and you can pick which characters you want to do, and I will put your name next to the character name so you know that you are assigned to that.
Feel free to pick whichever character you want and take your time. I will list characters by priority that I need done. If anyone can do this, I will be forever in their debt.
All characters have the same armor design and colors, except for a few exceptions which I will specifically point out to. Their hair is the only difference.
I will add more characters once the currently listed ones are done.

Characters left:
Awakened Priscilla
Awakened Teresa
Young Clare

Teresa - Assigned to: No one
I need the hair to match hers exactly and try your best to get the color to match. My characters are distinguished by their hairstyles.
Don't add the sword.
You can't see her shoes, but they are gray plate shoes that resemble lowered high heels.

Irene - Assigned to: No one
I need the hair to match hers exactly and try your best to get the color to match. My characters are distinguished by their hairstyles.
You can't see her shoes, but they are gray plate shoes that resemble lowered high heels.
Chat / Birthday
August 29, 2008, 02:27:00 pm
My Birthday today. Turned 14, I won't be on cause I will be partying :D

Peace out.
Chat / Karma
August 15, 2008, 05:35:12 pm
Alright, I'm going to go on a little Karma giving spree. I'll see how much I can give away by the end of August. I'll update the count on this thread as I go:

Aqua - 11
Diokatsu - 11
Blizzard - 11
Starrodkirby86 - 11
game_guy - 11
Fantasist - 11
DeathLock - 11
UltaFlame - 11
TLarch - 10
Satoh - 10
ShadonKing - 10
LegacyBlade- 10
Velcro Cloud - 10
Ryex - 10
mumerus - 10
evil1357 - 10
Hadeki - 10
Lost_Hope - 6
Rune - 7
Valcos - 6
Juan - 6
Eyece - 5
Chaze007 - 5
Xalas - 5
Susys - 3


Karma Points Given to Me - 12
Welcome! / Back
August 15, 2008, 05:09:27 pm
Back from my one month retirement.

Hope everyone didn't miss me TOO much <3

Anyway, a note to Blizzard: Get on MSN and recap what I have to map for you.
Welcome! / Retiring for 1 month
July 12, 2008, 03:08:25 am
Today is July 12th, 2008. I will be retiring from CP until August 12th, 2008.

I am having some family stuff pop up, and I can no longer keep up with the forum, for now. By August everything should clear up and I'll be back! Until then, I'll have to say goodbye.

Sorry Blizzard, that also means I'll have to postpone all my mapping for Chaos Project. I'll get back to it after the retirement.
Advertising / Free Stuff? :O
July 09, 2008, 08:37:44 pm


Not sure exactly where to put this, but, I hope this is the area. I had at least 30 posts on the old forum. So I'll be ok.

Anyway, I found a great new site to get FREE stuff! It uses a point system which you can cash in to get REAL, FREE stuff delivered straight to your door. It actually works, Would the mighty Lore lie to you?

All you do is do survey offers and you can get points for it. You can even use Fake information, it doesn't matter! However, use a VALID email. I'll show you a step by step process of how to start earning your points and get free stuff.


The Guide

Step 1. Registration.

You need to first register for the site. You can either click the banner located in my signature, OR you can follow this link:

Use that link to register with a VALID email address. Use THAT link and ONLY that link. Otherwise it won't be as epic. ;)

Step 2. Offers.

Now you have to do offers to get points. At the left select "View Available Offers", then start choosing offers. You can find instructions on how to do them underneath them. Follow them and use a VALID email ALWAYS. Use the same email you used when you registered, otherwise you won't get rewarded with points. You can use fake information to do offers.

Step 3. Cashing In.

Once you have enough points (Takes some time for some offers to cash in) you can go to the "View Available Prizes" tab at the left and choose from a variety of stuff you can claim. It will then get delivered to your doorstep! Want a FREE Xbox 360 Elite Console? No problem. Want a FREE Wii? Anytime. Just follow the link I provided, or use the banner!

Step 4. Referring.

Now, if you REALLY like this system, you can refer it to other people. In order to refer, you can go to the Referrals tab and you can find your referral link. Send that to all your friends. But, you can always forward my link I provided and help me out, if you want ;).

But in order to register, you need to use the above link, or the one if my signature. (Just click the banner)

I hope this helps and I hope you enjoy using this system, it's REALLY easy and it pays off.
Welcome! / Lore Casts Ressurection!
July 01, 2008, 01:10:49 am
That's right, your beloved Lore has apparently risen from the dead (ZOMG!?)  ;D

I'm back at mapping and being an active member. You'll start seeing epic maps in CP made by yours truly.  8)

So if anyone wants to hang out, PM me and I'll give you my MSN.

I'll finally be finishing the Ultimate Tutorial Package as well as contributing in other ways, which you will see in the future  ;)
Ultimate Tutorial Package V1.3

I have done a new format. It is now in a Word Document. You can download it from the topic. If there are any grammar mistakes, bugs, ETC, Please report! Enjoy  :D

~Version History~

Version 1
- Finished Intro and Mapping sections

Version 1.1
-Finished the Eventing section and some of the Database Editing section

Version 1.2
-Added pictures

Version 1.3
-Complete Database Editing section
-Heavy grammatical editing
-Tons of new pictures

Version 1.4 - UNRELEASED
-Uploading Section
-Review of Document for full release

Download (Version 1.3):