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Title: Hireing scripter/coder Rpg maker xp [50-200USD per script, maybe more!]
Post by: kroko on June 22, 2013, 06:11:00 pm

Hallo everyone.

i am looking for a coder to make a few scripts for me. I know some of them are really heavy and hard to make. i am willing to pay for the scripts. contact me and we will discuss a price :) you can reach me here, steam, skype or mail. Hope to hear from you. btw, sorry if this post is in the wrong section. the forum is a bit confusing.

Here you see what is most important for me to get made:

Red is really important
Blue is important
Green is not important

Inventory and player status script
  i will write a description tomorrow

peer to peer networking coop script
 This will allow a person to host a game on hes computer. a mate can then join him and they can play together. it is just the same as single player, they can just play the game together

Crafting system
i will write a description tomorrow

animated tittle screen
 The tittle says it all. i need a animated tittle screen because the default or a picture is too boring.

house script (will allow you to set furnish and icons)
  something like this maybe gameguy can share it? i am ofcause whilling to pay

news screen script
  This just shows a extra option in tittle screen called news. if you click on it then you will see a framework of a website. that way i can always update the news on a easy way.

Diablo 2 alike portel system
its just like the portals in diable 2. you walk into it and then it gets activated. you can then chose to teleport to other activated portals. some are activated by default.

You can contact me here via pm and post or from skype, steam or email :)

steam: krokodk
skype henrikkroko
If you chose to contact me through skype, then please write where you are from when you add me

i would like to say sorry if you didn't understood anything, english is my second language. please feel free to ask me anything!
Title: Re: Hireing scripter/coder Rpg maker xp [50-200USD per script, maybe more!]
Post by: Magus on July 05, 2013, 11:12:25 am
If you search the forums, you can find these scripts already, free :/ Go the the scripts section on the HOME page and look. And if you don't set a beginning offer to negotiate, no one's going to hope on this (even if the scripts weren't made).
That aside, TONS of ADD ons, etc.